Just Horsing Around

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I'm a city kid, really, but while visiting my grandparent's farm, I found out how things are done, down on the farm. A couple of young fillies take me for a stud.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

For this city kid, spending a week at your grandparent's upstate New York farm was a mixture of blessing and curse. There was the calmness and serenity of their farm but it also could be boring, especially for a fifteen-year old boy.

I had been there a few years before and remembered the two girls that lived on the neighboring farm just over the hill from us. Sara, the same age as me, and Colleen, just a year younger. There wasn't much to do so I had been wondering about the two of them who I had played with on past visits.

So, I struck off in the direction of their house and as I was coming down the hill, I spotted Sara.

"Hey, Sara, it's Matt, I'm visiting my grandparents for a week."

"Hi, Matt, long time, no see. What's it been two, three years?"

"I guess three, yeah, three years," I said as I neared her. Wow, she's changed. Oh, has she. Sara had grown into a rather beautiful young lady. Well, this guy's luck has just taken an upturn. I got a nice hug which was rather different from last time in how it felt. Much softer. Oh, yes.

"Where's Colleen?"

"Oh, she's with the horses. Let's go tell her you're here," and we start walking as I watch the beautiful half-moons of her butt see-saw back and forth in her tight shorts as she leads me toward the barn.

As we go in, Sara yells out, "Colleen, Matt's here, you know, the Phillips's grandson. Are you back there?"

"Yeah, back with the horses. Hi, Matt, come on back."

As I go inside and my eyes adjust, there's Colleen standing next to a large, black horse. She, like Sara, is much rounded in the many places that were previously flat. Again, a nice, soft hug.

"Hi, stranger. Wow, you've grown. Quite the 'boy toy.'"

I felt my face redden as Sara said, "Yeah, Matt, you must be popular with the girls, huh?"

"Oh, not really. I don't have anyone I'm seeing, really haven't dated much."

As we talked, Colleen continued brushing down the horse and I couldn't help but notice that the horse's dick was almost touching the floor, it was enormous. Being a city boy, this was new, I'd never seen anything that long before. The girls saw me looking down at the horse's cock and they both began to laugh.

"Oh, Colleen, I bet this city boy has never seen a big one like that before."

"Oh, I bet he's never even used his own before. At least with a girl."

"Aw, come on, girls, I've done plenty."

"Yeah, but we mean with girls, not by yourself, Matt."

Then, Sara, grabbed my arm and pulled me into a vacant stall and pressed her hand over the bulge in my jeans as Sara grabbed my arms and held them.

"He's never done anything with girls, Sara. I can just tell," as Sara pushed me down and Colleen got on top of my legs holding me down as she rubbed across my aching bulge. Sara pinned my arms down as I struggled half-heartedly.

"Now, girls, be careful, you might just get what you're looking for."

"And, just what are we looking for?" asked Colleen, as she zipped down my fly and jabbed her hand inside my jeans.

"Oh, this is what I'm looking for," and she twisted it out of my pants to show her sister.

"Looky what you found. Wonder what we can do with that?"

I found out immediately as Colleen bent over and took my cock into her mouth and began sucking me. I struggled no more, I went totally limp. Well, not totally, you know.

"Oh, god, Colleen, oh, that feels so good. Oh, wow."

"I get it next, Colleen. Leave some for me."

I lay there as Sara held my arms down lightly, I wasn't trying to get away at all, of course, and Colleen sat on my legs bent over sucking me off as she began scooting up and down pressing her crotch along my legs.

Then, Sara let go of my hands and I watched as she began stripping off her clothes.

My god, I thought, this is going to go all the way. I'm gonna get fucked by two horny farm girls. My lucky day.

As I watched Sara, she revealed a beautiful young body coming out from under her clothes, her breasts were medium-sized which are the kind I really like and she had a nice dark patch of hair between her legs. Then, she turned around and squatted down over my face.

"Oh, do me, Matt, do my pussy, make me cum," as she pressed down as I frantically tried to pleasure her with my mouth, lips and tongue.

"Mmm, oh, yes, oh, that's good, really good. Oh, right in there, just don't stop, do it right there, oh, yes."

Then, Colleen began sucking the tip of my cock which just felt so good. Oh, man, I'm getting sex on both ends, I thought, and that was enough.

"UUMPH, UUMPH, UUMPH, UUMPH, UUMPH, uuhn, uuhn, uuhn, mmm," as I cummed into Colleen's mouth and I tried to keep eating Sara.

"Oh, Colleen, you got him to cum. Does it taste good? I want to suck him, too. He knows how to make a pussy happy, that's for sure. I'm gettin' close, really close," Sara said to her sister as she bounced her pussy around my over mouth.

Colleen continued to lick around the tip of my dick and take occasional sucks up and down the entire length as Sara rubbed around and around my lips and mouth.

"Oh, oh. Matt, oh, Matt, you're getting me off, ooh, ooh, just do it like that, yes, ooh, that is so, so good. Oh, put your tongue up, oh, yes, yes, just like ... ERRH, ERRH, ERRH, ERRH, ERRH, uuh, uuh, uuh, ooh, ooh, oh, Matt, am I glad you came for a visit. I'm not lettin' you go back home."

About then, Colleen raised up off my cock and said, "Oh, I'm fucking you for sure. You're still hard, Matt. Like a good fuck? I'm your girl," and she stood up and began taking all her clothes off. It seemed that in seconds, she was standing there before me naked and beautiful. Just a slightly larger version of Sara, right down to the bush of dark brown pubic hair.

She straddled my legs, reached under to hold my dick steady, and lowered her pussy down and shoved it right up into her and began fucking me like I had dreamed about. I reached up and squeezed and rubbed her breasts as she rocked up and down.

Sara knelt down and began french-kissing me as her sister gave me the fuck of my life. Well, the only fuck of my life so far. But it was feeling like the number was headed upward.

"This is your first fuck, isn't it, Matt?" asked Colleen.

"Um, well, yeah, but I sure am glad it's you, Colleen. And, I hope, Sara, next."

Sara piped right in with, "Oh, yeah, I'm not letting you or your nice cock out of the barn without getting it up inside me. That's a promise. We're both on the pill so you're gonna get fucked a lot."

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