Fly Fishing and Catching My Limit

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: A boy goes fly fishing and hooks four 'keepers.'

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

My family always loved the outdoors and, when I was thirteen, we went camping for two weeks at Camp Wishon Campground in the south central California valley foothills. The second day, I was hiking along Hockett Meadows Trail looking for a good spot to practice my fly casting and maybe catch a few fish. The terrain was very rough, broken-up, with jutting rocks, huge boulders and steep sides down to the stream bed.

I finally came to a place where the stream widened out into a beautiful, clear pool. Oh, yeah, trout would be here alright. Just waiting for me.

The downstream edge of this pool was a waterfall with the stream dropping down into another pool below, a perfect place to start casting.

After about ten minutes of casting out into the upper pool, I heard what seemed like laughter, female laughter. Making my way around to the outflow edge of the pool, I couldn't see straight down, outcroppings were in the way, but I could see a towel, pants and a blouse down below.

Deciding to investigate (the truth is, I was hoping to see a naked woman skinny-dipping), I rounded the edge of the canyon and began making my way down the steep, rock-strewn wall.

As I came around the side of a large rock, I was taken by surprise by what I saw. There before me, about ten feet down and fifteen or twenty feet away were four totally naked women. My wish was granted-fourfold! And then...

I slipped and tumbled the rest of the way down, making a very clumsy entrance and rather blowing my cover.

Immediately, all four came running over to see if I was hurt. As I lay there, somewhat bruised and battered, these four lovelies gathered close.

"Are you okay?"

"Anything broken? God, you took a helluva tumble."

"Oh, you broke your fishing pole. Can you move your arms and legs okay? Two of us are nursing students at Porterville College. Let me see your arms."

"You've got a few abrasions and your elbow is pretty scraped up."

"Move your feet. Does it hurt when you move your feet or legs? Arms?"

"No, I'm just mostly sore. I think that's all."

Now, let me tell you, I'm a bit dazed by the fall but I'm really dazed by these four, very pretty naked young women attending me as I stood before them. I was wearing a pair of cut-offs and, as I stood there with two of them looking me over, feeling for sprains and breaks, I, naturally, had the boner of the century. And, also, quite naturally, the other two, standing a bit back from the two nursing students, seem to be aware of my rather rigid condition.

"Well, you seem to be okay except for a some scrapes and bruises. This one on your leg is going to get pretty sore and all purpley tomorrow or the next day. You'll be pretty achy, so take some analgesics like ibuprofen or aspirin. It'll help any swelling, too."

It sure won't help the swelling in my pants, I thought.

One of the girls standing back a bit asked if I wanted to go swimming with them and, of course, I thought that was wonderful and said, 'yes.' Then, I immediately thought, what about this gigantic hard-on in my shorts?

Well, my sudden shyness was quickly trampled by my eagerness to get naked with these four beautiful nymphs, so I pulled down my shorts and briefs, and stood there with my cock at high-mast for all to see. I was trying to be non-chalant about it, just like it was something I did every day but I was probably red as a beet.

One of the girls asked me if I would like a massage to help with the soreness from my fall. Not being crazy, I assented to her offer, a naked girl massaging my naked body while three other naked girls watched was not something I (or any thirteen-year old boy) would or could turn down.

She led me over to a flat place where their clothes were and gently laid me on my back. Well, you know what was sticking straight up, right?

She started on my shoulders, chest and sides, working slowly down to my hips, legs and abdomen, within inches of my very obvious cock. This was heavenly, her soft hands massaging me, relaxing me (well, except for one place) and I had closed my eyes to savor the tactile feeling of her hands on my body.

Then, I felt the most luscious feeling I've ever experienced and it was coming from the tip of my cock. I raised my head, looked down and the girl had taken my cock in her mouth and was gently sucking me into paradise. Oh, my god, this was spectacular. All I could do was moan and lay back down.

When I did, I was staring up into the crotch of one of the other young women who was standing over me and asking, "Have you ever licked a pussy before?"

Her pussy was right overhead and was bare; there was only a small patch of hair above it, the rest was clean. My first shaved pussy!

"Um, no, but I've read about it," I said, realizing that this was a pretty lame answer.

"Well, would you like to lick mine?"

"I'd love it," I answered and she squatted down to within an inch of my face.

"Just use the tip of your tongue and lick the outside part."

All this while I'm getting a mind-blowing suck.

I poke my tongue out and she sweeps her pussy back and forth rubbing her slit against my tongue. The feeling of her soft, plump, damp pussy lips was incredible. I can't imagine that my cock got any harder but it felt like it did.

As she swept back and forth, I was wiggling my tongue around and trying to suck on her at the same time. The girl below was sucking just the very tip of my cock as her hand rubbed up and down on my shaft; the feeling was incredible and the telltale tingling sensation started to radiate outward from where she was sucking.

"Umgh, UMGH, UMGH, umgh, ummph, umph."

The first spurt of my cum into her mouth filled me with a heavenly bliss, just an intense pleasure that swept this thirteen-year old boy away. The wonderful thing was is that the girl never stopped sucking me; she never even slowed down. Oh, wow.

The girl above me whispers, "Put your tongue inside now, as much as you can. Eww, yeah, just like that. Yeah. Mmm."

She moves her feet slightly to widen her stance and her pussy opens as she whispers, "Lick me all around inside, inside my pussy hole." As I did, I could feel the warmth from inside her and she pressed down on my face forcing my tongue further in and pressing my nose against her clit as she wiggles back and forth.

In a minute, she bends down so my mouth is right near to top of her pretty slit and says, "Suck me right there. It's my clit, oooh, yeah, right there. Mmm, you're doing real good. You're a good learner."

I could taste her juices, my first ever, and I was hooked for life. I wanted my tongue in a pussy as much as I could, forever.

"Oh, don't suck too hard. Just lick very light over the top and around the sides. Yeah just like that. Eww, good."

About this time, I could hear the other two women moaning softly out of my view which was made up of pussy lips, anus and ass cheeks. Nice view in my book. Then, as my cock, erect as ever, was still being sucked, it was now being licked like an ice cream cone, then my balls which were then sucked into a mouth and tongued all around. God, am I dreaming all this? Am I going to wake up with white goo all over my pajama bottoms?

"Now, suck me just lightly on my clit. Feel it poking out. Now, lick it just a little bit. Oh, just like that."

Her knees were resting on my shoulders and I felt them begin to tremble and she began to rub her pussy faster back and forth, pressing down on my face as I sucked and licked every time her clit went by.

"Eww, yeah, perfect. God. Eww, yeah, suck me, baby, eww, yeah. C'mon, make me cum. Eww, eww, eww, yah, yah, umm, ewww."

Omigod, I've just given my first orgasm. Well, at least to another person. Wow. She's kneeling down and gives me a big, long, wet kiss as her tongue probes my mouth awash with her juices. This may be the happiest moment of my entire life.

All this time, the other girl is still sucking me and she has my cock deep in her mouth as she begins humming a low note that sends shivers all over me. That was all it took. My cum spewed into her mouth as she kept on sucking, I mean, she never, ever stopped or slowed down at all. Incredible. Humming, who would have thought.

"Oh, you sure cum a lot. You're fun to suck off."

"I can't believe this is happening to me. It's like a dream."

"Come on, let's all have a swim."

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