My Sister Steps In

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Knowing my husband is completely inept around the house, I arrange for my older sister to stay at our house when I travel. She cooks, cleans, irons, and does all my wifely chores just as well as I do when I'm home. Hubby is a happy man.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   InLaws   .

"There's two weeks training, then I start seeing my customers first, then on to prospects. Oh, and I'll be going up to the Bay Area about once a month. We have three key customers that I'm responsible for and quite a few prospects. So, I'm really psyched."

"Well, it's a hell of an opportunity, Cheryl. My little sister makes the big time. It's quite a big job. Again, congratulations. Sounds perfect."

"Poor Charlie, here, he'll have to eat canned dog food while I'm gone. He's hopeless in the kitchen. I'll have to buy him Alpo in pull-off top cans. He can't even operate a can opener, poor baby."

"Now, look, you knew when you married me that I was the most inept guy around the house ever created."

"That bad, huh?" asked my sister-in-law, Judy.

"Oh, he's hopeless. Can't do a thing. I choose his clothes each morning or he'd be laughed at at work. And cook? Forget it. All he can do is set off the smoke alarms."

I had to save a bit of my pride, "Well, I do appreciate your cooking at least."

"Yes, you do. But you may starve when I start traveling."

"I suppose I could always come over and cook and do the laundry and stuff while you're setting new sales records. What are sisters for? It's not like I'm tied down after my bastard husband left me."

"Well, you'd save Charlie's life. But, maybe he'll rather have his Alpo."

"Oh, come on, Alpo? Your sister is as good a cook as you are. I like the idea."

"Well, you'd hardly know I'm gone. She looks enough like me, you'd hardly notice."

"Yeah, I might even grab her in the kitchen, she looks so much like you."

"Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you, Charlie?"

"Well, all the wifely privileges, right?"

"Oh, my sister might have a say in that."

"Um, your sister hasn't had any loving in almost a year. I might just do more than cook, you never know," said my sister-in-law.

"Oh, look at the grin on Charlie's face. I think he likes the idea of a substitute wife."

"Well, your sister is a lot like you after all."

"And, you'd like that wouldn't you? Good food, wifely comforts in the bedroom. All supplied by my big sister while I'm away."

"I'm not saying I wouldn't like it."

Cheryl reached over and put her hand on the bulge in my pants and said, "Your hard just thinking about it! You'd love to be doing my sister, wouldn't you?"

"Now, hon, just because I have a hard-on, it doesn't mean a thing."

"It means you're excited, sexually excited."

"Well, um, yeah, I suppose it could but I'm that way whenever I'm around you."

"What if I said it was okay for Judy to come over and stay while I was gone. And you two could do whatever you want. In the kitchen or in the bedroom."

"At least I wouldn't starve."

"Sure, buster, and you wouldn't try to jump me the second I got home. This is funny. You and my sister, playing house while I'm gone. I can just picture it. Would you want to be the wifey while I'm gone?"

"Well, I'm nobody's wifey any more, anyway. It would keep me in practice."

"How do I know you two would get along? You know, in the bedroom?"

"We could try a 'trial marriage," offered my sister-in-law with a grin.

"Cheryl, your sister has great ideas."

"You just want to fuck my sister, admit it."

"Well, hon, she does look a lot like you. I love fucking you."

"You two want to try it out right now? Try each other on?"

Now, that gave me a hard-on. My wife was asking if her sister and I were interested in fucking each other. Tonight.

"Sis, I'm ready for a man twenty-four seven."


"Um, well, you sure it's okay with you?"

"Well, I want to watch if that's all right? Do you mind an audience?"

"Listen, I'm so horny, I'd do it in Yankee Stadium."

"Let's go down the hall, then, shall we. You two can test the waters."

So, we all got up and walked down the hall to our bedroom.

As we all three stood there, a bit uncomfortable, it seemed, Cheryl suggested, "I suppose you two should just be like husband and wife and kiss and take each others clothes off."

So, Judy and I embraced and began kissing as we rubbed our hands around one another getting acquainted physically. She started unbuttoning my shirt and pulled it off and began kissing my chest. Oh, I was liking this. As she lowered herself, she started sucking my nipple as she rubbed her hand across the large bulge in my pants.

Then, Judy began unbuckling my belt and zipped down my fly. Tugging down my pants, I then stepped out of them and stood there in my boxers with the end of my cock sticking out.

"Oh, what's this?" asked Judy, "Looks like something for me. A present. Something to play with. Nice. Very nice," she said as she leaned forward and I watched as her lips encircled the head of my cock and she began to suck me.

I looked over at Cheryl and she smiled and gave me a 'thumbs-up' and I smiled back. Oh, a stand-in wife might not be too bad.

In a minute, Judy stood up and I began to remove her clothes. So, I had her blouse and bra off and was licking and sucking her nipples. Her breasts were similar to Cheryl's, a bit bigger and her nipples seemed to stand out a bit farther but they were just as much fun to suck on as my wife's.

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