Specialist Moore
Chapter 6

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"Yeah so, I'm kind of an outcast" Sunny said.

I watched as she shoved more of her steak into her mouth, she had ordered steak, lobster, and rotisserie chicken ... a whole one, she had said nothing beats a land-air-sea combo for dinner, she topped it all off with a milk shake.

"So why are you an outcast?" I asked.

"Because I don't follow the rules, never have never will." She said taking a huge swig of her shake.

"Isn't that painful?" I asked.

"Naw I don't get along with my sisters anyway, besides Idin took me under his wing" She said.

I shook my head.

"I meant drinking the shake so fast." I said.

"Oh oh no, no brain freeze, one of the bonuses of being an unholy minion." She said.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Its jokes like that that helped get me banished, I insulted our queen, I think that was the final straw that broke the bitches back." She said taking another bite of her chicken.

"Oh so you guys operate a monarchy?" I asked.

"Yeah, its supposedly a direct line all the way back to Lilith, mother to daughter, the next ones probably going to be Lillian." She said.

"Whose the current one?" I asked

"who cares, shes a cunt anyway, besides like I said doesn't concern me, besides I like living with you mortals." She said.

"You guys don't live with people?" I asked.

"Well we do, but its all veiled in secrecy and bs, the whole working in a doughnut shop trying to get my nursing degree, oh and living in Idin's territory is a huge no no." She said.

"Wait your going to be a nurse?" I asked.

"Yeah can you think of a better way to get access to dying people?" She asked.

"Um no I guess not." I said wincing.

"IM KIDDING 3P0! I wana help people." She said laughing.

"Oh I get that, I was an EMT." I said.

"Really? Thats so cool." She said cracking her lobsters claw with her bare hands.

"Yeah it was till I got blown up, wait so why is living in Idin's territory so bad?" I asked.

"Because him and m ... I mean the queen had a falling out, they used to date or something, that and Idin doesn't allow free hunting in his area, everything has to get approval through him, and none of my sisters would put up with that so they don't live here." She said as she sucked out the meat from the lobster claw.

I studied her for a moment, she wasn't my type too willowy, but there was a certain cuteness in her crassness, and sitting there with her lobster bib sucking on a lobster claw there was something intriguing about her.

"Oh so Idin is pretty powerful?" I asked.

"Pffft, thats not the half of it, in this world knowledge is power and he has been around since the beginning." She said.

"What do you mean beginning exactly? How old is he?" I asked.

"My guess? Since the dawn of modern man? maybe longer? he has these drawings of this one chick in his office and well lets just say she looks a little primitive" She said moving on to her chicken.

"Primitive?" I asked

"Like neanderthalish" She said.

"Oh wow." I said.

"Yeah" She said.

"So my turn 3P0, whats your story? How'd you get blow'd up?" She asked.

I went into my narrative, telling her most of what I knew, from beginning to end, by the time I was done she had cleared her plates and was finishing her shake.

"Wow thats messed up" She said when I was done.

"Lil bit" I said.

"Well Tin man I guess its time to find Dorthy" She said standing.

she pointed to all the plates at the table and the check.

"You got this right? I can't afford it on my doughnut wages." She said.

I stood leaving some cash on the table and we made our way out of the restaurant, it was a place by the docks, I assumed we had chosen it for its proximity, we started to walk toward the marina.

"Okay Tin Man, let me do the heavy lifting, you just back me up, keep all your senses open and we should be okay, most importantly listen to me." She said as we walked.

"I was in the army, I have combat training." I said.

"Yeah training that got you blow'd up, I'd prefer not to have an encore" She said.

I shook my head and followed her, half way there she stopped and sniffed, she held up her hand for me to stop.

"Whats up?" I asked trying to sense what she detected.

"Shhhh" She hissed.

I simply shut up, she spun around and grabbed me, pulling me to her she kissed me and then started to nibble on my neck.

"Whoa." I said.

She gripped the back of my neck and pulled me near her, I was still stunned from the kiss, she whispered very silently, I could hardly make her out it was so low.

"There is a look out, and he don't smell right, we are down wind from him, as long as we do this right we shouldn't have a problem." She said.

My eyes darted up and I spotted him he was pretty far away, but he was defiantly a look out, he looked normal to me, she again forced me to make out with her and than she took my hand and playfully pulled me toward the marina.

"Come on show me your big boat like you promised" She giggled.

I played along and followed.

"Well its not that big." I said laughing.

"Modest I like that in a man." She giggled pulling me along.

We reached the marina entrance and we got very close to the look out, he was watching us now, but he was more interested in the show Sunny was putting on, she had pulled up the hem of her skirt and was wiggling her finger at me to come near, I went along smiling at the look out, I heard him mutter lucky bastard.

Sunny got us with in ten feet of the man, I still couldn't see anything odd about him, she pulled me to her and held me with her back to him, she inched up her skirt and whispered seductively.

"You think you can handle this? Brace yourself big boy this might hurt." She giggled.

I frowned down at her.

"I can take it." I said.

"We'll see." She said.

Next thing I knew she used me to kick off from, she shoved at me with such force that I fell to the ground, I watched stunned as she cleared the ten feet and tackled the look out to the ground, they wrestled silently, I watched her twist his neck and heard a pop. Sunny stood straightening her skirt, she looked at me on the ground and frowned.

"I told you to brace yourself." She said.

"I didn't know you meant literally" I said standing up.

She shrugged and crouched down, pulling the body into the shadows, when I came to her I saw he was still twitching, she was checking his pockets and pulling things from them.

"This is bad" She hissed.

"Sunny he's still twitching." I said knelling down.

"Yeah I just broke his neck, it takes more to kill a Son of Cain." She said looking through what she grabbed.

"You mean the bad vampires?" I said looking at the twitching body.

"Sure why not, well if their involved this just got worse, didn't you notice the no heart beat?" She asked pulling out what looked like the guys pass port shaking her head.

"Um no I was kind of distracted." I said.

She shook her head and tsked at me.

"Im flattered 3p0 but you need to think with the big head right now, we got work to do." She said looking around.

"So what now?" I asked.

"Now we make a little noise and see which boats a rockin, and we well we kick some ass." She said.

Before I could protest she was flinging the body down into the water, I winced at the splash it made.

"Take that COCKSUCKER!" she yelled.

Sure enough I heard the noises coming from one of the larger yachts, I scanned it quickly and before I even realized my vision went into a weird predator type thermal, I could make out people moving around below decks, they looked to be franticly moving.

"Bingo." I said pointing.

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