Tammy Sets Her Sights

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Tammy, at fourteen, is horny, very horny. She's chosen who she wants to have sex with and she's determined to get her way with him. Her Dad finds out who she's picked out but it's too late to stop her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Chapter 1

In a lot of ways, being fourteen, sucks. At least for a girl. At least for this girl. The boys are mostly jerks, nerds or jocks so in love with themselves that there's no room for a girl.

There is one guy I would love to fuck. He would be my first. Oh, anything would be my first. I've never been felt-up, never had my boobs squeezed, my nipples sucked, never been fingered, never anything. And, I'm tired of it.

But there is the one guy I want to fuck so bad I can just taste it. In fact, I lay awake at night thinking and dreaming about tasting his cock. Bending down and taking it into my mouth, sucking him until his hot cum spurts into my mouth. Oh, this is all making my pussy so wet.

I want him inside me so bad I could scream. Every time I'm around him, my pussy just throbs with yearning. God, I want him to fuck me.

Now, just how does a girl go about getting her dad to fuck her?

Oh, come on. I'll bet most every girl has thought about it at one time or another. My dad is handsome and nice and fun and pretty sexy. I just want him inside me so bad. I've seen his cock, not really hard or anything, just mostly soft, just peeks, he doesn't parade around the house naked, damn it. I sure wish he would. I'd grab it and suck it and make him fuck me.

Do you think I'm horny?

Look, I'm five-five, fourteen, as I said, nice, no, really nice, B-cup tits, cute ass, nice legs. I'm pretty, I know I am, I stand in front of my mirror for hours looking at my naked body, I am pretty, even my pussy is pretty. Nice and pink, I shave it (Oh, so carefully) and it looks so feminine and dainty, just two pretty halves separated by a cute little slit that I want my dad's cock in so fucking bad, oh, sorry, there I go again.

Then, it happened. No, not that, more the opportunity. My mom said that she was taking my little brother and sister to my Aunt's for the weekend, did I want to go?

Oh, my chance to be in the house alone with Dad and his cock.

"Um, well, I've got some plans with Ginger and Diane. And, I went last time."

"Yeah, okay," and that was that. I'd be alone with my dad all weekend. This girl is getting fucked by her daddy, for sure.

Okay, now, how to do this. I guess I could just get naked and walk up to him and say, "Please fuck me, Daddy." Kind of direct. But, direct works I'm sure better than subtle does. What if I just go down to his bedroom after he's in bed and get under the covers with him. Naked.

What if he gets mad? I'd really never considered this mainly because the opportunity had never actually come about; now it has. Well, then he gets mad. I think I could convince him not to tell Mom so I don't have to worry a lot about that.

Okay, get in bed with him naked. Now, what about before? We have all evening together. Oh, I know. They have some porn tapes, maybe I could get him to put one on so we could watch together. But could I convince him that I was old enough?

Hmm, I don't know. Fourteen. Damn, I wish I was older. Well, maybe I could wear something to get him interested. Like a tee with no bra. Maybe I'll try that. With my cutoffs. Yeah.

So, when he got home from work, I was in my tee and shorts, they did look pretty hot in my mirror. Mom had already left with Brad and Jenn, we'd see them early Sunday evening.

"Hi, babes, I smell dinner," he said as he leaned over to give me a kiss. I turned my face up at the last second and he got me on the lips.

"Oops, didn't mean to make all your boyfriends jealous, sugar."

"Who wants a boyfriend when you're around. Mom left lasagna in the oven. So, how was your day, Daddums?" Yikes, I don't mean to be so up front about it.

"Oh, same old, same old, you know. How about you?"

"Oh nothing much. It's just you and me this weekend I guess."

I could see that his eyes have tuned in my bralessness as he tries to look elsewhere. That's okay, he'll get more familiar with them later. So, we have dinner in front of the TV and about ten, I got up and bent over and kissed him goodnight. On the lips.

In bed, naked, hand between my legs rubbing myself, all sexed-up over my plan to go in his room and get in bed with him, I got myself off good and proper.

Then, after about a half hour, I looked down the hall and it seemed like all the lights were off in the house. I tiptoed down the hall, saw that there was no light under the door, then eased it open and quietly went to the bed.

"Daddy, it's me, Tammy. Can I get in with you?"

"Sure, sugar, what's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing, I just want to be with you," and I slid in next to him as he put his arms around me.

"Tammy, you don't have anything on. What are you doing?"

"I just want to sleep with you tonight. Just like this," and I give him a kiss on the mouth that shouldn't leave much doubt in his mind what I really wanted.

"No, Tammy, I'm your dad, we can't be doing this."

By now, I have rolled up on top of him straddling him kissing him and rubbing my pussy all over his middle which is feeling like my plan is working.

"I want you Daddy. I want you to make love to me. Please," and I kiss him more.

"But, Tam, this is not what we're supposed to be doing," he says as his hands rub my ass. "God, girl, you don't really want to do this do you?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy, I've wanted us to have sex for a long time now. Please make love to me. I want you so much."

"But, honey, we're not supposed to be doing that."

"Who says? I mean, really. I want you, Dad, I didn't say I want to have a bunch of kids with you. I want you inside me making me happy. And me making you happy."

I knew I was making progress as his hands are ranging all over me including my breasts which are on fire from his touch. I get up over him and press my breasts down on his face and he opens his mouth and begins to suck my nipple. My hand is down on his cock rubbing him and he's moaning softly.

I was going to get my wish.

"Oh, Tammy, um, let me get out of these pajamas," and he stands up, turns on the bedside lamp and pulls the top and bottoms off. There it is. And it's not soft. It is hard. Very hard.

I reach over for his cock, and say, "Oh, Daddy, this is what I've wanted. I want to suck it, can I?"

He doesn't say anything, just moves next to the bed where I'm sitting and I take it in my mouth and begin sucking my father's cock.

"Oh, god, Tiff, oh, baby, that just feels so good. Oh, you are really good. You are so beautiful. Your body is just so perfect."

I'm looking up at him smiling, sucking him as his hands reach down to rub my breasts. I'm getting to suck my Dad's cock and he's enjoying sex from his fourteen-year old daughter. Am I happy.

"Oooh, oh, Tiff, I'm close, you're gonna make me cum," and I suck harder and harder as I stare up into his eyes.

"Oh, OOH, OOH, OOH, OOH, OOH, ooh, oh, oh, that feels so good, baby, oh, you do that so well. You really make me feel good, baby."

It's incredible when I first feel his cock spasm, it actually jumps while in my mouth and then begins spurting out his cum, oh, it was warm, too. I drank it all down. My Daddy's cum."

I stand up and we kiss. Oh these are not pecks on the cheek, they're passionate, 'I want to fuck you, ' kisses. He's holding my naked body tight against his naked body and it feels so sexy, so erotic, so seductive, oh, it is really happening. My dad hugging and kissing me, naked, naked, naked. I can feel a drip of my juices halfway down my legs. And, we have the whole weekend.

"Um, Tam, you're not on the pill, right?"

"No, we'll need something."

"Well, Mom had her tubes tied so I will need something, some condoms or something. Um, look, I'll get us some condoms in the morning. Until then, we'll do oral on each other. You've already started on me. I'll do you. Want me to?"

"Oh, Daddy, I've dreamed about you licking my pussy. God, I am so hot. Oh, do it now, please?"

He has me sit on the edge of the bed, kneels down, spreads my knees apart and licks straight up my slit sending shudders all over my body.

"Ohh, that's so good."

Then, I sit back on my elbows as he licks all around my pussy area, out onto my thighs, back toward my slit, all around it, then pokes his tongue right into the very center. Then, he gently pulled my pussy's sides apart and poked his tongue in again and licks around, pushing it into the opening of my vagina. I love looking down at him, especially down between his legs at his cock. I was going to get that big cock put inside me tomorrow.

"Oh, Daddy, omigod, oh, I can't believe it, oh, it's so good, oh, that feels so good."

I'd never had this done to me before and it is stunning. Oh, I've masturbated lots. Who hasn't? But this is the difference between a swing set and a thrill ride at a huge amusement park.

"Oh, please, oh, Daddy, oh, oh, yes, right there, oh, please, yes, yes, oh, I'm so ... oh, oh, OOH, OOH, OOH, OOH, oh, oh, oh, Daddy, you made me cum, Daddy, oh, I love you, Daddy, I love you so much. Please keep doing it just feels so good."

I just can't help but writhe and buck and wriggle as he tongues me. It is the most exquisite feeling I've ever had. And, just as I had asked him, he keeps licking and tonguing me on and on.

It was incredible. I had dreamed of this for so long, ached for him touching my body, now he is feasting between my legs, sending me to the heavens. Then, I feel it again.

"Oh, Daddy, OH, OOH, OOH, OOH, OOH, ooh, ooh, ooh, Daddy, oh, I feel so good. Oh, you made me cum twice. And it's so good. Please do it some more. It still feels so good."

As I've said, I've masturbated lots. But, I've never gotten off twice like I just did from being eaten out. Oh, I'll just never get enough of this.

"Oh, this is so wonderful. I can't wait until tomorrow. Oh, Dad, I want you inside me so bad. I hope you want me. You do want to make love to me don't you?"

He raises up for a second, and says, "Oh, Tam, I'll get them first thing in the morning and we can fuck all weekend," then drops back down to begin gently sucking my clit as he slides a finger up into me.

He said we'd fuck all weekend. All weekend. My dad's cock in me all weekend. Fucking me. Me, Tammy, his daughter. He's gonna fuck me. My pussy. Finally. Oh, and his sucking my clit and finger-fucking me is so good. Oh, he really knows what I want.

"Oh, Daddy, you're gonna make me cum again. I can't believe it. Oh, you do me so good. Oh, god, suck me right there, oh, yes, right there, please don't stop, oh, just do it forever. I ... UUMH, UUMH, UUMH, UUMH, uuh, uuh, uuh, oh, Daddy, oh, oh, you make me feel so good. Oh, I want to suck you again. I want to make you feel good again. Oh, daddy, I love you so much."

He gets up and laid over me kissing me with his tongue probing in and out of my mouth as I wrap my legs up around his back and pull him tightly to me and just rock and buck back and forth pressing our middles together, all wet with my juices.

I wriggle out from under him and pull his cock up in the air and plunge my mouth down over it and suck him as hard and as passionately as I can.

"Oh, baby, oh, you suck me so good. It feels so good. Here, let me get down and do you, too," and he gets to where we're in sixty-nine position and he begins making my pussy just go crazy. He pulls my pussy lips apart and tongues me into my vagina's hole. I just can't stand it. I have another orgasm and right at the end, he cums in my mouth and we just fall against each other kissing, licking, sucking, it is bliss, absolute bliss. I have never felt so good.

It is everything I'd wanted. Well, almost. But we do curl up together and sleep together in a warm, sensual fog. I keep waking during the night, not always sure I am still in bed, naked with my father, and feel for his cock before falling back to sleep in his arms.

Chapter 2

I feel something hit my shoulder and look over and there is a box of condoms my dad has tossed as he walks in the room.

"Oh, Daddy, you got 'em. Oh, get your clothes off, I want you to fuck me. Oh, I want this so bad."

"Well, let me get undressed first, Tam. Um, then, get this on. I haven't used rubbers in a while. I still remember how they go on."

"You want me to suck you or are you hard enough?"

"Oh, Tammy, the way you suck, I'll always take some," so I sit on the edge of the bed and suck my dad's cock for a few lovely minutes.

"Here, let me get you nice and wet, Tammy," and my dad gets down between my legs and begins licking and tonguing me. As much as I want his cock inside me, this feels glorious. But, I have better things in mind.

"Okay, Dad, I really want to do this, please, now, okay?"

So, he gets up between my legs and puts his dick right up on my eager, wet slit and pushes. And he pushes. And he pushes.

"Um, let me get some lube, just a sec," and he comes back with a tube from the bathroom, squeezes out some and rubs it along my slit and up into me. Maybe now.

He gets up and pushes again.

"Ohhh. That hurt some, not bad, but just a bit. Oh, you got in, look," and, sure enough, his cock is inside me just a little.

He presses further and it goes in some more. He waits a few seconds, then pulls back, then pushes some more. Up on my elbows, I see more of my Dad go inside me with each try.

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