Specialist Moore
Chapter 3

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I left the Doc with strict instructions not to go anywhere or call anyone, I had gone out to get her food and clothes before I went to investigate this Idin Noah. I started at the local library, I accessed everything I could, and found very little, hours of searching left me with only the barest of information.

Next I tried hacking one of his local companies servers, they had the network locked down tighter than any I had ever encountered, it was a fruitless effort. All I could find was what was publiic information about the vast network of companies he owned I found out, he also seemed to do a lot of business with the defense department.

Idin Noah himself was a mystery, the only thing I could find was that he had a sister who his father had adopted and was currently working as a police officer, I could find no more out about his family. I found it odd that his sister would work as a police officer, when they were obviously rich. Idin had inherited his companies from his father, and he from his father before that, he was old money, probably a snob, He could also be a pawn for the D.O.D.

It was already late in the day when I decided to go for the direct approach I used my FBI persona to get myself into the cities planing dept and get blue prints to the building down town, I studied the layout to see which would be the best way to infiltrate his offices.

It was a few hours later and night was beginning to fall when I approached the building, I walked along the perimeter until I found a blind spot in the cameras covering the outside.

"here goes nothing" I said to myself.

I gripped the surface of the building, my fingers digging into the cement, I pulled myself up. My progress was slow but I was in no hurry, I hoped the later I got to the top floors the less likely anyone would still be there. I took my time moving up the outside, I had never done anything like this and marveled at my strength, perhaps I was wasting my talents, I could be some kind of super hero.

"Undead guy." I laughed to myself as I passed a window, I glanced in seeing nothing of interest.

"Or Cyborg, nah thats a DC character." I said as I passed another floor.

I finally reached the roof, pulling my self over the ledge I looked around, I took a look down the side of the building and whistled.

"Does what ever a spider can." I Said out loud.

I spun around hearing someone clapping beside me, there stood a tall man staring down the building as I was, he had snuck up on me with out me detecting him at all.

"That was very impressive, I always wanted to try that, you know the whole climbing buildings with out gear, like that french guy" He said still looking down.

"How the fuck did you sneak up on me?!" I Asked backing away from him, I was getting nothing from my sensors off him.

"I mean that is why you are up here right? Thrill seeking?" He asked looking me over.

"What?" I asked.

"I mean I would hate to think you climbed my building for any nefarious purposes ... Oh my name is Idin Noah, this is my building you just defaced." He said smiling.

I quickly thought over my options, he was taking a man scaling a building bare handed rather well I decided to try talking first.

"Mister Noah, just the man I wanted to see." I said nodding.

He frowned.

"Look I told the Sons they had to check in with me before they even come to my town, so you had better had a good reason for being here." He said.

"What? Sons? What the hell are you talking about, I came here to ask you about Karen Summers" I said.

His face changed to much more serious.

"Who are you?" He asked, he stopped and sniffed the air.

"No better yet what are you?" He said.

I frowned and scanned him again.

"I should ask you the same thing..." I Said frowning.

"Did you kill Robert and Karen?" He asked furrowing his brow.

"Look I am the one asking the question here." I said pointing at him.

"I know Roberts dead, if you are behind that I will kill you, and if you have hurt Karen I will kill you slowly" He said calmly.

"Look buddy" I Said as I walked toward him.

I swiftly made to grab him, but at the last moment he simply dodged out of the way gracefully, next thing I knew I was slammed into the floor with his hand pinning me down.

"Look boy you have no idea who you are messing with." He said calmly.

I pushed up with all my strength surprising him, he stumbled back as I got to my feet taking a fighting stance, he held up his hand confused.

"Well you are strong, but wait is that machinery I hear?" He asked tilting his head.

"My god, I thought I had seen everything, I can hear the current running through you." He said shutting his eyes.

When he shut his eyes I leapt at him swinging trying to take him by surprise, it worked, I landed a few punches, my last one sent him flying a few feet back and he landed on the floor, I worried for a minute that I had killed him but he surprised me by laughing getting back up.

"Wow you pack a wallop son." He said cracking his neck, he started to stretch.

"But like I said you have no idea who you are messing with." He said smiling.

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