Specialist Moore
Chapter 8

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Idin, Sunny, a women named Morgana who I was just introduced to and an Arab man who refused introductions all sat around the table in Idin's conference room. Sunny upon seeing me had nearly tackled me in a hug, after she let me go she had guided me to the conference room.

"Well now that we are all here, let me get everyone up to date." Idin said.

Everyone nodded.

"Yes please." Morgana said smiling at Idin give him a seductive look.

I saw Idin shift uncomfortably and nod.

"Well I asked your father for help, but being him he was busy, so he sent you, I assure you Morgana that I need your help and am grateful for it." Idin said.

"A pleasure Idin." Morgana smiled.

"The ma ... The being in the corner who is very silent, is an old friend, who is here because him and his kind owe me, and again I am always grateful for his kinds help." Idin said.

"We honor our debts." The man said gruffly.

Idin nodded.

"And I am still grateful for you coming." Idin said

"Um whats his name?" I said.

"Names are useless." The man said.

"But still it is useful to have something to call you by." Idin said smiling.

"I am Alpha, I am in charge of my clan, the title will do." Alpha said.

"Furball" Sunny muttered

Morgana snorted and Alpha growled, I was just confused.

"If not for Idin I would tear your throat our parasite." Alpha said.

"Sunny please" Idin said.

Sunny shrugged.

"Sure" She said.

"Alpha is an expert on the area we are going, his clans are a thorn in the Son's side, so although he is here as a personal favor I think he will enjoy what we are doing." Idin said.

Alpha nodded at that, and Idin went into the back story of what was happened, when he got to what I was Alpha shook his head staring at me, Morgana looked intrigued, and Sunny was eating doughnuts off the conference table, Morgana looked at Sunny.

"I thought your kind couldn't eat." Morgana said.

"We can but most chose not to, they don't like what comes after." Sunny said shrugging shoving another doughnut into her mouth.

"What comes after?" I asked.

Sunny looked at me.

"Arn't we a little early in our relationship for you to be asking about my bathroom habits?" Sunny said eyebrow raised.

"oh OH" I said getting it.

Idin sighed.

"May I continue?" Idin asked.

Everyone nodded.

"So thanks to Mister Moore and his unique skills we tracked the signal the good Doctor sent to a compound out of Dubai." Idin said.

"I know the place, it is heavily fortified" Alpha said.

Idin nodded

"And that's where Morgana comes in, you can teleport everyone into the compound." Idin said

"Wait teleport?" I said looking at Morgana.

"Magic." Morgana said smiling.

Sunny perked up.

"Ohhhhh I've never been teleported that is so cool." Sunny said.

"Isn't it." Morgan smiled.

I just shook my head.

"And Alpha I hope your clan will provide support to distract the guards?" Idin asked.

"Yes they can harass them while we infiltrate, I will be the only one going inside." Alpha said.

"Really? I had hopped more could come." Idin said.

"I will be enough." Alpha said.

"ooooh Billy bad ass." Sunny said.

Alpha growled at her.

"Oh okay, well I'm glad for all the help really I am guys." I said.

Morgana shook her head.

"Look guy, we all don't want the Sons running around with Zombie's on the payroll, they are bad enough alone." Morgana said.

"Right okay, so we bust in and rescue the Doctor and destroy the base?" I Said.

"I thought the Doctor was turned, we bust in and destroy the base, Doctor and all." Morgana said.

"Yes." Alpha said.

Sunny shook her head.

"She might still be cool." Sunny said.

"Guys I saw her, she doesn't want to help them." I said.

"She won't be the same Phil, trust me I know." Idin said

"But Sunny said they are not all bad." I said looking at Sunny.

She was shaking her head at me, Idin looked over at her.

"Sunny has limited experience with a few, MOST are not nice people, I even have met some that seem okay, but they will still slit their own mothers throat for food, I have seen the change cause mother to kill child, if she comes willingly, and that's a big if we will have to deal with it at the time." Idin said.

I nodded.

"She will be okay." I said.

This time Alpha snorted.

"So when do we go?" Morgana asked.

"Well I am working on an airstrike if you guys fail, bunker busters the whole nine yards, so once the contingency plans are set you can all go." Idin said.

"Wait why don't we just do that in the first place?" Morgana asked.

Idin looked at me.

"Because that would cause an international incident, and we have to give the Doctor a chance." Idin said sadly.

I nodded at him.

"We should know by tonight, we don't know how far they have gotten so the sooner the better." Idin said.

"So what do we do till then." I said.

"Nothing, you are all free to use what ever facility's this building has, I have a date with unpleasantness, I have to call your mom and discuss this attack." Idin said nodding toward Sunny.

"Tell the cunt I said fuck off." Sunny smiled brightly.

Idin frowned and shook his head, leaving the room, Alpha left with out saying anything, Morgana stayed looking at me, Sunny stared at her.

"Really your a machine?" Morgana asked.

I nodded.

"Thats interesting." Morgana said.

"Hey easy bitch I thought you had eyes for Idin." Sunny said.

Morgana laughed.

"Doesn't mean I can't be intrigued by Mister Moore, he raises interesting possibilities" Morgana said.

"Hey Tin mans heart belongs to Dorthy so watch it." Sunny said.

"HEY I'm right here." I said.

Sunny blushed and Morgana simply batted her eyelashes at me, she stood to leave.

"We will talk later, but I have to prepare for this fools errand." Morgana said smiling at me.

Sunny watched Morgana leave frowning, she sat there shoving another doughnut into her mouth and looked at me.

"Sorry" We both said at once.

"No um you go ahead." Sunny said.

"Sorry about getting us blown up." I said looking at her.

"No that was my fault, I have made it a habit to rush in with out thinking, that little cluster fuck was my fault." She said looking at the table.

"Fine it was our fault." I said.

"Okay sure, I mean you do have a history of getting yourself blown up Tin Man, it's starting to look like a habit." She said smiling.

I nodded at that.

"Lets hope its not" I said.

She nodded.

"So why the furball comment, who was that guy?" I asked.

"Not guy, he's a wolf." She said.

"what?" I asked.

"Yeah like howling and fleas, he's a were." She said.

"You mean he turns into a wolf?" I asked.

She shook her head.

"No I mean he turns into a human, that's why the no name thing, they are wolfs that have the ability to turn into humans." She said standing up.

"Really?" I asked.

"Let me get this straight, you are a cyborg, I'm sorta a vampire, Idin is immortal, that bitch is a wizard and the wolf is the one that causes you to question?" She asked.

"well when you put it that way." I said standing.

"Right, so Tin Man lets go get your ax." She said smiling.

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