What Should I Do Now
Chapter 3

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One last chapter. Please read the first two chapters of the series. This chapter will make more sense that way. Thanks again to all who commented on my stories. I appreciate the comments, suggestions, and criticisms, both constructive and others. I realize not everyone will like my stories or my style of writing, but I have a hard time paying any attention to the mean spirited critics who slander me personally along with my work. I might take their suggestions more to heart if they had the guts to sign their comments. As one of the comments said they would erase the story and never read my stories again. Good advice. That is the ultimate censorship. Go for it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for reading my story. Enjoy.

When we last left our "hero" he had divorced his wife of 30 years after he caught her cheating. He got some payback on the bastard that was screwing his wife. A miracle happened and he won the lottery, and most important searched out and got better medical care. He is now able to meaningful sexual encounters. Here we go.

It has been 2 years plus since my divorce. My wife was having an affair due to my lack of being able to have sex with her. That is the main reason that she gave me. Bullshit. Anyway I changed doctors and meds and that problem has been solved. Let me say here, my first doctor was concerned with treating my heart problems and saving my life. Everything else was secondary, he is a good man and he did save my life.

After a couple of years, I should have discussed my lack of sexual function with him and asked about changes. It is all on me that I let my sexual problems go on as long as they did. Guess I was more worried about living than fucking.

I can now satisfy both myself and my partner with the normal fuck you socks off sex, not more than two times a day and not two times a day several days in a row. This is not the wild monkey sex of my youth, but I'm a young man anymore either. I just turned 67.

I won the lottery just after our separation and decided to split it with my ex. I know, I know, after what she had done to me with her affair I should have told her to pound sand. In my own defense, she had given me 30 great years out of our 31 year marriage. She was my best friend. The last 7 or 8 years she was a saint (except for the affair) and took good care of me. My check from the lottery was about $600 thousand a year. After paying taxes, paying my son to manager my accounts, and splitting my winnings with my ex, I still had a very substantial amount of money to play with. So play I did.

I bought a house on a lake in Southern California, got a nice boat to go with it, and just began to enjoy the money and my life. I played golf, drove my boat and one of my new Ford trucks (a small one and a big one), and just had a great time. This is what retirement should be. In addition to my toys, I always seemed to have one or two young lovelies staying with me. Not always the same ones, they seemed to sort of rotate new ones in. There is no doubt that they were there for the money. I never actually paid them, but some very nice presents came their way. Once in a while money was given for clothes, trinkets and shopping. These ladies were all 25 to 35 years old and they were not in love with this old man. Let me be clear about this; I DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE. After the shit with my ex-wife, I wasn't up for love anyway. I just know I would rather play with my toys in the company of hot, sexy, and available women than by myself. If they were there for the party, I was the host with the most.

I was sitting on my patio, relaxing and admiring the two nearly nude ladies sunbathing by my pool when my son, John, walked around the side of the house and joined me. A short word about my boy. He is divorced also, different reason, same result. He is a single parent and he and my grandson were frequently at my place. My grandson likes the lake and the boat and my son likes the girls. There were a couple of "my girls" that he seemed to have, well at least lust for, but he never made any moves. I told him to go for it at least 3 different times. He said he just would feel weird "Following in his father's footsteps", if you know what I mean.

John came over and sat down, looked at me and said, "I need to say something, but I don't want you to go all ballistic, so just hear me out before you say anything. Okay Pop?"

"Go for it John" I said. "I'll try to keep my cool and my mouth shut until you are done. No promises after that. If this is another plea to get me to go back to Jenny, you are wasting your time."

"Pop you have to meet and talk to Momma" John began. (Jenny is his step-mom). "She is a basket case. She is losing weight, looks like an old bag lady, and she just doesn't seem to want to take care of herself. Please Pop, go see her."

"You done?" I asked. He nodded his head. "John I appreciate your concern and understand you love for Jenny. However, there is no way I want to see, talk, or hear from her. What she did to me was the most horrible thing anyone has ever done. When I was young, I would have kicked the hell out of her and at least crippled that asshole with her instead of just leaving. No son, I won't meet or call her. She can live the life she made for herself. Don't bring the subject up again!"

John looked at me for a long time. He seemed to puff up, get a little red in the face and shouted at me "You always were a hard headed old shit. I am going to try one more time and then I'm leaving. Momma had been punished enough, not only by you but by her company. It has to stop Dad. If you can't put aside your hurt pride and help her, then fuck you. I won't be back and it will be a cold day in hell before you see your grandson again."

When he finished, I jumped to my feet and stood glaring down at him. John stood up to face me and I was looking up at him. John is 6ft 4, I am 5ft 8. "You are becoming a little cocky talking to me like that youngster."

"I'm just as hard headed as you Pop. You were a good teacher. One of things you taught me was that if I thought I was right then fuck the world and go for it. That's what I'm doing. It's the only threat that might work with you."

"Okay you shithead, I'll call Jenny tomorrow morning. Now can we drink a couple of beers and watch my ladies play nude volleyball?"

He seemed come back to normal, not so dangerous. "I would love to stay, but I have to pick up your grandson from after school care. Not sure my heart could stand watching that redhead jump around anyway. How do you do it? At your age, how do you keep up with them?"

"My heart is pure, therefore I have the strength of 10 men."

"Bullshit", John said laughing at me. "No really Pop, how do you keep going like this with your heart problem?"

"Son, the new medicine has given me a new life. It's almost like I don't have the problem anymore. I know; I know it's still there, but I don't obsess about it anymore. My life is so much more fun, what with the money and the ladies that I really don't give a shit how long it keeps on. I just want it to keep on. Every morning I get up and decide it's going to be a good day because I woke up and I'm above ground."

"Okay, I guess that's all anyone could want. Got to go, call Momma please." John waved as he walked back to his truck. A little aside here. When John graduated from high school, Jenny and I told him we would buy him any car (within reason) that he wanted. We put it on hold until he got out of the Navy. He then chose a pick up. The men of my family seem to have a thing about pick-up trucks.

It was too late that day to call Jenny, so I decided to do it tomorrow morning. Bullshit, I was just putting it off because I didn't want to call her at all. My two lovelies called me to come join them skinny dipping. You can't keep you public waiting so I ran and jumped into the pool. I'll let you imagination supply what happened the rest of the evening.

It's mid morning and I can't put "THE CALL" off any longer. John has already called this morning to remind me. I grabbed the phone and called Jenny's number, hoping for a message that she had left town or something.

"Hello?" Jenny answered. She sounded like an old lady. I know she is 63, but she sounded like 103. Her voice was lifeless, like it almost took too much effort to talk.

"Hi Jenny, it's me."

"William?" She seemed very surprised. "I didn't expect you to call me after the last time we saw each other." (I had been very rough on her at the attorney's office when we signed the divorce papers).

"Yes Jenny, it's me. What's this bullshit I hear about you not eating or taking care of yourself?" Being diplomatic is not one of my strong suits.

"It just doesn't seem to matter anymore," she answered. "The company fired me and that took the wind out of my sails. You have been very generous but I need something to keep me going beside money. My work made me feel useful and needed. Now I don't have you or my work. So why bother?"

"You have your son, grandson and your friends. You always wanted to travel; now you can. You have the money and the time. Isn't that enough?" I was beginning to worry about her. I have never heard her so down. "Wait, what do you mean you were fired?"

"They said I had violated company policy. Fraternizing with another employee is against the rules. So they gave me a large severance package and fired me." Jenny started crying. Sobbing really.

"Settle down, Jenny. Quit blubbering. I can't understand you. "Did they fire Henry too?"

"I don't know, they just mentioned him as the employee I was with and rushed me out of the building. I had 30 minutes to clean out my office and get out. After 20 years with them they gave me 30 minutes to get out. Two security people were watching me and walked me out."

I was beginning to smell a rat here. Jenny may not be my wife anymore, but I'll be damned if those assholes were going to treat her this way. (Okay, I know, after her affair I shouldn't care what happens to her. She was my lover, my wife, and my best friend for 30 years and even being the asshole that I am I couldn't just forget that. So sue me, I'm a wimp).

I felt that part of the problem that Jenny and had was the company's lax attitude about the things going on at their meetings. The jerks decided to get rid of Jenny to cover their ass. NOT ON MY WATCH. They were in for a world of hurt and didn't know it yet. It sure is nice not having to worry about a job or money. It would let me go balls to the wall against them. They couldn't hurt me but I could sure hurt them. I will fuck up their world totally.

"Jenny I need you to promise me that you will take care of yourself beginning right now. Your grandson needs his grandma. I am going to look into you being fired and see exactly what is going on. Don't give up. Okay? Will you promise me?"

"Okay William. I promise. I will eat some breakfast, take a shower, and change clothes. Will you call or better yet come to see me, please?"

"I'll drive down in two or three days, Jenny. I have to do some leg work and see what I can find out. Take better care of yourself and I will call you again tomorrow."

After we hung up, it was all I could do to keep from going postal on those bastards at the company. First things first, let's see if good old Henry still works for them. I looked up the number of the company's office and called and asked for Henry Jackson. I was connected to his secretary. So the asshole wasn't fired. Just Jenny was let go.

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