Gencom Ranma
Chapter 3

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Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Ranma Saotome, the sex changing boy with a collection of hot women after him, finally gets a chance to have some sex with out worry of his life ending.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Magic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   MaleDom   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie  

Ranma had made a choice to avoid having sex with a woman's vagina until he could gain a good look at all of the women he had affected with the Gencom. Which meant he would just have to stick to non-vagina based sex. Things like blow jobs, titty fucks and anal pentration. As well as anything he could think of ivolving his penis and a woman's body. Some limited options, but he could try it in unique ways. The question he had was with which sexual method would he use for Ukyo ... he had been thing on this as he got harder and had been drinking in the juices of his partner. He narrowed it down to one.

"Time for you to like the creamy centre of my own personal pastry, just remember not to bite down on the flakey crust. Just suck down the filling in the middle of the treat, since it's the best part. Hope you like me cocking." said Ranma as he moved with his pattened speed, so that his lower pants and penis were revealed. It was obvious to what he had been hinting to with his comments.

Ukyo smiled with a hint of a smirk as she moved into position. She moved forward on the bed, almost standing up, before she was on her stomach and knees in front of Ranma. She licked her upper lip as she tries to find the best position she could use for 'taste test'. She seemed to shimmy and shake as she pulled out a hand to grasp the male organ, trying to bring it to her mouth. Once it got close enough for her, she moved her tongue so the tip of it was sliding up and then down the tip of the cock.

Ranma could feel his balls tingle with anticipation of what was to come, but he knew he would have to find a way so he didn't just pop out his stream in a matter of seconds. It was the conflict between being a virgin, new with all things sexual with his body, versus his skill as a martial artist, where he had tried to become a master of his body. His training had taught him many things about his body, but it was lacking one piece ... the one which he was currently using.

'So the question is how to hold back from just shooting off prematurely and yet keep up the sexual elements. I could have used the Gencom for more experience, but I wanted to grow semi-naturally.' Ranma knew it was part of the wishes which his mother had made, for his desire for women to be matched by a desire for the happiness of his partner or partners. So he had to figure out what to do, so he could make this a good time for all.

He knew that he could cum multiple times, but you always wanted to make a good first impression. Which was why he was so focused on this blow job. So he tried the 'Soul of Ice' technique he had learned, which turned his ki cold. He could feel the effect on his cock as he started to shrink in the dick department, but the pressure with in his balls seemed to dissolve.

Ukyo, who had been licking his cockhead, paused as she noticed the change. She gave a few more licks around the cockhead and even down the shaft a little, before she turned her face up to look at him, "Is there any reason your cock is getting colder then it had been? Are you afraid of the Kuonji grill burning your pastry up before it's served?"

"You have to watch the temperature when cooking or things can get spoiled very quickly. It should remain a little colder then normal, but it could use a little of that Kuonji spice to the situation. I wonder what kind of mixture of peppers you plan on using? Could make the cream a little off, or might be just the combination of flavours we need." said Ranma, trying to stretch the whole cooking theme of their flirting. It seemed Ukyo was without a comeback, or she was just ready to dig in with the cock she had in front of her.

She moved her hands to move the cock towards her, making Ranma take a step and a half forward. Her lips began to tease the prick as if it was trying to bring the male tool back at full extension, but it was still cold and shrunken. She seemed to have taken it as a challenge, where she flicked out her tongue while her lips were on the tip. It slid down the lengths of the maleness, while using what she could of her mouth muscles to use the tongue to cup the rod within her tasting aid. Like a warm tray which could hold Ranma while also grinding itself into the sides of his penis. It was an interesting way for her to use her natural attributes and body parts, Ranma wondered what it was she could in addition.

She seemed to slither the tongue up and down the cock, and he seemed to be doing nothing ... yet. She was inching her lips further and further onto the length of the fleshy rod, which moved the tongue up in relation to the cock as well. Ukyo moved her taste buds to the sides of the human stick, even going over the top with a careful movement which even used her head twisting from the position it was in. Yet Ranma was still able to keep his concentration which kept his cock cold and wither, in a manner of speaking. It would take more the tongue and mouth to move his cock into full erection. Which the young chief was picking up and knew she had to step up her game.

She moved her one hand off the prick, and moved her other hand with the previous hand to touch the balls of the man she loved. She knew they were sensitive, and figured they could be used to raise up the dick from it's shortened position. So she used what she had to tease the man, which begun as she traced the wrinkles of the two dangling berries beneath Ranma. With gentle care, she traced her nails in the fold as tried to stimulate the nerve endings in it.

She didn't have long fingernails like some girls would have or even ones which had been painted, but she made sure they were as well manicured as possible. This was mostly down so they could be used to cook with ease, as well as making her presentation of her art as beautiful as possible. Beauty could only enhanced the taste of the best okonomiyaki in Japan, but it helped here as her nails were smooth across without any jagged parts of the nails to scratch at the skin. So it was more pleasure then pain it could have been if she had bitten her nails off.

She also began to smooth off the wrinkles with her fingers, stretching the skin before moving to a different part of the balls. She even used her fingers to tickle the soft skin and hairs on the twin orbs. This did seemed to have some kind of effect as she could feel the movement of the dick deeper into her mouth, which almost made her gag for a second before she adjusted and moved things so she was not in danger of yaking.

Ranma was watching his partner deeply, noticing all of her actions in trying to tease him to an orgasm. Ranma was trying to reel things back, so he could keep more control over the situation. Yet this control was slipping more and more with her successes with her mouth antics, which made him think of what it was he could do to get into thing deeper then had had been. He was behaving like a dead fish and now it was time for the fish to fight back.

So he used his hands to caress the back of Ukyo's neck as she sucked on him. He had experiences as a girl and as a boy, so knew some of the spots which feel good when touched in a certain way. Something he didn't get to do often, since he would likely be hit for being perverted by the old Akane. Or sold out to rivals and women by Nabiki, which would lead to more hitting and even worse. So private Ranma time was taken with great care by the young martial artist when releasing the stress of having all of the sexy women around him and chasing after him. He may have greater control over himself, but he was male and definately not dead.

The back of the neck was one spot, in fact the entire neck could be used as an erotic zone. The fact there were little hairs at the nape of the neck which were also reactive to touch didn't hurt. He teased to the ears or the back of the ears to be more exactly. Not as erotic as the ear lobes themselves, he would move to them next, but it also touch sensitive. Anything which was touch sensitive could be used to tickle and tease the young woman before him. It was also tied for the most intimate sense along with taste, since all of them had to deal with close contact with the person. You could ignore sights, smells, and sounds ... but you had to pay attention to touches and tastes since they were so close to your body. They got pass the defenses and revealed the raw you, which you would only want to share with friends, family ... and lovers who could be trusted. Which was why Ranma was doing it, to show off the trust he had for Ukyo and the trust he hoped she had for him.

He used his senses to trace the power of the ki in her body, hoping to use this to his advantage. Ki was the energy in all things, which meant it was connected to Ukyo's whole body. Focusing a little bit of ki into the network of flows and channels of the girl's life energy could effect her. Ki tainted with lust energy and sexual pleasure, like his attacks powered by confidence ki, could be transfered into his partner's body. It was something Ranma was going to try, knowing it could have the potential of causing a full body orgasm. It was all about degrees and focus, which was something which he had experimented with his martial arts.

Ukyo seemed to shiver a little bit as she seemed to have been effected by the power of the lust chi, as if the tiniest of orgasmic tremors rolled over her. Which was giving Ranma the feedback he needed to adjust his sexual techniques. Fingering her earlobes now, he sent out little electric charges of the same kind of life force power. He was answered with moans of enjoyment, which further charged him with giving more.

Yet he was almost to his limit of sexual resistance, the soul of ice being negated by both the efforts of his sexy chef but also the efforts of his lust ki being used on her. It weakened his concentration on the soul of ice and yet also seemed to have a heating flame-like quality to them, and fire and ice did not mix well most of the time. He was going to pop, and pop his cock real soon. He was, however, feeling it would be alright to give in as Ukyo seemed ready for it as well.

So with what was a long grunt he released his load into the mouth of his partner, using the last of his control to try and break it up into swallow size portions. He didn't want Ukyo throwing up his cum or chocking on it, yet with all of his control it was hard to make this little resistance. Yet the brunette managed to swallow most of the white fluid, with only small dribbles flowing out of the sides of her mouth. One he had finished what he had been doing, he felt a weight of fatigue fall across him. He nearly didn't have the effort to take a few steps and fall down on the bed. Ukyo moved to curl up next to him, almost in a spooning shape. Ranma wrapped his arms around her, and took comfort in the warmth of her body.

He also made a few mental notes, one of which was, 'I might wanted to increase my stamina during sex if I am going to feel this tired afterwards. I know I could have more orgasms, but I guess I haven't adapted to having sex just yet. So a little typing bonus and more practice with some willing women.

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