Specialist Moore
Chapter 4

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We walked down the stair well to his building, he led the way shaking his head.

"God damn son, I've seen a lot in my time, but never cyborgs and zombies, this is a banner day for me, hell atlantis never even had cyborgs." He said amazed.

I was begging to think he was crazy.

"Atlantis?" I asked skeptical.

"Yeah, it wasn't in the atlantic though, its under Antarctica." he said

We came to what looked like a vault door and he punched in some numbers in the keypad, he then leaned over.

"Mary had a little lamb" He said into the device.

There was a loud click and the door swung open.

"Welcome to the rabbit hole Mister Moore." He said smiling.

We enter a large chamber with what looked like relics all over the walls, at the far end was a desk, he walked over to it and took a seat.

"How do you know about this atlantis place?" I asked.

He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Mister Moore, I believe you are an honorable man, I get that vibe from you, despite our little sparing up there, know that if I wanted to I could take you apart piece by piece, but like I said, I think you are honorable, so I will afford you some level of honesty." He said as he steepled his hands behind the desk.

"Um, Okay." I said.

"I was there Mister Moore, I am very very old, and this virus you speak of worries me." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

He started laughing.

"Dude you just told me theres a highly communicable zombie virus and you wonder why Im worried?" He said.

"Well when you put it that way." I said.

"Right, but like I said Honesty, I mentioned Atlantis for a reason Mister Moore, I have seen civilizations rise and fall, I have witness man come near extinction several times, once by water, once by fire, once by ice, and I fear the time is soon again." He said waving his hands about.

"I have seen all this before, you people can't go 10,000 years with out trying to wipe yourselves out." He said sadly.

"Your crazy." I said.

He laughed.

"I wish I was, look around you, use your sensors, or what ever you have, look at these artifacts." He said.

I looked around, the nearest object was a small golden disc, carved with writing I had never seen, I walked up to it.

"Whats this?" I asked.

"Its pre-flood technology." He said.

"Pre-flood?" I asked.

"Yeah you know, Noah and the ark, all that, it wasn't as bad as they say, but it wasn't a picnic either, pick it up." He said.

I picked it up and I felt it hum.

"what does it do?" I asked.

"Sound amplification, used to be used to levitate large rocks." He said nonchalantly

"Wait, bull shit, you mean this is like something before the biblical flood? what the hell?" I said

"Like I said, I am very old, the book says it to, there where giants in those days, its all veiled in metaphor but its all true." He said.

I put the thing down and it hovered on the stand before settling down.

"And like I said, I've seen all the signs that the worlds on the brink of it again, who knows maybe this time zombie virus." He said sadly.

"So your showing me all this so I will believe what?" I asked.

"You will believe me when I say I am not the bad guy, I am pro survival of the species, If what you say is true, well I want it stopped." He said.

I walked over to another artifact, this one was diamond shaped green crystal.

"Whats this one?"

"Atlantis power supply, it was those things that caused the last ice age, think of the whole global warming thing but in reverse, I told them they needed to ease up on the use of them." He said.

"Okay, I don't know if I believe you, that you want to stop this, this is all to strange." I said.

He walked over and pointed at a picture of a young women.

"This is my daughter, she just graduated from the police academy, you believe all this money and she wants to be a cop? You know what she said when I asked her why? She said that she just wanted to help people like her dad." He said.

"Alright, fine, so what can you do to help?" I said.

He smiled.

"I just happen to know some of the best trackers in the world, and most importantly this zombie virus wont hurt them." He said.

"How do you know it wont hurt them?" I asked.

"Because my friend, they like you are already dead." He said.


Several hours later found me at a 24 hour doughnut shop, I had followed Idin's directions, it had led me to a dunkin doughnuts, he had said to order a bear claw with a large coffee extra cream. The women behind the counter was young, couldn't be more than 18, she was a slight rail of a girl who looked like she could blow over in a strong breeze, she was pale with pale blond hair, she looked like she could use a serious tan.

When I placed my order her eyes lit up and she looked around, there was a cop at the far booth eating a doughnut, fucking stereotype, she saw where I looked and smiled at me.

"Its okay Jeff over there likes to think he's protecting me, I chose to let him keep his delusions." She smiled at me as she said it leaning forward in a whisper.

"Um is he not protecting you?" I asked.

She snorted.

"Please, like I need protection, so your the guy the boss wants me to help?" She asked.

"Um, your my help?" I said looking her over in her doughnut outfit.

"Yeah, you got a problem with my age or something? I am the senor daughter in the area, Idin even lets me keep a regular job he trust me that much." She said frowning at me.

"What?" I Said.

"If you want an older daughter you gotta go to portland or san fran, I know they got some 200 hundred year olds up there, but you are in San D man, you get me, just because Im 50 doesn't mean I can't handle my shit, Like I said Idin trust me knows I wont go all bittie on people with the flu and shit, Im reliable." She spouted off rather tersely and quick.

"Whoa slow down sister" I said.

She hissed, like actually hissed at me, it was then I saw the points of fangs in her mouth.

"Watch bub, you can call me a Daughter, only my sisters can call me a sister." She hissed at me.

"Whoa sorry, what do you mean, Idin didn't tell me shit okay, he just sent me down here for you to help me." I said holding up my hands.

"Wait? He didn't tell you anything?" She said eye brows raised.

I looked down at her name tag, it said Sunny D.

"Look Sunny just slow down and explain, he just mentioned something about undead help like me." I said.

She frowned and sniffed the air.

"Oh shit, your not a breather, what the hell are you?" She asked.

"I was going to ask you the same thing." I said.

She started laughing.

"Yo Jeff, me and my boy here gotta go in the back okay, watch the front for me?" She yelled toward the cop.

"He giving you trouble Sunny?" Jeff said, I saw him place his hand on his gun.

"Jesus Jeff, quit the savior of the doughnut shop routine, my boy here is a new higher gotta show how to make the doughnut shit." She yelled back.

"Oh sure thing sunny." Jeff said nodding.

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