Brad Does Mom

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Brad Dawson, fifteen, has found new relationships with his sisters, Tammy and Jennifer. This starts him wondering what their mother would be like and he sets out to discover just that. Watch out, Mom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

If I had known what it was like to have three teenagers at the same time, I might have had my tubes tied before Alan and I got married. Well, no, not really, it hasn't been that bad. I mean, no drug problems, no pregnancies, no serious car wrecks, no school suspensions, knock on wood.

No, life is actually pretty good. For a mother of three, age thirty-nine, I even still look pretty good. My oldest, Tammy, who's seventeen, told me I'm a MILF. And she then proceeded to matter-of-factly tell me what it meant. And, which of her friends referred to me as such. Felt pretty good, actually, that some of these hot-looking young men would want to fuck this mother of three. Yes, it felt pretty damned good.

Well, I was getting fucked, though not by high school seniors, but by husband, Alan, who is pretty adept at getting me to climax. Often more than once. But, as I was getting older, I kept wanting more sex, the cravings seemed to be with me much more than in the past. I have a friend who I've discussed this with and she says she's just crazy to be fucked all the time. She even greets her husband naked when he comes home from work and makes him take her right into the bedroom and fuck her right then and there. I'm not that bad, hmm, I don't think I'm that bad.

But, I'm a lot hornier than I used to be. I look at guys when I'm out shopping, yes, look at them with their cocks in mind, something I never used to do. Well, almost never.

So, where this tale actually starts is the day that Tammy and Jenn were both at friend's houses, and I was home along with my fifteen-year old son, Brad.

I yelled up the stairs that I was going to start a load of wash and for Brad to bring down anything he wanted to go in. He came down with a few things which he threw in the machine, then said, "Oh, do these, too," and pulled off his tee, his shorts and his briefs and tossed them in.

"What are you doing?" I snapped at him.

"I'm wanting to get your clothes off, Mom, and in the washing machine, too, so we can have some fun."

"Brad, get some clothes on."

"I want to get you naked too."

I have to admit that while we were arguing, I couldn't help but see his nakedness and the rather nice, very hard cock between his legs.

"You are kidding, Brad, I'm your mother."

"I know that. So what, you're really beautiful and I want you."

"Go put something on."

Then he stepped forward and took me in his arms and kissed me on the mouth with his tongue pressing into me. And we kissed for several minutes as our hands ranged around our bodies, my hand ending up gripping his cock.

"Oh, Brad, we can't do this, we just can't."

"Mom, only you and I will ever know. And I want you so bad. You do, too, or you wouldn't be holding me like that."

I let go of my son's cock and hugged him to me, "Oh, I'm so confused. It just can't happen, Brad."

He held my hand tightly and pulled me into the kitchen and down the hall to my bedroom and, once we were inside, closed and locked the door.

As he was unbuttoning my blouse, I told him, "We shouldn't do this, oh, god, Brad, is this really what you want? Is it really?"

"More than anything," he said as he slipped my blouse off and reached back and undid my bra and pulled it off.

"Oh, Mom, you are beautiful, even more beautiful that I'd imagined."

And, then, he was holding my breasts in his hands and bent down as I watched him open his lips and surround my nipple and pull it inside his mouth and begin sucking.

Oh, I thought I'd just swoon. Nothing had felt that good to me in a long time. I was simply overcome with passion. I pulled his head to my breast and he sucked as I reached down for his cock. I knew that my resistance to his seduction was over.

"Oh, Brad, oh, Brad, yes, oh, yes, we will if you want me, I want to make you happy."

And, I pulled off the rest of my clothes and took my naked son in my arms and gave him a lover's kiss. Then I pulled him onto the bed, spread my legs and he entered me deeply.

"Oh, Brad, honey, oh, I can't believe we're doing this. I just never ever thought we'd be doing this. But, now that we are, I just love it. Oh, Brad, I'm glad you did what you did. Yes, we're together and it's so wonderful having you inside me."

"You are on the pill, right?"

"Oh, no, it's okay, I've had my tubes tied. No problem. So, we can just enjoy each other."

I spread my legs out even farther and reached down and pulled his hips into me and ground myself into him.

"Uhh, push real deep, Brad, get down deep inside me. Oh, yes, oh, like that, yes."

"This is even better that I imagined. You are really good, the way you move around under me, oh, it's so good."

"Mmm, yes, I love the way you feel inside me, nice and hard, oh, you are really hard. Oh, I love this. Oh, Brad," and I begin kissing my son deeply as he fucked me on and on. I haven't felt this aroused in a long time, a very long time.

"Oh, Mom, oh, Mom, I'm gonna cum, oh, you feel so good, you make me ... UNHH, UNHH, UNHH, unhh, unhh, uh, uh, uh, oh, Mom, I love you so much. I want to fuck you forever."

"Oh, yes, Brad, I want your cum in me, honey, oh, fill me up. I want your cum, baby. Oooh, fuck me, oh, yes, fuck me hard."

"Oh, I'm still hard, Mom, oh, you make me so hard. My cock loves fucking you."

I know it's strange but when Alan and I make love, it's pretty sedate, we don't say much and have rarely used much in the way of earthy talk when we do it. But, fucking my son, well, when he talks dirty it just makes me want to fuck him harder and then I want to turn him on so I talk back to him. I don't understand it but I love it.

"Oooh, your hard cock is going to make me cum, oh, yes, oh, you've got me close, oh, just keep fucking me, I'm gonna ... OOH, BRAD, OOOH, BRAD, BABY, OH, I'M CUMMING, OH, HONEY, YOU MADE ME CUM, OH, OH, oh, oh, Brad, baby, oh, don't stop, honey, just keep fucking me, oh, please just fuck me."

My son kept on going and I kept on moving my hips around under him, yes, I thought I might just like to do this for several more hours. Oh, did this feel wonderful. I had forgotten how teenaged boys had dicks of steel. Mmm, it was lovely. I was trying to think more about the pleasure of the moment than about the implications of my son cumming in my pussy. I just wanted him fucking me.

"Oh, Mom, you are so good. I love fucking you. I can't wait to put more of my cum in you. Then, I want to lick it all out of you. Would you like that?"

"Yes, oh, yes. I want your cum in me, all nice and warm. And I love having my pussy licked, I'll suck you when you do me, if you want."

Brad was fucking me faster than I've been done in a long, long time. Oh, yes, it did feel good. Having an energetic and forceful lover between my legs was thrilling.

"Oh, Brad, you make me feel so good. Oh, yes, push in hard, deep, son, as hard as you can."

"Mom, oh, Mom, oh, I'm cumming again, oh, oh ... UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uunh, uuh, uuh, uuh, oh, Mom, I love you so much. This is what I want for us. I want this forever. You make me feel wonderful."

"Yes, you make me feel wonderful, too, Brad. I want us to be together like this. We just have to keep this between you and me. No one must ever know."

"Oh, I'll never tell anyone else. It's just for us. To enjoy each other like this. Oh, I've just got to eat you out, Mom. I want to lick your pussy so bad," and he got up and began to get down between my legs.

"Brad, I want to suck you while you do me, okay?" and he got up and turned around over me with his cock dangling down brushing across my lips as I felt his tongue slide across my labia. Oh, I love a man's mouth on my pussy. I'll just never get enough of it. Well, maybe now I'll get a lot more now that my son and I are intimate.

I love sucking his cock, it's so stiff and hard in my mouth. Oh, fifteen-year old boys are nice to have around. And, he seems to know his way around a pussy, he's giving me great oral. Even better than his father.

I hold his cock and lick all around the tip over and over as he moans in delight. I want his cum in my mouth so bad. I plunge down on him taking him completely in and sucking rapidly up and down.

"Umm, mmm, mmm, uhmm, muumm, mmum," he moaned as his warm juices flooded into my mouth. Yes, I love sucking him, his cock is still hard so I don't even slow down.

We rolled over and I pressed my pussy down on him as he sucked and tongued me. Oh, this was heavenly. My son, my lover, oh, what a perfect match.

He licked and sucked and tongued, then he got my clit between his lips and began gently sucking as he inserted two fingers up into me and began finger-fucking me.

"Oh, Brad, oh, yes, the's perfect, OH, it's ... UUH, UUH, UUH, UUH, UUH, uuh, uh, uh, uh, oh, Brad, I love you licking my pussy. I'm so happy. You've made me so happy, very happy."

He got around along side me and we hugged and kissed and felt each other trying to memorize each other's bodies to remember when we couldn't be together like this.

"Oh, Brad, you make me feel so young and desirable. I'd forgotten what a young man's cock can feel like inside. I don't feel old when you're inside me."

"Oh, Mom, you are a beautiful woman. Some of my friends make comments about you, how pretty you are, how sexy you look. Jay talks about you all the time. He calls you a 'MILF, ' do you know what that means?"

"'Mom I'd like to fuck, ' right? You mean they are telling you that they would like to fuck your mother? Do you get mad at them?"

"No, Mom, it's a complement. After all, I thought you were a mom I'd like to fuck."

Well, he had me there and I had to laugh.

"Yes, and I'm glad you thought that. And you're a SILF. Well, really, a SIHAF."

"Okay, I'll bite, what's a SIHAF?"

"A son I have already fucked," and we laughed and hugged and kissed some more.

"Oh, Mom, you can fuck me any time you want."

"Mmm, yes, I want to ask you something, Brad, something rather personal but, after all, we are laying here naked in each other's arms, just having fucked each other."

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