How It All Started - Tara's Story

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My best friend, Trisha, told me about her first sexual experiences, now it's my turn. A sequel to "How It All Started."

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

Subject: Quite a story

Wow, you really had some fun, girl. And William sounds wonderful. I can almost see that nice long, pink cock of his. Makes me envious. Oh, and those twin brothers. Know their whereabouts? Got a phone number? Email address? Anything?

Well, I guess it's my turn, now, huh?

Funny that much of your early sexual exploration was with a family member. I wonder just how much that happens. I suspect a lot.

Anyway, here goes.

I more or less found that I felt good when I rubbed myself in the bathtub at about six or seven, as I remember. I don't think I ever had orgasms or anything that specific, just a good feeling. I also began to hump my pillow when I was around nine or ten. That and also a stuffed bunny, my first lover, I guess. lol. Again, I don't think I orgasmed, it just felt good.

My first experience with another person happened, like with so many of us, I guess, during a sleepover. I must have been between ten and eleven and Beth Howard was my best friend at the time. She was really adventuresome. The first time I slept over at her house, she asked me if I brought pajamas to wear. I told her that I did and she said that it might be more fun if we slept naked.

Well, at that age, I was really becoming interested in sex and all that goes with it (and so much goes with it, right?), so I said, 'sure', and we got under the covers and pulled off our pjs.

"Oh, isn't this nice, Tara?" she asked.

"Um, yeah," was my hesitant answer.

"Why don't we cuddle-up?"

Well, I really do like guys and their nice equipment but my first feeling of a naked body hugging my naked body was pretty erotic. It just felt good.

After a few minutes, she asked me if she could kiss me. Well, at that age, I really didn't know a lot about that kind of stuff and I said, "Sure."

So, we began to kiss and then I felt her hand begin to feel around my body. Well, that felt pretty good, too. It never went down below my waist and we were soon asleep. But, it did feel good and the feeling was definitely sexual.

On subsequent sleepovers, our sleeping attire wasn't even discussed. We just both assumed it would be naked. There was a definite sexuality to it for sure. It wasn't long before Beth was rubbing me between my legs and it really did feel good. It's always nicer when someone else does it, isn't it. I don't remember having an orgasm, at least I don't think I did. It just felt very good.

The next sleepover, Beth asked me to rub her like she did me and I really didn't have any qualms about it. It was just a way to feel good. Boy, did she. She certainly had a climax. She bucked and writhed and wiggled and moaned. Then, she eagerly did me. She was obviously very turned on.

A few weeks after that, we were at her house, naked in bed in the dark, and she is rubbing me and begins to rub a finger just so it starts to go inside me a bit. Well, that felt good, for sure. I still remember laying there feeling so nice and warm and comfy when her finger began to slip in just a little, then out, then in again. I was very wet, so it happened almost without trying. At least, I suppose it did. With Beth, I'm not sure.

I remember saying, "Beth, you're going inside me. It feels really strange."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, it's kind of nice. You can do it some more."

Well, girl, that night, I had my first orgasm. She rubbed and fingered me for quite a while, then, all of a sudden, I just froze, my legs stiffened, and I was swamped with the most beautiful feelings I'd ever had.

"Oh, I did what you do," I told Beth. "I had that wonderful ending."

That's what we called it. The 'ending.' Then I proceeded to give Beth an 'ending' too and we slept happily wrapped in each other's arms the rest of the night. It was really lovely and, to tell the truth, pretty innocent. We just were making each other feel good.

Well, this was turning us into pretty tight friends. We even began talking about how to make each other feel good. We were rubbing and fingering each other regularly and had begun using a few things like toothbrushes and hairbrush handles to pleasure each other with.

I think it was just after I turned eleven, when Beth suggested that we kiss and lick each other. She had heard a friend at school talking about it and when I next came over for a sleepover, she told me all about it.

"Yes, her friend kisses and licks all over her cunny. She says it's better than anything. We can try it tonight if you want."

Well, I wanted. We were having fun playing and pleasuring each other and if this was more fun, I wanted it.

When we turned the lights out and got in bed, we hugged and felt each other for a few minutes as usual, then she pulled the sheet off me and got up on her hands and knees, bent over and kissed me, then proceeded to kiss and lick her way down my quaking body. She got down to my little slit and licked for a minute, then moved to between my knees and pushed my legs wide and started licking me with a good bit of enthusiasm.

Well! I need not tell you that it was a new level of experience. Every girl remembers the first time she was licked. It's making me wet right now just writing about it. What a turn-on.

It didn't take long for me to simply have an orgasmic meltdown. When she started thrusting her tongue into me and flicking it up and down, I went off like a rocket. I clamped my legs around her head burying her face in my pussy. Oh, that felt good. No, it felt glorious.

She got up over me and we hugged and kissed and rubbed each others bodies for what seemed a long time.

"Will you do it to me, Tara?" she whispered.

Beth was several months older than I and was just starting to get boobs. Her nipples were swollen and there were pads of flesh under them, just small handfuls. So, I kissed her and, as she had, began kissing and licking my way down her body.

With her having some boobs, however, I dallied around her chest licking and sucking her nipples. Oh, that got some moaning. I was on my knees next to her and when I was sucking her nipples, I felt her hand begin to rub my pussy between my legs which I quickly spread open.

As her finger went in me, I began to suck her harder and harder and soon had a second orgasm, my first double header. Oh, did that feel good. I just lay there over her as her finger moved in and out of me, slowly and tenderly.

It took me a few minutes to recover my bearings and continue on with my oral journey and when I got to Beth's pussy and got down between her legs licking, tonguing, sucking, she was bucking and humping and soon had a huge orgasm that rocked her good.

I crawled up and we happily kissed with wet faces and held each other until sleep overtook us.

When we woke in the morning, Beth said, "Let's do that again, it was incredible."

So, I crawled over her, head to toe and we just assumed the sixty-nine position without really knowing about it or thinking about it. Two wonderful orgasms, then a shower together, then breakfast.

Oh, I can't write any more. I have just got to go do something. I am so horny writing this. How did you do it without typing one-handed? More later. I can't go on.

Love, Tara

Chapter 2

From :
Subject: What fun

Interesting start. I think a lot of girls begin the way you did. It seemed safer and as I said earlier, access aids the process. And, girls can't get each other pregnant, either. Also, girls are just around girls a lot more at that age than they are around boys. The exception would be family members like my William.

I'm ready for more. Yum, yum.


Subject: Here's more

Well, Beth and I continued to have fun with each other but my sex education took a leap forward when I was twelve, almost thirteen. I actually had boobs by then, you know I don't have real big ones even now. And I had a waist line and hips. I looked pretty good naked in front of the mirror. And, like we all did, I stood in front of that mirror for hours, just imagining a guy making love to the reflected body in front of me and just kissing me on every place I saw in front of me.

The mirror was on the wall next to my bed and many an afternoon after school, I would sit on the edge of my bed, legs open, fingering and rubbing, watching myself orgasm. I just loved seeing it happen.

The real kickoff of my sexual life happened one afternoon after school. My sixteen-year old brother, Ron, you'll remember him, had a stash of sex books and mags in his room and when he wasn't home, I'd go rummaging through his collection in search of new information about this mysterious thing, sex.

So, that afternoon, I was sitting on the floor right next to his closet, eagerly perusing Playboys, Penthouses and the like, some rather more explicit, when he walked in and caught me. I knew he had baseball practice but for some reason, I guess, it was called off.

Any way, he was really pissed.

"I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad you were in my room. You can't just come in here. You know that."

"Well, I'll tell them what you have in your closet. All I want to do is just look at them."

"Um, well, look, let's just keep this between the two of us then. No Mom and Dad, okay?"

"Yeah, fine with me. Can I still look at these? And maybe ask you some things about some of this stuff?"

"Geez, Tara, um, don't they do sex-ed in your school?"

"Oh, come on, Ron, this is a lot more about it than what crap they give us in school. You know that's why you have all these, right?"

"Well, yeah, um, yeah, I guess it's okay. You said you have some questions? About this kind of stuff?"


"Like what?"

"Well, first of all, does every guy got a, uh, penis the size of these guys in here?" and I held up a magazine with a bunch of naked guys with enormous cocks.

"Ha, well, Tara, I think these guys were specially bred just for magazines like this. No, guys usually aren't that big. I know I'm sure not."

So, here came question number two: "Can I see your's?"

"You really want to?"

"Well, how else am I ever going to know these things. I'll undress, too." The words were out of my mouth almost before I had a chance to think about them.

"Okay, you go first."

So, I stood up, took off my shirt and unhooked my bra and took it off. Now, remember, I don't even have real big ones even now. Back then, they were fairly small but, of course, nice and firm and perky.

"Oh, you are really pretty. Can I touch them?"

Remember, Beth had been fondling and sucking them for a quite a while by this time so I nodded, 'yes.'

He reached over, put his hands on both breasts, rubbed them up and down, then bent forward and began to suck my nipples. Well, having a guy do it rather than a girl, immediately drenched my panties. I felt flush all over and held his head to my breast.

Then, he sat back up and asked me to finish undressing and that he had never seen a girl naked before.

As I stepped out of my panties, he said, "Tara, you are really a beautiful girl. What a pretty body you have. So delicate but, boy, are you sexy looking."

Well, it was the first time I've ever been called sexy. That's pretty nice. Especially when you're twelve or thirteen.

I lay down on his bed and spread my legs for him to see what made us different. I had been looking at pictures of guys fingering girls and was used to Beth doing it, so I asked him to go ahead and put his finger in me if he wanted.

He got the tip of his finger in me, then slid it further in. I closed my eyes as he probed in and out.

"I want to see you now, Ron," so he stood up, peeled off his shirt, pulled down his shorts, then his boxers.

Well, his dick sure wasn't like the ones I'd been looking at in his stash but it looked big enough. Since I've now seen quite a few, I can report that my brother is average to a little above-average in size. But, he looked pretty big that day.

I reached over and held it in my hand. My first dick. I rubbed it some, then said, "Can I put it in my mouth like they show in those pictures?"

He lay down, I put my head down on his stomach and took him in my mouth. This was so erotic feeling. I held my hand around his shaft and began sucking gently as he moaned softly. I was almost immediately rewarded with a mouth full of warm cum which I swallowed. To this day, I still don't understand what all the fuss is about a guy's cum. I've consumed a lot of it and I've gotten a lot of thanks from guy's tongues between my legs. Great trade-off, in my book.

"Oh, shit, Tara, I'm sorry, I meant to pull out. Sorry," he said.

"I don't mind. It was fine. I really liked it. I can sure tell you liked it. I'll do it anytime you want. What I want is for you to fuck me like I've seen in these magazines. I can see you're hard again."

"Tara, are you sure. I'm your brother and I don't think we're supposed to do that."

"I know you're my brother, Ron. But all this has got me so hot, I'm gonna go crazy. I just want that dick of yours inside me. I'm so juiced-up I just can't think. We can't do this without us doing what this all leads to, fucking. Do you really think we can be naked like this and me suck you off and not fuck?"

"No, I guess I can't. And, I want to do it too. I'm just scared of getting you pregnant. We just can't take the chance."

"Well, I don't want to take chances either. But people do this all the time and use protection."

"Well, you're right, we ought to have some protection. We can't take the chance of getting you pregnant. Have you started having periods?"

"Yeah I have and you're right. Can you get us something?"

"I'll get us some condoms tomorrow. I can get them at school. They just give them out, no questions asked."

"Good, get them and we can fuck tomorrow. Now, I am so sexed-up, can you do something to me like lick me, you know, on my pussy?"

Well, I had had Beth doing it for some time now which felt really wonderful. She was quite good at tonguing, especially. But, this was the first time I ever had a guy's tongue licking and probing my pussy and, yes, it was fabulous.

So, I had the first male tongue enter my pussy that afternoon. Oh, there have sure been a lot since but the first time was wonderful. As nice as Beth's oral pleasuring was, Ron, my first guy, just sent me skyward.

Well, here I am, thirteen, hormones raging through my new, sexy body and tomorrow, I get fucked for the first time. And my brother does the honors.

I sure didn't sleep much that night. And I sure didn't leave my pussy alone much, either.

Well, I ran up the stairs and poked my head in his door and asked, "Did you get them? We're still doing it, right?"

"Yes and yes," he replied, so we were 'on.' I ran down the hall to my room, stripped off my school clothes and ran back to Ron's room naked and ready.

"Wow, Tara, you really want this, don't you?"

"You don't know how bad. I just want to do it, then do it again. Yes, I'm ready."

I got down on Ron's bed and he said he wanted to get me ready, which in this case, meant lick me out for a while.

Oh, did this work me up. I was really getting into it when he raised up and began putting on the condom. Truthfully, not knowing at that exact moment just how good fucking is, I would have rather had him continue licking me to orgasm right then and there. Oh, I was hot.

So, he gets his cock sperm-proofed and begins to rub the head all around on my pussy. Oh, it feels nice but not as good as his licking did. Then, he pushed forward and all I felt was some discomfort. Not pain, really, just pressure.

I looked down and saw that he was still on the outside of me. Damn. This wasn't as easy as I'd thought. Maybe he's just too big or I'm just too small.

"Try some more," I urged and he kept rubbing and pushing and, finally, he worked the tip of his cock into me. I don't remember exactly how long this took but to me, that day, all eager for my first real fuck, it was forever.

Once he got is just a bit, he started moving in and back just slightly, just enough to slowly work into me a bit at a time. Again, I sat up on my elbows and looked down. Yes, he was getting his dick inside me at last. About a third of it. So, I began to push back as he continued to press forward.

It was feeling very nice, however, even if he wasn't all the way in. Soon, though, I think my vaginal walls relaxed enough that he was moving in and out and I was in love with fucking.

"Oh, Ron, this is even better that I hoped. Do you like it, too?"

"I've never felt anything this good ever before. Oh, am I glad we're doing this. I don't ever want us to stop. Ever."

"It just feels so good. Now I know why everyone talks about sex so much. Oh, when you go real far inside me, it just feels so good. Do it more. Real deep."

Oh, Trish, I was in heaven. Like me, Ron was a virgin. He'd felt a few girls boobs, I guess, and had a few handjobs and maybe even blowjobs, but not intercourse. So, we were, like so many first-timers, learning what felt good, exploring all the movements and variations that seem so much a part of our everyday sex life. That day, in Ron's bedroom, it was all new.

Then Ron had an orgasm and I just watched his face as his cum spurted into me, thankfully well-contained. He looked so blissful and happy that my heart just leaped and I was catapulted into a real earthquake of a climax. You know the kind. Where it's fireworks and volcanos all going off at once. Oh, wow, what a first time. I knew it wasn't going to be my last time, for sure.

I still remember that orgasm and it's making me squirmy as I write about it. Think I need a break to take care of some things. He, he. Oh, am I horny. I'll tell more, later.


Chapter 3

From :
Subject: What fun

Oh, I've had a few of those kind of orgasms, too. Know exactly what you mean. So, your brother, my cousin. Interesting. I never knew about your brother. I mean I've met him and all, but...

He is a nice looking guy, I can see why and all. And, like with William and me, you were together a lot. So, tell me more. All the juicy bits.


Subject: Juicy bits

Oh, juicy was right. Boy, was I juicy all the time. We fucked each other almost non-stop. My poor (well, maybe not poor, more like delirious) pussy was sore and hungry for more. All the time. We just couldn't get enough of each other.

Both parents worked, so we screwed every afternoon, sometimes with a very lovely oral session thrown in for fun.

I was now among the 'fucked' at school, so I had a coterie of friends who discussed birth control preferences, favorite positions, all kinds of kinky and fun stuff, even a few who at thirteen and fourteen, who were into bondage (light, I hoped), and fantasy stuff like sex slavery, even a few multiple couplings were going on. So, I was coming home and suggesting various things to my brother.

I quickly learned that I had fantastic orgasms when I was on top with his cock buried nice and deep. And one friend suggested that we put a pillow under Ron's butt to raise him up so I get even more cock inside me. Oh, there was a great tip. And I got more of Ron's 'tip' as well. There were four or five positions with me on top that were faves along with doggie which we both liked a lot.

And oral. Well, some of my best orgasms have been from a tongue though cocks hold the lead.

We also fucked all over the house. Kitchen, every bathroom (including our parent's, naughty, huh? God, if they ever knew.), even the garage and back screened-in porch. That was rather weird because we kept hoping no one would see us and it has always been hard for me to be quiet when I climax. It's a climax, for heaven's sake.

I had been on a few dates, too. I was just about to turn fourteen and had begun to date several boys, two of them fairly regularly. I think my mom was kind of wondering just how far young people were going these days and talking with some of the other moms about their daughters. Also, there were several girls in school now who had gotten pregnant, so we had the talk and she took me for an exam and I went on the pill. Was Ron happy. No more rubbers. Just fill me with his cum.

Of course, we had to use condoms until I was sure that the pill was up and working. So, we waited even more than the recommended time before going 'bare.'

I do remember the first time we did it without a condom. I really couldn't tell much difference except for the fact that there wasn't that awkward step of opening it and putting it on. It was just nice to open my legs and receive Ron's nice, bare cock inside me.

The one real difference which every one of us realizes when we stop using condoms is that all that goo stays up inside us. Well, at least until we get up. Then gravity takes over. So, I soon learned to keep a towel between my legs for a while or put a liner in afterward.

But, it was a relief. Rubbers break, at least that's what we'd heard. The pill was just the thing. Oh, and when school was out or it was summer, we were in each other's bed as soon as the parents drove off to work. Nothing like a pre-breakfast fuck in the morning to get you started.

Then, one day during the summer I was fourteen, Ron mentioned to me that Phil Iger, a friend of his, really had the hots for me. Well, I'd met him several times and he was really nice looking with a wicked sense of humor. He always kidded around with me which now thinking about it was more flirting than kidding.

"It's all he talks about any more. You. How pretty you are. How sexy looking. Looks like you're in demand, sis," Ron was telling me.

"Well, I'm right here if he wants to see me. I think he's cute and, sure, I'd like to know him better, if you know what I mean."

"You mean, you want to fuck him?"

"Geez, I didn't say that. I mean maybe if he's really nice and we hit it off. He's pretty sexy-looking himself."

"Aha, well, maybe I should just invite him over and forget to be here and you can take it from there. You girls have your ways."

"Yes, we do. Sure, that's fine."

So, Ron asked Phil to come over the next day and I had twenty-four hours to plan a strategy. Yes, I was thinking about fucking him if you want the truth. He was a pretty hot guy.

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