An Unexpected Pleasure

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: The lady next door caught me peeking in her window as she had sex. And I was scared out of my mind when she confronted me the next day, then took matters into her own hands.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

If you're male and you can remember when you were thirteen, then you can remember jacking-off all the time. No, not some of the time, all of the time. Every minute you could be alone. I did and I just seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of semen that I couldn't ever deplete no matter how hard I tried. And I tried hard.

I had a stash of naked pictures and a couple of Playboys which added fuel to my lustful fire and spent all my days in school dreaming about all the girls I knew, imagining them naked and legs spread wide to receive my eager cock.

I was interested in anything female (well, human and over eleven or so in age, anyway) and I had heard some talk about the woman next door being a lesbian which I had some idea of what that meant but just didn't think it could be true because she seemed very religious.

Then, one night, when I saw her lady friend park in her back driveway, I decided to sneak a peek at what was going on. I mean, lesbians didn't particularly interest me but I figured they would get naked to do whatever they do and naked women were of great interest.

So, I got up to some of the windows and carefully peeked in and, bingo, I found the right room. They were both naked, on the bed, one over the other in the famous sixty-nine position, licking each other's pussy. Well, well. Did I have a hard-on.

I quickly fumbled with my pants trying to get my dick out while my eyes were fixed on the scene in the bedroom. I quickly left a load of my sperm on the shrubs hoping that I wasn't pollinating any new species and, when they seemed through, I went home and jacked-off a few more times. Those were the best cums of my life after seeing raw sex, naked women, all these new and wondrous things.

Then, the next morning, I was out shooting a few baskets and my next door neighbor came out, smiled, said hello and called me over. Odd, I thought, she had never really spoken to me particularly before.

"Yes, Ms. Ogden," I said when I approached her.

"I was just going to have a snack, Aaron, when I looked out and saw you. Would you like to share some cookies I've just baked with me?"

"Oh, that's nice, sure," and I followed her into her kitchen where two glasses of milk and a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies sat waiting.

"Help yourself, Aaron," as we each began eating a cookie. They were homemade and they were good.

"Now, Aaron, I know you were looking in my bedroom window last night."

I almost fainted. I was caught. Oh, I was really caught. I felt my face turn scarlet as I said, "Oh, it couldn't have been me. I didn't do that."

"Aaron, my friend saw your reflection in my bedroom mirror and I know you were there. So, you can't deny it. You were looking in, weren't you?"

"Um, well, I might have, kind of looked in just for a minute."

"You know I could tell your parents. Or even call the police."

"Oh, no, please don't do that. I'll never, ever do it again. I'm really sorry, really sorry, I looked in your window. Just don't tell my parents and, please, not the police."

"Well, Aaron, my friend also wants to talk with you about it and she'll be here tonight. So, you come over about seven and we'll have a talk about this."

I went home and for once, didn't want to jack-off. I had lost interest in all things sexual. I was scared out of my mind. Tell my parents. Tell the police. I'm ruined forever if they do that.

After picking at my dinner, I slowly walked over to Ms. Ogden's house and softly rapped on the door. She let me in and we went into the den where her friend was waiting looking rather stern and angry. I had heard her addressed as "Addie" and she motioned for me to sit next to her on the sofa.

"We both want and expect an apology, Aaron."

"Oh, yes, yes, I'm so sorry that this happened. I'll never ever do it again. Ever, ever. I am so sorry."

"Well, Aaron, you must never look in our windows ever again. And, you must never tell anyone what you might have seen. Do you understand that?"

"Oh, yes, ma'am. I do."

"If you ever tell anyone what you saw, we will tell your parents and also call the police about that you did."

Well, that was all this boy could handle. I tried not to but I started to cry. I just couldn't help it.

"I want you to be very truthful, what did you do after you watched us through the window?"

"Um, well, I, um, I, uh, I touched myself, um, until I, um, my, uh, sperm came out as I was thinking of what you were doing."

I knew I was really in trouble here and looked over at Addie who, unbelievably, was smiling at me. She then reached over and rubbed her fingers through my hair and very gently kissed me on the lips. No, I didn't faint but I did wipe away the tears running down my cheeks. She then looked over at my neighbor, Ms. Ogden, and said, "Well, I think our friend has been through a lot and needs a reward," and they both began taking my clothes off as I sat there.

Yes, yes, you can imagine what I was going through. My head was spinning. Moments before, I worried for my life. Now, I was being stripped of my clothes by two women.

I just couldn't help it. My tears returned as my clothes were coming off.

"Now, don't cry, Aaron, we won't hurt you. It's okay," as my pants were pulled off. I sat there in my briefs which were now bulged out as I sniffled away.

Addie pulled my briefs off and put her hand around my cock and began pumping me up and down. I'm thirteen, right, so you know what happened next. I shot cum all over the place which just seemed to delight my two lesbian friends.

"Oh, do you shoot it out, Aaron. See, we weren't going to hurt you. Bet that feels good, huh?"

"Did it ever. I just didn't expect this."

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