I Just Never Knew

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I love my boyfriend but I've been cheating on him - with his sister.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   First   Oral Sex   .

I've been dating Victor for about seven months now and, as you might imagine, we're pretty serious about each other. Vic lives with his parents, he's twenty-one and they're pretty strict, you know, rather old fashioned about things. When I stay over at their house, there's no such thing as sleeping coed. So, I bunk in with his sister, Marilyn, who is eighteen.

Now, don't get me wrong, Vic's parents are extremely nice, they like me a lot, yes, even love me as a future daughter-in-law, I think. They have made me feel like part of their family. I'm sure they know that Vic and I have sex every chance we get, it's just that they don't want to officially condone it in their own home.

My parents, well, they're much more lenient. When we stay there, we are in the same room. Yes, and bed.

So, a few months ago, I planned to stay over at Vic's. We had talked about maybe me sneaking down the hall into his room, but, we also knew that there would be hurt feelings if we tried to go behind his parent's back. So, it was separate sleeping quarters.

As I said, I bunked in with Marilyn in her double bed. I had before and, thankfully, she didn't seem to snore or toss and turn all night.

We had all stayed up late talking and when it really got too silly, everyone decided to call it a night and go our separate ways. It was just after one in the morning, so I was tired. After brushing my teeth and donning my nighty, I got in what was my side and Marilyn got in on the other.

I was soon asleep and after, maybe, thirty minutes or so, I woke slightly feeling the bed moving. As I woke, I began to realize that Marilyn was masturbating. It was the movement of the bed and the breathing that made me certain. I lay there listening to her breathing as it became faster and faster. I rolled over to face her and really couldn't make out anything in the darkness and then allowed my hand to fall against her. She was naked.

As soon as my hand touched her, she stopped.

"Lori, are you awake?" she whispered softly, then waited silently for an answer.

Laying there, listening to her labored breathing, I really didn't want her to stop what she was doing, it was turning me on, too, which I was enjoying. So, I didn't say anything back to her.

Then I could tell that she had quietly started again. I lay there, my pussy envious of the pleasure she was having, when I felt her touch my nighty. I let out a slight gasp and her hand jumped away. More on emotion than thought, I said, "I want to do it, too," and sat up and pulled off my nighty.

As I lay back to begin rubbing myself, Marilyn asked, "Would you do it to me?"

I was glad that the room was dark. The question certainly surprised me. I had never had any girl-on-girl experiences during my teen years, though many of my friends had, from what some had told me. In fact, it seemed fairly common.

I reached over and began to rub her pussy which was very wet.

"Oh, oh, Lori, oh, you make me feel so good."

She had turned her open legs toward me and I was rubbing my palm down over her pussy lips and clit. Her pussy was shaven, so my hand slid all over her as she pushed her mound up against my palm.

I'm still not sure why I did it but I leaned over and wiped my tongue up along her slit and she moaned which really turned me on. So I began licking her, even circling all around her inner thighs, narrowing as I went until I was tonguing her right in her slit.

"Ew, ew, oh, Lori, oh, god, that is so good. Oh, please do it more."

Her legs were now over my shoulders as I began to suck her clit which was erect and I probed her with a finger which got her moving her hips around and around trying to maximize her pleasure.

"Oh, oh, oh, Lori, I'm cumming, oh, oh, it's so good, yes, oh, yes, don't stop, oh, I'm ... EW, EW, EW, OH, OH, oh, oh, you really ... oh, oh, that was so ... oh, Lori, oh, that was wonderful."

She moved over and we hugged and kissed for several minutes. None of this had ever happened with me before, sex and kissing and all, with a girl. But, I was sure sexed-up over it. My pussy was throbbing and wet.

Marilyn sat up, then got back down between my legs and began licking me all over my pussy.

I've been licked by several guys including Marilyn's brother, Vic. I can tell you that I just love having my pussy licked. I could lay there for hours feeling a man's tongue traveling all around my pussy. When he pulls me open and licks down deep inside, I just go crazy. It's a sure cum for me.

But, tonight, there was even something more added. Maybe it was the fact that it was a girl, I don't know. Or maybe because she's a girl, she just knows her way around a pussy better than most guys. I didn't know, and, I didn't care. It just felt wonderful. She knew exactly where to lick me, exactly when to push her tongue into me, exactly when to lick hard, when to lick softly, when to flutter her tongue over my clit, oh, she knew everything.

"Oh, Marilyn, oh, that feels so good. Ew, right in there, perfect. Oh, yes, yes,"

She was pulling open my labia and tonguing me inside on the entrance of my vagina, licking up and down and poking with her tongue, just lapping me. I was thrusting up at her like I was in a seizure, oh, it just felt so good.

"Oh, oh, you're making me ... Oh, oh, that's so ... ew, ew, I feel so ... oh, I'm gonna ... EWW, EWW, EWW, EWW, ew, ooh, ooh, oh, Marilyn, oh, that was so good."

I pulled her up to me and we kissed for a long time, deep, open, passionate kisses; the kind of kisses I was used to giving her brother. My head was spinning with all this new feeling. I love Vic. I know I do. And I love fucking him. And I love, oh, I can't think it right now.

Marilyn bends down and begins sucking on one of my nipples as she rubs my pussy. God, this feels so good.

"Oh, I love you doing this, Marilyn. It just feels so good when you rub my pussy like this."

Then she put two fingers inside me and began fucking me with them as she continued to suck. I was just swept over with sensual feelings. It all just felt so good.

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