Hit Rock Station Ksea Transcript of Linbare Interview

by BareLin

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: The following is the transcript on air interview with the lead singer of LinBare, Connie Dengler at the hit rock station KSEA.

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Ron: For those who just turned on the radio, I am here with the lead singer of LinBare, Connie Dengler or should I say Bare.

Bare: You can call me Bare, which is the name I ended up taking, shortly after making that crazy decision two years ago to start living the absolute lifestyle. Now I have noticed, when I'm walking the streets, I am not alone. Everywhere you look on the streets, you can see naked flesh. I have to say that I do feel quite comfortable out there, dealing with the small fact that I am naked all the time.

Ron: As you might have noticed, I am still stuck in the textiles world. I don't have any problem with your's or anyone else's lifestyle. The question I have and I am sure a great majority of our listeners have. With you being in the music business, with the constant exposure you have to endure everyday. With the non stop concert tour you all are on, the music videos and all of the other exposure your whole band over the past year. When do you and the rest of your band have time to yourselves to relax in privacy?

Bare: To be honest, I don't. The crazy thing is I want more exposure.

Ron: Where you always like this?

Bare: No, believe it or not. I was really shy growing up. Even after the Supreme Court's ruling, and the chain of regulations that followed, that I am enjoying today, I was almost in tears when my name was called to strip for a week in high school. It wasn't until the end of my senior year, that I finally started loosening up. I hate to admit it, but after that week, during my sophomore year, of being in the program, the name that would have been more appropriate for me at that time was something like Overdressed.

Ron: OK, so what happened that was so dramatic in your life that you not only tossed away everything you own in clothing, but you decided to start living, and even touring in, the extreme absolute lifestyle. That is, if you are comfortable with talking about it.

(Interruption commercial break)

Ron: During the break, I asked Bare from LinBare if she was comfortable enough that I can stream this interview over our website.

Bare: Going back to the question you asked me before the break, what were the reasons behind the dramatic changes in my lifestyle. It really started out with a group of friends, the same group that makes up LinBare. We were all gathered around the picnic bench that was in the corner of that old barn we used to practice at. In there, during our practices, there was a running joke about my three layers at a time of clothing, which I was wearing just about everywhere. Over time, they all worked at removing one item of clothing at a time and made me promise that I wouldn't put it back on no matter what. Over the course of a couple of months, I was down to just a single light dress with a bra and one pair of panties. As the layers of clothing started coming off, I started getting more comfortable with my body and nobody could make me put my clothes back on, since it was totally legal to be unclothed out in the public. I still wasn't willing to let them talk me into removing any more clothing. In some of the early photos of our group, there are actually pictures of me with clothes on.

Ron: I see a few of them on your website, you look nice.

Bare: Thanks, I think you are the first one to comment on that.

Ron: Before we go to another break. What happened that finally pushed you to take the rest off and start living the absolute lifestyle.

Bare: It didn't happen that fast. I know my band members' goal was to get me over my shyness and to get me out of all of that unnecessary clothing. I knew none of them ever thought I would end up going to the extreme I ended up going to. Linda, who's first name is part of our group name, sometimes wished she could find away to get me dressed again and out of this glass bubble I am living in.

Ron: You mention the glass bubble, I am sure you are talking about your travel trailer?

Bare: Yes and some other things.

Ron: I need to cut this off for a second. I will be right back in a couple of minutes.

(Interruption commercial break)

Ron: Welcome back, listeners. The last thing you where talking about is the glass bubble.

Bare: Anyone that comes to see any of our concerts, like the one tonight, will notice my trailer in the parking area near the other trailers belonging to the band and crew. Mine is the one that is almost completely transparent. With the lights on, you can see right through it at night.

Ron: Getting back to the question.

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