My Girlfriend's Mom

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My girlfriend is my best friend's younger sister. When my girlfriend and I did have sex, she was not my first. I owe that to her mom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

I had known my best friend, David, ever since third grade. He's often at my house or I'm at his. I also have been dating his younger sister, Christina, who is a year younger than we are, she's fifteen. She's really cute, blond, nice body which I have tried to get more familiar with but she has resisted most of my advances below the waist. She does have very beautiful boobs which she loves me to suck and I'm happy to oblige.

Anyway, I went over to her house to see her and she wasn't home so I stayed because Dave was home. We had been up in his room playing Nintendo and he was drinking a soda. I asked him if I could get one out of the fridge and he said, sure, go ahead.

As I went into the kitchen, I glanced out into the backyard and Dave's mother was out by the pool laying on a chaise with her top off. Immediately, I made sure Dave hadn't followed me downstairs, then took a good, long look at Dave's mom.

Well, Christina is really cute and her mom is where she gets it from; she's a MILF, for sure. Really pretty, probably mid- to upper-thirties, something like that. Well, I know I can't look forever, so I try to burn the naked image into my memory so I can bring it up later when I get home and jack-off.

As, I was getting my soda, I heard some noise behind me, turned and there was Dave's mom coming into the kitchen. Yes, still topless.

"Oh, Ryan, I didn't know you were here."

"Um, uh, yeah, I was just getting a soda."

She was standing there naked from the waist up, her skin shining with tanning oil, smiled, and asked, "Do you like what you're so busy looking at?"

"Um, uh, well, I ... yes, really very much. You're very pretty."

"Have you seen Christina's breasts?"

Well, how do I answer this? It is her mother, after all. But honesty is the best ... yeah, yeah.

"Um, yes, and I can see where she gets her beauty from," trying to be as diplomatic as I can as I drink in the view before me.

"Have you fucked her?"


"Um, no, ma'am, no, I haven't."

"Well, let me show you how the women in this family fuck," and she stepped over to me, knelt down, pulled down my shorts and briefs and began giving me my first blowjob. She sucked me right there in the kitchen until I cummed in her mouth, which, under the circumstances, wasn't very long.

Then she stood up, took me by the hand and led me quietly upstairs to her bedroom and closed the door. She pulled off my tee shirt and dropped her bikini bottoms to the floor and stepped out of them.

"Now, you can do me, Ryan. Ever licked a pussy before?"

"No, ma'am," I said as she led me to her bed, sat down, spread her legs wide and said, "Let mine be your first, then."

I knelt down between her legs and began licking and kissing her pussy slit which was very wet.

"Mmm, yes, Ryan, that's very nice. Oh, yes, get down inside, oh, yes, right in there. Oooh, nice, Ryan, nice."

I have dreamed so much about having sex some day, who it would be with, how it would happen, what it would be like, and here it's happening. I'm down between my girlfriend's mother's legs licking her pussy out. Is this incredible?

She then pulled me head up and said, "Do you know where a woman's clit is?"

I shook my head and she said, "Look, see, right in there, right there, that's it. Lick me right there," and she held her pussy's lips open as I kicked a little lump that was sticking up a little.

"Oh, Ryan, omigod, UUUH, UUUH, UUUH, UUUH, uuh, uuh, uuh, oh, oh. Don't stop, just keep licking it, oh, oh, yes, yes. Oh, Ryan, oh, that was so good. Mmm, have you ever given an orgasm before?"

"No, but that was awesome. It was good, huh?"

"Oh, Ryan, it was very good. Now, I want you to fuck me. I want to be your first."

I couldn't believe she said she wanted me to fuck her. She's my girlfriend's mother. But I was sure no going to pass up any opportunity like this.

She got up in the middle of the bed, stretched her arms out toward me, spread her legs wide and I got up in between and pushed my hard dick right into her and began doing what I knew should be done, fuck in and out of her.

"Mmm, yes, oh, this is nice, Ryan. Do you like this?"

"Oh, I love it, I can't believe we're doing this. It's just something I never ever expected. It feels so good."

I was rubbing her breasts with my hands and she put her hands over mine pressing them tightly against her. Then, she began moving her hips around in a circle and I went in and out and it felt terrific.

"Oh, oh, that feels so good. I'm gonna cum, should I take it out? Are you on the pill?"

"Oh, Ryan, you are so nice to ask. Yes, I'm on the pill and I'd love for you to cum inside me. I'll keep your cum inside me all night. And think about you fucking me as I go to sleep with your cum deep inside me."

"Wow, you will? Really?"

"Well, Ryan, you are a very special guy to me, my first ever virgin. And I'm your first. I'm very happy about that. You feel very special inside me."

"I'm sure not gonna last much longer, this is so good. I feel like I'm gonna cum any time."

"Mmm, go ahead, Ryan, cum in me, yes, I want your cum inside me."

"Oh, UUUH, UUUH, UUUH, UUUH, UUUH, UUUH, uuuh, uuuh, uuuh, oh, oh, ooh."

"Mmm, oh, that feels all nice and warm inside me. Thank you, Ryan, thank you."

"Oh, no, thank you, I mean, it was wonderful. Can I keep, you know, doing this?" I asked as I kept going in and out of her.

"Mmm, yes, yes, just keep doing it. And rub my clit some, too. Um, yes, ooh, right there. Nice."

I guess I'm doing this okay, she seems to be liking it, I know I sure do, wow, what a time.

"Mmm, ooh, don't stop, that's perfect, Ryan, just perfect. Ahhh, AHHH, AHHH, AHHH, AHHH, UUH, uuh, uuh, uh, uh, mmm, oh, Ryan," and she pulled me to her and kissed me with her tongue probing in and out of me like she was fucking me with it.

"Mmm, oh, Ryan, that was lovely. Thank you, I hope it was good for you, too."

"It was incredible, really incredible. I can't believe this has really happened. It was wonderful. I just don't want to stop," I said as I continued to go in and out of her.

"Well, Ryan, we do have to stop, at least for now. I may talk with Cristina a bit about things, maybe so she might let you go a little farther. Would you like that? I imagine most boys would."

"Oh, I'd love that. Would we ever, uh, you know, maybe do this again? You and me?"

"Um, well, I suppose we could. Is that something you would like?"

"Oh, more than anything. This was wonderful and you are so pretty, so beautiful, really. Oh, yes, I want to do this again."

"Well, Ryan, maybe we'll just do that. Mmm, oh, just keep doing this, honey, oh, yes, perfect. OOH, UUH, UUH, UUH, UUH, uum, uum, uum, uum, oh, Ryan, oh, Ryan, yes, yes, baby, ooh, so good, yes, mmm."

She pulled me to her and gave me the sexiest kiss of my life. I swear my dick got even harder.

"Mmm, well, we'd better get dressed. I've loved this, Ryan, just loved it. I'll see to it that you are a very happy young man. Trust me," and we got up, got dressed, kissed once more and I jacked-off four or five times a day until I was back over at their house on Thursday afternoon.

Chapter 2

Christina and her mom were in the family room, David was out somewhere, maybe at a friend's, I don't know, and we were just talking. Of course, I was now looking at Christina's mom in a whole new light. I wanted to fuck her again.

"Christina, Ryan and I had an interesting experience the other day that I thought I'd tell you about."

My god, my face turned red hot, is she really going to tell my girlfriend that I've fucked her mom?

"I came in from tanning out by the pool, with my top off as I often do, and there was Ryan standing in the kitchen. Well, one thing led to another which soon led to my bedroom, and, I must say, I discovered that your boyfriend is a very talented young man."

"You and Ryan? You, um, did, uh, had sex?"

"Quite wonderful sex, actually. I would recommend him highly."

Christina started laughing, "Recommend? Like maybe I should try him, too?"

"Seems like a good idea to me and I'll bet Ryan will jump at the chance."

"You're saying that Ryan is a good lay and that I should have him do me?"

"Exactly. You're on the pill."

"Mom, you are something else. Do you think we should just do it right here in front of you?"

"Well, I wasn't suggesting that but if you want to..."

"Ryan, want to fuck me?"

"Wow, this is really weird. I mean, yeah, sure, but, geez, uh..."

"Don't let me stop you two."

Christina stood up and started taking her clothes off and was soon standing in front of me absolutely naked.

"Ryan, you need to join Christina, get the hint?"

So, I stood up and took my clothes off and stood there with my dick so hard, so erect that I thought I might pass out from all the blood leaving my head going to my cock.

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