Who's Nervous?

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Six of us, who have been friends for a long time, rather close friends, decided to play the "Nervous" game one night. We became intimate friends ever after.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Orgy   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

There's six of us who have been hanging out since early in elementary school. We've lived close to each other and also gone to school together for a long time.

There's me, Andrea, I'm the youngest, thirteen, I'll be in the eighth grade next fall. Sharon just turned fourteen, she's in my grade at school, Brenda is fourteen, ditto. Then, Andy, he's fourteen, also in my grade, Luke is fifteen and will be a sophomore in high school and so will Luke.

We had all been friends for so long that our parents were also friends and they basically let us all be together whenever and mostly wherever we wanted. One little detail that you need to know is that all us girls are also on the pill. That came about rather suddenly when two of my classmates 'came down with pregnancy' last year. Our mothers immediately made appointments for we three girls and they sleep easier now. That doesn't mean that any of us have done it, we haven't. Well, not yet.

Now, don't get the idea that we didn't know anything about sex or about each other. We all had sleepovers at each other's houses, yes, in the same room, in sleeping bags, we watched lots of porn so we knew all the positions, techniques, oral, anal, lesbian, gay, S and M, all of it.

We knew each other, too. We had all been naked, masturbating to porn, we girls had seen the guy's cocks, they'd seen our boobs and pussies, who had the longest dick, whose tits were biggest. All of us shave our pubes. Yes, the guys, too. We've even shaved each other.

So, this night we were at Brenda's for a sleepover and around eleven, everybody got bored. Brenda's parents had a real tight lock on her computer that the boys couldn't get around so watching porn was out.

"Let's play, 'Nervous, '" Sharon said.

"I've heard of it but I don't know how to play it," added Evan.

"Okay, you start with your hand or your finger at some spot on a person's body, like their head or foot, maybe. Then, you move it to a new place, ask them if they're nervous, if not, you can move it someplace else and ask again. If they are nervous, then the turn is their's and they start with a hand or finger on you or another person, if they choose. You get three minutes for each person. Then, you pass to another person."

"That's it?"

"Well, the first round, you have all you clothes on. The second, you take off one piece of clothing."

I had played it before so I volunteered to go first. I chose Andy who I kind of liked, and I put my hand on his foot, then started making jumps up his leg and side, across his chest and back down his leg.

From there, I went back up his leg to his chest, then up to his arms, then right down to his dick. Unlike everywhere else I stopped, I pressed my palm down when I was over his crotch but he never said, 'nervous.'

Then, I licked my fingertips and moved them along his hand, wet them again to move them to his cheek and he said, 'nervous.'

Evan went next and he chose me to touch. Now, let me say something right here. These kids were fourteen and fifteen. I was thirteen, the only one. Odd, you may think. But, what you don't know is that I was the, um, let's see, how do I put this? I guess there's no real nice way ... I was the sluttiest of the girls.

Now, I wasn't a slut. Not really. Well, a little but not whorey. I just was, um, pretty interested in boys and sex and all. The youngest, yes, but pretty, uh, I liked the attention of boys and made sure I got it. I'm sure you understand now.

So, Evan chose me probably because he was pretty sure nothing would make me nervous. Pretty good call on his part.

Well, he started at my feet and went just about everywhere a boy would want to go on a girl for three minutes. Yes, I never got nervous.

Sharon was the next up and she had the most developed figure. To teens that means big boobs. She knew it, too, and wanted the boys to know it by letting them get good looks in low-cut blouses and the like. She was not shy.

She put her hand on Luke's leg and began moving it up. Just above his knee, "Nervous."

So, it went around the room and everyone did pretty well. Now, to the second round. That meant one article of clothing had to come off. And not like a shoe or sock. No, it had to be more like a shirt or pants. Also, you can use your finger or hand like in the first go-round or your mouth. Hmm, more possibilities, for sure.

Sharon took off her skirt (no doubt to the boy's disappointment) and Brenda and I and all the guys took off our shirts.

Luke wanted to do me, so I lay back with my knees arched up and legs apart just slightly and he started with my neck licking me, coming up to my face and tracing along the contours of my face.

He moved to my chest, kissing my breasts, actually kissing my bra, and licking along the top of my breasts across the edge of my bra, then down my legs until he stopped and said that he was more nervous that I was. True enough, I was loving it.

Now, I'm telling you this like it all happened in sequence, one pair after the other. It really took place with several couples overlapping. So, while Luke was doing me, Andy wanted to do Sharon and she soon said she was nervous but didn't want him to stop.

He had started at her right ankle licking up her leg, remember, she had taken her skirt off, and his tongue got to just above her knee when she said, "Um, I'm nervous but don't stop." Andy's tongue went right up her leg, then right across the bottom hem of her panties and up the other side of her until the three minutes were up.

Then, Brenda said, "I'll do Evan and Luke at the same time," and she traced her hands up their legs, up their bare chests, circling around their nipples, then back down dipping into their navels and down onto the rather prominent bulges in the front of their pants and moved her palms around, basically rubbing their cocks through their pants. Neither one said anything except Luke who moaned appreciatively.

"Well, it's time for the third round. Now, it gets fun," Sharon said, "here's what it involves. First, you can only wear one piece of clothing. And instead of making someone nervous, you have to make them horny or give them an orgasm. I'm in, anybody else?"

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