Specialist Moore
Chapter 9

Copyright© 2009 by dak

The assault.

In a flash we all stood ready, with in the compound, I could hear gunfire coming from beyond the walls mercenaries ran along the fence firing out into the night, no one seemed to notice us, we all moved swiftly toward the main building, we reached a locked door, I had already killed the camera feed around the building so I wasn't worried about being spotted.

"can you get the door?" Morgana asked.

"Sure." I said putting my hand on the pad.

Everyone else watched our backs, Morgana did something with her staff.

"We should be unseen for awhile." Morgana said.

I caught Sunny looking at her hands and Morgana shook her head.

"Unseen by hostile eyes." Morgana said disgusted.

The door clicked and opened, we all entered to find the entrance unguarded, we all looked at each other and made our way toward the nearest stair well, we knew the signal was far underground.

"The wolves must be giving them hell." I said as we went.

We all walked down several flights of stairs meeting no resistance.

"This is wrong." Alpha said.

"Maybe they are all on coffee breaks? At the same time?" Sunny said.

We reached the bottom of the stairs and Morgana held up her hand.

"This door is warded" Morgana said.

"Whats that mean?" I asked.

"It means if I go through everyone around here will know, I can bypass it so you three can pass, but if I cross it bad things." Morgana said frowning.

"I will stay and guard with the witch, prevent them from storming this floor." Sunny said looking at me.

"I can handle this myself." Morgana said

"No its the prudent thing to do." Sunny said and I nodded at that.

"Kay Alpha your with me." I said.

He nodded.

"That way we each have a shooter." Alpha said nodding to Morgana.

Morgana did her thing and nodded us to enter, we crossed the doorway into a large hallway, it was rowed with large metal doors with windows, we walked in looking at the doors, inside where large groups of people milling about, they didn't look right.

"This is bad." Alpha said sniffing the air.

I nodded at that.

"Come on." I said moving by the doors

Alpha nodded but held up his hand, his skin started to shift, it rippled like water and he changed, dropping to the floor, he ended up a large silver wolf I just looked on amazed.

"Damn." I said.

He looked at me and grinned, at least I think it was grin, we moved swiftly down the hallway, we passed rows and rows of doors, until we came to another set of stairs, Alpha just shrugged at me, we both headed down coming to a large double door, I touched the controls and again hacked it, the door slid open to a large set of labs, we entered looking around.

All along the walls stood large glass tubes filled with people, each had wires going in and out of them, some looked like they had machinery going in and out of them, I shook my head as I recognized some of the equipment, we ran past to another large metal door, I went to the control and hacked it, it slid open showing me a room I remembered, it was Dr. Klein's lab.

I ran in with alpha following me, the first thing I noticed was a young girl chained in the corner and I stopped, thats when I saw Dr. Klein at her work station.

"What now?!" She hissed, but she stopped and looked right at me.

"PHIL? Oh god you came." She got up and ran to me, throwing her arms around me.

Alpha began to growl and Dr. Klein jumped back.

"Whats that?" She said.

"A friend, he is here to help us escape, where is Dr. Benson." I asked.

"OH I don't know." She said.

Alpha went over to the girl and sniffed her, she didn't respond.

"Doc we have to leave, Alpha free that girl." I said.

"I have to do something first." She said looking at the girl "You can leave her she is just lunch."

I frowned at that as the Doc ran to her computer, her hands blurred over the key board, suddenly I felt my legs give out and I hit the floor, Dr. Klein started laughing, Alpha growled, Dr. Klein spun around looking at me her eyes manic.

"Doc whats going on." I said trying to stand.

"I made you Phil, don't you remember? I can do what ever I want to you." She said.

Alpha growled and jumped at her, she danced out of his way in a blur, he landed and spun around, to leap again.

"Phil aren't you going to protect me? Kill the dog." Dr. Klein said.

"NO." I said starting to stand.

My vision blurred as I watch Alpha jump again, this time I intercepted him throwing him against the wall.

"No stop, Doc stop this." I said as I jumped at Alpha, we rolled around on the floor fighting.

"Alpha I can't stop, do what ever you have to do buddy." I said as I punched him.

"Oh how noble Phil but do hurry up, Dr. Benson and I have plans for you." Dr. Klein said laughing.

Back at the stair well.

"You hear that?" Sunny asked.

"Hear what?" Morgana asked.

Alarm klaxons started to wail through out the base.

"That." Sunny said.

They heard running coming from above them.

"Shit." Morgana said lifting her staff.

They heard bolts unlocking behind them, both turned to see the doors all along the wall fly open, and shambling walking corpse started moving out toward them.

"Double shit." Sunny said.

"Morgana you want whats coming from above, or the ungrateful dead mob?" Sunny said.

"Well whats coming could be vampires right? And you have the bullets right?" Morgana asked.

"right gotcha, Good luck." Sunny said as she took flight up the stairs.

Morgan could hear Sunny shout, YEAH BITCHES followed by gun fire, she turned to face the horde of undead lifting her staff.

"Heh I've always wanted to say this ... YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Morgan screamed as fire lanced from her staff.

Back in the lab.

I had Alpha by the throat and I could see the life fading from his eyes, I could see he didn't have much more, Dr. Klein was clapping.

"I told Benson my subroutines would still be in place." Dr. Klein giggled, and I remembered her glasses.

"damn, it was all a trick." I said, I had no control over my action but I could still talk.

"Why what ever do you mean?" Dr. Klein asked.

"You can't see shit with out your glasses, yet you could build that tether, I should of guessed." I said.

"Oh you figured it out too late, they turned me on the boat before we went to the airport." Dr Klein said.

"And your okay with what they did, your husband?" I said.

I saw the light disappear from Alpha's eyes, and I released him when his heart stopped.

"Well I was sad at first he was only my fiance though and Dr. Benson explained everything, I ... I never have to hurt again now, I never have to grow old, and oh the strength, well you know..." Dr. Klein said.

"and the food." Dr. Klein said looking toward the girl.

"So it was a set up to get me here?" I said as I stood at attention.

"Well no, they wanted me, but when I told them about you, well it was too good of a chance to pass up, that tether works both ways, or did you forget? We saw all your plans, we know Idin wont come here himself, if you fail he will blow up the lab, so what, we moved everything already, when it blows he will think everything here is destroyed, you and me." Dr Klein said smiling.

"why? Why all this?" I asked standing ram rod still.

"This is why." She said holding up her hand.

"Scan it." She said.

I did, I could see the enhancements running under her skin, it was similar to mine, machines flowed through her veins.

"Dr. Benson was approached by a group called the Sons of Cain, they are vampires as you know, they told him about the oppression they suffered, how their own kin hunted them because they are weaker than them, he told them about our work, the virus well that is second to this." She said as she punched through the steal table.

"With you well we can take you apart and maybe get that zombie army under control, and perhaps lead to further enhancements for us, now come now, we have to leave." Dr Klein said smiling.

I obediently followed.

Up the stair well.

Sunny was faced with 20 of the Sons left, they had come from all the floors above them, they had been lying in wait, she had emptied all her clips killing so many that she lost count, now she was left with 20 and her machete.

"Well I'm boned." She said frowning.

"So who dies first?" She asked, none seemed to want to be first.

There was a bright flash and three figures appeared next to her, one fell over retching on the floor tears in his eyes, she recognized Idin, There was an old man, and the last one she was not so happy to see, there stood her mother, in full battle armor and sword.

"Damn Idin you don't even eat and your throwing up." the old man said.

"Merlin you god damn said the crystals would help this." Idin said throwing up.

"I said they might, Not that they would." Merlin said shaking his head.

"Daughter." Her mother said looking at the 20 vampires and at the bodies scatter around.

"Mother." Sunny said frowning.

"You did well, not a complete failure." Elise said facing the the remaining vampires.

"Elise you got this?" Merlin said.

"Oh not again." Idin said.

"Yes I can handle this, Okay whose first?" Elise said facing the vampires.

"oh fuck." Idin said starting to throw up again. "Phil next, you can teleport to Morgana last."

"Fine." Merlin said, and in a flash they were gone.

"So daughter, let me show you how to kill these vermin." Elise said letting out a battle cry and charging head first into the group

Sunny let her own cry and waded in behind her mom.

"still a cunt." She whispered.

Main lab.

I started to follow Dr. Klein when there was a flash behind us, there stood an old man And Idin, Idin was curled up in a ball vomiting.

"I hate you." Idin said toward the old man.

"what ever you big baby, now I'm going to find my daughter." The old man said and with a flash he was gone.

Dr. Klein was shocked but not shocked enough not to yell "kill him!" I frowned and went to attack Idin, I picked him off the floor and threw him into the wall pinning him there.

"Oh man give me a second here." Idin said as he threw up more.

"God what is that corn? I didn't eat corn." He said as I tossed him into the floor and punched him.

"Why is it always corn." He moaned.

I kicked him and sent him skidding across the floor, he crashed into some equipment, he stood up wobbly, I thought I was actually hurting him.

"Idin run I can't stop this." I said.

"What? Run why?" He said bending over and putting his hands on his knees.

"Give me a second god my heads spinning." He said.

I charged him and uppercut his face, sending him up into the ceiling, he fell back down with a thud.

"Christ on a crutch I hate that Merlin, always says its going to be different, I don't know why I ever believe him." He said standing again shaking his head.

I advanced on him again horrified at what I was doing.

Back in the hallways.

Morgana was getting mobbed, she was running out of juice, it seemed no matter what she did more came, she was sweating and tired, she let out a burst of dragon fire that toasted most of the ones behind her and almost fell to her knees.

There was a bright flash of light and she looked over to see her dad standing there in full wizard outfit hat and all.

"Hey Morggie miss me?" He said smiling.

He looked around at the zombie masses.

"Shit that's all kinds of fucked up." He said frowning.

"hey Dad, nice timing." Morgana said propping herself up.

"Would of been here sooner but traffic, you know how it is, hey check this out." Merlin said stepping in front of her whipping out his staff.

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS." Merlin said grinning like a mad man he slammed his staff into the ground.

Morgana watched as the shock wave spread out from his staff hitting all the zombies freezing them, they started to crack and fall apart.

"Cool huh?" Merlin said smiling.

"Yeah dad, I already did that line." Morgana said shaking her head.

"hmmmm, well what else could I have said that would have been as cool?" Merlin asked looking at his daughter.

"I don't know dad." Morgana said.

The both heard running down the stairs, they looked back to see Elise and Sunny running down the steps.

"I could of handled it Mother." Sunny was saying.

"Yes daughter I am sure you could." Elise was saying.

"You saw all the remains they didn't just throw themselves to pieces you know." Sunny was saying.

They both stopped when they got to Merlin and Morgana, Morgana nodded to Sunny and Elise, Merlin smiled at the pair.

"So you parasites ready?" Merlin asked.

"Call me that again old man and I will end you." Elise said.

"Yeah yeah, anytime hag just say it and we can do this dance." Merlin said stepping up.

Both Morgana and Sunny stepped in between them.

"We have more important things to do." Morgana said.

"Yes we do Mother." Sunny said.

"ah children they grow up so fast." Merlin said reaching over to pinch Morgana's cheak.

"Fine." Elise said.

They all head down the hall.

Back in the lab.

"Fuck I know I am forgetting something, this always happens when I teleport." Idin was saying as I picked him up and threw him into more lab equipment.

"Idin stop fucking around defend yourself please." I yelled.

"Oh right that's it defend myself." He said as he stood back up.

I charged him again kicking his side, he fell over again.

"Damn I don't think that it." he said as he got back up

I grabbed the back of his head and slammed it into the floor.

"wait wait, I think I remember." Idin mumbled as I ground his face into the floor.

"This is what I forgot." Idin said as he pulled out a device from his pocket.

"Whats that" Dr. Klein said.

"Oh just this." Idin said.

He pressed the button and I fell to my knees, I was free, I could move on my own.

"Bob says hi Doc." Idin said getting up and dusting himself off.

He grabbed a table he was by.

"Whoa dizzy." Idin said.

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