Amanda Gets What She Wants-her Brother, Kyle

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2009 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Amanda finds a sex video of her brother and his old girlfriend and it gives her ideas, fun ideas for them both.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

I was home alone and bored so I began rooting around my brother's room (Aren't sibling's awful. I'm sure he's been through my panties and bras; turnabout is fair play.) and I find a DVD under a bunch of stuff at the back of a dresser drawer. It's unlabeled, which adds to the mystery, so I take it and pop it into the computer and begin to play it.

Well, it turns out to be a vid of my seventeen-year old brother, Kyle, and his old girlfriend, Melissa. Didn't look like much ... day at the beach, dance at school, you know. So, while I searched his room further, I let it run. I didn't turn up much else of interest and went back to the computer to eject the disk.

Fucking! They're fucking! On camera! God, they're naked and he's fucking her right here in his bed, right in this very bedroom. His dick is going in and out of her pussy. Yow!

I hit 'STOP' and back it up to the start of the "Rated X" part. Melissa is in front of the camera and she begins taking her blouse off, then her bra. Out fall her very large breasts (C- or D-cups, I'd guess, they're big) and she lifts them up like offerings to the camera. Boy, she had big ones.

Then she pulls her skirt down and stands there in panties moving her hips from side to side. Wow! Now, off come the panties and she tosses them to the camera and a hand reaches out from the camera and catches them. Next, she sits on the bed, spreads her legs far apart and the camera comes in close. This is like a porn flick.

She has shaved her whole bikini area and has puffy round lips between her legs. Next. she reaches down and takes hold of each side and pulls her labia apart. Somehow, the camera gets even closer, almost inside. You can see up her vagina and all.

Boy, my brother is something. He's taped them doing sex and I'm here watching it. And, yes, it's turning me on. Wouldn't it turn you on?

So, the camera sits down and from the side appears my brother ... naked. Actually, you saw his dick first as he walked into the picture. I can report to you that his dick preceded the rest of his body by more than I expected. Kyle has quite a sizable penis, of course, it would be pretty hard under the circumstances (I'd never seen one erect before and had only see little boy's ones but had seen some porn so I had an idea, but Kyle's was pretty large from my vantage).

God, I'm watching my brother's cock bounce up and down as he approaches Melissa. He's rather a hunk, actually, and, yes, I'm rather warm and moist down below. What a show.

Okay, okay. What I decide is to make a copy of the DVD, one for my very own. A girl needs a nice porn video even if it's of her brother. And I can watch it any time I want.

So, I make a copy before I view the entire video and carefully put the original back where I found it. I'll watch the rest when I have more time.

On Thursday, I had the house to myself again, so I popped the DVD in and forwarded to where I'd left off.

In the video, Kyle gets between Melissa's legs and begins to kiss and lick her all around. Whew, this was steamy stuff. I was wet already. There's a close-up of his tongue poking into her.

Then, he stands up and she begins kissing and sucking on his dick. She takes nearly all of it in her mouth which, I think, is quite a feat. Her head is bobbing back and forth and one of her hands is under his penis playing with what looks like must be his testicles.

She lays back and the camera is now being hand-held again as she puts a finger in her opening, then two. She's moving these in and out and looking directly at the camera with this hot, seductive look pursing her lips and all. Then, she takes her fingers out, licks her fingers, then holds the penis that comes into view and leads it directly into her pussy and we see the dick moving in and out at rather close range. It is all very wet and gets me the same looking at it.

Do I need to say this is one hell of a turn-on. Watching my brother fuck his old girlfriend. He sure looks like he knows what he's doing. And, he's definitely more man than boy, if you know what I mean.

I turned fifteen about six months ago and have certainly entered an age where I think about sex almost all the time. All my girlfriends talk practically nonstop about guys and sex (except for Roberta Kelly, who is really geeky) and some of them have very active sex lives. Most are pretty quiet about what they're doing but I have a few friends that will go on and on about a certain guy's dick or how he can give them so many orgasms by tongue or how they just love to suck cocks all the time.

Me, I'm a virgin and haven't even touched a guy's penis, though watching Kyle's in the video makes me really want to. And his looks so nice; long and with a chubby pink end. And it really sticks out. I guess they all do when they get excited. His certainly should be excited at this stage.

They continue screwing with his dick going in and out as he's rubbing her breasts. I've got my hand down in my panties and push two fingers inside and begin to get off. Boy am I wet. Drippy. Turned on. Hot.

If it had been just porn, I would have watched it and probably gotten pretty steamy doing it. But seeing my own brother, naked, cock out, and fucking a girl, his dick going in and out of her pussy, in close-up, of all things, was really sexing me up.

Right about the time I had an orgasm, Kyle pulls out of Melissa and begins to masturbate. Weird, I thought. He's fucking, which must be pretty nice, then goes to jacking-off, which he can do anytime by himself. Maybe he wasn't using protection and wanted to pull out before he cummed. He kept masturbating until big spurts of semen flew out and landed in Melissa's face. She seemed pleased by this. Strange.

In fact, she was happily licking his cum off herself like it was a reward or something. Seems to me a condom would let you cum inside her where it would feel best. That's how I would want it. Inside me, deep inside me. Oh, I could feel it. My brother's cock deep inside me. I just kept on masturbating as I watched what looked like a new and different video session with my brother and Melissa.

In this one, Melissa was on top (That looked like fun.) and then they were doing it with her on her hands and knees with him behind her. That's 'doggie-style, ' I think its called and that looks like fun too. Whew, I was rubbing in and out and all around while I was watching my brother, Kyle, with a new and different interest.

He would be fabulous in bed. God, I'm thinking about my own brother. Wasn't that wrong? But, look at his dick going in and out of Melissa's slit. Oh, are they having a good time. Better than good, it appeared.

Well, I watched that DVD for several weeks and it changed the way I now looked at my brother. I kept peering at his crotch for signs of that nice, pretty cock I knew was hiding inside his pants. I even made sure he got a glimpse of my boobs a few times and payed particular attention to the reaction it created in his pants.

Now every time I watched the DVD, I saw my brother fucking a girl and it was not Melissa, but me. I simply saw me under him or on top of him or sucking him or saw me being gone down on. I just mentally edited Melissa out and put me in.

I simply couldn't masturbate often enough to be even near satisfied. I wasn't just watching some remote porn star, it was my brother, naked and fucking, and I saw him all the time, his bedroom was next to mine, and that dick was right next to my room. Every time I saw him, I could see his handsome cock. This was very frustrating to live with. I was horny all the time. All the time.

Okay, I'm not going to let this go on any longer. I want him fucking me. Yes, fucking me like he did his old girlfriend. I've watched every move they made over and over and I want it to be me he does all that to. And I want to suck his pretty cock and make it cum.

So, the next day after school, I went in the bathroom, stripped naked and shaved my bikini area. I wanted to be nice and soft and smooth for Kyle. After shaving, I rubbed on a generous amount of skin lotion and got myself in the mood by rubbing it in very thoroughly, you know what I mean.

I put on a pair of very short shorts (Yes, no panties, if you must know.) and a cut-off tee (No bra, like that?). If that doesn't get him interested, then he's dead. I look in the mirror and I look hot, very, very hot. Yes, fuckable. Just what I want.

So, I walk downstairs and Kyle is at the kitchen table eating a sandwich.

"What's up, Amanda? Mmm, you look good. What happened to the kid sister I used to know? Wow, I like the look."

"The kid sister's grown up and I'm glad you like the look."

"Well, you turn me on, for sure."

"Yeah, I can see you have the typical guy's reaction in your pants, Kyle."

"Amanda, you are so sexy looking, you'd give a telephone pole a hard-on. You sure don't need a bra on those pretty boobs of yours. They're just perfect."

"I'm glad you like 'em," I said as I lifted the tee up to give him a peek then lowered it back down. "Pretty, aren't they?"

"Oh, sis, you can just take the tee off and walk around the house like that. You should show off those beauties."

"Good idea," I said as I pulled off my top.

I can tell you that I've spent many hours before a mirror looking at my breasts. In the last two years, they've grown nicely and I fill a B-cup right up. I'm fifteen-years old and they're perfect. Not small, not real big. No sag, none. They just point straight out and up a little. They're pointy with pink nipples that are very sensitive surrounded by puffy wide circles. I couldn't have any prettier boobs. They're perfect and my brother was the first guy to see them. Lucky him.

"Oh, Mandy, they're perfect. Just perfect. So pretty and firm and your nipples are excited, aren't they?"

"Yeah, they're lots bigger than usual. But then I'm not usually showing them off like this."

"I know how to make them bigger."

Hmm, that's interesting.


"Sucking them."

Okay, now, we're getting into some stuff that I watched him do with Melissa. I moved toward him, put my hands under each breast and asked, "Any preference?"

"Not really, I'll get to both," and he leaned forward to touch my right nipple with the tip of his tongue. As I watched, it sent a little sexy jolt through me.

I gazed as his lips widened and he pulled my nipple into his mouth and began sucking as he massaged my other breast. The feeling was wonderful and I was breathing harder and could feel my face get warm. My nipple had never felt so alive as he sucked in pulses which sent jolts right down to my pussy. Oh, this was nice, very nice.

As he sucked, his hand slid down from my other breast, along my stomach, to the front of my shorts. As good as his lips felt, I was very aware of his other hand moving toward the bottom of my shorts. He started to rub the front of me along my slit which, surprise, surprise, was very wet.

Then, I realized, he was pressing a finger up under the hem and on to my wet lips. Oh, that was electric. He rubbed a bit more then I felt his finger begin to slide along my slit and go in a bit. About then, he began sucking my other nipple and moved his finger a bit deeper.

Nothing had ever been inside me other than my own finger (well, maybe two or, sometimes, three), a toothbrush handle and my hairbrush handle. Oh, and a zucchini that was just the perfect size when I helped Mom put away the groceries. Yes, of course, I washed it before putting it in the fridge later that afternoon. Now, I was getting Kyle's finger in me and I liked it. I really liked it.

I spread my legs apart to make it easier and he went in further sending jolts up my body.

"You're really nice and wet. Does this feel good?" he asks as his finger goes up a bit farther.

"Oh, yeah, it feels wonderful. Let me..." and I pulled my shorts off and kicked them aside.

"Oh, Mandy, you have the prettiest pussy. So nice and plump and those lips are to kiss," and he knelt down and kissed me right in the middle of my slit and I felt his tongue push in ever so slightly. Oh, wow! He's kissing my pussy. What if he wants to eat me? I've heard girls talk about it and all and they seem to be turned on by it. Some girls talk about it all the time. And Melissa sure loved it, she screamed a lot.

"Here sit down, Mandy, right on the edge," he said as he knelt in front of me. "You have a beautiful pussy," he said as he spread my knees apart. He placed his tongue on my inner thigh near my knee and began to lick in circles moving closer and closer to my pussy. As he neared, my heart began to race and my breathing quickened. I was watching him as he kissed and licked nearer and nearer to my slit.

I could feel myself getting very warm all over, especially my face which felt like I was on fire. Each lick sent shivers through me and as he finally got his tongue to my opening, I flinched and said, "Stop Kyle, please stop."

"I'm sorry, Mandy, are you alright?"

I sat there with him looking up at me from between my outspread legs, my pussy bared to his face.

"It's just so exciting. I felt like I might faint or something. Just let me come back down to earth for a minute, okay?"

"Sure, Mandy, sure," he said as he reached up and gently rubbed my breasts.

"I'm sorry, its just so exciting. I want you to do it, just give me a minute. And, this is nice," I said as I put my hands over his rubbing my boobs.

"I think I'm okay now," I said as I opened my legs as far as I could. He started back just an inch or so from my opening and was soon licking me up and down my wide open labia. I have never had anything feel so good, so very, very good. I put my hands on his head and pulled him into my wetness and he began to flick his tongue in and out of my widened lips.

"Oh, Kyle, oh, that's so ... mmm, mmm."

His mouth was wide open and began sucking as his tongue ran all around my ecstatic love box.

"Oh, Oh, I'm ... OH, I'm cumming, oh god, I'm cummmm ... mmm, mmm, mmm".

I wrapped my legs tightly around his head jamming his mouth into my pussy. I really never wanted to let him out from between my legs but I knew he had to breathe.

"Oh, Kyle, that was so good. Thank you, I never knew it could be that good. Oh. Getting kissed there is really exciting, more than I ever thought."

"That's your first time with oral?"

"Yes, but it won't be my last. That's for sure. God, I love it."

"Want some more?"

"Really, you'd do that?"

"Mandy, you have a beautiful and sweet little pussy. I'd love to do you again."


And he got back down between my legs which I widened eagerly and he began kissing and licking me. My pussy was drenching wet, I'm one of those who get very wet when aroused ... and I was aroused, for sure.

"Oh, god, I just cummed and this feels wonderful again, just as good. Oh, Kyle, don't stop. Mmm."

Well, he didn't stop and I had another orgasm. I've joined the millions of females who love to be licked and tongued to orgasm. My brother told me he'd only met one girl that didn't want him to go down on her. He convinced her to let him just lick around her pussy. You guessed it, she wanted his tongue as far inside her as he could put it. Since that time, he said, she always wanted oral sex first, it was her favorite. Oh, I see why.

This second orgasm was almost as strong; god, I love oral sex.

"What about you, Kyle? You must be hard as a rock. Do you want me to do anything?"

"You mean like a handjob or a blowjob?"

"Um, well, maybe the first one? You know, by hand."

He said okay and that he was getting naked like me was and I said, "Mmm, good, I want to see your body, especially your, you know."

"It's a dick or cock, Mandy and here it is," he said as he stepped out of his shorts and briefs.

Kyle was hard as a rock, maybe harder.

"Oh, wow, your really big and it really sticks right out. I'm gonna touch it, okay?"

"It won't break, go ahead."

"Eww, it jumps when I touch it. Does it hurt at all when it swells up and you get hard?"

"Well, do your nipples hurt when they get hard?"

"No, they feel good."

"Same thing with dicks."

I was now feeling his cock with both hands running my hands all over up and down.

"It really feels neat. Really sexy. Hard and soft, both, and warm. The end is so soft. Would you like for me to do it until you cum? You know, a handjob?"

"We'd need some hand lotion and a towel, guy's get kinda messy, you know."

"I'll get it," I said and came back and put lotion on my hands and began pulling on his dick like doing a tug of rope with both hands, hand over hand. Kyle put some lotion on his hands and began to rub my breasts.

"Mmm, that's nice. How am I doing?"

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