A Bedtime Story Beginning

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Reading in bed can be fun when it's with my best girlfriend and her father.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Rose was my best friend and I've stayed over at her house lots because we rode to school together and it was easy since I also kept a lot of my clothes in her closet. We were both seventeen and had known each other since we were six.

When we first met, her parents were still married and I've known them through all the mess of her mom getting caught by the wife of the guy she was fooling around with and her calling Rose's dad, Earl.

So, they split the blanket and Rose stayed with her dad.

He's a really nice guy, kind of quiet, nice looking, forty-one, I think. Rose has always been very close to her Dad and she still gets in his bed every night and he reads to her for half an hour, sometimes more, and sometimes they just talk. Maybe you think that's pretty lame for a seventeen-year old girl but I think it was pretty nice. They're close and it's good that she can be close with her father. I'm not especially close with mine as he's a workaholic and not around much.

I'm pretty close to her dad, too, we kid around a lot and he teases me and jokes around, we just have a lot of fun.

Any way, when I spend the night, I get in bed and join in. We usually make a sandwich of her dad, one on each side, and over the years it just felt natural to all snuggle together.

Of course, as I said, I'm not a little girl any longer. In fact, I'm pretty well developed (C-cup if you're keeping statistics) and am five seven and a half. Now, I do have my naughty side like most girls and, yes, I liked to snuggle my boobs up to him and I'm pretty sure he liked that. I know I sure did. I also liked wearing nighties around him and would specially choose them so they would be a bit see-through. I spent a lot of time in front of my mirror at home just getting the right look. I wanted my nipples to just barely show through, just a little.

So, one night, we were all in bed, I had my arm over his chest and as I ran my hand down, I bumped right into his dick. It was difficult to miss as it was big and hard. I just acted like I didn't know what had happened and left my hand right over it. My heart was racing and I didn't know what might happen. I expected that he would put his hand under the covers and move my hand away but it never happened and an hour later, his dick still hard, Rose and I got up and went off to bed. I very quietly masturbated that night for sure. Twice.

A few nights later, we were all back in bed again. Almost as soon as we got in bed, I raised my knee to bring the covers up so Rose couldn't see and I turned toward Earl and moved my hand right over to his dick and wrapped my fingers around his hardness. Every once in a while, I would squeeze but made sure I never looked at him when I did.

Then, Rose got up to go pee and as soon as she was out of the room, Earl leaned over and kissed me with his tongue going in and out of my mouth. Oh, he could really kiss well and we did until we heard Rose coming back.

As she climbed into bed, I brought my leg up over him and laid my knee on his dick still holding it with my hand. He moved a bit and slid his hand down his side until he got to my mound and began rubbing me gently as we all talked.

Oh, was I hot. All this was no accident, I had my hand on his cock, he had his hand down rubbing the outside of my pussy. It was all I could do to remain calm and just go on as we had on so many nights before. The rubbing was driving me crazy and my pussy was throbbing with lust.

Then, I felt his finger work inside my elastic and begin rubbing along my slit which was so wet already. When I felt it go in a bit, I gave his dick a squeeze, and he moved his finger in a little farther. I was warm and sweaty under the covers as he fingered me but I didn't dare move and lose the hot feeling he was giving me.

Finally, Rose said she was sleepy and we had to get up and go to bed. I would have just loved to stay there with her dad's finger in my pussy and I ached all the way back to her bedroom and another silent rubbing session with my clit.

The next time I slept over, I suggested that we take two books for her dad to read in hope that we would have a longer bedtime session. As soon as I got in bed, I hoisted a leg up over her dad and brought it down trapping my hand on his dick. I soon felt his finger making its way into my panties. I had carefully chosen an older pair with loose elastic and he lost no time slipping a finger into my wet insides.

I wiggled a bit working his finger a bit deeper as I pressed my leg down over his cock. I felt his finger wiggle every once in a while, he had gotten very good at holding the book and turning the pages with one hand.

So, our evenings went like this with us stealing kisses when we could. I always took a shower before Rose so I could be out when she was in the shower. Earl and I got to be very fast with our times together when Rose was showering and I would quickly pull off my panties, sit on his bed and he would lick and kiss me all around my pussy and suck and kick my clit as I writhed and squirmed on his bed. He was so good with his tongue, it was just incredible.

"Oh, Wendy, we've just got to get time to be together alone. I just want to fuck you so bad."

I had decided that I wanted to carry this as far as I could, so I said, "I want it too. I want you inside me. Can you come over to my house after school some time? My parents both work and we could do it then."

So, we arranged that the next Tuesday afternoon, he would park out behind my house and I'd let him in the back door.

"Oh, Earl, did anyone see you?"

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