Party of Five

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Married eighteen years, mother of two teenagers, bored in the bedroom, I got a new hobby which my hubby helped me start. Now, we both have lots of fun and games.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Safe Sex   .

Eighteen years of marriage, my fortieth birthday just around the corner, two teenage kids and a husband who travels a lot doesn't always make for a stellar sex life. In fact, about three years ago, I quit keeping track of the times we fucked, it was pretty seldom, maybe a couple of times a month. Our sizzle' fizzled.'

I put my old battery-powered vibrator in the trash and ordered one that is rechargeable and another that plugs in the wall. Now, there are no batteries to run out right at the crucial time. Thank goodness, they're both pretty quiet. So, most of my sex was solo.

Well, that was three years ago. Since then, my pussy hasn't been cum-free for more than a day or two. I'm getting more sex than I ever dreamed possible. No, I'm not on the street corner.

The big change came about at a party given by a neighbor, Todd, a few years ago. I had just used the bathroom and was in the hallway with my usual Chardonnay (third glass, actually, or was it the fourth?) and a younger guy, nice looking, walked up to me and introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Phil Michaels and I'm a talent scout looking for the foxiest looking woman at the party."

"Um, she's in the next room, I think."

"Oh, I've seen her and you're much nicer."

"Do you always hit on older women? Is it a fantasy thing with you? You know, the 'Librarian' thing?"

"Well, if you're a librarian, I'd love to check out your stacks."

"This is getting rather juvenile, don't you think?"

"Why don't we talk about it in private?" and he pulled me into a nearby bedroom and locked the door.

Now, I'm pretty good at self-defense having taken a series of training sessions so I'm really not afraid of this guy, and, truthfully, he's pretty handsome.

He kisses me and it's really a very hot kiss. This guy is a kisser which is something I've always loved.

I put down my glass and we kiss again. While we're kissing, he pulls up my tanktop and reaches around and unclasps my bra, then pulls it off.

Well, by now, I'm thinking with my pussy just like guy's think with their dicks. My tingly snatch is leading the way as we fall on the bed and he pulls up my skirt and off with my panties. Just as quickly, he's out of his pants and my legs are in the air and he's plunging deeply and I'm gripping his hips pulling him into me as hard as I can. I know I was horny and frustrated, I just didn't realize how much. I just wanted him to fuck me as hard as he could and that's exactly what he did.

Now, it is true that I was enjoying the wine a bit more than I might have but once he got me in that bedroom, I was ready to fuck anything I could.

I know he had an orgasm because he was grunting and moaning and thrusting. Then it was over, he pulls me up on my feet, pulls my skirt down, yanks down my tanktop and pulls me out of the bedroom. Wow. Fucked in five minutes.

I had left my wine glass in the bedroom so Phil and I went to the bar and he got me replenished. My head was a spinning a bit from the wine and a bit from the fast fuck as he then pulled me over to some friends of his and I stood there as they talked. I wanted to avoid Fred, my husband, because I was a tad tipsy and didn't want him to get upset. And I didn't seem to have on my bra and panties.

He was talking with his friends and I got the sense that he might have told them what had happened. Well, I was a somewhat beyond embarrassment and still in a daze from my recent bedroom action, so I excused myself to go have another pee.

As I went down the hall, I felt two hands on my shoulders redirecting me into the bedroom I had been in before. I look back and two of his friends are behind me and one is now in front of me as they close the door.

"Now, look guys, let's not do anything..." and my tank was pulled over my head as my skirt hit the floor.

The next forty-five minutes or so are somewhat of a blur. I was fucked, that I know for sure. I was fucked a lot. Over and over.

Now, yes, I could have called out for help. I also know how to kick a guy in the balls, especially when they're out in the open like they were.

I'll be honest. I had my legs spread as wide as I could and I had three guys fucking me nonstop. I just didn't care. I was getting fucked and that was something this mother of two didn't get very often.

In fact when Fred and I do it, we make love. This time I was getting fucked. And you know there's a difference. I had never been fucked like that. One guy, the tallest one with the dark hair, also had a big cock. Biggest I'd ever had in me.

I was pretty sober by the time they were finished and I was able to retrieve my panties and bra and rejoin the party. Fred asked me if I wanted another glass of wine and I quietly declined. As I stood there next to him, I felt cum slowly running down my leg. Oh, my.

Of all nights, my husband makes a move as soon as we came in the house. He'd had a bit to drink, too, and it had made him friskier than usual.

So, upstairs, I'm up over him, simply fucking him like we were newlyweds. And, was I sore. But I was so sexed-up over by my fifth cock of the night, I just fucked his socks off. (He actually had taken them off himself. I'm just trying to be descriptive here.)

Usually (what do I mean, usually? Try, always) our sex is laid back, casual, familiar, even, friendly. Tonight, though, I was a tiger. I wanted to fuck, not make love. I got on top of him and did everything I knew how to do and even made up a few new things.

I got off twice and he had a massive orgasm that left us both out of breath. I collapsed over him, both of us panting, sweating, hearts beating fast.

"Wow, baby, what was that? You were wonderful. Even when we first did it, you weren't all that much into it. I mean you were great and all, but tonight, wow."

I was laying on top of him, still with some of his cock inside me, inside my sore, sore pussy.

"This was the greatest, hon, what got into you? What brought this on?"

"Oh, maybe I had too much to drink."

"Come on, you've had drinks before. Nothing like this. Why are you so turned-on?"

"Well, um, if I tell you, will you promise to just listen and not get mad?"

"Now, you've got my interest. Yes, I'll listen and I promise not to get mad. I'm all for it, whatever did this."

"Well, there was a guy at the party and he talked me into one of the bedrooms and we did it."

"Okay, was it that good that it had you wound-up even after we got home? Just how good was this guy?"

"You're not mad?"

"Hey, babe, if it juiced you up that much, then, frankly, I'm all for it. I just had the best fuck of my life. I should shake his hand."

"Well, there's a little more. Um, there was the guy but there were also three of his friends."

"Four guys? You were busy, hon. Boy, it sure turned you on. And I got a great fuck out of it myself."

We quietly lay there for a few minutes as I wondered if he would eventually be angry over my behavior at the party.

"Well, if that's what it takes to get our sex life going again, then so be it. I'll just have to see what I can do about it."

The next Wednesday, I got a call from Phil Michaels.

"Hi, Linda, this is Phil Michaels, from the party last weekend. I wanted to tell you that I would like to be with you again and this time, I promise to take lots more time and make it more enjoyable for you. I hope you aren't angry or anything. I just wanted you so bad."

"How did you get my number, it's unlisted."

"Your husband called me and said that it was okay with him to get together with you if you agreed."

I just stood there. My husband.

"He called you?"

"Yeah, I just talked with him a few minutes ago. He said he knew about what happened and that he was okay with it and if you wanted to, we could get together again. But, I promise it'll be better for you this time, I promise."

So, Fred called him and told him he could fuck me if I wanted to. Well.

"Um, I guess we could. How would we do this?"

"I've got an apartment not far from you, we could meet at my place any time you want."

Well, what the hell. Two teenagers, a little cellulite here and there, a libido that is underutilized, that's enough to get me to say, "Maybe this afternoon?"

"Do you know the Riveracres Apartments?"

"Yes, on Grant Avenue."

"Right. Apartment 340, one-thirty?"

"Um, I'll be there."

"I'm excited just thinking about it, see you in a while."

So, I called my husband.

"Hi, hon, um, are you setting me up? Like with dates?"

"He called, huh? Phil from the party?"

"Yeah, and this is okay?"

"If it gets me a wildcat wife, sure. Are you getting together?"

"Um, yeah, this afternoon, actually."

"Great. I'll get you tonight. I'm hard already. Have fun, see you tonight."

Well, dull, drab housewife, mother of two teens, out fucking a guy in the afternoon.

The door opened and there was Phil handing me a glass of champagne.

"Come in Linda, I'm really glad you came."

We went into his apartment, very contemporary, nicely furnished, and he came over to me and kissed me. Yes, I remember, he is a good kisser.

"You really look wonderful. You are a very sexy woman."

"Well, I'm a mother of two but I guess I'm not so bad. I still look okay."

"My memory from the party is that you are quite beautiful. You have the body of a twenty-something."

"Well, I can get by without a bra and I guess that's pretty good."

"Looks like you did that today, right?"

"Nice of you to notice."

"You have such pretty breasts and beautiful nipples. I can see them through your tee. Very nice. I'd love to kiss them."

As I reach across and pull off my tee, I tell him, "I think that this time, it should be my turn. I think you can just give me a nice orgasm with your tongue and that'll even the score."

"Sounds more than fair to me," he said as he began taking his clothes off.

I pulled my skirt down and stood naked before him.

"Oh, I'd forgotten how pretty you are. It'll be a pleasure to lick you."

So, I lay down on the bed and he began kissing, licking and sucking. Oh, yes, he knew what he was doing. He was a pussy tease, someone taught him well. He licked and lapped all around my inner thighs, all around where my legs met my pubic area, just around and around. But never in or on my pussy.

"Oh, that's good, you're good, yes, oh."

He continued licking, sometimes softly, sometimes pressing his tongue firmly along my tingly skin surrounding my pussy. But he was holding off. And I was ready. Oh, this felt good.

"Oh, lick my pussy. Right on my pussy."

It didn't happen, he just kept teasing all around but never where I now wanted him so badly.

"Would you please lick my pussy, please, you're driving me nuts."

It still didn't happen.

Then, I felt him pull apart my labia exposing my tender insides and he began licking me up and down and poking me with his tongue rolled up. Oh, that did it. Oh, yes.

"OH, OH, OH, OH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOOH, OOh, OOH, OOH, oh, oh, oh, oh, that's so good, god, that's good, don't stop, just lick me right there. Oh, yes, yes, yes."

I've been eaten out before, lots of times, from age twelve on. And that was the best ever. Oh, yes. He just kept licking me, holding my labia open, his tongue exploring me deeply. Oh, I was in heaven. He certainly put my own pleasure first this time. Oh, was I happy. I wrapped my legs around his head and pulled his face into my drenched pussy, then let go and said, "Oh, that was so good. You're gonna get fucked for sure, now."

He lay down on the bed and I got up over him and led his nice, hard cock into me. Oh, yes, much nicer than at the party.

"Oh, Linda, you are so good, the greatest. You feel so good inside."

I'm bearing down on his cock forcing him as deep as I can and the feelings are just incredible.

"Mmm, oh, oh, you feel so good in me so deep."

I'm pushing down and twisting my hips which rubs the tip of his cock on my deepest part, oh, so good.

Then, suddenly, "UUUH, UUUH, UUUH, UUUH, UUUH, UUUH, uuuh, uuuh, uhh, uhh, uhh, oh, oh, oh, I'm just on fire, that was so good. Mmm, I wanna make you cum now," and I worked over him until, "UUN, UUN, UUN, UUN, oh, yeah, oh, yeah. Oh, you are so good. So hot."

I slid down over him and we held each other.

"Oh, you are so good when you get into it. I should have been nicer at the party. But, god, I just wanted to fuck you so bad. I hope you forgive me for that."

"Well, you were just one of five guys I had that night. What a night. I was sore for days."

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