Moving Fun

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Moving to a new city is hard work. But, moving with my husband and his two brothers did turn out to have its fun moments.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   InLaws   Oral Sex   .

We were looking forward to Roy's new job and living in the South, away from most of the cold and snow. So, our relocation from Buffalo to Atlanta was looked forward to by us both. Well, with one exception - the move.

I'm sure you would get agreement with basically all of mankind if you asked each person on earth if they enjoyed moving. Little else would get such unanimous agreement. Everyone hates it. And, we had to do it on the cheap.

So, it was summertime, we had rented a large truck, packed up everything in our condo, bribed my hubby's two brothers to come with us, loaded the truck and set off.

My husband, Roy, has now earned his doctorate and he and I are off to a new life in the South. Glenn and Russ, his two younger brothers, twenty and nineteen, were basically at loose ends anyway, so they were cheap labor.

We figured that we would do the trip in two days in the truck; if we'd driven a car, we probably would have done it straight through but the truck was much more of a handful to drive.

Normally, I don't leave a lot of things up to Roy, he's not exactly a person who's good with details, so when we were on the road, I asked him where we were staying.

"Oh, we'll just find a place."

Damn. I should have done it, I should have gotten us a place to stay.

"But, hon, it's summer and a lot of people are traveling."

"Ah, don't worry about it, it'll work out."

So, we drove on, in silence, until it was getting to be about four o'clock.

"Okay, let's keep our eyes out for a motel that won't cost us an arm or a leg."

So, we all looked at upcoming road signs and, soon enough, we spotted a Motel 6 at the next exit.

We waited until Roy came out. It seemed to take a while.

"Um, some good news and a fair amount of bad news. They have a room. And there isn't another anywhere in the next hundred miles."

"Did you book them?" I asked.

"Uh, well, you may not have heard me right. They have a room and, yes, I booked it."

"One room?"

"Yep, ready?"

"Sure, I guess so," and we all piled out, got our overnight bags and followed Roy to Room 194.

As I went in, my heart sank.

"Two double beds. This is it, really?"

"What's wrong, Michelle, have big plans with the hubby, tonight?" asked Russ, the younger brother.

"Well, not now, I guess."

"Oh, we'll be happy to watch. Might learn something," offered Glenn.

"Well, not likely, I'm afraid. Not used to an audience," I said.

My dear husband, then, piped up with, "Hey, might be fun to have an audience. Maybe they would learn something for a change."

As we were talking, Roy was getting out a bottle of vodka and some tonic he had brought. He then went to the ice machine and soon, we were all having our second gin and tonic.

"Well, do we see you two get it on tonight?"

"Oh, sure, I'll just get naked in a minute and Roy and I'll fuck on the floor for you two," I said sassily.

"Maybe you could give us a lap dance first. It's the least you could do, Michelle."

Now, I knew what a lap dance was, I'd seen a few in clubs and I'd seen one privately that was even more interesting with a naked girl and several pantless guys tied to chairs. No penetration, just rubbing around. She sure had a backside covered with cum when she was finished.

"Yeah, hon, you could give them a little relief and then we can show them how it's done."

Well, I'm no exhibitionist ... well, that's not really true. I did parade around the coed dorm a few times in the nude. Well, maybe more than a few times. And, there was the dare I did to drive through a toll booth topless. Unfortunately, the female tolltaker was not impressed.

So, yes, maybe I like to show off my body some. It's a nice body, five foot five, one hundred twelve pounds, C-cup and very firm, yes, very firm, nice pink nipples, on the small side. Slim waist, really very pretty legs, nice, dainty feet.

Hmm, Robert. Robert Hudgins. Sorry, I'm reminiscing here. My feet and Robert. Oh, did he worship my feet. He sucked my toes, licked my feet. Well, if you've never had it done to you, ladies, then, no big deal. But if you have ... oh, yeah, instant wetness between the legs. Drenched. Well, I always made Robert dry me off. He had such a lovely tongue.

But I digress. Let's see. Oh, yes, well, now it as our third round of vodka-tonics and Roy was urging me on.

"Come, on, hon. Give 'em a lap dance, get 'em off, then do me."

"What am I, some strip queen?"

"Oh, that'd be fun, now, wouldn't it?" replies my helpful husband.

"We could tuck money in your panties," said Russ.

"No, it would have to be a lot better than that, guys."

"Give us each a lap dance, you can fuck Roy and then, we'll each give you oral sex until you make us stop."

"My little brother is full of ideas. Michelle?"

"So, you're asking me to get naked with your brothers, wiggle around on them until they cum, fuck you, then they eat me out until I'm delirious?"


"Yeah, we wouldn't grope you or anything. We've got rope in the truck, you could tie our hands behind our backs. We'd use these two chairs, right here."

Well, if I was a single girl again, I think I'd do it. Yes, I know I would. But, I'm married and my husband is right here in the room. Then, that same husband says, "I think you should do it, Michelle. It's all family, they won't be fucking you, I will, and they get a good time, and, knowing how you love oral sex, you'll be on cloud nine."

So, I said, "Geez, somebody go get the rope," and Russ went running out of the room and was back in less than a minute.

"Okay, guys. Um, I'm thinking about how I want to do this and I guess the easiest way is to just jump in and all of us get naked," I suggested.

Three horny guys were stripped in just seconds, I took my time, after all, I was giving them a show.

"Okay, while I strip, Roy will tie you two to the chairs."

I pulled up my top, slid down my shorts and stood there in bra and panties.

As soon as they were bound to the chairs, I bent over, put my hands under my bra cups and lifted my boobs up and shook them right in their faces, reached around and undid the clasp and tossed the bra off to the side.

Then I got right up into the face of each one and rubbed my breasts all over their faces; Glenn had his tongue out licking as my boobs swept by, Russ was wagging his head between them.

It was fun. Yes, fun. I looked over and Roy was slowly jacking up and down as I entertained his brothers. I backed up away from them, put my hands under my boobs, held them like offerings and approached each brother with my offerings. I let them each suck both nipples and by this point, my panties were drenched.

So, I reached down, pulled them off, twirled them around and rubbed the wet crotch under each brother's nose.

"I'm already hard as a rock, MIchelle, but smelling your pussy makes me even harder," said Russ.

So, I figured they should see what I taste like and I went up to each chair, put a leg up on it, slipped a finger up into my pussy, rubbed it in and out, then put it up to each one's mouth to suck on.

Was I one hot woman. I could have fucked an army brigade.

Both brothers had precum oozing up out of their cocks and I wiped each cock off with my finger and inserted it up in me and rubbed around. Seeing more precum, I wiped my finger across Russ's cock and put the finger into Glenn's mouth and then I took Glenn's into Russ's mouth. They both rolled their eyes when I did it but they both went along.

Well, time was nearing for my lap dancing debut. Here I was, Melissa, on "Lapdancing With The Stars."

I backed up to Russ bent over with my butt facing him. I knew from experience, that my pussy lips would be showing as I approached him. Oh, well, it's just a pussy, right?

So, I got up to him, leaned back and felt his cock hit me right in the exact middle of my pussy slit. I was so wet by now that I knew if I didn't change the position, he would plunge right into me. So, I shifted slightly and pressed down on his lap folding his cock down between us.

I was so wet that as I did a bump and grind around on his lap, it was well-lubricated and slippery.

"Geez, oh, Michelle, oh, that is really good. Oh, yes, you'll get me off doing that."

So I rubbed and nuzzled his lap with my pussy. Then, I turned around and got up in his lap with his cock pointing up between us and ground around some more while I rubbed my boobs in his face. Was I horny and turned-on.

I got up, turned back around and gave him a butt/pussy rub he wouldn't forget for a while.

"Oh, oh, oh, that was the best. Oh, wow, you won't ever get anything that good in a strip club. Oh, Michelle, my brother is a hell of a lucky guy."

So, I turned my attention to Glenn and did the same basic routine on him.

I got back up, looked at them both tied to the chairs, each with enormous hard-ons, and decided that a couple of blowjobs would get the truck unloaded tomorrow in record time. So, I started unloading them.

I got down on my knees in front of Russ, gripped his cock and began licking all around the head of his cock.

"Oh, MIchelle, oh, I didn't know you were going to do this. Oh, that feels so good."

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