Specialist Moore
Chapter 7

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Darkness, I was floating in darkness, or I assumed I was floating, I could sense nothing, it was a weird deja vu feeling Id had been here before ... SON OF A BITCH.

Anger for being so stupid, I should of thought it was a trap, I had been confident and also distracted by Sunny, her energy and excitement had blinded me to the dangers of what we had been doing, I drifted for an unknown amount of time, I couldn't tell, I was absently singing 9000 bottles of beer on the wall when I felt it.

It was a gentle tug on my consciousness, I was intrigued so I let it pull me, I felt myself being pulled away, over a great distances, I didn't know where I was going but I simply let the feeling pull me, I was blinded my light, if I could of I would of blinked.

Slowly the light dimmed and I could see what looked like a lab, there was equipment every where, I did recognize something, it was the quantum communication tether the Doc had originally build to connect me to drones in Alaska, it looked like it was running into me, or at least where my point of vision was.

Suddenly I could hear, sound was coming in, I could make out machinery sounds, but I couldn't make out much more. I waited for some time to see what the hell was going on, it must have been 30 minutes of waiting when the lab door opened, and in stepped Dr. Klein, she looked tired, her red hair was a mess and her glasses where noticeably absent from her face, she had bags under her eyes.

Apparently she was moving to slow as someone behind her shoved her forward, she stumbled and kept walking, I could feel my anger grow, she continued to move forward walking right toward me, the man behind her spoke.

"You got what you wanted, this better work." The man said.

"It should, I just need time to get the problem worked out, this isn't easy." Dr. Klein said.

"Well Benson said you are some kind of genius when it comes to this shit, you better get this working, we are tired of you stalling." the man said.

I watched her sit down right in front of me, and it looked like she was typing below my field of view.

"This is hard work, your asking me to miniaturize something that took me years to develop at its current sizes." Dr. Klein said.

"Fine what ever, just remember what happened to your boy friend, we can make the same happen to you." The man said before walking out.

I could hear the locks dead bolt on the lab door, Dr. Klein looked around the room before she looked right at me and winked, I figured she had some kind of plan, as she typed I saw an overlay go over my vision, text scrolled up in front of my eyes.

-Phil I hoped this worked, I convinced them I need to rebuild a tether in order to figure out how to -shrink it.

-Please be here Phil, there is link activity so it has to be you.

I couldn't respond to her, I didn't know how.

-These men are crazy Phil, They have Benson working for them on his damn virus, they want me to -help them with it, Benson's convinced I can help him control his subjects like I controlled you, he -doesn't know about you, or that I wasn't controlling you. Please help me Phil, I don't know what to do.

I was getting angrier by the minute, for all I knew I was bits and piece spread around the floor of the marina, there was nothing I could do for her.

-Phil I don't know where I am, you should be able to trace the link on your end, but they took me on a -long flight, we arrived here at night, and it was hot, we headed east if that helps you at all, and we -stopped to refuel twice. Phil something weird is going on, these men are all strange, and the work -schedule is strange, I only work at night and they have be sleep during the day.

-Phil find my boss and tell him what they have me working on is reducing the link so that it can be as -small as possible, they also want it to be organic in nature so that it can be assembled with material -that is available in the human body, bone and brain tissue, I don't even know if that is possible, but -they have an expert here on nano-machines, he was kidnapped too, he is supposed to help me design -machines that can assemble the tether in the human body, kind of like the quantum nano-machines I -was working at Noah Tech to fight infections...

-Have to get back to work, they keep a tight leash on me here, if I figure out more Ill tell you.

For the next several hours I watched her work, she was stressed and tired. It was pretty boring but I was just happy she was unharmed, I had to figure out how to get to her. Several days passed with nothing new occurring, she would come in and get straight to work, occasionally they would check on her, I never saw anyone else, on the 5th day of watching her, her guard came in.

"You know I don't know why we didn't think of this before." He said happily clapping his hands together.

"Think of what." Dr. Klein said hunched over her workstation.

"A way to motivate you, it was so simple, but I think it will sway you to our way of thinking." He said.

"What are you talking about?" Dr. Klein said.

He blurred and in a flash he was on top of her dragging her by the hair, she was crying, he was laughing, I was blinded by impotent rage, I new when I got my hands on him I would kill him. I didn't see the Doctor for three days, on the third day the guard was back, he drug her into the lab and tossed her like a rag doll into the corner where she curled up into a ball, he left her there.

I watched her rocking back and forth she just kept muttering no no no over and over again, I wished there was some way I could communicate with her, after several hours she started pacing the lab never coming near the workstation, I watched her tense and stare at the door, a few minutes later her guard was back, he held something up to her that I couldn't make out it was a bag of something.

"IF you want this you have to work, if you don't we will let you starve, this is just a taste." He said tossing the bag on the floor and leaving.

I had no idea what the bag was but it looked like an Ivy bag, the doctor was staring at it in horror, she started to pace back and forth but kept looking back at the bag, she was pulling at her hair and muttering no. I was desperate to figure out what the hell was going on, as I watched her I wondered if they drugged her or something, she kept looking at the bag, eventually she dropped to the floor and grabbed it, to my horror she bit into with her teeth like it was the best meal ever, I finally got what they had done to her.

She looked much better afterward, she dropped the empty bag and stared at her hands, she started to cry, eventually she looked around, and looked right at me.

"Oh god Phil, you saw that." She said sadly.

"no, no, Phil you have to stop them." She yelled.

Next think I knew she was smashing the tether with her bare hands, and I was thrown back into the blackness, wait, I blinked it wasn't black I was in some kind of tank again, I was floating in a lab, and I could hear.

"I don't know Idin, his brainwaves are there but he ain't responding, lights are on no ones home." A gruff voice said.

"Bob you have been at this for two months, it has to be a hardware problem, I mean maybe its the new equipment and upgrades." Another voice said.

Just than Idin came into view and he was staring right at me, I blinked and looked around now that I felt I could move.

"Um Bob he just blinked." Idin said.

"Told you it wasn't my hardware." Bob said as he came into view.

"You back with us Son? Hell you better be after the 2 billion Idin's spent upgrading you" Bob said tapping the glass.

2 billion, what the fuck did he put in me, I nodded and saw Bob smile.

"Drain the god damn tank." Idin said.

You ever been flushed down a toilet? Well now I could say I have, the water poured out of the bottom and I was dumped out on to the floor, started to cough up a ton of water, I was spitting out on the floor, I looked up at Idin and Bob, both of who was smiling at me.

"The Doctor." I said.

"We have very little info, we know they took her to the United Arab Emirates, that's where I lost them" Idin said.

I shook my head slowly standing up, I was a bit wobbly on my feet.

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