El Paso Border War

by Joe J & Dream-Girl

Copyright© 2009 by Joe J & Dream-Girl

Action/Adventure Story: A Sequel to the novel 'El Paso'. Set in the present, it features the great-great grandson and namesake of Ty McGuinn, the time traveling cowboy in El Paso. The future Ty's life is in turmoil. His ranch was being overrun with illegal aliens and drug smugglers sneaking across the border from Mexico. Ty was just protecting his ranch until a horrific attack against his family forces him to declare war on the drug smugglers and traffickers of young women duped into the sex trade.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Rape   Violent  


If it's been a while since you read Joe J's story El Paso, here's a little refresher...

Tyler Lopez McGuinn was an aging and dissatisfied rodeo clown who also performed as a quick draw artist and trick shooter at a wild-west show. In 1977, he boards an airplane heading towards his home in El Paso. The aircraft malfunctions and nosedives towards the desert. Ty mercifully looses consciousness before the plane crashes. He wakes up in the year 1877, his mind occupying the twenty-year-old body of his great-great uncle and namesake, Tyler Ringo McGuinn. Ty Ringo, a no-account amoral cowboy, is on deaths door from a snake bite and head injury he suffered during a cattle drive towards El Paso.

Ty adapts to life in the old west and thrives. He meets some great women, has some interesting adventures and generally enjoys his life. The book El Paso ended with Ty Ringo McGuinn moving to Wyoming in 1878. This story pick up his life some sixty odd years later...

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Rape Tree

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