What Should I Do Now
Chapter 1

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My first try at writing. I haven't taken the time to find an editor so I am sure the writing could be better. I would welcome constructive suggestions and how you liked the story. Thanks

This is your "almost" typical story of a cheating wife, an unsuspecting husband, and a decision to be made concerning the marriage. However, there are some circumstances which may not allow me to follow all the so called normal reactions and responses to the affair or affairs. (Who knows how many men or how many times before I found out?) Let me set the stage as to what has happened and ask for your help on what I should do.

My wife (Jenny) and I (William, not Bill or Will, but William) have been married a long time. Thirty years, and we lived together for four years before marriage. Both of us had been married and divorced before we met. I have a son from my first marriage and Jenny and I raised the boy and we now have a grandson.

We are now in our golden years, I am 64 and she just turned 60. Neither of us have movie star looks; Jenny is very petite, with pixie like looks and has the cutest rear I have ever seen and the body of a woman 20 years younger. My wife is precious to me and I think she is the most beautiful women in the world. I love and cherish her and I'm sure she feels the same way about me. It is evident in the way we care for and treat each other. We are best friends and confidants.

So what is the problem, you might ask.

My loving, caring, cherished wife is sleeping with other men. I say men though it might be just one man, the one I caught her with.

Let me give you a little background on myself and what has caused the problems I am facing. I am 64, average height, and a little overweight. I have had a heart condition for about eight years and am on several medications. One of the side effects of some of these medicines is an inability to maintain an erection for very long. We are very loving to each other, with a lot of kissing, hugging and grab ass; but I am unable to perform a good old fashioned screwing. Aye, there's the rub, my wife has always been a big fan of intercourse. So for eight years she has had to depend on some toys (which she really doesn't care for much) and oral gratification. This was fine for a while, but apparently not for a steady diet.

I am sort of retired, I have a small business that keeps me busy 2 or 3 days a week, but my wife is still working. Thank God. Don't know how we would have made it without her excellent salary and health insurance.

The company she works for has meetings at least every quarter, sometimes more, and she sometimes has to travel to the district office for these meetings. She is usually gone just two or three days and will fly out on a Thursday morning and back on Saturday morning.

Once a year, there is a big district meeting, to which the spouses are invited and the company foots the bill. We fly out on Wednesday and return on Saturday or Sunday. Very nice, I go and play golf for two days while my wife goes to meetings. It was at one of the big meetings where I began to notice something was just not right.

After checking into our room on Wednesday, we went down to lobby bar to relax and wait for dinner. The meetings and my golf would start the next day. We were sitting at the bar when one of her co-workers walked up to us. I hadn't met him before as he worked at the district office. He walked behind Jenny and put both hands on her shoulders and began a gentle massage. Jenny leaned forward to remove his hands and said "Henry, this is my husband William. Honey this is Henry Jackson, he is my counterpart at the district office."

Henry is a nice looking man around six feet and 200 lbs and about 40 to 45. I shook hands with Henry and said I was glad to meet him and that Jenny had mentioned what a good manager he was. Henry said "Please to meet you Willie, I didn't realize that Jenny's husband was quite this old; no wonder."

"Excuse me", I said, "my name is William, it was my grandfather's name and I prefer not to disrespect his memory by shortening it, and what do you mean "no wonder."

"Oh sorry, and nothing at all, see you all at dinner" he replied with a smirk on his face.

After he left, I turned to Jenny and asked "What the hell was that about? He treats you like his property by putting his hands all over you, disrespects me and made that comment, "No wonder. What did he mean by that, Jenny? What the fuck is going on?"

A shadow past over Jenny's face and then she recovered and said " Henry was just awkward with people and didn't mean anything and after all he did say he was sorry. His wife didn't come to this meeting and he is just a little lonely. Forget about him and let's just enjoy our drinks and our dinner before going up to our room."

I didn't want to let it go, but decided maybe I was just tired from the flight and was over reacting. However, it kept hovering in the back of my mind. We went up to our room and I gave my wife a sexy massage and ran a hot bath for her. While I was starting her bath the phone beside the bed rang.

Jenny picked it up, and I overheard the following: "What are you doing calling my room and why were you so disrespectful to William downstairs? Yes, yes, I can't wait much longer either, but we have to be careful. I don't want to ruin my marriage so you behave until tomorrow afternoon, okay Henry?"

As she came into the bathroom, I ask "Who was on the phone?" She said it was the front desk wanting to know if everything was okay in the room and did we need anything. Son of a bitch, she lied right to my face, son of a bitch.

"How long are your meetings tomorrow? If you can slip away in the afternoon, I will give up golf and spend the day with you looking around the city."

Jenny answered, "the meetings will go until about 5:00 with drinks and dinner starting at 6:00. Go ahead and enjoy your golf game."

Now I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm not totally stupid and had a feeling there were things going on that I needed to check out. I told Jenny, " My tee time is for 10 tomorrow. I'll eat lunch at the course and I should be back to the hotel between 4 and 5. That will give me time to get ready for dinner."

The next morning Jenny got dressed in a nice business pants suit and as she left for her meetings, kissed me and told me to enjoy my game. Well you know I didn't go to play golf that day. I just left the hotel around 10 and drove around until about 1.

I returned to the hotel and as I walked into the lobby saw a group of my wife's co-workers at the bar. The bar is an oval with service from all sides and I sat in a sort of undercover spot and listened to the talk. I heard their plans for the afternoon.

I also heard them talking about some of the workers having a party in the private room at the hotel's lounge. One guy said they should be more careful as some of them had their spouses along on this trip. One of the other men said Henry had better cool it. Her husband is here, it's not the same as the quarterly meetings One lady said it was different at the quarterly meetings because no spouses came to those and the people could party hardy. Of course I had to check out this private party after the event at the bar yesterday and hearing Henry's name.

I walked into the lounge and went to the door to the private room. The door wouldn't open and the bartender said it was locked for a private party. I walked over to the bar and laid a fifty dollar bill down and asked, "Is there any way that the lock on the door had broken and didn't work properly?"

He just smiled at me and picked up the money. "There's no way that it broke but I'll unlock it for you. Give me 5 minutes."

I got a beer and sat at a table for 10 minutes or so. I don't know how I managed to wait as long as I did, but got up and tried the door again. As I started to enter the room the bartender said "Be careful I heard the guy say he used to box in the golden gloves."

I told him I wasn't going to cause any trouble; I just wanted to check out some things. I slowly opened the door and peeked around the corner. The were three couples in the room in various stages of undress. The couple I was looking for was behind a table in the dimly lit corner.

Henry was sitting in a big chair and Jenny was straddling his lap facing him. She was no longer wearing the pants suit but had changed to a very short skirt and an almost see through blouse and no bra. Her top was almost totally open and her nipples were trying to push out through the blouse. Henry was stroking her breast with one hand and running his other hand up and down her leg, going under her skirt sometimes. A pair of black lace panties was thrown on the table in front of them.

My Jenny, my wife, my best friend, the love of my life and my soul mate was fucking around with another man. I wondered if I was having a heart attack as there was a pounding in my chest and I felt like I would upchuck. I slowly began to feel better, but felt a tremendous white anger begin to surface. I always carry a digital camera on these trips to take pictures of the golf courses I play and had it with me. Adjusting the setting for low light, I took several pictures of Jenny and that asshole Henry. Then I slipped out of the room before they saw me. What do I do now? Should I rush in and confront them, should I wait and get my revenge later? What?

My friend the bartender looked up and said "Sorry dude." "I assume that one of the ladies is your wife or girlfriend."

I asked him when they came in and he answered, "About 12:30 and asked for the private room. They have done this before." He said I looked like I could use a drink and I ordered a double bourbon. He sat it on the bar and said "On the house."

I laid another fifty on the bar and asked "Would you call my room when they leave?"

He slid the fifty back to me and he said he would be glad to. " Went through the same thing myself about a year ago."

I went back to my room to wait and got the call about 4:00 that they were leaving. Time enough for her to clean up the evidence of her "Afternoon Delight" I thought. Jenny didn't see me as she rushed into our room. I was at the seating area of the room which you can't see from the sleeping area. She began to change back into the pants suit that was laying on the bed. I said "Hi Honey, how was your meeting?"

Jenny jumped about a foot into the air. "Oh, you back already" Jenny said. She looked a little flushed and very nervous and tried to hide that she was changing back into the pants suit.

"Yeah, I tweaked my back a little bit and decided to call it a day, but I should be okay by tomorrow" I offered. "I see you changed your outfit, I thought you looked very nice this morning when you left."

"Oh, I spilled something on the pants and changed between sessions. Have you already showered for dinner", she asked.

"Yeah, I'll go down to the bar and wait for you, see you in a bit". I got up and gave her a kiss and started toward the door. I opened the door and remembered I had left my card key on the desk, closed the door and started back into the room when I heard her on the phone.

She was telling someone that I had come back early and they would not be having another drink together liked they had planned, but they could have a few dances after dinner. Opening and closing the door very quietly I went down to the bar and ordered double bourbon and sat at a table.

Jenny came down to join me and we went in to dinner. A few minutes later, my pal Henry walked by us to the bar and got a drink. "Hey Henry, why don't you join us?", I suggested.

He looked a little uneasy, but agreed and sat down at our table. "Henry and Jenny let me show you the pictures I took today on my travels." I placed the camera in front of them and started to scroll through the pictures I had take in the private room earlier. Henry become increasingly disturbed and nervous and got up to leave after the first two or three pictures.

Jenny had her head down with her face cover and was crying and moaning "No, oh god, please no."

Henry then seemed to grow a pair of balls and said "So what, she was there willingly and I don't think you can do anything about it old man."

"Unless you want these pictures to make it to you wife and your boss, you better sit back down, you son of a bitch" I ordered him. "Now this is what is going to happen you piss ant and you my cheating whore of a wife. You are going to tell me all about you two. How long, how many times, where and anything else I want to know. I may be older than you, but I can still take your ass down, shithead. Now start talking."

"Okay, okay. We meet at the quarterly meetings and have some fun and once in a while at the big meetings like this one," Henry offered. "We have been meeting for about a year. At first it was just a few drinks and some light petting, but the last two meetings we have been having sex. J

Jenny sat there sobbing and moaning and didn't look up. She never said a thing, just cried.

"Jenny says she is not being satisfied at home and wants to feel loved again, at least physically," Henry continued. "She's not in love with me or anything and just wants to have some fun and a good time. That is, according to her, come on Jenny tell him."

"You are scum, dickhead," I told him. "A married man screwing around with a married women without regard to who it may hurt. I hope you had a good time, because it's gonna cost you, big time" I said. "IT IS OVER AND DONE". "Understand."

Henry nodded so hard he looked like one of those bobble head dolls. "I said do you understand?" He said he understood and stood to leave the table. I rose as Henry stood up and kicked him right in the balls. He went down like a fallen tree. "That's just a sample of what will happen if you ever see or talk to Jenny again outside of a business situation. I will end your life as you know it. Now crawl out of here, you piece of shit."

One of the women at our table and said "you kick that man in the crotch."

"Yes lady, just as hard as I could and I may do it again in the near future." I took Jenny's arm and pulled her out into the hallway with me. " Did you really thing I was that stupid or so senile that I wouldn't catch on?"

"Oh no, no please god" she cried. "William let me explain please. I love you but I am really frustrated with no sex. The thing between Henry and I was only for the sex. I was feeling old, and worthless. I know you can't have sex with me, but I felt I wasn't attractive anymore and it screwed up my head."

"Bullshit Jenny, it wasn't just for sex. It was a full blown affair with dancing, romance, kissing, cuddling and love making, not just sex, but love making. Honey, in a way, I could almost understand your need for sex. There hasn't been complete sex between us for about 7 years due to the meds I take. But Henry? That low life piece of shit! I can't believe your bad taste."

I stopped to gather my thoughts for few seconds and continued. "What I can't forgive is your lack of respect for me. I mean doing all this at company functions where everyone knows. Then I have to socialize with the same people and not even know that I'm an object of scorn or pity or both. Now I understand some of the looks and comments I got. Jesus, Jenny why didn't you just fucking shoot me."

Jenny looked at me and asked "Where do we go from here? Please I will do anything to make it up to you and show you how sorry I am."

"I don't know where we go from here Jenny, there is a flight back home tonight at 9:00, I will be on it. I know it is important for your job that you be here for tomorrow mornings sessions; but there is a flight out tomorrow at 1:30. It arrives about 3:00 at home. I will be at the airport to pick you up. If you are there we can go home and discuss our problems and see if we can solve this situation."

Jenny started to say something, but I held up my hand to stop her.

"If you stay here with your party pals and are not on that plane, I will pack up and leave tomorrow night and it will be over. Your choice, Jenny. I don't know if I can get around you play time and your disrespect of me, but I am willing to at least talk about your actions and try to figure out what to do about us.

Jenny responded with, "Please William, we can get past this. Just give me a chance.

"Okay, enough talk, I am outta here," I said. "See you tomorrow night or maybe not. Good luck at your dinner tonight and your conference tomorrow. I don't believe you will be doing much dancing with Henry tonight, maybe tomorrow, but I don't think so."

Jenny ran over to me saying how sorry she was, and don't leave, trying to hug me but I stepped back and held up my hand.

"Right this minute, I don't want to touch you, Leave me alone" I told her.

She said "Please don't go, we can go out to dinner and talk later and go home together tomorrow afternoon, please."

"I can't Jenny. If I see that asshole again I might kill him this time. I am very upset with the rest of your co-workers too. A lot of them knew about this and it is embarrassing for me to have to face them like nothing is going on. I'm leaving to catch that plane and I guess I hope to see you tomorrow; I don't know how I feel right now. I only know that I hurt so bad I don't know if I can stand it. My heart is pounding and I so angry I could kill someone."

I left the entry way we were standing in and went to the desk to pick up my bag. The desk had the shuttle waiting and I left for the airport. Maybe the flight would calm me down and allow me to iron things out in my head. No such luck, the more I thought, the more angry I got. If Henry had been on that plane, I would have opened the door and thrown him out. After I finally got home, I had a couple of drinks and thought some more. What should I do?

I have a comfortable live style and that would all change if I split with Jenny. One of the things that contributed to this life style was Jenny's job and the health insurance that goes with it. I could make a living but I would not enjoy my life nearly as much as I did with Jenny. Was that life style that important? My heart was hurting because of Jenny's lack of respect for me and our marriage. Could I get past the cheating and stay?

I was at the airport the next afternoon. Passenger after passenger got off the plane and walked past my viewing spot. The last one off was Jenny. My heart felt lighter when I saw her and then I remembered. At least she was worried about our marriage.

She walked up to me and said "let's go home and talk, we really need to talk." When we got home, Jenny took a shower and then joined me in the family room.

"So what do you want to say Jenny?"

She looked down at the floor and then look up at me. "I'm sorry I hurt you. I didn't want that to happen. In spite of what you think, it was only for the sex. Yes, we danced and partied, but there was no love involved for Henry or me. It was just a good time and a release for me of the sexual frustrations of the last seven years. Before you began taking all those pills our sex life was great. It was loving, exciting, and you would always find little ways to make it better and better." Jenny broke down a little and stopped talking for a minute or so.

Jenny gathered herself and continued, "Then all at once, it was gone. I handled it for six years, but I finally reached a breaking point 2 months ago. It would have been better if I had chosen someone and somewhere else, but it just sort of happened. Again I am truly sorry that you have been hurt. Please forgive me, at least for that." She paused and asked, "What are your plans?"

"I have to leave, Jenny, I can't stay here. You said you are sorry I got hurt, but you never said you were sorry you fucked another man. How am I suppose to live with that? The question is how can I live without you? You have been my live for the last 30 plus years. Now I just have to walk away from all those memories and love. Your actions have killed all the feelings. I have to go or I may die just like those feelings."

Jenny was crying again and said, "Why don't you stay at the house? I will move into the guest room, at least for now. If you leave and file for a separation or divorce, you won't be covered by my insurance anymore. I still love you and don't want you to leave and get sicker without the health care you need. Please stay here, at least for a few weeks."

I thought why should I suffer because of a cheating wife. I had done nothing wrong. So I decided to stay. Things got back to as normal, well as close as they could. We were polite to each other but had very little interaction other than a few necessary conversations.

Jenny moved into the guest room and only came into "my room" to put away laundry and other routine things. We pretty much stayed out of each others way as much as we could. I did start to drink some. Well, not some, way too much. T here were few nights that I was not even close to sober and most mornings I started off with a drink. This went on for about a month, then Jenny asked me to sit and talk with her one night.

"You must stop this heavy drinking." Jenny stated. "It is very bad for you. What are you trying to do, kill yourself?"

"Not really, but why should you care if I do? The insurance would pay for the funeral," I replied. "Then you could play with Henry or any other sex helpers without me around to ruin your fun." I wanted to hurt Jenny for her infidelity.

For the first time since confronting Jenny, I saw real anger cross her face. "You asshole" Jenny screamed at me. " I love you, care about you, and worry about you more than anyone in your life. Ever. If I didn't, I would not have subjected myself to this living hell we are in right now. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why aren't you taking better care of yourself? Please talk to me and explain."

"Okay, you ask for it. The one person in the world that I really trusted, the one person that I loved more than myself, the one person who so much a part of me, just fucked me over big time. I just supposed to accept it and not let that affect me. I CAN'T STAND IT. I am going crazy. Do I stay here because the alternative is I may get sicker and die. Do I do what any man with any pride would do and leave."

I was almost screaming by now. "There are two reasons I am still here. One: I'm more afraid of becoming sicker and kicking off than I am of being a wimp. Two: and this is the most important one, I can't picture my life without you. In spite of what has happened, I still love you and am hoping I can get passed what has happened. That is why I am drinking. It helps numb my brain so I don't see what was going on in that private room. Now no more talk. Leave me alone." I went into "my room" and slammed the door.

Things would have remained the same and I probably would have drank myself into the hospital. I couldn't get my mind around what had happened to my great life, and now it was gone. I guess I would have stayed with the way we were living and not done anything. However, fate, the gods, or the devil decided I hadn't been fucked with enough, so they took a part in my little drama.

Every week I played the Power Ball lottery, just five dollars. I had never won anything at all. Then one weekend I checked the numbers and I won, not just a little prize but the whole shooting match. Four other tickets were sold with the same numbers which meant the winners would share the big prize. My share was 12 million dollars. Holy shit, 12 million dollars.

I could take the cash, would have been about 6 million or a yearly check for about two hundred and fifty thousand a year for 20 years. I put the ticket in my grandson's name and I got my son to manage the money for me. That way it would not be part of a divorce settlement if I decided to go that way. My son wasn't happy with fooling "Mama" but he knew the situation and agreed to my wishes.

This money means I don't have to depend on Jenny's insurance or salary anymore. If I want to leave I can and not worry financially about anything. So, now that I don't have to stay, do I stay? Do I salvage my pride and leave? I still don't know what to do.

What Would You Do Now?

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