My Pick of the Pics

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My sister, Ally, wants me to be the judge of her friend's breasts. Now, before you think they're all going to be lined-up in a room topless with me, it's all taking place by email.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

"Hey, Greg, you're a real 'boob-man, ' right?" asked my sister, Ally.

"Well, there's a question. Yeah, I have an appreciation for the female form. Why do you ask, little sister?"

"Um, maybe you would like to judge a contest?"

"A 'boob contest?'"

"Yeah, just some girls who would like to see what a guy thought of their boobs, you know. I mean, the girls have all seen each other, they want to see what a guy thinks."

"Gee, I'm your guy, for that, sis. Oh, anytime, anytime, at all. When do I see these naked beauties?"

"Well, um, you don't, really. Not in the flesh. In pics downloaded to your computer. No faces, just the neck down."

"Oh, no live models flashing their wares for your big brother to drool over?"

"Just color pics. Take it or leave it. They want you to make a write-up on each girl's boobs and send it back."

"Sure, sis, I love tits. Bring 'em on."

So, my little sister, Ally, she's fourteen, I'm sixteen, wants me to judge a 'boob-a-thon' of her girlfriends. Over the internet. Now, come to think of it, she never mentioned if she would be one of the contestants, whether her boobs would be part of the deal. Hope so, she's pretty cute stuff for a fourteen-year old.

Two days later there was an email that I recognized from my sister. I quickly opened it and was presented with eight beautiful breasts, four pairs of two. Oh, were they pretty. Just pointing straight out, no sag, no droop, perky, I believe, is the word. They were all beautiful, each pair different, however. Now came the hard part. Or I should say, 'the part with the hard.'

Hmm, Number 1. Oh, nice size. Just right. Probably B to C cup. Nipples puffed out and swollen like they've been sucked for a long time. Light pink and the nipples look really hard, sticking out. Point up just a bit and each one just a bit off to the side. Nice smooth curves underneath. Nicely separated, really no cleavage, they're placed apart on her chest.

Oooh, Number 2. Pretty dark skin, like she's tanned all over or maybe Latino or Middle Eastern, Italian, Indian, something like that. A little larger than Number 1, maybe C-cup, for sure. Closer together with a bit of cleavage between. Dark brown nipples, standing out with large brown aureoles around. Almost perfect spheres, actually a bit wider than the width of her chest.

Mmm, Number 3. They are the biggest of the four sets. D-cup, for sure. But firm, really firm. Can see a faint tracing of blue blood vessels underneath the pale pink skin which is drawn tight. Her breasts are rather wider than her chest. She is a big girl, breastwise. They really take up a lot of the space on her chest. Really spectacular. Just perfect round globes.

Ohh, Number 4. Fairly small, compact, must be B-cups. They look very, very firm. I think if this girl laid down, they would point right up with no looseness, no sag at all. Her nipples are small, hard, pointy with swollen areoles surrounding them. This girl should never wear a bra, she should give all of mankind a hard-on with her perfect breasts.

Well. They're all perfect. I mean within groups. Breasts do come in different types. Different styles. These are stunners. Geez, and they're all fourteen-years old, eighth-graders.

Down at the bottom of the email, there are instructions:


Here they are. Please write up your thoughts and judgements on each girl's boobs. Rate them on a 1 to 10 scale. Thanks, big bro.


PS: I'm sure you'd love to know if I'm one of the above. I'm not telling.

Damn! Well, if she is, she's got a beautiful set of boobs. I've seen her in a bikini and I know she's not the one with the big ones and she's not the darker-skinned one. So, if Ally is in the line-up, she's Number 1 or Number 4. Very nice.

I copy my notes into the reply, add, "I really can't give a numerical rating because I would need to feel each pair for firmness and softness factors. Sorry. But my comments are above." And I signed it and pressed 'send.'

"My friends all think you're 'chicken' and won't make a number rating. You just want to feel their boobs," Ally said the next afternoon when she came home.

"They're right, I sure do want to cop a feel of all those pretty tits, sis. I'm a guy, remember?"

"What if we blindfolded you?"

"Great. Sounds good to me."

"Tomorrow afternoon okay?"

"Sure. You're Number 1 or Number 4, aren't you?"

I saw her face slightly redden, then she said, "Maybe, maybe not. Maybe mine droop to the floor when I take my bra off."

"Can't be. I've seen you in that little red bikini of yours. They're firm and we both know it. I'm looking forward to squeezing your tits tomorrow, little sister."

"No comment."

The next afternoon, I was waiting in my bedroom as directed when Ally came to get me. She had a scarf to use as a blindfold.

"Maybe you'll want me without my pants on so you all can see my reaction first-hand. Well, first-dick, maybe."

"Gee, big brother, you have good ideas. Be right back. Let me pass this by the girls."

In a few minutes, she came back with "It's a 'go, ' take 'em off."

So, I pulled off my jeans and asked her, "Briefs, too, right?"

"On the floor, big guy. The girls wanna see."

So, I pulled them down and stood in front of my little sister.

"Ew, nice package. You may get some 'tens' yourself. Let's put this on and follow me."

Ally tied the scarf around my head to where I couldn't see anything. Nothing. The girl's too efficient. As she led me down the hall, I pleaded, "Just a little peephole, please. Just a little one, Ally." She refused.

As we entered her room, I heard a mixture of slight gasps and low snickers. Hmm. I was hoping for cheers and applause but I guess I'll take what I can get.

"Stand right here, Greg. Ready for Number 1? He, he, you look like you're ready. Nice hard-on."

"Thanks. Pretty good for not being able to see all these beautiful girls. Sure, I'm ready."

I couldn't see them but Ally and the three others were all topless standing in a line by appointed number.

"Here's number 1," and I reached out a hand which was taken by a small, soft hand and led to a warm breast. I just know that my dick twitched when my hand enclosed the soft breast in front of me, the giggles gave it away. I put my other hand on her as well and gently felt and squeezed for a minute. Then I traced a finger around each nipple and got an "Mmm" from its owner.

Whoever this was, her breasts were wonderful. So soft yet there was a firmness underneath. I tried lifting them and the really didn't lift up.

"Um, can I ask a question?"

My sister answered that I could.

"Can I taste each girl. Suck on each one?"

There was obviously some shifting of feet in the room and a few soft mumbles.

"Everyone agrees, Greg, you lucky dog," and I moved slightly closer, bent down and kissed a nipple right on its center then licked a few circles around it, then opened my lips and took it in to suck.

I could hear whoever the girl was breathing harder as I sucked. It was something I didn't feel in the least like rushing, it was actually quite wonderful. How did I ever get this lucky. I must find an appropriate way to thank my little sister.

Finally, I knew I must rise back up and I said, "They are just perfect. Firm, no jiggling, but so soft, like a cloud. Your skin is like silk. Your nipples feel so hard in my mouth and the surrounding is soft like a down pillow. I just don't know how to rate them. I just have to go on and see."

The girl stepped away and another hand reached mine and led it to her breast. Again, wonderful to the touch.

"These are so soft and less firm inside. They feel wonderful in my hands. Silky smooth, very round, the nipples are softer than the first girl and I love putting my hands under them and lifting them. Now, taste."

As I licked and sucked, a hand caressed my cheek.

Mmm, Number 2's nipples were larger, they felt really nice in my mouth, bigger, filling my mouth more. As I sucked, they got harder and I couldn't be sure but they might have had a little something come out into my mouth. Not sure. I'd suck them any day.

Then, Number 3. As I felt her breasts, they were certainly the largest so far.

"These are really large but still very firm. Soft nipples which got much harder in my mouth. They are very round and just feel luscious. These are melons, for sure. I love holding them from underneath. They are really heavy but firm. What I think of when I look through Playboy magazine."

"Here's the last, Number 4."

Under my hands were two fairly small, very hard breasts.

"These are firm, really firm. They are quite separated, there's no cleavage here. The nipples are very hard and pointed with a soft, puffed-up surrounding."

I began to suck the little hard nipples and they seemed to get even harder.

"The nipples are really hard. When I suck them they even get harder. Honestly, I love sucking them. The softness of the part on the outside is so nice on the lips and the hard nipple so nice inside my mouth, I just want to nibble on these nipples."

That got a few giggles.

"Okay, now, let's have the ratings."

"I have to be honest about it. They really are all perfect. Tens. There are various kinds of girl's boobs and each of you, in my opinion, is perfect. I know it sounds bogus, but it's true. Every one of you have perfect titties."

"Well, I guess you get away with that. We do ... uh, I mean, all these girls do have really pretty boobs. We pretty much already knew that. It was all worth it just seeing your dick, though, Greg. Pretty nice. Want us to vote on it?"

"Sure, why not. I mean, it's already out there and all."

I was not expecting any of the girls to examine my dick by hand but I felt one girl's fingers circle my cock and rub it back and forth, then after a few seconds, I felt her lips go abound the tip of my cock and give a few sucks.

"Oh, wow, oh, that I didn't expect. Mmm, that's wonderful."

Her mouth glided all the way down my shaft and sucked me all the way up and down for a few more seconds. Then, the mouth left.

The next hand hefted my cock up and down, gripped it and took it in her mouth and began to suck. Oh, this girl has sucked somebody before. She was good. Very good.

"Mmm. Oh, oh, that feels good, really good," then it ended.

The next hand stroked me back and forth a bit, then her tongue began circling the head round and round. Whoever this was has given oral before. For sure. Her lips plunged all the way down and she sucked up and down for several strokes and then, with just the tip in my mouth, pulse-sucked me over and over. I thought I'm cum.

But, damn, it was soon over and the last girl took my dick in one hand and stroked it with the other, rather like a pet. Then, she licked all around the end and took it all in, sucked furiously and ended with some hard sucking just on the tip and she ran her tongue around the end. I'm thinking that all these girls have sucked guys off and that one of them is likely my own sister. Well, well.

Then, Ally said, "Well, looks like your dick gets 'tens' all round. Good job, big brother."

"Can I take this off?" pointing up to the blindfold.


"Um, what's everyone think?" asks Ally.

I hear a bit of shuffling and whispering and Ally says, "They all say, okay," and I reach up and pull off my blindfold.

Immediately, my eyes go to my sister. Mmm, she's gotta be Number 1. Five-four, blond hair to her shoulders, blue eyes, wonderful breasts. Perfect.

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