They're at It Again

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Justin and his girlfriend, Kayla, have a noisy time every afternoon and his sister, Nicole, wants to know what they're doing. She finds out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

They're at it again. They're like rabbits. Fucking away like crazy. Every afternoon. My seventeen-year old brother and his girlfriend. In the next room to mine. Boy is she a screamer. Not just loud, she's pretty slutty when she gets laid.

"Fuck me, Justin, fuck me, harder," I hear through the wall.

"Cum in me, Justin, I want your cum," she yells.

"Suck my pussy, Justin, harder, harder," it echos.

I live in a porn flick every afternoon. Justin and his girlfriend, Kayla, are already home when I get here and they waste no time getting naked and getting at it.

God, I've heard it all, I think. I'd love to be a fly on the wall, I mean, I hear it all but I don't always know what they're doing. I'm just fourteen so I've never done any of the stuff they've got to be doing. Boy, I know they sure enjoy it. That's obvious.

So, after Kayla leaves, I rap on Justin's door and poke my head in.

"Hi, sis, what's up?"

"Have fun this afternoon?"

"Oh, you heard us?"

"Justin, you two would drown out a seven-forty-seven during take-off."

"Sorry, I didn't know we were that loud. I mean, I know Kayla gets pretty excited at times..."

"Uh, I guess. What do you guy's do, anyway?"

"Well, that's obvious, isn't it?"

"No, I mean, sure, I know in general, but exactly what are you doing. I know there's more than just intercourse, right?"

"Well, yeah, you mean you want to know the details of what we're doing?"

"I haven't done any of this stuff and, yeah, I'd like to know. From what I've been hearing, they left a lot out of sex-ed class when I took it."

"Oh, yeah. Sex-ed class, oh I remember it well. Well, forget it. So, you want to know what we're doing in my room every afternoon? Well, it's not always the same things. Why don't you just watch?"

What did he say?


"Sure, I don't mind. Maybe we could fix a peep hole or something. Or you could hide in my closet. Talk about sex-ed class."

"You are kidding."

"No, not really. If you want to know what we're doing, seeing is the best way. Just don't tell Kayla. But I really don't care if you watch us. We really do have fun. Well, you've heard us already."

"You mean hide in your closet and watch you two naked and everything?

"And everything. Sure. Why not?"

Unbelievable. My brother says I can watch him and his girlfriend having sex.

"Do you do oral and stuff like that?"

"Oh, yeah, Kayla loves it and loves to give it. So do I. Sure beats sex-ed class."

"God, I guess."

"Like I said, it's okay with me."

"Um, does your closet door open where I could see everything?"

I really am asking this.

"Good question, let's look."

So, Justin and I walk over to his closet, open it and look around inside.

"I'll clean up some of this, don't worry. Get inside and I'll close the door almost shut. Take a look."

Well, with the door barely ajar, I got a good view of the part of his room with the bed.

"I can see your bed and desk and stuff pretty well."

We are really talking about this.

"You still have that little stool in your room?"

"Yeah, the short one?"

"Exactly. Well, there you go. Get the stool, pull the closet door almost shut and get an education. Oh, and be sure to pee first."

"Justin, you think of everything."

"So, wanna do it?"

Oh, my.

"You really don't care if I see you naked and doing all this stuff?"

"Not really. You might as well learn what I've learned. And you might just enjoy watching."

"Um, well, it would be a lot better than a porn flick. I mean it's live and people I know. I can't believe you don't mind."

"Well, I don't."

"Can I think about it?"

"Sure, sis. But I really don't mind. I know you'd learn a lot more than from school. Just let me know."

Well, there it is. My brother is willing to let me watch as he and his girlfriend have sex. And not just intercourse, the whole thing. I wonder what all they do? Well, I suppose I could find out.

After dinner, I told Justin that, yes, I thought I'd like to watch them.

"Tomorrow, okay?"

"Oh, well, you two get home before I do."

"We could stop on the way home and get there after you do. How would I know if you're in the closet?"

"You do think of everything. Um, I'll hang a pair of your boxers on the doorknob if I'm in there."

"Okay, I've never had an audience before. You have seen a penis before, right?"

"Er, uh, no, not really".

"Um, meet me in my room in five minutes. Lesson number one, what a dick looks like, okay?"

"Uh, okay."

Well, I guess I'm about to see my first boy's penis.

A few minutes later, I go in Justin's room. He's there and asks me to sit down at his desk while he closes the door.


"Yeah, I guess so."

He unbuckles his belt and pulls his shorts down. Directly in front of me is Justin in his Jockeys and there is a large lump in the front. Even I know what lurks inside.

Down come the briefs and out comes this large, pinkish penis that looks huge. It had an dome-shaped cap on the end and it just stood there daring me to look at it.

"Go ahead, you can touch it, Nicole. It's okay."

I watched as my fingers wrapped around it and held it up. It seemed heavy and warm, very warm.

"You must shave down there, you don't have any hair."

"Kayla and I both do. We like it better and I think girls look nicer that way. You get to see their pretty little lips."

"Um, yeah. You're really bigger than I thought. Are you pretty much normal for guys?"

"Kayla says I'm a little bigger but I don't know. Maybe. Go ahead and rub it."

Well, now I was going from looking to rubbing. Here goes.

"Mmm, that feels nice. It's getting bigger, see?"

Indeed, my brother's penis was larger than a minute ago and so were my eyes. I was surprised that I was still rubbing him. I was enjoying it almost without thinking. And, I was finding this to be pretty sexy. My heart was thumping and I had that familiar tingle in my panties that says I'm enjoying this.

"Well, I guess I get to see this in action tomorrow, huh."

"Be sure to take notes, Nicole. In case there's a quiz."

"Oh, funny. I just hope I don't suffocate in there."

"I'll clean out any dirty socks, okay. I'll look for the boxers on my doorknob."

Later, in bed, I furiously masturbated twice. Both orgasms were very nice, I think playing with a penis is pretty erotic stuff. Sure helps.

My day at school was little more than images of Justin's penis in my hand and the titillation of what the afternoon would hold. I couldn't believe that I was going to spy on Justin and Kayla doing all kinds of sex.

When I got home, I looked in Justin's closet. My stool was there along with some hanging stuff that I could kind of hide behind. Was I really going to do this?

I went to pee and change and then hung the boxers on the door knob. I was in.

There was a pretty good view of Justin's room with just a small slit of an opening in the door. Then I heard voices. My heart jumped and I tried to settle down and be as quiet as I could.

"Get naked, Justin, I'm sucking your cock. I've wanted to all day."

"Hang on, hon, lemme get my clothes off."

It seemed like just seconds for the two of them to strip and get naked. Kayla was really very pretty, yes, shaven, and with large breasts, bigger than mine. Probably C-cup, at least., with big brown nipples. Justin is sucking on one and she is rubbing his penis.

God, I'm rubbing my pussy.

Then, Kayla sits down and begins to suck my brother's dick while holding his testicles underneath. Justin is arched back with his pelvis thrust toward Kayla and she's licking up and down the length, then licking around the top end. I can see it pretty well as it disappears into Kayla's mouth.

Two fingers are in me at this point and my panties are wet all over the front panel which is pulled aside. I wish I hadn't worn them, but who knew?

"Oh, god, Kayla, that's so good. Suck me good. Eww, I'm gettin' there."

Then, Justin pushes his hips forward and moans over and over. He must have had his orgasm. Yes, I see some spit or something, cum, probably, running from Kayla's lips.

Justin's penis pops out of her mouth and she takes hold of him and licks around the tip. Well, Nicole, you've just witnessed your first blowjob.

I look back out and Kayla is laying back on the edge of the bed on her elbows as Justin gets down on the floor in front of her and put his head between her legs. I guess it's her turn now. She lifts her legs over Justin's shoulders so his face is pressed right into her love box.

She reaches forward and pulls his head into her and rubs him up and down on herself.

"Oh, suck me, Justin, suck my pussy. Hard."

My brother's girlfriend is not at all shy about what she wants. Modern woman, I guess.

This goes on for about ten minutes as I watch engrossed in the spectacle as it unfolds.

Suddenly, Kayla screams, "God, I'm cumming," and wraps her legs around Justin's head and pulls him tight against her as she bucks her hips up and down. Boy, she sure loves this.

As I watch, she flops back and says, "Just lick me for a while. Oh, Just, that was so good. I feel so good. Are you hard again, honey? Enough for a good fuck?"

"Yeah, pretty hard. Suck me and I'll be ready."

So, Kayla jumps up and pushes my brother down on the bed and begins sucking him like crazy. Her butt is aimed toward me and I can see her wet labia glistening between her thighs. These two are having fun for sure. Justin's right, what a sex-ed lesson.

"Eww, your cock is hard, I want a great fuck, Justin. Fuck me hard, baby. Do it doggie."

She's up on her knees and hands as my brother's cock advances toward her as he crawls forward, Kayla's breasts are hanging down as he gets up to her and I watch as he slides inside and pushes all the way in.

Wow, this is beyond all imagination. He's pushing in and out and Kayla is sawing her butt back and forth in a motion that is giving me throbs in my panties as I stare at the scene ahead.

After a few minutes, Kayla lowers her head down and reaches back under herself with one hand and it looks like she's rubbing her pussy as Justin fucks her or she's rubbing her clit. I can't really tell from here. Probably clit.

Her butt is going round and round, her tits are swaying back and forth and Justin is going in and out in long strokes. Almost all the way out, then all the way in. I am hot and sweaty just watching all this. Well, I do have two fingers inside and I'm rubbing my clit with my other hand. I can hear my heart thumping as I watch the wild scene unfold in front of me. Boy, is it hot in here.

"Fuck me harder, Justin, harder, deeper, push."

I can tell that Kayla is pushing back on my brother and he jabs forward deep into her. I may have an orgasm before they do. And I can't afford to make any noise.

"Eww, that's good, push, fuck me. Oh, god, I'm cummminggg. UNGH, UNGH, unghh, unghh. Oh, oh, mmm, mmm. That was so good. God, I love fucking you."

Justin is still pumping away, this is crazy, me sitting in the closet watching a porn flick take place.

Pretty soon, Justin starts moaning and making noise and erupts in a loud orgasm of his own. When he pulls out of Kayla, she flops down on the bed, turns over and my brother falls on top of her.

What I have watched is amazing. If they ever showed something like this in sex-ed, the kids would go nuts. I love the feelings when I masturbate but what I've seen this afternoon is that those feelings are nothing to what they were having. When they had orgasms, they were gut-wrenching, top of the mountain kinds. I've never seen anything like it, ever.

Talk about sex-ed. No wonder people did this. Whew!

I wore a watch so I could tell the time but there wasn't enough light to see, so I sat tight as they fooled around a bit more. Pretty soon, though, they got up and started getting dressed, still fooling around a little kissing and groping but in a few minutes, I was left alone in Justin's closet.

I waited a bit longer and, just about the time my bladder was at high-tide, eased the door open, took my stool and tiptoed to my room and off the the bathroom for a long, happy pee.

Flopped on my bed, reminiscing about the wild show of the afternoon, my head was spinning and my body was churning. My hand was in my panties and my eyes were closed reliving the orgy in my brother's room as I heard, "What did you think of us, Nicole?"

Jerking my hand out of my shorts, I sat up as Justin came into my room.

"Learn anything, sis?"

"Omigod, you two should make porn movies. Kayla really goes crazy. And you, you, really, um, well, I have a rather different view of my brother now."

"Yeah, Kayla sometimes gets pretty wild when she cums. And she loves to fuck. She loves everything, really."

"Does it really feel as good as it looked like? I mean you two really looked like it felt wonderful."

"Oh, Nikki, there's nothing like it. Doing it by yourself is okay, doing it with a girl, well, I mean, someone else, that's just another thing all together. No comparison."

"Boy, she sure likes it when you give her oral sex. That looks so hot!"

"You've never had it, I guess. Every girl I've known loves it, many better than screwing. Oh, you'll love it when it happens."

"Yeah, but it isn't happening."

"Well, find a guy, sis. I can tell you that it's better than you ever imagined."

"You could do it. You know, to me."

"Geez, Nicole, do you really mean that? I'm your brother."

"Justin, I know who you are. Can't you just think of me as a girl? If I took my clothes off, you'd see that I'm also a girl."

"Yeah, I know you're a girl. You're really a very pretty girl. Um, beautiful, really. You really want to do this?"

I had sat through a wild sex session of my brother and his girlfriend and had seen what people really do when they have sex. It's pretty hard to be disinterested after that.

"Justin, think about what I saw you two doing. Do you really think I could watch that and not want it for myself?

"Here, I'll show you I'm serious," and I began taking my clothes off.

"Geez, Nicole, are you sure about this?"

By now, I was pulling my panties down.

I looked his right in the eyes and said, "What do you think?"

"One thing I think is that you look beautiful. I knew you had grown up a lot but you look beautiful. God, you're sexy."

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