A Mountain of Panties

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I've been filching my sister's panties for a couple of years now. When she and three of her friends catch me with them, I get them all; and their panties, too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Well, being sixteen, I have one sure thing all the time, constantly: a hard-on. It doesn't help that my thirteen-year old sister has three of her best friends over and they're running all around the house looking hot. They are all four little sex-bombs who think nothing of parading around this horny guy in their underwear.

My sis, Sheila, is about five feet, blond with a trim little figure like gymnast's except Sheila has boobs, nice boobs. I've seen them a number of times, she's kind of a flirt with her body. Seems to be pretty proud of it, the newly-found power she has with it and is not especially shy.

Her other three friends are likewise, cute and sexy. Dana is the tallest, slender but with a pair of boobs that really make her guy-bait. I've seen her in her little bikini and she is one hot girl. One of my friends refers to her as 'tits on a stick.'

Emma is blond like my sis but her hair is curly, blue eyes, dimples, and flirts with me nonstop. She is a stunner, for sure. Morgan has long brown hair, is kind of dark and sultry looking, with the prettiest lips I've ever seen. She also looks hot in a bikini.

Well, no wonder I have a hard-on all the time.

So, when Sheila sticks her head in my room and says, "The girls want to know if you want to play strip poker?" she gets my attention very quickly.

I follow her down the hall to her room where her three friends are all laughing and snickering.

"Yeah, Ryan wants to play."

"Oh, good, we'll get to see his weenie," this from Morgan.

"Well, girls, I don't have a weenie, I have a dick, or a cock. And we'll see if you get to see it."

"Okay, we want to see your cock. That better?"

"Sure, maybe I'll see a few pussies."

"Yeah, maybe you'll see mine, you'll like it," says my flirty little friend, Emma.

Well, after five or six rounds, the clothes are coming off. Three of the girls, including my sister, are down to their bras and panties, I am there in my bulging briefs trying to not be too obvious about it. Until my sister makes a big deal out of it. Of course.

"Oh, look, Ryan's got a stiffie. Look, what a boner. We made him get boner. Look, look."

Well, shit, I think, why not let these little girls see my bulge, so I drop my legs down and hear Morgan say, "Oh, wow, he's gotta big one, girls. Look."

Well, they have a good giggle and as we play on, they all lose the rest of their clothes. I still have on my briefs. And one hell of a hard-on. Sheila and Emma are sitting in front of me with their legs under themselves so I have a very nice view of their pretty little pussies. Each one of them is shaven clean, at least I think they are. Surely, they're mature enough to have pubic hair.

These four naked girls are each stunning in their new beauty, their nascent sexuality.

"Well, we're all going skinny-dipping, big brother. Wanna join us?"

"Um, no, I don't think so. Go ahead."

My only thought at the moment is to get to my room and jack-off as hard and as much as I can. Which is exactly what I do. More than once, I am a wound-up guy.

Now, let me tell you about a little thing I have. I like girl's panties. No, I don't wear them, I like to jack-off into them, no, wait, that's wrong, I LOVE to jack-off into them. Right into the crotch. Right where my cum belongs. Oh, look there's worse things, right?

So, I am laying on my bed, hand on cock rubbing away on my third orgasm, a pair of my sister's panties ready to catch my escaping love offering, surrounded by dozens of pairs of my sister's panties which I've filched over time, when I look up and all four of them are walking in on me right in mid-cum. They are dressed in bras and panties.

"Omigod, look at your brother!"

"Shit, are those my panties? You bastard."

"He's cumming into your panties, Sheila. Look."

I try to hide all the panties along with my cock but it's hopeless. They're gathered all around my bed tossing panties at me as they giggle uncontrollably.

"Look at all these panties. There's a years worth almost."

"He's cummed inside these. They're still wet."

My sister turns on her heel and leaves, I guess she's probably pissed. The other three continue to pelt me with panties.

Then, Sheila comes back in with an arm load of her panties and dumps them on my head.

"This enough?" and she begins laughing with the others. I can't help it and begin laughing myself.

Then, Sheila reaches down, pulls off the pair she is wearing and throws them at me as well and the others follow suit.

Then, Emma says to the other two, "Let's get the panties out of our backpacks that we brought. Come on," and they run off only to return in less than a minute with more panties to throw at me. I am awash in girl's panties. And, I noted, none of them have horsies or such on them. These girls are growing up.

"Oh, I'm gonna put these on. He cummed in them already," says Dana.

"Oh, these are wet, too," Sheila screams as she pulls them on, "see, they're all covered with his stuff."

The girls are dancing around picking up panties and throwing them at me. I am sitting in an enormous pile of girl's underwear.

"You just dream you're fucking me when you jack-off like that, don't you," says my sister. "You want to fuck me, don't you?"

"Oh, I bet he wants to fuck us all, every one of us," yells Morgan.

"Who gets him first? Who can he fuck first?" this time from Emma.

"Hang on girls, we don't want to be getting pregnant," says Sheila, always the levelheaded one.

"Yeah, we would need some protection. Do you have any rubbers, Ryan," asks Dana.

"No, not really."

"Oh, my mom has this foam stuff. I've looked at it. It kills the little sperms. It's what they use."

"Well, can we use it? Would they know, your mom, you know?"

"Lemme go get it," and Sheila runs down the hall and as we await her return, Emma has taken hold of my cock and was looking at me as she rubs up and down. Adventuresome, that Emma.

"It's almost full, so, sure I think we can use it. Let's see how it works."

So, my sister reads the instructions and says, "Oh, we need the applicator, be right back," and runs off to get it from our Mom's bathroom.

"Okay, Ryan, who do you want first? You get all four of us. Well, maybe Sheila might not want to. But, maybe she will. Who knows?" offers Morgan.

"Well, why don't you girls all line up in a row so I can choose who's first."

They form a line, a quite beautiful line, of young nymphs standing before me in just their bras.

"Off with the bras, girls. I've gotta pick one of you."

So, they quickly shed their bras and stand before me and my steel-hard cock.

Truthfully, they are each a 'ten' so I ask, "Any one of you want to be first?" and Emma's hand flew up.

I knew that Emma has flirted with me nonstop ever since she and Sheila became friends and I had suspected that she had a crush on me but I never wanted to do anything about it because she's my sister's friend. But, now, all these girls are eagerly volunteering to have sex.

"Okay, Emma's first. Now, do we get to be alone or does everybody watch?"

My sister pipes up with, "Well, if you're alone, then how do we know if you really did anything?"

"Yeah, do it right here so we can watch. It's sure better than sex-ed at school. This'll be the lab course for sex-ed," and they all began laughing.

"Okay, Emma, here's the stuff, squirt the plunger full, then lay down and put it as far up inside your pussy as it'll go, then push the plunger to put it all up in you. Here."

So, Emma fills the applicator, slides it up into her pretty pussy and emptys it all up inside her. And, it looks like Ryan, here, gets to fuck Emma.

I get up in between her legs, grip my cock and look around at the eight eyes that are watching me intently as I begin to rub my cock up and down along her slit. I press toward her more and she opens her legs as wide as she can, then, finally, the head of my cock begins to gradually, slowly ease inside.

The room is absolutely quiet, a rare event with these four teenage girls, but they are raptly watching my dick slowly penetrate their friend's pussy.

Once I get in about halfway, I begin to move back and forth, going a bit farther in with each stroke. Soon, I am all the way in and Emma's face is reddening as we go along.

"Oh, Ryan, oh, this feels so good. Oh, you just make me feel so good. I thought you might not ever get it in me. But it feels so good now."

"You are small but I wanted in you real bad so I knew we could do it. Oh, you feel so good to me."

At least the other three girls don't hover around as Emma and I make love. They get back maybe ten feet away so that there are times that I forget they are even in the room. There isn't a single word spoken, the room is hushed.

"Oh, Ryan, push it in me real hard, real deep. Oh, yes, that's so good. Is it good for you?"

"You feel wonderful, Emma, god, your pussy feels so tight and good. Oh, I'm gonna cum pretty soon."

"Mmm, so am ... OH, OH, OH, Ryan, OH, FUCK ME, RYAN, OH, OH, oh, omigod, oh, oh, feels so ... oh, I'm just so ... I never want ... oh, don't stop doing it, Ryan. It just feels so good."

I look around and the other girls' eyes are wide as saucers enrapt in watching their friend orgasm having her first fuck. Well, they'll each get their turn.

After Emma cums, she really starts to try to get me off and is wiggling her bottom around as I go in and out and what she is doing is working. I can feel my cock getting ready to explode deep inside her.

"Oh, Emma, I'm gonna cum, oh, OH, OH, UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, ungh, ungh, oh, oh, uuh, uuh. Oh, that was wonderful."

"Oh, I feel your cum in me. Oh, this was so good. Just keep going a little longer. It still feels wonderful. Oh, I've wanted this for so long."

Eventually, all good things must come to an end and I finally pull out of Emma's lovely pussy already wanting to enter her again.

"I'll be next," says Dana. "It really looked wonderful for you two."

"Oh, Dana, just wait. Ryan's dick will go in, you just have to try hard. But it did go in. Oh, and once it does, oh, girl, just wait. I want to fuck him again, right now. That's how good it is."

Well, I'm sixteen, have recently masturbated a few times, just had a great fuck, and, so as one might expect, my equipment is not quite back up to one hundred percent.

"Um, let me rest a bit, girls. If that's okay."

"Oh, we'll get him up again," says Morgan as she comes over and begins rubbing her breasts in my face. Emma is behind me rubbing her tits on my back with her arms around rubbing my chest and abdomen, while Dana moves my hand up to her breasts and is rubbing my hands on her breasts.

Then I feel a warm mouth surround my cock and begin to suck. It has to be my sister. Geez. Well, sister, or not, the feeling is fabulous. And what she is doing is making me very hard again. Not surprising.

Then Sheila pops off my cock and says, "Okay, Dana, he's good and hard. Go get it, girl."

Dana gets the foam stuff, puts it way up inside then jumps up on the bed, spreads her legs and says, "Oh, come and get me, Ryan. My pussy's all yours."

She has a perfect little pussy, just like two plump halves of a peach and even when she stretches her legs wide, her pussy lips stay closed. I just hope I can get my dick inside her.

So, I get right up in between her legs, grip my cock and rub up and down as I see moisture along her cleft. I try to push in several times and she's really tight.

"I can't open any wider, Ryan. I'm as wide as I can get. Just keep trying. God, I want you inside me. Just keep pushing."

Well, I do finally get the tip of my cock into Dana's tight little pussy and between her wiggling and pushing and my pressing forward, we eventually get me all the way inside. Boy, is she tight. I really have to push and pull to move in and out of her.

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