Had I Only Known Earlier

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My wife, Dianne, has never been very adventurous about sex or, maybe, I just wasn't paying attention.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Oral Sex   .

My wife, Dianne, and I have become close friends with our neighbors across the street, Tim and Vanessa. We go out together a lot and quite often continue the evening's fun in their spa. Then one time we went out, we did a lot of bar hopping and were fairly toasted when we got back and went in the spa. After opening a bottle of wine for the four of us, we were all getting a bit frisky with lots of underwater contact going on.

Out of the blue, Vanessa said, "Why don't we girls go topless?"

Without thinking, I said, "Sure, why not, Tim and I are already topless."

I immediately thought, damn, I should have nixed the whole thing for Dianne's sake. You see, my wife, while she's loosened up quite a lot in the bedroom behind closed doors, she's still pretty private in public. She is not going to go for this at all.

Now, she had to find a way out of this. She turned and said to me, "If you're okay with it, I'm game."

I looked over and Vanessa's top was already off and tossed on to the deck. I knew that she had nice boobs, you can tell from how they look in a bikini, but, in the soft light of the spa, her breasts just glowed. I was hard.

"Go for it, hon, I'd love it."

So, my wife whips off her top and flings it away.

She leaned over to me and whispered, "Are you sure you're okay with this?"

"Hon, I want you to express yourself however you want, sexually or otherwise."

"Great, I've wanted to do things like this for years, I just never thought you'd approve."

She then dipped under the water and I felt her pull my trunks down and suck briefly on my cock. Geez, where did this come from?

She comes up smiling at me and I look over at our friends and Tim's trunks are hanging on the side of the spa and Vanessa is just coming up out of the water herself.

Then, Vanessa said, "Well, since the guys are bottomless, I guess it's our turn," and her bikini bottom flipped up out of the water and landed in the grass.

Dianne looked at me and her's flew out of the water and landed on a lawn chair.

Everyone was quiet as we all began to realize where the evening was headed. Vanessa rose up out of the water and asked, "Who's ready for some more wine?" and Tim and I raised our hands so both wives jumped out of the spa and went in the house and returned a few minutes later each with a bottle of wine. As they walked toward us, I was struck by how pretty both women were, Dianne with her nicely trimmed pubic area and Vanessa shaven beautifully bare.

Then, the unexpected happened, at least unexpected to Tim and I, I think. I later found out that the two wives had discussed this in the house. Vanessa came over and slid into the tub next to me while my wife joined Tim. Well, well.

We passed the corkscrew around and opened the wine and all had a toast.

"To new adventures," said Tim. "To friends and lovers," said Vanessa.

I said, "To spa tubs and fun," while Dianne toasted, "To a little spice to life."

As I sat in the tub with my wine in one hand and my arm draped over the tub's edge where Vanessa was sitting next to me, I looked over and Tom was caressing Dianne's breasts with his hands. I was already pretty erect, this just got me hard as a rock. As I watched, I felt Vanessa's fingers surround my cock and begin to squeeze and rub up and down under the warm water. It would surely warm it even further.

I dropped my arm around her shoulder and put my hand on her breast and began to stroke it gently.

"Mmm, this is nice, Tim. I've kind of wanted your hands on me for a while now. Your hand feels nice. Does my hand feel good on you?"

"I'm sure you can tell just how nice it feels by how hard I am. And you have very nice breasts. Really firm. Beautiful nipples."

"They love to be sucked, Tim, if that gives you any ideas."

Well, it did indeed as I bent over and lifted her breast to my lips and ran my tongue around her nipple then sucked it into my mouth as she rubbed my cock under the waves.

I did get a glimpse of Tim and my wife across from us, Tim sitting up on the shelf and Dianne bent over him sucking his cock as he rubs both her boobs which are hanging just into the water's surface.

Just then, Vanessa gets up and sits on the rim, spreads her legs and says, "God, I am so hot, you've just gotta fuck me, Scott. I want your cock so bad. Right now."

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