Tutoring Robbie

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Marie worries that her son, Robbie, is too shy to learn enough about girls. So, she enlists her friend from work, Susan, to help him overcome his bashfulness.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I've worked with Marie at the insurance company for just over two years now and we've become really good friends. It's a big company, we're at the world headquarters, and there are thousands of people working there.

Marie is somewhat older than I am, I'm twenty-three, she's thirty-four, we're both single and she has a fifteen-year old son, Robbie.

Marie doesn't talk much about her former husband but I know he cheated on her a lot and even hit her a few times when he got drunk. Good riddance, for sure.

Her son is a nice young guy and really does well in school, he's Marie's pride and joy and he's really a good kid.

We were out one night clubbing and Marie was telling me that she was concerned about her son.

"Oh, you know, nothing really big. God, he's a teenager, he could be doing all kinds of really bad stuff, you know? He'll be taking driver's ed next year, I just wish they had a sex-ed."

"Oh, come on, Marie, surely they have sex-ed classes. They did when I was in school. Come on."

"No, I mean really like driver's ed, with practice, you know, doing it."

"Fat chance of that ever happening. What brought this up?"

"Oh, he's just so shy. He doesn't date and he doesn't even want to talk with me about sex and love and girls. They need to make it more like driver's ed where you really get behind the wheel and learn how to pass and park and change a tire."

"Gee, maybe I'll open a school, ha, that'd be great. Susan's Sex School for Boys. I've sure got the training."

"Ha, yeah, but would the moms go for it? I think I would."

"I'm sorry, I was being funny and you're concerned about Robbie."

"Well, I just want him to learn the right way. How to treat a woman, how to be a good lover, how to please his partner. He's learned about STDs, safe sex, and all that but the real trick is how you put it all into practice. I like your idea, though."

"Susan's Sex School for Boys?"

"Mmm, yeah, kind of. Um, what if you kind of, um, introduced him into what a woman looks like, what they want, all that?"

"Me? Look, I like Robbie like a nephew."

"Oh, I'm sure a few aunts have taken their nephews into their bedrooms."

"You're kidding, right? Surely."

"Not really. I think you would treat him like I'd want him to be treated. You care about him and, if I know my son, he'd jump at the chance to get in your panties. He's shy, not dead. And I know he thinks you are a sexy babe."

"God, this is weird. Um, you would be okay if I seduced your son?"

"Yeah, if you did it in a positive, constructive way. I think you would."

"How many drinks have you had, Marie?"

"Two, well, one and a half, I'm not finished with this one."

"And, you're really serious. Really?"

"Yeah, I think so. I mean I wouldn't want him to know or anything. But it would do his self-confidence a world of good to make it with an older woman. One who looks like you."

"I can't believe we're talking about this. I mean, he's fourteen, right?"

"Fifteen, sixteen in four months."

"Geez, my first was fifteen. Oh, was he good."

"Well, Robbie'll be as good as you make him."

"And it's fine with you."

"Yeah, and I can't see why you wouldn't want to do it. I'd jump at the chance if we were reversed."

"And it's okay?"

"I've said it several times already, yes. Now maybe Robbie will get cold feet. I can't tell about that. You'd just have to see."

"Just how would I go about this? Well, if I wanted to?"

"You've stayed with him a few times. Seems simple."

"When would this happen?"

"Whenever. Tomorrow?"

"Has he ever done anything, sex stuff, you know?"

"I know he masturbates. He's got the normal girlie mags, all the other signs, since he was pretty young, too."

"Like how old?"

"Six or seven."

"Geez, an early learner."

"I guess so. I know he does it pretty often but other stuff, no, nothing with girls."

"Um, well, I suppose I could do it. It should even be fun, if that's alright."

"Look, I would hope he would have fun learning about women and sex and, sure, it should be fun for you. I kind of envy you in a way. If you want to do it."

"Well, I think I do."

"You know what I want, right? Kindness, caring, gentleness, teach him how to please a woman, how to be a good lover."

"So, I guess I'm babysitting."

We arranged that I would stay with Robbie the next night; I would come over at seven and Marie would be back by eleven. Marie thought that it would be enough time to get things rolling.

Well, I was nervous. God, me, I've fucked a lot of guys, even several at a time, but this was making me nervous.

I got to Marie's house at seven and Robbie answered the door.

"Hi, Susan, c'mon in. Mom's getting ready."

"And how's Robbie today?"

"Robbie's just great," he replied with a smile.

Marie came into the family room where we were and said goodbye to Robbie, kissed him and gave me a hug goodbye.

"Good luck," she whispered and closed the door behind her.

"Okay, Robbie, tell me what's new with you."

"Oh, not much, got my grades and did really well. Mom is happy. That's what counts, right?"

"Yeah, well, she cares, you know how moms are."

"Yeah, guess they have to, huh."

"It's in their contract. So, what else. Any hot dates lately, new girlfriends?"

"No, I'm not sure any girls at school like me. I mean I like some of them but..."

"Well, what's keeping you from making a play for one of them?"

"I dunno, just don't want to screw up and look stupid, I guess."

"You just need some confidence, that's all."

"That's something I don't have much of when it comes to girls."

"Well, the truth is, most girls don't have much self confidence, either. And they're usually waiting for the boy to start the ball rolling. Maybe you should just decide on a girl at school, one you really like, and ask her about something. You know, do you like a certain band, or game, or something like that. Get her talking."

"Well, there's Roxanne Gilbert, I like her."

"What's she like. Tell me about her."

"She's really pretty, nice blond hair, really nice, uh, you know, um, figure."

"I suspect you mean, 'breasts, ' right?"

"Uh, yeah. Really nice."

"Do you like her because they're really big?"

"Oh, no, I really don't like them real big. I mean, yours ... um..."


"Um, what I meant was, um, you, um, have..."

"Robbie, you are red as a beet. Look, get over your shyness. Just tell me what you're thinking. I might just like it, you know?"

"Well, I think your, you know, they're just right. Prefect really."

"My breasts?"


"Okay, look, make a full sentence out of it. Start over. Just tell me, okay?"

"I think your breasts are really nice, just perfect."

"See, nobody died. In fact, Robbie, I take it as a complement. Every girl and woman likes compliments about their looks and their body. Just don't start out with that. That might get you slapped. Get to know her first."

"Well, I know you pretty well, right?"

"Yes, you do and I'm glad you like my breasts. Thank you. Um, you look like you're kind of excited talking about my breasts. Look at you."

I nodded down to his lap which was very bulged out.

"Oh, god, I'm sorry."

"Don't be, Robbie, it's a natural reaction. And, it's kind of a complement. That a young man would like to be around an older woman."

"Well, I sure like being around you."

"Okay, let's work on your confidence. I want you to tell me why you like to be around me. Just tell me what's in your mind, I won't get mad or anything, just tell me."

"Um, you're very pretty. I don't feel uptight around you. You seem to like me. You've got a great, um, body. Is that alright to say?"

"Sure, go on."

"I think you're really sexy. I dream about you sometimes."

"What about, when you dream?"

"Um, you really want to know?"

"Sure, I asked you? Where's your confidence?"

"I dream that we're, um, naked, kind of, and I'm feeling your, er, boobs, breasts."

"That's a nice dream, Robbie. Have you ever seen a woman's breasts?"

"Yeah, in Playboy. And on the Internet, you know, porn."

"But, real, live ones?"

"No, I kinda almost saw a girl's once but she covered up."

"Would you like to see mine?"

"Really, you'd let me?"

"If you want. You have to ask. I'm trying to get you to be more outgoing and to be more sure of yourself. So, what do you ask me?"

"Can you take your blouse and bra off?"

"Very good. That's wasn't too hard, was it? Okay, here, why don't you do it."

"Me do it? Take your things off?"

"Sure, you're confident enough, aren't you?"

Robbie did look a bit hesitant but then reached over and began unbuttoning my blouse. When he got it open, he tugged it up out from my jeans and opened it.

"You really have a pretty bra on. All lacy and nice."

"Thanks, Robbie. I like lacy things. Go ahead."

He pulled the blouse off my arms and then sat there for a few seconds.

"Do you know how to undo a bra in the back?"

"No, I guess not."

I turned and told him to just push the two sides together and it will unclasp.

My bra was hanging loosely and I said, "Go ahead," and he took the straps off my arms.

Now, I'm twenty-three, hardly an old lady. My breasts are very pretty, C-cups, nice small reddish brown nipples that get very hard when I'm aroused (that's often), there's just a hint of droop (well, I'm not thirteen any more) and I look more like I'm about eighteen.

"Oh, Susan, you're so beautiful. I can't believe I'm here looking at you like this. God, you're beautiful."

"That's very sweet, Robbie. What would you like to do next?"

"Can I touch you?"

"We're working on your confidence. Just go ahead and ask me."

"Susan, can I touch your breasts, they're really beautiful."

"I'd love for you to."

So, Robbie reached out with both hands and gently caressed my breasts. The look in his eyes was of sublime happiness.

"Oh, you are so soft. Really nice. Oh, I can't believe I'm doing this."

"It feels nice to me, Robbie. Rub my nipples some, okay?"

"They feel really hard. Are they always like that?"

"No, only when I get excited, you know, like when you get excited, your penis gets hard. It's the same idea."

"Well, I'm sure excited, then. Oh, am I."

"You mean, in your pants?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Would you like to show me?"

"You mean my, um, penis?"

"Is that what you generally call it?"

"Well, usually, um, dick, uh, or cock."

"Do you want to show me your cock?"

"It's probably a lot smaller than the guys you go out with. You might be disappointed."

"Where's your confidence, Robbie? Think a minute about what you want to happen with the two of us. Well?"

"Oh, I love what we're doing, I'd want to do more."

"Okay, think about how that might happen. What you might do to be sure we do more."

"I guess show you my penis, uh, cock."

So, Robbie stood up, unbuckled his belt, slid down his shorts and stood in front of me in his white briefs.

"Just don't laugh, okay?"

"Now, Robbie, where's your confidence. Maybe I really like young guys, maybe, you really turn me on. Okay?"

And he pulled his briefs down, exposing his cock which was pointing directly at me.

"Oh, Robbie, you're a handsome guy, very nice."

"You really like it?"

"It's very nice. Long and with a nice plump end."

"Susan, would you, uh, touch it for me?"

"How about a nice kiss for it, sugar?"

"Oh, that would be wonderful."

So, I leaned forward and planted a nice, wet kiss right on the head of his dick.

"Oh, thanks, I've never been kissed there before. It was nice. Thank you."

I reached out and took hold of him and began to stroke back and forth.

"This feel nice when I do it?"

"Oh, it feels wonderful, really great."

"Better than when you do it?"

"Um, yeah, lots better. Oh, a lot."

"Why don't you lay down here and kiss my nipples while I rub you some more."

Robbie laid across my lap with his pecker in the air, took my left nipple in his mouth and began to suck. I licked my palm and took hold of his cock and began to masturbate him.

He was immediately moaning and wiggling around as I stroked him. Obviously, he was liking this a lot.

Well, Robbie is fifteen, that means that his trigger is always off-safety so I'm not surprised when after only about two or three minutes, he's breathing heavily, moaning and starts humping my hand.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," I heard as he remained attached to my nipple. Then, semen began arcing out the head of his cock onto my hand and arm and his shirt and abdomen.

"Oh, oh, oh, that was so good, oh, oh, thank you, oh, so good. I can't believe we're doing this, that you jack ... um, made me do that. Oh, it felt so good. I've never..."

"I liked doing it, Robbie. I really liked watching you cum, your face looked so happy."

"Oh, it made me real happy."

"Well, look, I'm not sure when your mom is due home but why don't you get ready for bed. We had fun together and, maybe, you'll be a little more confident around girls."

At eleven-fifteen, Marie unlocked the door and came in.

"How'd it go? Um, you know."

"Well, it went really well. I think he's getting some more self-confidence. So, that's good."

"Um, how far did you get?"

"Do you really want to know? Really?"

"Hmm, yeah, maybe you're right. No, I don't want to know. But it went okay?"

"Oh, yes, he's one hundred percent boy. And on his way to becoming a man."

"Okay, that's enough. When could you sit for him again?"

"Oh, anytime, mostly. You pick a time."

"How about Sunday night?"

"I'll be here."

Chapter 2

So, I guess Susan's Sex School for Boys seemed to be off to a good start. I knew Robbie loved the classes. What fifteen year old boy wouldn't.

So, on Sunday, Robbie let me in the door.

"Hi, Susan, I'm glad it's you."

"Do you have a kiss for me?"

Well, I got a pretty damned grown-up kiss with both arms around me and all.

"I like the way you kiss, Robbie. Little more sure of yourself?"

"I have you to thank for that, Susan. I can't wait for Mom to leave."

"Um, down boy, remember, I have a say in things."

"Oh, sorry, of course. I didn't mean it that way. I'd never do anything you didn't want to do. Ever."

"That's good to remember. Women, um, and girls, will love you for that."

Marie walked in, all ready for a date, it seemed.

"Okay, I'm off, you two. See you later. I've got my cell if you need anything."

"Oh, we won't, Mom. Don't worry. Susan takes good care of me."

His mom shot me a glance that we both understood and she left. She left us alone.

"So, Robbie, have you thought about me since the last time I was here?"

"Oh, all the time, especially when I ... uh, when..."

"Something with yourself?"


"What, tell me."

"Well, when I masturbate. I think of you."

"I think that's a complement, Robbie. I thought about you a few times when I masturbated."

"Wow, really? You do it, too? And you thought of me?"

"Yes, just about every man and boy and girl and woman masturbates. I have since I was about nine or ten. And, yes, I've been thinking about you, Robbie, when I get off."

"Me. Cool. Nine or ten, huh? I started doing it when I was about six."

"That's pretty early, I guess. Have you always been interested in girls since then?"

"Yeah, pretty much. But lots more now. Especially after you, um..."

"After I, what?"

"After you did that to me."

"Okay, Robbie. Full, complete sentences fully describing what I did."

"Well, after you masturbated me and made me cum. That makes me more interested in girls, women, really. Mostly you."

"Well, maybe you should make your wishes known, Robbie. Maybe they might just happen."

"Um, well, would you take your top off like last time and then masturbate me again?"

"Well, why don't I undress you and then you can take my top off?

So, Robbie stood there as I pulled off his shirt, unbuckled his pants, and pulled them down along with his shorts.

"Well, looks like you're happy to see me," I said as I bent over and gave the tip of his cock a nice, warm kiss.

"Okay, now, you're turn."

He began to unbutton my blouse which I helped him with the sleeves, then he unhooked my bra like a pro.

"I practiced on some of my mom's bras while she's at work. So, I'm gettting pretty good, huh?"

"Ah, very good, Robbie. Don't let a woman's breasts get lonely."

He got the point very quickly as he leaned over and began to lick and suck one as he fondled the other.

I had him lay down on the sofa with his head cradled at my breast as I wet my hand and began to stroke him up and down.

Soon, I heard moans which I always love to hear. It meant that I'm doing something right, something, very right.

It didn't take long before semen began pulsing up out of Robbie's cock and landed mostly on his stomach and chest and my arm.

He never let go of my nipple so his orgasm was marked by grunts and moans. Soon though, he let go and said, "Oh, Susan, that was wonderful. It feels so good when you do it. Is there anything I can do for you? To make you get off or feel good?"

"What would you like to do, Robbie? Any ideas?"

"Well, I've never done it but I could, um, give you oral sex down, um, you know."

"Tell me where you'd kiss me, Robbie."

"It would be on your, um, pussy."

"And you'd like to kiss me on my pussy? Go ahead and say it."

"I'd love to kiss you on your pussy."

"Well, I'd have to take the rest of my clothes off for you to do that. What do you want?"

"I'd like to take the rest of your clothes off so can kiss your pussy."

So I stood up and said,"Okay, Robbie, take the rest of my clothes off. But ask me first."

"I'd like to take the rest of your clothes off, Susan. May I?"

I nod and he tugged down the shorts I'm wearing, leaving me standing naked except for a thong panty that I had carefully chosen for this evening.

"Oh, my god, you are so beautiful. Your panties are the sexiest things I've ever seen. You look like you're in Playboy."

"Well, thank you, Robbie. I picked them out especially for you. They don't hide much do they?"

"Oh, I can see, um..."

"What can you see?"

"Um, I can see your pussy, their lips, and they're so pretty."

"Go ahead, you can pull them down."

Robbie tugged down my thong and I flipped it away with my foot. While he was kneeling in front of me, he leaned forward and gently kissed my labia and I felt the tip of his tongue press in ever so gently. Ah, he's a good student.

"Mmm, that's nice, Robbie.

"You don't have any hair, you must shave there, right?"

"Yes, I just think it looks nicer. What do you think?"

"Oh, I think you are beautiful, your pussy, I mean."

"Why, thank you. Now, let me sit down here and I'll show you how a woman is put together. Kneel down in front, yes, just like that. Now, you're right, these are my pussy's lips, or labia. They keep me closed up normally. If I pull them open, look, right up here, see that little bump, little nub?"

"Yeah, oh, is that your clit? I've heard about it. It really turns girls on."

"Right, you heard right. What else about it?"

"Um, it also hurts easy, I think I heard that, too."

"Right again. It's very sensitive. It likes to be wet when it's touched or rubbed. Always lightly. Never pinch or bite on it. If you suck on it, and I hope you do, do it very gently, softly. Now, wet your finger and touch it just a bit."

He wet his index finger and reached over and rubbed very gently on my clit.

"That's nice, just a wee bit harder. Maybe I've got you too worried about it. Yes, that's really nice. Okay. Now, down in here is my vagina, see that hole that goes up into me? That's where your penis goes. Well, if you're lucky. We'll see. And right above it is where I pee out of. It's pretty hard to see but it's right in there."

"Wow, you've got a lot inside you."

"Yes, and it's usually nice and warm and wet in there. Go ahead and put your finger up in my vagina. Go ahead. It won't hurt."

So, my young pupil inserted his finger in my pussy and said, "It's really wet inside and slippery, nice."

"Go ahead and use your finger to go in and out, finger-fuck me, Robbie."

As before, he responded eagerly.

"Put another finger in, it's okay."

Again, Robbie was the perfect pupil.

"Yes, that feels nice. Now, would you like to kiss and lick me? All you have to do is ask."

"Oh, Susan, can I kiss and lick your pussy? It just looks so good."

"I'd love for you to," and I lay back and felt his tongue begin to trace up and down my slit. This is something I'll never tire of, ever.

He stroked his tongue from side to side which felt quite nice, then he started to suck my labia as he probed me with his tongue.

"Mmm, Robbie, that's really nice. You make me feel good, really good."

Robbie continued to lick all around and suck on my labia, he's really learning how to give a woman pleasure; he's certainly giving this woman a lot of pleasure.

"Suck up around my clit, Robbie. Ooooh, yes, right in there. Lick right there, oooh."

He continued on for three or four minutes as my tension mounted.

"Mmm, ogod, right there, lick me right there, don't stop, Robbie, don't stop. Oh, god, UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, oooh, oooh, oh, oh, Robbie. Mmm, that was so wonderful. Mmm. Oh, I want to do you. I'll give you a suck you won't ever forget."

My young student had just given me a wonderful orgasm. I was eager to give him as much pleasure as he'd given me. He got up on the sofa and I bent over him and took his cock in my hand and began to suck and lick all around the tip as I moved my hand up and down the shaft.

Within just a few minutes, I had him moaning (yes, I am this good.) and I knew he was getting close.

"Oh, Susan, oh, oh, UNH, UNH, UNH, UUH, UUH, uuh, uuh, oh, oh."

His semen spurted exactly when I had taken him out of my mouth to lick the head of his dick so I was rather splattered with it all over my face, chin, and breasts.

"Oh, look, Robbie, I'm a mess. Hop up and go get me a towel, sweetheart. Your cum is all over me."

As he came back with a towel, he asked, "Can I just lick it all off you?"

"Oh, what a nice idea, Robbie. You are thinking like a lover. Where do you want to start?"

"Your kidding, right?" he answered as he began to lick my breast.

Soon, he had licked me clean of his love juice and we then snuggled naked on the sofa playing, kissing, sucking, fingering, just enjoying each other's bodies as much as we could.

"Well, honey, your mom will be home soon. Better get in bed. I'll be right in in a few minutes."

So, in about ten minutes, now all dressed again, I went in Robbie's room to kiss him goodnight and got a very grown-up kiss goodnight complete with tongue. I reached under the sheet to give him a squeeze and another goodnight kiss.

Shortly after, Marie unlocked the door and came in.

"How'd it go?"

"How much detail do you want?"

"Oh, not much. Is he learning much?"

"Oh, yes. I think your son will become a very generous and caring lover."

"That's all I can ask for. Thanks, Susan. When do you want to come back?"

"Well, Wednesday evening would be good."

"Okay, seven o'clock?"

So, the stage was set for our third lesson.

Chapter 3

Then on Wednesday evening, never one to be tardy, I rapped softly on the door and pushed it open.

"Hi, all. I'm here."

Robbie came running out of the back and threw his arms around me and gave me a big french kiss. Over Robbie's shoulder I could see his mom just coming into the room. She tilted her head and gave me a knowing look and a smile.

"Okay, I'm off. I should be back about eleven. Have fun."

As she said for us to have fun, Marie was looking directly at me. Robbie is a lucky guy to have a mom like her.

As the door closed, Robbie was back kissing me, murmuring about how much he had missed me.

"Oh, I've missed you so much. I'm so glad you're here."

"I'm glad, too, Robbie. You seem to be more confident. Do you feel that way? Are you?"

"Oh, yes, and I want to make love to you. Could we do that?"

"Well, we still have our clothes on. That makes it a bit awkward."

My young friend wasted no time and was almost instantly surrounded by his discarded clothes.

"My, Robbie, you're sure eager. Would you like to undress me?"

He answered with his actions as he began unbuttoning my blouse, then had my bra off in seconds after that and began kissing and sucking my breasts. At least, then he slowed down.

My hand was down where a woman's hand should be when a guy is sucking on her nipples. And my young friend was hard as a rock. Well, I had plans for this.

"Robbie, finish undressing me, okay?"

Well, after all, he's not the first male that has been sidetracked by my breasts. The list is long. But, he's now down tugging off my thong. Yes, a different one and just as brief.

"Oh, you are so pretty," he said and began to kiss and lick along my slit.

"How big is your bed, honey?"

"Oh, it's queen-sized. Are we going in there?"

"It might be nice."

"Oh, come with me," he said as he led me down the hallway.

"Let's just keep the lights off and leave to door open. That's enough light, okay."

"Oh, that's perfect. What are we going to do?"

"Well, what would you like?"

"Oral sex. We could do each other? Like sixty-nine?"

"It's a favorite of mine. Yes, let's. You want on top or bottom?"

"What do you like, Susan?"

"Well, I like both but let me be on top. I want to concentrate on sucking you off."

"Oh, that I'd love."

So, my young student got down and I knelt over his head and bent down to suck his dick. I felt Robbie's finger probe inside me as I began to lower down to his mouth. He seemed to be less hesitant now to make a sexual move without being pushy, a balance not all men achieve.

As I began to suck him, I felt his tongue begin making its track all around my pussy area. He started wide around the outside of my labia and slowly licked in smaller circles until I'm so eager for his tongue in my slit that I could hardly stand it. This fifteen-year old was learning how to satisfy a woman. For sure.

It didn't take long for Robbie to cum in my mouth. First, it's something that I enjoy. Second, I've had a lot of practice. Since I was twelve, actually.

I decided to roll over and go ahead and let Robbie continue and see if he can bring me to orgasm. What he was doing was great and I'd like to have him get me off so he feels like he's accomplished something.

H was licking around my clit and fingering me, a combination that nearly always gets results.

"Mmm, Robbie, that's lovely. Oooh, do that, yes, yes. Oh, right there."

I was laying there greatly enjoying my lovely young lover licking and fingering me as I slowly licked the end of his cock which did seem to be regenerating itself rather quickly. Ah, teenage boys. How I remember.

Usually my orgasms begin and grow and swell until I burst. But sometimes, they just suddenly attack almost out of nowhere. This was one of those occasions. I was so relaxed enjoying the attention Robbie was giving to my pussy, that I tensed all over and a huge spasm of pleasure just swamped me.

"Oh, UUNG, UUNG, UUNG, OHHH, OHHH, OH, OH, oh, Robbie, lick me, more, more, honey, oh, god, oh, I just ... oh, that feels so ... oh, Robbie, mmm, I want to hug you, come up here, honey."

We hugged and kissed for several minutes and I told him, "Robbie, dearest one, that was best orgasm I've had in a long time. I love having you be my lover."

He kissed me with the passion of a fifteen-year old, which is pretty passionate.

"I just love doing that to you, Susan, you have such a pretty pussy and I just love it. And I love you."

"Well, that's sweet. I love you, too. I love you in a nice way, like you love me. But you'll really find the girl of your dreams, it won't be me, and you'll really know what love is. Trust me, your life is still just starting. This is just a very nice part of it. What we're doing right now."

"I sure love when we just did."

"Would you like to do it some more. Your dick looks hard again. And my pussy just loves your kisses."

No answer was given and none was needed; we were kissing and sucking each other again and soon each had a very lovely orgasm.

"You really get me off with your tongue, Robbie. You're getting very good. You can really make me cum."

"Oh, I love it when you cum. I can tell it feels so good. I love making you feel that good. You sure make me feel good."

"Good. We are a great team. Well, we better get dressed. Don't want Mom to see us like this."

So, Robbie was learning self-confidence and how to be a considerate lover. He certainly was becoming that.

When Marie got home, she sent Robbie off to bed and we sat and talked over a glass of Chardonnay.

"So, how are things going? Is he learning what he needs to learn?"

"Oh, he's a star pupil. Robbie really is a wonderful young man. But you already know that. I guess I just need to know how far I should take his, um, education?"

"Oh, how far? You mean like 'all the way' and such."

"Yeah, I don't want to do more than you think is wise."

"Well, he's fifteen. I was thirteen when I has my first fuck. How about you?"

"I beat you by a year, twelve, well, almost thirteen. So, about the same."

"Well, he's fifteen and I don't think he could have a better first lover than you, Susan."

"Okay, I just wanted to ask."

"Is it something that would happen pretty soon, like it's the next step?"

"Yeah, it could be."

"Hmm, then maybe I'll think about giving you two lots of time. Um, would you mind staying overnight if I went away for a day or so? Like over a Saturday night?"

So, we left it open for now, she'll tell me at work what the plan was.

Chapter 4

On Monday, at lunch, Marie told me that she could arrange to be gone overnight this coming weekend and would Saturday night be okay. I agreed and the clock was set for Robbie to join the world of the sexually initiated.

Yes, it was exciting to think about how lovely it will be to gently induct Robbie into the world of sexual intercourse and have a day and a half to do it in. Even sleeping together overnight. Yes, my panties were wet thinking about it. He was fifteen but he had a grown man's cock and a young man's enthusiasm, an unbeatable combination, in my book.

So, on Saturday, about four o'clock, I arrived at Marie and Robbie's. He answered and gave me a big hug and a very grown-up french kiss as his hands rubbed my butt.

He jerked his hands away when he heard his mother coming down the hall and then broke off our kiss.

"Hi, Susan, I see Robbie let you in. Put your stuff in my room while I tell Robbie what's in the fridge for dinner.

"Now, Rob, I've got a lasagna in there and you can microwave it. I want you to do everything Susan asks you to to okay. She's boss."

"Oh, Mom, I promise. I'll do everything she wants me to do."

As I came back in the room, I heard the last part of what Robbie is telling his mom and I couldn't help but smile. Looks like we're going to have a very nice evening.

After Marie left, Robbie asked, "Are we having any lessons tonight? I sure hope so, I've really missed you."

"I've missed you too, Robbie. Why don't you help me unpack."

Robbie followed me into Marie's room and I unpacked the few things I brought.

"Oh, that looks pretty," he said when I took out a skimpy black teddy and laid it on the bed.

"Thought you'd like that. Want me to model it for you?"

"You don't expect me to say no, do you?"

"Let me go put it on," and I went into the bathroom, took my clothes off and slipped the teddy on. I had intentionally left the matching panties at home.

When I walked back into the room, Robbie exclaimed, "Oh, you look so sexy. Even more than just naked. Oh, I love looking at you."

"You asked me if we would have any lessons tonight. Yes, I thought we would and I need your help. I want you to tell me if you get close to cumming. Just let me know so I can slow down. I want to have you enjoy what I do for as long as you can. That means holding off from having an orgasm. So, you have to tell me when you're close."

"Oh, I will. Okay, so before, then I tell you. Why, is this supposed to be something really good?"

"Well, you can tell me when we're finished. Now, I want to take your clothes off and kiss you as I do."

After I pulled his shirt off, I kissed his chest and sucked his nipples.

"That feels kinda funny but nice, too. I love kissing your nipples, I just never thought that you would kiss mine."

"That's why I'm showing you some new things, Robbie."

As I got his shorts and briefs down, his very hard cock was eagerly pointing at me and I took it and began to lick around the tip and gave little sucks just up on the end. Then I asked him to lay down where I continued licking and sucking his cock nice and slow, taking my time, just letting him cool off, then sucking him harder, then slower, on and on.

I raised up, pulled off the nighty, then bent over and began to rub a nipple on the tip end of his cock. I then took it in my mouth again where I sucked and tongued up and down and around until I heard, "Oh, Susan, you're getting me close," so I took his cock from my mouth and blew air on it.

Now, I know that this didn't really cool off a guy's cock, what it does is keep a nice sensation going which isn't too erotic, so, in a way, yes, it does cool him down.

In a few minutes I began again to lick and suck him with all I had in me to get him rocketing back up toward an orgasm and, as expected, he once again told me that he was near.

So, once again, I slowed down to a crawl and let him coast back down to earth. I kept this up for over an hour. Try doing this on a fifteen-year old boy.

"Oh, my god, Susan, I think I may explode if you don't ever let me cum."

"Oh, I'll let you cum. But let's go a few more minutes. I think it'll be worth it for you."

So, about five minutes more and I raised up and said, "Okay Robbie, get up between my legs and rub the tip of your cock on my pussy lips."

"Oh, god, can I? Oh, that's wonderful," and he crawled between my legs and began wiping his cock's tip up and down on me.

"Oh, that's wonderful. It was really worth it."

"Now, put it inside me, Robbie. Fuck me. Right now, fuck me."

"I can put it in you?"

"Yes, Robbie, fuck me with your cock."

He pushed his cock inside me and began fucking me in and out as fast as he could. You won't be surprised to hear that he cummed within two minutes of entering me.

"OH, MY GOD, OH, SUSAN, OH, I'M CUMMING IN YOUR PUSSY. UNGHHH, UNGHHH, UNGHHH, unghhh, unghhh, unghhh, oh, oh, that was so ... oh, oh," and he gently fell forward on me spent and out of breath.

"Mmmm, thank you for your cum, Robbie. So, was taking all that time for your first orgasm inside me worth it? How was it?"

"Omigod, I never thought you'd let me fuck you. It was the best thing of my entire life. Oh, that was the best. It was so long getting there, I thought you'd never ever let me cum. Then, when I went inside you and it felt so good, oh, so good, I just exploded. Nothing has ever felt that good. It was the best. You are the best."

"I knew you'd like it. You look hard again. Would you like to fuck me again?"

"You mean I can do it again?"

"Yes, whenever you want."

"Right now?"

"Right now."

"Oh, could I. Yes, I'd love to."

So, Robbie got back in position between my legs and I told him he should just try rubbing his cock around on my pussy for a while first, "It's most important if the girl is young and doesn't have much sexual experience yet. So, just rub around. It feels nice to me, how about you?"

"Anything with your pussy, Susan, makes me feel good."

With that, I raised up and give him a nice kiss.

"Oh, you can put it in now. Mmm, yes, that's good. Feel good?"

"Oh, I could do this forever. Well, if I didn't cum so easy. I wish I could last longer so it would be better for you."

"Aw, Robbie, I love it when you cum in me. I get lots of pleasure from our lovemaking even when I don't cum. You are making me feel really good, really good."

"Oh, this feels so good. I'm the luckiest guy on earth. You feel so good inside."

"How does this feel," I asked as I began flexing my pelvic muscles, tightening them as he began to pull back each time.

"Oh, wow, it's like you're sucking me off with your pussy. How do you do that?"

"Practice, Robbie, practice. And it's so much fun to practice, isn't it?"

"Oh, you make me so happy. I still can't believe we're doing this. Me, just a kid and you, a beautiful woman."

"Well, this woman just loves it when you fuck her. You really feel good inside me."

"I'm not too small?"

"You're just perfect. Yes, just do it like that. That really feels food. You make my pussy very happy."

"Oh, no, I'm gonna cum."

"It's alright, Robbie, go ahead, it makes me feel good when you cum in me. Go ahead."

"Unk, unk, unk, eww, eww, oh, oh, that feels so good."

Robbie kept on fucking me, a fortunate thing about young men his age. And, yes, I did have a very nice orgasm.

As I hugged him to me, he whispered, "I love you, Susan. I love you so much."

"I love you, too, Robbie. But, remember, I'm only a temporary girlfriend. I expect you to find someone more your own age, maybe at school. Are there any girls you think you like?"

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