Specialist Moore
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2009 by dak

My name was Phillip Moore, I was an EMT in San Diego when my reserve unit got called up, I would be heading to Iraq, good times. I said my good byes to my family and friends, my mother was upset but she understood, but we had just lost dad a few months prior.

It must have been my lucky day I was barely five minutes on the ground in Iraq when an explosion rocked the base, I hit the deck, I could see the smoke from the explosion less than a quarter of a mile away, my training kicked in and I ran toward it, I could already see injured soldiers lying around, when I reached the first one I began to do triage and stabilize him.

I could here more soldiers coming to respond to the explosion, I grabbed one and had him start helping me, It seemed like hours but must of only been several minutes, we had gotten three people away from the blast site, I was going back to help another when I heard gun fire erupt, I crawled to an injured soldier and began working on him, ignoring the gun fire, something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention, on a building across the street from the base a man was aiming an rpg at the soldiers responding to the explosion.

"RPG" I yelled, throwing myself on top of the soldier I was helping.

I felt the heat from the explosion followed by nothing, everything went black, my last thought was fuck this shit.

I awoke feeling cold, I couldn't see anything, I couldn't move, but I could hear, it seemed like an eternity.

"This is the latest batch." Voice one.

"What happened?" Voice two.

"Insurgents, I.U.D. And rpg attack." Voice one.

"Jesus, I hate those leaves us nothing to work with." Voice two

"I already injected them with the test serums." Voice one

"Well at least this one still has his spine and head intact, never goes well with out it." Voice two.

"That ones getting the medal of honor." Voice one.

"Really why?" Voice two.

"He was in the thick of it helping the injured, warned them of the RPG attack, instead of running he shielded the person he was working on, saved the poor bastards life." Voice one.

"Lot of good it will do him." Voice two.

"Well what do you want to assign these ones." Voice one.

"Well the first three brains are useless but their cerebral cortex seems okay, send them to Dr. Klein, She could salvage them for her quantum cognitive communication test." Voice two.

"What about the hero here?" Voice one.

"The body seems to respond to the serum, and the brains intact, send it over to Dr. Benson, he might be perfect for the necrotic tissue test." Voice two.

"Sure thing, you want to get a bite to eat I'm starving?" Voice one.

"Sure, lets just process these bodies first." Voice two.

I drifted out of it again, the next time I came to I seemed to floating in a vat of some kind, I could feel the cool liquid on parts of me, I could hear bubbles flowing past my ears, I still couldn't see, I head muffle foot steps.

"How are we doing today?" A female voice.

"Eh not talkative as usual." She said

I heard her pull up a stool, at least thats what it sounded like, I heard something unwrapping, it was difficult to make out, was she talking to me?

"Mmem beej" She said.

"Sorry talking with my mouth full." She said.

"Remember I was telling you about the test? Yeah well it didn't work, I just can't get the quarks to align properly." She said.

Was she eating?

"Yeah I know subject 24, I just can't figure it out." She said.

"It works on animals, I tethered one using the system to a drone on the International space station, it seemed to move around, well what little the machine could, Bob is still working on getting me a good robotics model to use it even tried to get to the food, so I know it works." She said.

"Your right 24 maybe there is two much data, maybe if I narrow it down for humans?" She said.

"Man if I don't figure this out the military might scrap my program." She said.

"At least Dr. Benson is having progress, he said that he actually got brainwave activity from you, he want's me to keep coming in here to talk to you, says it might stimulate more activity. You know I was actually thinking of teaming up with him on you, If I could install the tethering systems well the necrotic tissue is being reanimated I might have better luck." she said.

What the hell was going on here.

"Yeah I know its a long shot, but I mean right now you are just a head in a jar, maybe I can get together with Bob and Dr. Benson, if you really are responding to the serums you would be perfect test bed for all our research." She said.

"Yeah I know Bob has been itching to try out those robotic systems on humans, but all his animal testing has gone badly, but maybe if he grows the tissue around it would work, same with mine, I have been implanting on subjects that are whole ... If I could put it in in the state you are in, well maybe when it grows around it the connections would function like they are designed?" She said excitedly.

"OH 24 you have been a big help, I would never of thought of this with out you." She said.

What the fuck was going on, I seemed to drift off again, I was awoken by several voices.

"So you see sir, if we use subject 24 in his current state, it might be the best hope to get Bob and My projects working. If we install on the equipment we want to test on the subject now, we could use Dr. Bensons serum to reanimate and grow the tissue around it." The female voice said.

"Like a topiary" A gruff male voice said.

"topiary?" A more formal voice asked.

"Yes general they are comparing my advance research to a shrub." Said a prim male british voice

"General, it could work." The female voice said.

"Just because your project is failing don't try to co-opt mine." the british voice said.

"General all we are saying is that Dr. Bensons serum shows promise for our fields, there will always be more subjects, whats this one to ensure the success of the over all mission?" The female voice said.

"Bob you sure the enhancements will work when you connect them?" The general said.

"Yeah I am, its just the immune system of the animals I am using can't take the stress, on this subject that wouldn't be an issue." The gruff voice said.

"Dr. Klein, are you sure the neural connections for the tether system will work on human subjects?" The general asked.

"Yes sir, I am having the same problems as Bob, the subjects can't take the implantation process." She said.

"Dr. Benson, I am going to allow this, Ill be transferring this one subject to her care, you know how important the Tethering project is, if she gets it working we may never lose another soldier in the field again. Please assist her with the application of the serum when she needs it." The general said.

"Yes sir." Dr. Benson said.

It was awhile again of floating in and out of awareness, at one point I felt I was being moved, another I could of swore I was on an operating table, I had no idea if this was all some coma induced delusion or was what I was experiencing real.

I felt something tugging at my attention, it was strange but I could feel something trying to get my attention, when I focused on it I felt my world dissolve. I found myself on all fours surrounded by walls, I could see, but I couldn't feel, it was strangely disjointed, I willed myself to move forward and I did, thats when I heard it.

"OH its working!" The female voice again, Dr. Klein.

I stopped moving.

"It could just be random synapses firing." The gruff male voice Bob.

I moved forward again and stopped and backed up, I was in some kind of maze.

"That didn't look random." Dr. Klein said.

"We will see if it can finish the maze." Bob said.

Didn't these people relies I was a person? Not some lab-rat.

"I hope he does, otherwise the general could scrap the project." Dr. Klein said.

What ever was going on these people controlled my destiny, and if scrapping meant I would end up dead than I was going to be the best damn lab rat they had, I moved as swift as the little robot I seemed to be in could move, it was awkward at first but I got the hang of it, I ran that maze as fast as it could move.

"Well Ill be damned, looks like it could be working." Bob said.

"Yes, yes it did." Dr. Klein said.

"Whats wrong Doc?" Bob said.

"Nothing, well, didn't Dr. Benson say these brains had to much damage to anything but rudimentary functions." Dr. Klein asked.

"Yes, he said they are almost vegetables." Bob said.

"Oh right right, okay, well I need to finish up hear you can go on." She said.

I was waiting at the end of the maze, I heard the door open and someone leave, that was when I was picked up, it was disorienting to be picked up like that, the Doctor brought me up to look at me, she was young, younger than I expected, she looked very much like a geek, thick glasses, red hair with freckles, she seemed to be examining the robot, I fit in the palm of her hand, she placed me on the table and stared at me.

"24, I never imagined you could finish the maze, Bob said that as a joke ... umm can you hear me and understand me." She asked

I moved back to answer her, I could see her eye go wide.

"How about forward for yes back for no?" She asked.

I moved forward, I could see she went pale.

"Do you know where you are?" She asked.

I backed up.

"So you understand me?" She asked.

I moved forward.

"oh god, oh god." She said.

"Do you remember who you are?" She asked.

I moved forward, I watched as she promptly fainted.

I was left on the table she had placed me, I moved around trying to get an idea of where I was, I was in some kind of lab, I could see equipment I didn't recognize all over. I caught my reflexion in the glass of one of the monitors, I was in some kind of small spider like robot, no that didn't make sense my brain couldn't fit in there, I was connected to it somehow.

I went to the computer and looked at the screen, there was a graph display signal strength, one line said host and the other said drone, I studded it for a minute, I tried to type on the keyboard but couldn't. I heard the door to the lab open, I decided to act like I was randomly walking across the table. I heard someone approach.

"Doctor?" It was Bob.

"Doctor Klein!" He said bending over to help her.

"huh what?" She mumbled.

"Doctor Klein what happened?" He asked.

"The subject?" she mumbled.

"Its fine its randomly walking about the table." He said.

"Oh oh, I um I most of slipped an hit my head." She said quickly.

"I should call for help." He said.

"No no, I am fine, really." She said.

"At least have Dr. Benson look at you?" He said.

"No! No I am good. Really don't worry." she said standing up.

"Doctor, don't be so stubborn." He said.

"NO really I have a lot of work, Ill rest later and be fine, okay, if I feel anything ill go to medical right away." She said.

"Okay, but if you feel anything off let someone know." He said.

I watched her nod as I continued to walk around the table, she reached over and grabbed.

"Well back to work." She said walking out of the lab.

I could see nothing in her lab coat pocket as we went, I heard doors opening and what sounded like a lock, she pulled me from her pocket and I could see we were in an office, she placed me on the desk and sat down, she put her head in her hands.

"Oh God, what do I do, the subjects are supposed to be practically brain dead." She said.

I moved toward her, she looked up startled.

"Oh oh you can still under stand me." She said.

I moved forward.

"Oh god." She said again.

"I am so sorry, this shouldn't be happening." She said.

"If I tell them they will stop and dispose of you." She said.

I moved back.

"No no, don't worry, I wont say anything. Ill think of something." She said.

I moved forward.

"If we finish the experiments that might work." She said.

I moved back again.

"Oh oh, you see we are supposed to be working on several things, I am working on a neural interface, one that say a soldier could use to operate a drone, much like you are doing now, your brain is in another part of the lab." She said.

I moved forward.

"Right and Bob well hes a bio-engineer, his team are working on building better remote drones, he was working on using animal genetics to make a drone that would be undetectable to the enemy. He would use animal DNA to create bio-synthetic parts, he would then graft them into the animal test subjects" She said.

I moved forward again.

"Well and then there is Dr. Benson, he is working on a serum to reanimate necrotic tissue." She said.

I moved back.

"Oh well you see the idea was to reanimate dead tissue, make it living again, it has several applications if it works, we could use it on severed limbs to make them viable again, or well its kind of gruesome but we could combine it all to make a drone thats very human like, one that could pass for living, you see we can't experiment on live people, so the though was we could use all the technologies together to make a sort of remote control soldier. Right now he and Bob are using it on dead animals to create their drones, as you can guess he has begun to test it on human corpses" She said.

I backed up again.

"No you don't get it they where supposed to be brain dead, this is a fluke, we would eventually have created a drone that could fight instead of real soldiers, and be controlled from a bunker, it was not supposed to be like this." She said.

I could see tears forming in her eyes.

"If they find out they won't finish the experiment and you will be cremated." She said.

I moved toward her.

"Obviously you responded extremely well to the serum, if you and I plan this right we can get them to finish the project, if they do that, it might be that they wont be willing to scrap it." She said.

I moved forward again.

"Look you will have to play along, act like you are doing random movements like on the table, Ill figure something out." She said.

She put me in her pocket, and left her office, I heard her typing in a computer, I felt myself being pulled out of the robot, next thing I knew I was back in the jar, I could hear the bubbles again.

"Its okay 24, I severed the connection, the next test will be in a few days, also Bob will be installing the interface for the cybernetic controller, just sit tight." She said.

I could hear her walk out of the room, it seemed like awhile, but I heard foot steps approach.

"General I understand the need for the drone program, but my serum has more uses than that." Dr. Benson was saying.

"Like what Doctor?" the general asked

"Imagine dropping the serum on a recent battle field, or include it with a biological payload on an enemy village." Dr Benson said.

"What would that accomplish Doctor?" The general said.

"It would be a debilitating psychological deterrent, with the combination of a nerve toxin to kill and with my serum to reanimate it you get a village of shambling walking reanimated corpse." Dr Benson said.

The general actually chuckled at that.

"Zombies Doctor? Are fucking kidding me?" The General said.

"No General I am not, You have seen the subjects in my lab, they are mindless drones, violent mindless drones, Imagine that being set lose on the enemy." Doctor Benson said.

"Doctor, lets stick with reality for now, Id much rather have controllable weapons, than an uncontrollable mob." The general said.

"Well perhaps we could incorporate Doctor Kleins research, I heard she had some success controlling a remote, we could figure out away to control them remotely, All I ask is you don't discount the possibility." Dr. Benson said.

"Alright Doctor, Ill allow you to research it." The General said.

"Thank you sir." Dr. Benson said.

"But on a small scale, the main project is the tethered drones." The general said.

"I understand sir." Dr. Benson said

It was six months since Dr. Klein and I had come to an understanding about how we would handle the problem of me still being mentally aware. We had worked out a system of how to explain the level of control I could exhibit over the various drones we had hooked up to me, she had explained that I had the intelligence of a small child and that she had worked out a series of commands I would follow, the General had been hesitant at first to continue but the Doctor had explained I was barely alive, that the level of intelligence I was capable of was minimal.

In the six months every test had been a success, they had already grafted the machinery that my body would eventually grow over, we all saw less of Dr. Benson as the months past, no one thought much of it as he was working on his serum. Dr. Klein had modified a headset so I could speak to her when ever I wished, we had developed almost a friendship, she was definitely concerned for my well being.

"Yeah Doc I can feel the components Bob installed, how much longer before you begin to regrow my body?" I asked.

"Hmm we should begin the injections soon." Dr. Klein said.

I could hear her eating over the headset, they had installed the optical sensors, I could also sense the synthetic contentions to my new internal frame, I was fast becoming more than just a head in a jar, I was actually in tube of liquid now as they added parts to me, most of the time though all I got was a view of the tiles on the ceiling.

She was eating next to my tube at her desk, she had already been caught talking to me on several occasions, she played it off as helping her think if she voiced her thoughts, most at the lab had taken it as a quark of hers.

"Did you find anything out about my family?" I asked

"Phil its hard to just go snooping on the history of one of the test subjects, that could raise suspicions." She said.

"So you didn't look." I said.

"No I didn't say that, its just taking longer than it should." She said.

"Oh." I said.

"Don't worry I am sure they are fine." She said.

"Doc, I think I can move the new parts Bob installed." I said.

"Really?" She said, I could hear her typing.

"Yeah I can sense them, I didn't want to try with out your okay." I said.

"Hmmm, try and move your right arm." She said, I could see her standing over my tank.

I Focused and raised my arm, it came into view, it was made of synthetic material, grown from my own dna, it was supposed to be stronger than steel, right now it looked sort of grotesque, it looked like bones wrapped in slimy black ropes, I knew they were the synthetic muscles.

"Wow, I didn't think he had gotten so much done, you can put it down." She said

I did, she leaned over to look at the connections on my neck, I had seen my reflection recently, I was essentially a brain suspended in a frame work of synthetic parts, it was really disturbing but the Dr. Klein didn't seem to mind, they had removed the remaining flesh and bone from my skull to begin growing sections for my body.

"I can feel all of them, almost as if I could get up and walk around." I said.

"No no, don't do that, it would be too hard to explain, I think I can get them to start replacing epidermis now, I don't think we can add any more to you, at least as far as experiment wise." She said.

"And than we will tell them about me?" I asked.

"Yes I think once we are done, and they see what you are capable of they will see the advantage of it." She said.

They had finished with the grafts of flesh, they had injected it with the refined serum, I could actually feel the flesh reforming and growing around me, it was strange, I could feel organs growing inside, it took months to finish, but in the end I had the appearance of my old self. They had used my dna to ensure rejection was at a minimum, I could even eat, in fact I needed to because of the organic nature of my design I needed around 7000 calories a day to maintain everything, everyone was still operating under the assumption that I was a functionally retarded, I was feed through feeding tubes, and taken out for testing to see the various control systems in the frame.

The project so far was declared a success, the larger question remained if I could be remote controlled by a soldier, Dr. Klein had installed the tether system into me, so far it had only been used for me to control other drones, she said if they constructed another unit it would be possible to control the body from a distance, something that I was very hesitant to do, so far we had been pretending to remote control me.

Dr. Klein had been arguing about how to inform the General of my true identity as a functioning intelligent person, she thought it should be after more proof of my success, she also said it would be best if she played ignorant about it so she would retain some ability to advise on what should happen. It was in one of the test that I had the perfect opportunity to show just what I was.

"Strength test 9b." The speaker said above.

I was standing in the middle of the room with a blank face, I could hear what was being said in the room beyond with my advanced hearing.

"Have him lift those boxes Doctor." The general said.

I heard the order issued in my head as Dr. Kein typed it into her console, it was more of a suggestion but I played along, I walked over to the boxes and lifted the first one.

"Incredible" The General said.

The box didn't feel that heavy.

"The next one Doctor." The General said

I walked over and lifted the next one, it was a bit heavier, but still no problem.

"Okay doctor the last one." The General said.

I walked over to the next and did it, this was fairly hard for me, but I still lifted it.

"My god Doctor thats the equivalent of a tank." The General said.

Shit I thought to myself putting it down.

"Thats good enough for now Doctor shut it down." The General said.

Good job, came flashing in my mind, a message from Doctor Klein, as I was putting the weight down I heard the distant alarms sounding. They spread through out the base until they hit our section.

"Lock down of base, biological containment failure." The computer announced.

"What?" The General said.

"I don't know let me check the computer." Dr. Klein said.

"Oh god there has been an Explosion in Dr. Bensons lab." Dr. Klein said.

"Let me see" The General said.

"Order 198d has been initiated." The computer announced.

"What does that mean General?" The Doctor said.

"It means every room is sealed until help from outside comes and its contained." The General said.

"General we are in the middle of alaska? That could take weeks!?" Dr. Klein said.

"I know Doctor, we just have to sit tight, each room has rationed supplies, we will be okay." He said grimly.

I was standing motionless in the chamber, with my hearing I could hear gun fire erupting in the distance, neither Dr. Klein or the General seemed to notice, I accessed my link to the computer and began searching for information, I was able to access the cameras in the lab area, what I saw startled me, the soldier had started to fight each other, in some cases they seemed to be tearing each other apart, in other areas soldiers seemed to be organizing to fight the crazy ones.

I was debating on how to bring this up to the Doctor when the computer announced something else.

"Containment failure probable in 98 minutes, back up systems have been initiated." The computer said

"What does that mean general?" The Doctor asked.

"It means someone has breached the safeties, the computer will take measures to prevent containment failure." He said grimly.

I could hear him typing at a console.

"The nerve agent and the serum have been release, My god they are fighting each other." The general said.

"Sir what will the computer do?" Dr. Klein asked.

"If it keeps spreading it will detonate the fail safe." The General said.

"what fail safe?" Dr. Klein asked.

"the 20 kiloton kind" The General said.

"Oh God, What do we do?" Dr. Klein asked.

"We need to get out of this room and repair the containment units." The General said.

"But the nerve agent." Dr. Klein said.

"I know, but we don't have a choice." The General said.

I walked over to the display window and tapped on it twice, Both Doctor Klein and the General looked at me, the General with widen eyes, and Klein with comprehension.

"Um General, I may be able to help." I yelled at the glass.

"Doctor, are you seeing that?" The General said.

"Yes Sir, um I am." Dr. Klein said.

"Sir I believe I can get out there and do some good sir, before the bomb goes off." I said.

The General looked at the Dr. Klein.

"So thats not the effects of the nerve agent on us?" The General said.

"No sir." Dr. Klein.

"General sir, its a long story but my name is Specialist Phillip Moore, I have sort of been playing possum this whole time sir." I said.

He seemed to think for a moment.

"Alright son, we will discuss this later, but for now you have a Job to do, you need to get to containment level 4 and see what the status of the containment systems are, if they are off line you need to repair them, if they are un-repairable, well you will have to make sure no one gets off this base." He said.

"Yes Sir." I said.

"We will direct you from here, Doctor Klein I am sure you can do that." He said.

"Yes sir I can." She said.

"Alright sir, if you will excuse me I need to get out of this room." I said.

"Dismissed son." He said.

I walked to the steel door to the test chamber, I looked it over for a moment, I braced my self and hit it dead center, the frame buckled and the door fell. I stepped out in the hall to hear gun fire down to my right, that was where I need to go so I jogged that way.

What I saw stopped me dead in my tracks, there was a makeshift barricade, it was currently being assaulted by various scientist and soldiers. The gun fire from the soldiers behind the barricade did little to stop the assault, I ran toward it, one of the soldiers behind the barricade saw me and opened fire, I got hit several times, but I hardly felt it.

"Hey same team man." I shouted as I dodged some of the fire.

He seemed to get the message as I ran past the barricade into the oncoming mass of people, they fought with no skill, seeming to just want to tear at me, I was making short work of them, punching and kicking, they seemed to feel no pain no mater how much damage I inflicted, I had to resort to breaking necks and smashing heads in, I could see down the corridor that some just lay on the floor twitching, while others seemed to be picking at themselves and mumbling, when I finished I looked up to see the four soldiers at the barricade staring at me dumbfounded.

"Hey snap out of it, look down this corridor there is a test chamber with a doctor and General in it, I suggest you go there and guard the shit out of them." I said.

One nodded to me, I just nodded back and headed further down the corridor, I reached the elevator shaft, it was sealed off, I made quick work of it before jumping down it, I gripped the walls to stop on level 4, I pried the door open to be met with total chaos, the labs were on fire, people lay strewn everywhere. Worst of all some where moving around as they burned, some walked about like giant walking torches.

I walked through the chaos, everyone dead or alive seemed to ignore me, what the hell had happened here, I made it to where the containment systems should have been, what was left was a smoldering hole, I could actually see where it had blasted through to the rock.

"General sir, there seems to be a problem." I said.

"What is it Soldier." He said.

"The containment units are gone." I said.

"Alright son, this is what you will have to do, you are going to cut the elevator cables, next you will go to the stair shaft and make your way topside, you are to ensure that no one gets out of here, in 60 minutes the problem will be solved." I Frowned at that.

"Alright sir." I said.

I quickly went back to the elevator shaft, I jumped to the next level, I tore open the doors, I knew what I was looking for, I made my way to the engineering lab, the doors had sealed, I tore them open, and was promptly shot in the chest, I looked down than back up to find Bob standing there side armed raised.

"Oh good your still alive, Grab 6 containment suits and one for yourself and follow me bob." I said.

He was just staring at me.

"NOW Bob we don't have all day, put one on too." I said.

He seemed to snap out of it and run to the closet, he quickly dressed and did as I told him.

"Alright follow me." I said leaving the lab.

On the way out I encountered more of the infected, I put my hand up for Bob to stop as I took care of them, we went to the shaft.

"Alright Bob, hold those suits as best you can." I said

I grabbed him by the waist and jumped, my hand dug into the metal as did my feet, I climbed one handed up the shaft back to the level with the test chamber.

"I gotta say Bob you design a good body." I said.

"um Thanks." He said as he dangled there.

We got to the open shaft, I leapt out and put him down, we walked in silence as I kept an eye out for more of the infected, we reached the open test chamber, only to find the soldiers I had sent attacking each other in frenzy, I charged in and defeated them swiftly, I looked to the glass to see it was intact still, Bob came in.

"General? I brought containment suits for you and the Doctor, I am putting them in the compartment for decontamination." I said.

I grabbed two suits from Bob and put through the chamber that connected the two rooms letting the chamber decontaminate them. I saw the doctor and general appear in the glass, Doctor Klein was smiling, the general was not.

"Son I gave you an order." He said.

"We sir if you want to be technical about it, I am dead, so I don't think the oaths I took apply, just put the suits on and Ill get us out of here." I said.

He stared at me for a moment before putting it on, he and the doctor finished, they came through the still functioning chamber into the test room with Bob and I, Doctor Klein ran up and hugged Bob.

"Im glad you made it, what about Dr. Benson?" Dr. Klein said.

"I don't know, last I saw he said he was heading down to his lab, that was before the explosion." He said.

"Alright come on people." I said.

I went out back toward the elevator, I turned toward the stairs, the thick metal door had locked down, I held up my hand for them to stand back, I started to punch the door, it took several tries but I got it open, I ushered everyone through and up the stairs. I Was took the rear as the General took the lead with an assault riffle. I couldn't hear anyone else in the stair well as we went, as we climbed I accessed the bases computer to see how long we had, we still had 20 minutes, I started to sift through the data, I got some disturbing news.

We reached the top of the stairs, again there was another steel door, this one was bigger, I had to dig down and pull it open, I had to hold it up while everyone walked through, when every one was through I let it fall behind me.

"I think its safe to say the infected are still contained." Bob said.

"We have 20 minutes for the bomb to go." I said.

"We need to get to the Helipads." The General said.

We exited the building into what looked like a small airfield, there where two unmarked helicopters there, the General froze.

"There supposed to be three." He said frowning.

"Whatever lets go." Dr. Klein said.

We ran through the snow to find that the two remaining helicopters had been sabotage, the General cursed as he looked them over.

"We can't get out." He said.

I looked over the door to the helicopter, it looked like three people would fit, I tore it from its hinges, and set it on the floor.

"Everyone on." I said.

"What?" The general said.

"Quickly, 10 minutes general." I said.

Everyone reluctantly got on, I bent then metal on one end to curl upward, I braced myself and began to push it with everyone on it, building up speed quickly.

"Hold on." I said

We started going faster as I pushed the door through the snow, I couldn't guess at the speed but the base disappeared in the back ground, I was counting down the minutes in my head, something was nagging me about the nuke, I couldn't put my finger on it though.

We all heard the explosion and felt the ground shake.

"Shit." I said as I remembered what was bothering me, EMP.

I Felt a wave of dizziness hit me as I fell over still running, I vaguely heard screams as we speed out of control and blackness over took me.

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