I Was Bound to Have My Wife and I Enjoy Something New

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Our sex life had become routine and a bit boring, so I was bound to bring new excitement to our bed.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Light Bond   Anal Sex   .

We had just finished our Sunday morning lovemaking routine, when Carla asked me, "Are you happy with our sex life?"

It's a question fraught with possibilities, both good and bad. Answer the wrong way and you might not have a sex life. Do it right and maybe new adventures will be in store. So...

"Um, well, I love being married to you, that I know for sure. And, we've shared a lot of wonderful times together, including just now. But, I suppose every couple gets into a routine sooner or later, so I suppose there's always room for improvement."

Whew! I did okay, right?

"Why don't we try something new. Add some spice? Any ideas?"

That started my thinking going a mile a minute.

"Well, we can probably rule out whips and chains and cattle prods," I kidded, "but I've always had this little idea in the back of my head."

"Hmm, do I want to hear this? What does your dirty little mind desire, Luke?"

"I've always thought it would be exciting to be tied up to the bed and to have you just sexually have your way with me," I answered, hoping she would not immediately brand me as a depraved pervert sex fiend.

"That sounds like fun for me. I'd just get to sexually torment you for as long as I want, make you beg for an orgasm. Hmm, I like it. But, I think it would just have to be light bondage, none of the castle dungeon and spikes kind of stuff, okay?"

Wow. I never thought it would fly. But she agreed that next Friday night would be our initial experiment with bondage. Friendly bondage. The thought of it got me hard again and I showed her how excited I was about trying something new by fucking her again. She liked that.

I thought about it all week, I knew I could trust Carla to be moderate about all this, I did have to trust her, after all, I'd be tied up. But after twelve years of marriage, I knew she was conventional enough to stay within limits. Still, I had a constant hard-on all week, just wondering what I had in store for me on Friday.

The day came and Carla met me at the back door. She stood there naked and began to undress me in the kitchen.

"You're all shaved," I said as I admired her freshly-shaven pussy. "Very pretty." Carla had never shaved her pubic area before and it gave her an innocent, girlish look.

"Glad you like it. It's just for you."

As she tugged my pants and boxers to the floor, she leaned forward and took me in her mouth and sucked me for a minute.

"Maybe more of that later," she said, "Come join me in the hot tub, it's clothing-optional this evening. Just follow me," as I trailed Carla's pretty butt out to the patio, my cock pointing at what it was most interested in which was peeping out from between her thighs.

As we sat in the tub, I reached over to caress her lovely breasts.

"No, no, just look. We'll save the rest for later."

Hmm, she's got this all planned out, I guess.

She got up out of the water at one point and sat on the edge and spread her legs wide apart.

"Like what you see, Luke?"

"Oh, do I. Just beautiful. You have the nicest pussy. Can I come over there and lick it?"

"Just look, that's all for now," as she dipped back down in the warm bubbly water.

So, we soaked for about twenty minutes as we got hotter and hotter, not all of it due to the water. We got out, toweled off and Carla led me into our bedroom.

As we went in, Carla reminded me of what we had talked about doing and if I was still okay with everything.

"My cock has been hard all week just thinking about this, see, look, that is one excited cock," as I pointed downward.

"Yes, it looks quite wonderful. I hope it has a wonderful time tonight."

"I'm all yours," and she had me lay down on the bed face up. She went over to the dresser, opened the top drawer and brought out four nylon web straps that rather looked like small dog collars about an inch and a half wide. They had Velcro bands on them which made them fit snugly and comfortably but I also knew that I could get loose if I wanted bad enough. If I wanted. On each cuff was a metal eyelet that had a nylon cord through it for tying to something.

I put my arms and legs out and Carla went around the bed placing the cuffs on my wrists and ankles and tying each cord to the bedframe pinning me in an X-shape across the bed with my cock sticking up ready for whatever adventures might come.

She went down to the foot of the bed and began to slowly dance, gyrating and thrusting her hips in a most suggestive manner drawing my eyes to her newly-shaved pussy. Then, she turned and bent over presenting me with the beautiful view of her lovely pussy peeking out from between her thighs, then spread her stance and bent low to look back at me from under her legs.

"Take a good look and remember what you see," as she plunged a finger up into her pussy and finger-fucked herself for a minute. Oh, did that look good. Then she came around the bed and slipped a blindfold over my eyes.

"I want you to give up some of your senses so the others will be even more sensitive," she said as she put ear plugs in each ear. So, all I was left with was smell, taste and touch. I was excited to wonder what might be next.

So, from now on, it seemed, my experience will be just that of touch, taste and smell. I even got harder thinking about it.

Nothing happened for a minute or two, then I felt a slight touch (Carla told me later that it was a feather) just wipe across the head of my dick which twitched when it was touched. Then, the feather stroked up and down my shaft which got my heart racing. It really concentrated my whole consciousness onto my cock. This went on for several minutes of super-erotic sensations along the length of my cock.

Then another minute went by without anything happening which just made me even more aroused if that was even possible. Then, a slight touch on the sole of my right foot.

She's licking the sole of my bound foot. It kind of tickles but also there's a feeling that runs up my leg right to my cock. Then, the licking began a slow climb up my leg, right past my dick, along my abdomen and stomach to my right nipple which she began to gently suck.

All along her journey up my body, I felt her breasts grazing my skin. All I wanted was a touch to my cock.

Then, she started again on my left foot and again up to my nipple which she sucked. I'd never had my nipples sucked and I was really enjoying the sensation. Yes, it was sexy.

From my nipples, she continued her travel up my body, kissing and licking until she got to my face. Then, I smelled a faint fruity aroma and received a deep french-kiss that tasted of strawberry, like lip gloss, I suppose, that probed and pulsed my mouth. I could tell that she was straddling me now and I began to feel her smooth pussy rub lightly across the tip of my hungry, tortured cock.

I formed an image of the scene in my mind as I lay there being sexually teased and tormented.

Then, the bed shifted and I felt her changing position. It seemed like she was now straddled over me, head to toe, and I felt the tip of her tongue just touch the head of my cock. I almost cummed just from the tiny touch.

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