My New Old Babysitter
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Justin's new babysitter is his old babysitter. They've both gotten older and have developed new and mutual interests.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Babysitter  

I felt a tickling sensation on my dick as I started to awaken. Kristen was just barely touching the end of my cock with her finger, just a tiny touch.

"Hmm, I just wanted to see how sensitive you were there. I'd say, pretty sensitive. Look, you're hard again. Incredible. Think you can save it until after dinner? Thought we'd order pizza."

"Yeah, if you want."

"Maybe I'll do my special thing for you tonight. Find me some candles, we'll make it romantic, okay?"

"Oh, for sure. I can't wait."

"Well, you'll have to. Save up your cum, I want to see a lot of it tonight."

So, Kristen ordered a pizza and we got dressed for when the delivery guy came. It seemed weird to have clothes on and I really missed looking at Kristen's naked body. As soon as the pizza came, Kristen suggested that we get naked again and we were soon bare as newborns.

I didn't want to seem too eager for our after-dinner date upstairs, but I also didn't linger over the pizza, either.

"Ready for some of my special treatment?"

"Oh, yeah, am I ready. Just look."

"Hard again, or really, still. You just don't get limp. Maybe you will tonight. We'll give it our best shot. Let me get a glass of ice to take up."

So, we went up to my parent's bedroom, Kristen lit the candles, turned out the lights, and asked me to lay down. Of course, not all of me was laying down. She went over to the dresser and got a couple of things out of her backpack; a bottle, a small brush and what looked like a tin of breath mints. She pops one of the mints into her mouth. Wants to freshen her breath, that's nice.

"I want to give you a nice massage first, so roll over."

I turned onto my front and Kristen got up over me, sat on my butt, and began to massage my back and shoulders. God, a beautiful naked coed giving me a naked rubdown.

"Feel good?"

"Mmm, yeah, great."

She did my neck, shoulders and back, then moved around the other way, again sitting on my back, and massaged my legs and butt. If I wasn't so sexually excited, I might have dozed off.

Then, she flips back around, leans down and rubs my back with her breasts, up and down and round and round. Oh, delicious.

"Okay, now you can turn over. Just what you've been waiting for, right?"

"Oh, yeah."

"You look like you're enjoying this," she says as she touches the head of my penis with her finger.

She kneels up over my head facing down my body and begins to massage my neck and shoulders. It feels wonderful but my mind is on how things will feel when she gets further down.

As she rubs down my chest, her boobs keep touching my face and she wiggles a bit each time to brush them across my mouth. She reaches all the way down to my abdomen back and forth as my cock waves in the air, yearning for her touch. As she reaches down, I'm looking up at her pussy just above my head, dreaming about how smooth and slippery she feels inside. And hoping she'll grasp my cock at any time.

But, no, she gets up and scoots down and begins massaging my legs. Oh it does feel good, it's just not my dick, where I want her to be.

"Feel nice, relaxed?"

"Real nice. Yeah, really nice."

"Mmm, this looks all stiff, let's see what I can do with it."

And she finally, finally grips my cock, sucks on it for a minute, then begins to blow on the head. Yes, blow puffs of air, then a steady stream of air like she was whistling or blowing through a straw. It really felt weird, tingly, well, weird, but nice, really kind of sexy.

Then she bends over and takes the head of my cock into her mouth again and very gently sucks on it as she runs her tongue all around the top. Oh, my god. There are feelings and there are feelings. I simply don't have a word for it. Very tingly. She's sucked me before but this seems different, more intense, lively, spiced up.

Then, she raises up and blows on it again, but now it's all wet and gets real cool as she blows on it. Again, a weird feeling, but one that was pretty great. She then bends down low and licks just the underside, right below the head, right were it is so sensitive.

She sits up and says, "Okay, Justin, now, you have to tell me when you're getting close to cumming. You know when that is. I need you to tell me before, before, you cum. Or it won't work. Okay?"

"Oh, I promise. Tell you before, right before. So I don't cum, right?"

"You got it. Now, back to business."

She bent back over, sucked on my tip again leaving it good and wet, then licked the palm of her hand, gripped me with the other hand and began to rub my cock head with the wet palm of her hand, oh, my, wonderful. Did this feel good.


"Oh, way better than nice."

She sucks again, then blows all around. This is incredible. My dick goes from hot to cold to hot to cold. Hot when she sucks, cold when she blows.

"How's that feel?"

"Oh, wild. Hot and cold, it's incredible. The end of my dick is all tingly. It's great. What are you doing."

"An Altoid suck. Strong mints make you get real tingly. I'll let you try it on me tomorrow. I love it. I go through a lot of breath mints, let me tell you."

She begins again sucking me, then blowing on my cock tip. Oh, wow.

Now she takes the bottle and puts a few drops of liquid in her palm, grips my cock and rubs the palm around and around on the head of my cock.

"Oh, my god, Kristen, that's making me go crazy. Oh, that feels so good. You better slow down so I don't cum."

"Okay, good, you tell me, right?"


She slows down what she's doing and I can feel my abdominal muscles relax as she eases up.

She leans over and gets the little brush and begins to brush it around the head of my cock. Well, that got me ramped up again, the feeling was incredible, soft, downy, silky, smooth.

"What is that?" I ask her.

"Oh, my makeup brush. Soft isn't it?"

"Oh, god that's torture, but really great torture. Oh, I love it. Kristen, you are incredible."

"Oh, we've just started. You are gonna cum bigger than you ever have before. Just wait."

I closed my eyes as she continued to brush around my cock, mostly on the head, but also up and down. It was erotic but not so exciting that I was going to cum soon. Just enough to keep me hard as a rock and keep my cum inside. Oh, my, what an experience.

She put the brush down and gets down by my knees and faces the bottom of my dick and gives me a few really good sucks, then starts to lick the underside of my cock right below the head. Oh, wow.

"Mmm, god, that's good. Oh, I'm so hard. God, I want to fuck you, Kristen."

"Oh, you'll have your chance, you'll have your chance."

Then she puts the tip in her mouth and begins to softly suck away. Oh, this really feels good. Yes, I'm getting up there again. Suddenly, she plunges her mouth all the way down, then up and down, more and more. God, she's getting me so worked-up that I tell her I'm getting close again.

"Good, you tell me. I want you to last for a long time. Let's just let you cool off a bit."

She reaches for the glass of ice and takes several cubes into her mouth and swishes them around.

Then, she bends back down and slides her lips over my cock and the cold hits me, sending shivers all around my middle. How do I describe this? Yes, it's cold. But it didn't shrivel my dick like swimming in cold water. Oh, no, it was really sexy feeling. Her sucking really felt good combined with the coldness of her mouth.

"Oh, wow, that's good. The cold makes it feel really good."

She continued to suck me for a few minutes, then got up and got her vibrator out of her backpack and came over, sat down, gripped my cock, turned it on and began to rub it up and down. Well, I never thought a vibrator might be used on a guy, but now I'm convinced. Oh, yes, that was nice.

"Feel good?"

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