Specialist Moore
Chapter 5

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Sunny had explained that she would be useless to me during the day, she could not go outside with out risking instant skin cancer as she put it, so seeing as it was already late or early depending on how you look at it, we had back to the no tell motel where I had the Doc stashed.

"Whoa 3P0 I ain't that easy, you gotta wine and dine a girl first." Sunny said looking up at the shitty hotel.

"Im not, this is where my friend is hidden." I said.

"Dude seriously? Look man I got some safe houses we can use, the Daughters are well funded, and most of them are built like a fort, how bout I pick the place next time." Sunny said as she stepped over a bum in the lobby

"Emphysema 6 months" She muttered.

"Will you stop that its creepy." I said.

"Can't help it, its my gift." She said

We walked up the stairs toward the room.

"So this doc is the one that gave the Tin man the heart eh? You got the hots for her?" Sunny asked as we ascended

"NO, I just owe her, she saved my life." I said.

She held up her hand.

"Focus 3P0, gun shot wound, dying 5 to 10 minutes." Sunny said stopping she crouched at the top of the stairs sniffing, I joined her.

"I don't hear more than one heart beat and its faint." I said.

"You smell the cordite?" She said frowning.

"at least 12 shots fired." I said.

"Yep 3P0, we had us a gun fight here." Sunny said.

With out warning she charged the corner jumping through the hotel room door, I ran in after her, she had leapt onto the dying man, and was biting into his neck.

"Whoa Sunny we gotta question him!" I Yelled looking around seeing no sign of the doctor.

"whamum ymm thbbei immmb dobbbin" Sunny mumbled from the mans throat.

"What?" I Said kneeling down next to her.

She released him with a great sigh, she was wiping blood from the sides of her mouth.

"I said what do you think I was doing? I helped him pass, I got the info." She said.

"What? How the hell did you do that?" I asked

"Simple I helped him pass, in return I got his last memories, he was hired through an intermediary, snatch and grab job, there was 4 of them, your good doctor nailed this guy in the initial on slot, before they overpowered her, she wasted the clip trying to hit the first one. The plan was to grab her and take her to the water front, they got a boat there, they don't know how long they have to hold her, at least a day, this ones not sure which boat, we are going to have to go and sniff around" Sunny said staring off into no where.

She closed the guys eyes and seemed to mutter a prayer, I watched fascinated by the whole thing.

"So we got a day to find their boat." I said.

"At least that long, once I get near I should be able to pick them up, hell so should you, you need to work on your senses dude, you gotta have some sweet hardware 3P0." She said looking around the room.

"We do have a problem though, we need to leave here now, and suns coming up soon, you gotta a car?" She asked.

"Yeah I parked it a few blocks away, I walked to your work." I said.

"Alright R2, go get the x-wing and Ill wait in the lobby, gotta minimize my sun exposure." Sunny said.

I nodded and headed off to get the car, I found it with out a problem, as per Sunny's instruction I pulled up to the hotel and popped the trunk, I honked twice, I saw Sunny burst out the front door in a blur, she was covering her head with the dead mans coat, for a moment I thought i saw smoke, she slammed the trunk shut when she was in.

I entered the driver seat to hear the sound of twisting metal and an impact, what I saw was Sunny's fist punch a hole in the back seat, she pulled her hand back quickly.

"Okay 3P0, let me show you what a safe house really is, head toward old town, near the water front, go to the hilton." She said through the hole.

"Fine" I said shaking my head

"Hey Tin man, don't worry, we will find your Dorthy, I promise." Sunny said through the hole.

"Oh hey can you stop by Micky D's?, Deluxe big breakfast, biscuit instead of muffin, extras hash brown, extra sausage, and a large coke, thanks tin man" Sunny said yawning from the back.

I heard her mumble Mmmmm pancakes before I heard a faint snore.

We arrived at the hilton, I followed her instructions to the letter, pulling into the under ground parking structure I found a freight elevator, I parked and gathered up the bags of food, I popped the trunk and walked around. Sunny was curled in a ball sleeping, I carefully picked her up while holding the food, she latched on to me mumbling, she felt like she weighted nothing yet she had punched a hole in my cars back seat, I shook my head as I approached the elevator.

She was coherent enough to type in a code on the key pad that activated the elevator, I stepped into it and felt the elevator lurch, it started to climb for what seemed like forever, when it stopped I found it opened up to what looked like a plush suite, except there was no windows at all, I carried Sunny into one of the rooms and laid her down, when I did she made grabbing motions for the food, I put it on the bed next to her, to my amazement she started to dig in half asleep, I watched her shovel food into her mouth with her eyes closed.

I shook my head and left the room, I went to explore the rather nice suite, I did find one room with what looked like shutters, I went to push the control panel to open it and it flashed a warning that the sun was out and asked if I wanted to confirm the opening. I looked back at the door and decided to shut it just to be safe, once I did I went back and confirmed the opening, the shutter groaned and the thick metal grates opened, it showed that we now stayed on a very high floor, and I could see out into the harbor, even spotting an aircraft carrier in the distance, I whistled to myself.

"First zombies, an immortal, and now vampires, what the hell did I get myself into" I said.

I sat down at the desk in the room, I turned on the computer, it asked for a user name, not knowing what else to put I entered my name, it asked me where was atlantis, I raised an eyebrow and typed Antarctica, the screen opened up and outlook opened, I had two messages, I checked the first one.

Mister Moore, I hope you find Sunny to be useful in your quest, she can be eccentric for a Daughter, her sisters consider her a black sheep, I consider her a valuable asset, its very rare in the company I keep to find people who adapt with the times, she is one of these rare people.

In the desk you will find untraceable credit cards and cell phones, along with ID and Passports for you and Sunny, you have what ever resources I can bring to bare, when you find the target let me know and Ill bring to bare all the might that I can.


The next email was less helpful.

Mister Moore, it has come to my attention that Idin has seen to loan you my sister, I trust Idin's judgment in requesting her aid. I do not know what it is you are doing or why exactly you need her, but I wish to impress upon you how dearly I care for the well being of one of my sisters, and if any harm shall come to her you shall face the full wrath of the Daughters.


I shook my head and leaned back, I really had wanted to have a simple life, one of anonymity and some how I was drawn into all this intrigue, I sighed shaking my head.

"Curiouser and curiouser" I mumbled

I had a lot to figure out, why did they still want the Doc, what the hell was the plan with the virus, it all just seemed crazy, none of it made any sense, I know Benson was working for someone, last it was thought to be the Chinese, but I couldn't figure they would want him releasing a virus on the american populous, or hell maybe they did, I was never very high up in the military, I was just a combat medic for crying out loud, I wasn't fucking James Bond.

I smacked the desk top which was made of some type of marble in frustration, I heard a crack and thought I fucked up my hand, instead I had cracked the marble top, there was so much I still had to get used to.

"Heh, with great power comes great responsibility" I chuckled, probably kick spider mans ass now.

I sat there examining the crack in the surface, and for the second time I was rethinking my life choices, sure I saved lives as an EMT, but hell I could do so much more with all my talents, I was pretty sure I could bench press a car about now, I had scaled the outside of a building with no problems, my senses where amazing, hearing, eyesight, hell I had sonar, and who knows what other tricks I had.

I sat for a few minutes before I made up my mind, I grabbed the supplies in the desk and called down for a cab at the front desk. I looked to where the gun was I had taken from the man Sunny had drained, I put it in my belt at my back. I wrote a note for Sunny incase I wasn't back before she woke up and went for the door.

An hour and a half later found me outside a section of an abandoned military base I had known about, it had been closed for several years due to budget cuts. I took a quick look around and jumped the fence, I cleared it in on leap landing on the other side several feet away.

"Okay, lets see just what I can do." I muttered

I know I can run, and damn fast too, but I don't think I had ever truly pushed myself, this time I did, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, things began to blur in my peripherals, wind whipped at my clothing, I didn't feel any strain whats so ever. I looked around and found I was far from the fence, I had only ran for maybe a few minutes and already the fence was a spec on the horizon, of course with my vision I zoomed in and got a range of 2.5 miles away.

"Shit thats like 60 mph and I wasn't even straining." I said to myself

I spent the day putting myself through several test I could come up with, one of the highlights was when I had ripped the foundation from the ground of an abandoned housing unit, I was able to lift part of the slab clean up taking part of the house with it, it had crumbled around me when I got it a few feet up but it was still damn impressive. The other thing I discovered was I was now a crack shot with the gun, I could pick a point from almost any range and hit it with in an inch, it got ridiculous when i was hitting targets almost consistently from half a mile out with a hand gun, holding the gun aiming into the sky almost I would fire and see the glass bottle I had set up shatter down range.

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