Chapter 1: Brandy Goes to College

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Brandy Goes to College - We're not in Kansas anymore! Transgender romance blooms for Brandy when she leaves home for college life. Assigned a room at the freshman boys' dorm, Brandy always knew she was supposed to be a girl, but she never knew it would be this much fun... and complicated!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   TransGender   Interracial   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   School  

The first thing I did when I got to college was change my name. Not my official name, that would have been kind of hard, but my real name. The one everybody calls me by. I could change that one easy enough, and so I did.

"Hey there. Freshman?" the guy asked me and he was older, in his forties I'd guess, and holding a clipboard.

"Hey!" I smiled back, lugging my suitcase in one hand, a cardboard box bound with cord in the other, and a backpack over my shoulder. I was a long ways from Kansas.

"What's your name?" the man wondered, giving my armload a little smile.

"Brandy," I decided, letting go of everything and brushing my brown hair out of my face. I was pretty certain I was a mess right then, but two days on bus will do that to a person.

"Brandy?" he blinked and gave me a quick look up and down. "Okay, you don't seem to be on my list..." he said slowly, not bothering to look at it. "Do you have your letter?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "Um ... here ... someplace, uh ... yeah..."

"Brandon Stanley Cooper," he cleared his throat, reading my letter from the student registrar that assigned me to the dorm. "He's on my list."

"I go by Brandy now," I shrugged, biting my bottom lip. "Is that okay?"

"Sure, Brandy," he chuckled, "I guess so. Welcome to Hereford Hall. You're upstairs, second floor. Room 212, okay?"

"Great!" I smiled and I liked the way he said my new name.

"There's an orientation package on your bed, make sure you look through it..."


" ... I'm Mister Kline, but just call me Jim." He held out his hand. "I'm the guy who makes sure you don't burn the place down."

"Oh!" I giggled and nodded quickly, putting just my fingertips in his grasp and the man grinned at that, giving them a gentle squeeze.

"This should be interesting," Jim said. "If you need anything, Brandy, let me know."

"Okay." I agreed happily and I was Brandy now.

The second thing I did, after getting my stuff upstairs, was dye my hair. I unpacked just enough to find the Ash Blonde hair coloring I'd bought at a drugstore along the way. I wrapped myself in a towel and went to the community bathroom.

"Hi," a boy said, or a young man really since he was eighteen or nineteen probably, like me.

"Hi," I smiled at him, kinda looking at him sideways as I had my head in a sink right then. My hair was long, below my shoulders anyway, and boring brown. It was the worst hair in the world and had nothing whatsoever to do with my bright blue eyes. I was fixing that though, or trying to anyway.

"Uh ... What are you doing?" the boy asked me, standing at a urinal with his back to me, obviously, just like my ass was pointing at him and I noticed he'd noticed, so to speak.

"Dying my hair," I giggled. "It's hard though."

"Oh, yeah," he said, "I guess so."

"There, hmmm..." I straightened back up, just because I did have a sense of modesty and my towel, being wrapped around my chest didn't cover a whole lot of thigh as I was bent over. My hair was wet enough anyway.

"You're not in room 214 by any chance, are you?"

"No, uh-uh," I shook my head slightly, "I'm in 212. Why?"

"Just wondered," he said and I saw his right arm moving as he gave his penis a little shake.

"I'm Brandy."

"I'm Stu," he said, zipping up and turning around. "That's uh, a girl's name, isn't it?"

"Yeah," I smiled, showing the boy the tip of my tongue. "Let's see, mix solution A with solution B in the applicator bottle..." I frowned, " ... adding four ounces of warm water ... Oh, this is hard!"

"What color is it?" Stu asked, giving me a little grin.


"I figured," he chuckled.


"Here, let me help." Stu stepped close and I read the instructions while he did the mixing for me.

He was pretty cute and taller than my five foot four by a good six inches probably. Stu had short black hair and clean skin and soft brown eyes. Yeah, definitely cute, especially when he smiled.

"Can you do it for me?" I asked him, "I mean, put it in my hair so I don't mess it up?"

"Sure, yeah," he nodded, shaking the plastic bottle up. "I have three sisters; I've seen how they do it."

"An expert!" I giggled and he might have blushed, just a little.

"Nah, I wouldn't say that ... Let me see..."

I stood there in my towel while Stu colored my hair, being slow and careful and wearing some little plastic baggy gloves that came with the kit. A couple other boys came in at odd intervals, giving us some looks maybe, but they didn't say anything about one boy coloring another boy's hair. I think it made Stu a little uncomfortable though.

"Is that it?" I asked him, "Go ahead and use it all. I wanna be really blonde!"

"There isn't much left," Stu chuckled, but he went ahead and put every drop in my hair, getting that nozzle down to the roots and giving me a little scalp massage with his fingertips. That felt really good.

"Oh, do you think it's blonde?" I asked, looking at myself in the mirror as Stu took off the gloves.

"Well, you have to wait 'til it works, Brandy."

"Yeah, I guess so," I nodded, but I was a little concerned because my hair still looked brown, but it was wet too.

"It says let it sit for at least twenty minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Don't use any shampoo," Stu read. "The longer you let it sit, the more blonde it gets."

"Hmmm ... I'm gonna give it an hour."

"An hour?" he laughed. "You don't want your hair to fall out. Give it half an hour, okay?"

"You think? Okay," I shrugged, smiling at him. "Thanks for helping me."

"Anytime, Brandy." Stu was smiling too, sort of standing there like he wasn't sure what to do next and I felt my tummy tightening a little. "I guess, um, I need to go unpack my stuff. I'll see ya later, huh?"

"Yeah, okay," I nodded. "I don't have to wait in here, do I?" I giggled and followed him out.

Stu went to his room and I opened the door to mine, which was right next door, giving the boy one last look before I stepped into my new room and then...

"Hi!" I blinked with surprise as there was a naked man in my room.

"Hi, uh ... Oh..." he blinked right back at me and he was kind of a big guy, like muscular big. I noticed that right away, believe me!

"I'm, um ... Brandy." I had to think about it for a heartbeat.

"Brandy?" He looked me up in down as I stood there. "I'm Keith. I guess, we're ... roommates?"

"Are we?" I giggled nervously. "Okay, I mean ... yeah, alright ... sure..."

I was trying really hard not to look at his cock because it was really big and not even hard. It was hanging there between his thick muscular thighs. Like, God! It was six inches long at least and fat! Big hairy balls too, sort of hanging there, well, that's what balls do, but I mean, they were just ... hanging there! And he had stomach muscles, real abs and a smooth chest with muscles there too and small dark nipples and a handsome face and I was kind of dying, actually.

"Uh, oh..." he laughed and started pulling on a jockstrap of all things. A white jockstrap with a ribbed pouch and thin stretchy bands that went between and around his thighs and waist.

"Sorry," I blushed and not really knowing why I was apologizing, except I'd been staring and we both knew it.

"I'm just going out for a run," Keith said, as if he needed to explain to me for some reason. "I was sitting on that plane for six hours, you know?"

"Yeah," I nodded sympathetically. "I took a bus. It was terrible."

"I'm here on a baseball scholarship, how about you?"

"They have scholarships for baseball?"

"If you're good at it," he smiled. "Yeah."

"I'm..." I shrugged, " ... I'm just sorta ... here, I guess."

"I guess so," Keith laughed lightly and he had his shorts on now and a t-shirt too.

"I'm just gonna..." I looked at my stuff sitting on the floor near my unmade bed, " ... unpack."

"Cool." He was pulling up some socks.

"Where are you from?" I wondered. "I like your accent."

"West Virginia," Keith said. "How about you?"

"Kansas," I told him.

"Great," he nodded, putting on his shoes and I was still just watching him. "Well, I'll see you in a little bit."


After he was gone I realized that my little cock had been hard and tenting my towel something terrible. I blushed furiously at that, even though I was alone then, and considered moving to someplace in Africa where Keith would never, ever see me again. I was seriously humiliated and not even knowing about it had been the worst! He must have thought I was really dumb, standing there with my wet hair and my little white towel and my raging hormones. God! I wanted to die.

I didn't though, instead I unpacked a little, watching the clock closely and waiting impatiently for that half hour to be over so I could rinse my hair. I hoped it was really blonde because I thought that would look so much better than boring brown. I'd always wanted to dye my hair, but my parents never let me. It was hard enough convincing them to let me grow it out like I had. Now they were two thousand miles away though and I could do whatever I wanted!

The first thing I unpacked was the suitcase. My clothes. Mostly they were boring ugly boy's clothes, but at the very bottom, underneath all that junk, I had my real clothes. The ones I'd kept a secret for so long. I wasn't gonna have any secrets anymore. I'd already decided that and if I could call myself Brandy, well, I could look like a Brandy too! So, I pulled out the three pairs of panties I owned, my one bra, my only dress and a pair of nice sandals.

It wasn't much of a wardrobe, I admit, but it was a start and considering I'd managed to get that stuff and keep it all through my senior year in high school, that wasn't bad. I'd come from a very small town and without any brothers or sisters, my mom and dad had given me a lot of attention. Too much attention really, and I'd picked my college based on distance from home as much as anything else. The University of North-Western Washington was a small one, but about as far from Kansas as I could get and still speak Americanese.

Forty minutes after Stu had finished with my hair, I was in the showers. Community showers with one big room tiled in blue. Shower heads lined three walls and there was nobody else there but me. I didn't take too long anyway, or I wasn't going to, but then a couple guys came in and so my shower took a little longer than I expected.

One was a black guy and we didn't have any black people in my hometown, but I'd seen them on television before. The other boy was white and they were talking and friendly. Roommates from what I could gather, and as they took off their towels and got under their respective showers, I smiled and tried not to stare.

Unfortunately, I'd never seen a black penis before and I found it sort of interesting, but only because it didn't look much different than a white penis. In fact, the young man himself looked just like anyone else, except he was black and I hardly noticed that after a minute or two. He was handsome too, they both were, and watching those two guys lather themselves up with soap was making my tummy tingle.

Especially when the black guy started washing his cock and balls and he was right across from me too, just six feet away maybe. He had soapy hands, like a white froth in his big fist that he worked back and forth along his cock, stroking it slowly like he was jerking off. I swallowed hard, washing my own body for the fourth or fifth time as that black penis began to grow, getting noticeably longer and thicker, standing out from the man's firm body so that it curved downward. His balls were big, hanging low between his ebony thighs and seeing that dark skin glisten like wet chocolate...

My little pink cock was getting hard and I knew it, but I couldn't help watching the guy. Only reluctantly did I turn away from him finally, just to avoid further embarrassment. He didn't pay a lot of attention to me, but I caught a little smile on his face that made me feel hot all over. I faced the wall and closed my eyes and tried counting to ten and thinking of my mom's meatloaf, which I never really liked very much. I knew the black guy had noticed me watching him, like how could he not? The white guy had noticed too and I could hear them talking softly, but not to me. Probably about me, I decided, and that's when I left.

I'd only been at college for about an hour and already I was figuring out that this place was going to be really hard on me.

There wasn't anything I could do about that though. I'd made up my mind and as soon as I was safely back in my room I frowned at my stiff penis and gave her a little slap. "Bad cocky!" I whispered, "You better be nice or we're gonna be in trouble!" Of course slapping her only made my cocky happy. It's weird the way that works.

I dried my hair thoroughly and then stared at myself in the mirror mounted to my dorm room wall. Someone had put a little sign there, like a bumper sticker, that said, 'Look Your Best, Be Your Best!' and I smiled at that because I looked great! My hair was golden! Soft long golden blonde hair, sort puffed out like a damp bed head at the moment, but I soon brushed it out and then it was nice. I loved my new hair and with my bright blue eyes? Oh! It was perfect!

Along the way to college I'd found some makeup too, new stuff that I'd bought on the bus ride in the towns we stopped in. Not a whole lot, but enough, and I was looking forward to making myself pretty. I'd been playing with makeup since I was about six years old probably, thanks to a babysitter I'd had named Denise. She and her friends would watch me sometimes and they always liked putting makeup on me. I didn't mind, not like some boys apparently. Denise told me she liked sitting for me the best because I never complained. She wanted to be a beautician someday, like her mom, and so she practiced on me a lot.

My dad complained though, believe me! So I had to play makeup secretly or I'd get a butt whipping! Now I could do it all I wanted though and so I did! I have a pretty face anyway and not just a pretty face for a boy, but a pretty face for anyone. It's rather heart-shaped like my mom's, and I have a pouty little mouth and a pert little nose above that. My looks had gotten me in some trouble growing up, but I'd never been beaten up or anything, just teased a little by my friends at school. They told me I shoulda been a girl which always made me feel pretty special, especially when we were alone and I knew they meant it.

None of the guys would admit it, of course, but the truth was that I'd had five different boyfriends during high school. I'd even had two at the same time for awhile in eleventh grade, but they hadn't known about each other. It was always a pretty serious secret and I could understand that. I didn't want to be called a cocksucker or anything, even though that's what I was doing every chance I got. I liked being special and my boyfriends liked the way I made them feel good.

Anyway, I used some violet eye shadow first, not a lot, but enough to make my eyes really pop. Some mascara for my lashes, which are long but awfully thin. I like them a little thicker, you know? A little rouge on my cheeks and some 'Passion Red Moisture-Rich Covergirl Super Gloss' lipstick for my lips. That stuff had to be good!

I stroked the back of my finger under my chin, but there still wasn't any hair, thank God! Not a one and the only places I had any hair at all was on my head and around my cocky, but I shaved that every three days or so. My legs never got any hair and neither did my chest. I plucked my armpits with tweezers every night, cause it was easier than shaving and it helped me fall asleep. Yeah, I was smooth all over pretty much and that was nice.

My Adam's apple was small too, which was way cool. You wouldn't even know I had one unless I tilted my head up and stretched and swallowed and then maybe you could see a little lump there. Probably not though and I wondered if my neck wasn't mostly girl anyway, since my voice hadn't ever cracked, like gotten deep or anything. I had kind of a high pitched voice and I was a good singer too, which had made me popular at church. Mrs. Elston told me I had a voice like an angel and she would know, since she'd been the choir leader for about a hundred years or something.

"Oh!" Keith stopped short when he opened the door to our room and saw me standing there.

"Hi!" I smiled at him and I was dressed, thank goodness.

I had my baby blue panties on and my white bra too. Over those I was wearing my yellow sundress, a thin cotton dress that was perfect for the late summer heat. It had blue trim like my eyes and fit me nicely, showing off my narrow waist and hips, my smooth tummy and pale legs from the knees down. I needed to work on my tan.

"Brandy?" Keith asked and I giggled.

"Yeah, it's me," I nodded beneath all my brand new blonde hair. "Do I look okay?"

"Yeah..." he said, making it sound like that was the dumbest question he'd ever heard in his life.


"You look..." he narrowed his eyes, " ... Are you a boy?"

"Not really," I shrugged.

"Uh, this is weird," Keith decided, finally coming into the room and closing the door.

"You're not gonna be ... mad?" I swallowed hard because I knew being queer could hurt and I didn't want any of that. "Are you?"

"Mad?" He shook his head.

The boy was hot and ruddy with his recent exertions, damp with sweat too and I could smell the dark stains on his t-shirt. A rich, thick smell. A man smell and it seemed to wash over me, and my heart was picking up speed quickly as I just stood there breathing it.

"Okay, good, cause, um ... I'm pretty much gonna look like this all the time, you know?" I giggled nervously.

"Really?" Keith grinned and then cleared his throat, "I mean, sure. Okay."

"I'm kind of gay ... too," I said, just in case he hadn't figured that out yet and Keith was the very first person I ever told, I mean, without sucking his cock first. "But not really gay, cause ... I'm mostly a girl."

"Right, uh-huh," Keith nodded slowly and he looked a little uncomfortable with my admission.

"I'm gonna go shopping." I smiled at him. "Pick up some ... things. I'll see ya later, okay?"

"Yeah, Brandy. Okay." Keith scratched his head and he liked me, I thought. I hoped so anyway. "See ya later."

It was pretty fun walking around the campus and I was pretty glad that orientation packet had a little map, or I'd have been totally lost. That university was big! I mean, for being a little one like it was. There were a lot of people too, a lot of guys, even though classes weren't really starting for a few days yet. The place was definitely filling up though and I was smiling back at them as we passed. All those guys, I mean, because they'd smile at me first. They didn't know I was a boy, obviously, and I'd spent my whole life practicing for this, getting read to be a girl in public. I was only a little nervous and that passed pretty quickly. I'd never had a problem with confidence, at least not after I'd made up my mind about something.

"Hey! You need a ride?" Some boy was riding alongside me on a motorcycle, going slowly while I walked. He had to zig-zag a little or he'd fall right over, I bet.

"Hi!" I grinned. "No, I'm okay."

"You're better than just okay. Are you sure?" He was nice looking too, with kind of long black hair and a little beard thing going. "I'd love to give you a ride, baby!"

"Uh-huh!" I stuck my tongue out at him. "Maybe next time."

"Give me your phone number then."

"I don't have a phone," I offered him a little pout. "I just moved in."


"Hereford Hall," I said. "You know where that is?"

"Hereford? That's the boy's dorm."

"Yeah," I shrugged, "that's where I live."

He took off then and I sighed, but you have to expect that sometimes. Not everyone understands how a boy can be a girl too.

I bought clothes, which was fun, and I really needed them too. It was so hard making up my mind though! God! I spent like three hours shopping and by the end of it I'd bought just two skirts, a pair of pink denim shorts, a couple blouses, and a new bra, really cute and lacy. Some new panties and a pair of stockings too, tight fishnet and black, and that was so cool I needed a cool pair of shoes to go with them. So, I bought some leather heels, nice ones with open toes and ankle straps, and a pair of baby blue Skechers with pink laces. They were seriously cute and I figured they'd go good with my shorts.

I wanted to get more stuff, but I was worried about spending all my money. I'd spent almost thirty dollars on a little pink nightie at the last place, a lingerie store. That seemed like a lot, but it was so cute and it came with a matching thong, all pink and lacy. I had to have something to sleep in though! But I had spent a little too much probably. Still, that was a pretty good shopping trip, wouldn't you say? I couldn't wait to get back to my room and try it all on! I wondered if Keith would be there and I sorta hoped so, like he could tell me if I'd bought cool clothes or not. That was the problem with shopping by myself, I always had those little doubts, but nah ... I was pretty sure I'd picked out some nice clothes. This was great!

Keith wasn't there and it was almost dinner time anyway, so my little fashion show would have to wait. That was good though, because I was hungry and the dorm had its own kitchen and a cook to go with it, which was sweet! She was an older woman, like from Haiti or someplace, really black and kind of round, but boy! Her kitchen smelled good!

I walked in wearing a brand new skirt, a red one that hugged my thighs and especially my firm round butt. It was cut mid-thigh and I'd been tempted to put my stockings on with it, but that was probably a little much for dinner at the dorm. I settled for some black lace panties and my new bra, with a new black blouse over the top. It wasn't silk, but it looked like it, really soft and shiny like it was wet. I thought that was cool and black looked good with red, like I was kinda dangerous!

There were about a dozen guys in there, fixing their plates and talking, getting to know one another. It was loud and kind of chaotic and the woman, whose name was Marie Faberge or something French like that, was giving the boys a hard time about making messes and keeping her kitchen clean and not eating too much. She was like everybody's mother all of a sudden and it was kind of funny actually. I liked it ... And then they were all really quiet.

"Hi," I smiled and my tummy flip-flopped cause those twelve boys and one old woman were staring at me.

"Hey Brandy," Stu was there at least and he nodded when he saw me. He smiled too, looking me up and down, and I bit my lip so I wouldn't blush.

"Brandy?" a boy asked and there were some whispers and looks, and some confusion, I could tell.

"I'm, uh, in room 212," I said, just so they wouldn't think I was visiting or something, you know. Like think I was some girl who'd walked in off the street for a free meal.

"This is the boy's dorm!" a pudgy looking boy blinked at me.

"She is boy, dopey," a guy next to him said. "Right?"

"Yeah, um ... sorta," I shrugged, "but mostly I'm a girl so ... I'm just me!"

"Are you a fag?"

"Yeah," I nodded at the tall skinny young man who'd asked me. "I'm pretty queer, but it isn't really my fault or anything."

"Don't ask questions like that," a thicker guy whispered to the skinny guy.

"Why?" he whispered back.

"Cause it's not nice," I heard someone else say and I smiled.

I actually had a nice little dinner once we got settled down. The boys were all nice to me and if they were nervous at first, half an hour later, by the time they were used to me, we were smiling and laughing and just having fun. I think they sort of forgot I wasn't a girl, some of them anyway, and a couple of those boys were giving me a lot of eye contact, you know? It made gave me goose bumps and I was smiling a lot.

"Oh!" I blinked at the television as I walked into the smallish TV Lounge, which is what the guys were calling it.

There was a separate recreation room, with an old pool table and a dart board and tables for studying and playing games or whatever. That was where the vending machines were too. Another room was called the living room because, well, it looked like a living room. It had some nice furniture and a bookcase and it was good for relaxing and reading, and if someone's parents stopped by, the living room was the best place to sit and talk with them, or so I imagined.

But the TV Lounge was the room most guys liked to hang out in. The furniture there was old, but big and comfortable. There was a television and DVD player and the stereo was in there. Someone had hooked up an Xbox earlier, I'd noticed, and the guys had been playing with that. It was noisy in there, or had been that afternoon, I should say. But about a half hour after dinner was finished, it was almost quiet and I could see why.

Three of the guys were watching some kind of porn movie on the television. They were grinning at each other and talking about the action on the screen, sounding like little kids with a dirty magazine, I thought, rather than college men. I stopped short as I entered, just standing in the doorway, and I felt my face redden as some big titted blonde was sucking a very long and thick cock. She was noisy with it too and the room was filled with the sound of her wet, sloppy efforts to take as much of the guy into her mouth as she could.

"Uh ... Brandy," one of the guys said and I thought his name was Glenn, but I'd met so many so quickly it was hard to remember.

"Hey Brandy," another boy said slowly, glancing from the television to me and back. He looked kind of guilty, like he'd gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Hi," I said softly and I thought I should just turn around probably. I'd never seen a porn movie before, silly as that sounds maybe, but it was true nonetheless. I wasn't sure I wanted to see one either.

"You want to watch with us?" the third boy asked and his name was Carl and I'd noticed him noticing me during dinner. He was large in an athletic sort of way and he looked good in his t-shirt and jeans, really good.

"I don't think so," I cleared my throat and glanced over my shoulder. "I should go upstairs and..."

"There's room here," Carl's brown eyes seemed to twinkle and he was smiling at me, patting the sofa cushion next to him.

"Hey, we got some beers too," Glenn nodded, keeping his voice low as he held up a smallish green bottle. "You want one?"

"No, I better not," I giggled and turned around. "I'll see you guys later."

"Bye, Brandy ... Bye ... See ya..." the guys were saying and they almost sounded a little disappointed, but I was pretty sure they didn't want a girl hanging out with them while they watched porn. Not even a girl like me. I'd never been interested in that stuff and watching other people have sex didn't sound really appealing to me.

It wasn't very late, but it had been a long day and while I didn't feel tired, I knew once my head hit my pillow it wouldn't be long before I was asleep. I was sitting on my bed, wearing my pink nightie and my brand new thong, when the door opened and Keith came into our room. I was brushing my hair, sitting cross-legged with my arms up and he looked surprised to see me.

"Sorry," Keith said, looking at the door as he closed it. "I should have ... knocked maybe..."

"It's your room too," I smiled at him. "You don't have to knock."

"Yeah, but..." he licked his lips and I brushed my hair slowly, feeling my nipples getting warm and the satin was rubbing them nicely as moved my arms.

"Do I make you nervous?" I asked, frowning then. "Like this, I mean? I can change if you want. Wear something else or..."

"No!" he said quickly and a little louder than he probably meant to. "That's, um ... You're fine ... like that."

"Okay," I nodded and smiled again and he was standing there like he didn't know what he was supposed to do.

"I just never saw a girl like you," he said. "You're ... You look beautiful and I'm a little ... nervous."

"I am?" I giggled and looked down and I felt my cheeks getting warm. "Thanks."

"Yeah, you're welcome," Keith cleared his throat.

"You don't have to be nervous though," I said, dropping my hands to my lap and I could feel my small cocky all hard and trapped in my thong. "We're just roommates, right?"

"Yeah," Keith nodded. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" I laughed at him and didn't wait for an answer. "What do I have to do to make you not nervous?"

"Uh ... what?" Keith smiled at me.

"You know," I shrugged. "What does a girl have to do to make you relax?"

"Oh," he lifted his hands and shrugged. "I don't know..."

"I have an idea," I said softly and I swallowed hard, feeling my heart stutter. "Do you want to hear it?"

"Sure, yeah," Keith was looking at me. "What's your, uh ... idea, Brandy?"

"Well..." I straightened my legs carefully, making sure my nightie stayed down because I had a damp little tent in my panties by then. "Why don't you sit down..." I slid off my bed and stood slowly, smiling at the man. "Right there on your bed ... Come here..."

I reached for Keith's hand and pulled him towards his bed, and he was smiling and giving me a little look. Like, what was I doing? And I didn't really know for sure, but I knew what I wanted to do. I urged him to sit on his mattress so that he was looking up at me and then I was getting on my knees in front of him.

"Brandy..." he said softly. "What are you doing?"

"You need to relax, right?" I looked up at him, putting my hands on his muscular thighs and stroking his legs. "I just want to help you, okay? Let me help you relax..."

"Oh ... Brandy, um..." Keith licked his lips as my hands moved up his thighs and towards the inside.

"Shhh..." I whispered as my fingertips reached for the bulge trapped in his jeans. "I'm gonna make it better for you ... Just let me do it..."

I rubbed Keith's cock through his pants and he didn't stop me. The man just watched, smiling and breathing slowly as I undid his jeans, unsnapping them and then lowering the zipper. I didn't have to ask Keith to lift himself off the bed, he did it all by himself, and I pulled his jeans down to his knees. I had to remove his shoes and socks, and then I had his pants off and I was reaching for his boxers.

"Maybe we shouldn't..." Keith whispered.

"Why not?" I asked him, pressing my hand to the thin cotton that separated me from his obviously swollen penis. "It's okay. No obligations, alright? I just want to do this for you and you don't owe me a thing, I promise."

"But..." Keith blinked rapidly as I pulled his boxers down and his meaty cock sprang out to slap his hard stomach, leaving a faint wet spot on his t-shirt.

"Oh!" I smiled up at him. "You have a really big dick."

"Brandy..." Keith almost laughed and his erection was pretty good sized. I don't get into the whole measuring thing, but I know a big cock when I see one and Keith's was big.

"Just relax now," I told him. "I'm going to make it feel real good."

I took his cock in my hands and my fingers barely wrapped around the hot, heavy shaft. He was circumcised and the head was smooth and shiny with precum as I began to stroke Keith's penis slowly, taking my time as I worked both hands up and down the length of him. I loved how silky the skin felt, and how strong and rigid that love muscle was underneath it. His cock seemed to grow even larger and harder until it felt like I was massaging a steel rod and I could see the veins becoming prominent along the darkening shaft.

"That feels so good, Brandy," Keith whispered and he was leaning back on his arms now, just staring at me as I gave him a gentle hand job.

"Yeah," I sighed happily. "I like it too. You have a great cock."

We didn't say anything for a few minutes and I was jerking the boy off, using the precum spilling from his cockhead to lubricate my hands. Keith was leaking a lot of the stuff and he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit when I'd rub my fingers and palm over the glans, playing with the swollen head of his dick, and then sliding my wet fingers back down the shaft. My left hand went to his balls and they were proportional to his cock, believe me. Keith had big testicles in a loose, wrinkled scrotum covered with soft, black pubic hair. I loved his warm ball sack and I played with the skin, pinching and tugging at it playfully before I found his testes. I caressed them carefully, rolling his balls with gentle fingers while I kept stroking his throbbing penis with my other hand.

"Jesus ... Brandy," Keith breathed "You're going to make me cum if you don't stop."

"That's the idea, silly," I giggled and licked my lips.

My nipples were so hot that they felt cold, almost painfully, and my girlish cock was as hard as she'd ever been in my life. It was throbbing and begging for some relief, but I ignored my selfish desires. I focused all my attention on Keith and making his cock feel loved with my hands. I was doing this for him, to show him that we were going to be okay together. I wasn't going to be his girlfriend after this, just his friend and roommate. But if he wanted to be more than that...

"Oh ... that's ... yeah, Brandy ... like that..." Keith was nodding and his eyes were closed until he'd remember to open them so he could watch my hands working his cock up and down. I was turning my wrist so that my hand would work around his penis, wanting to let him feel the pressure of my hand everywhere. I made a circle with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand, near the base of Keith's balls, and I pinched him there, cradling his testicles with the rest of my fingers and palm as I tugged at his soft sack gently.

"Do you like this?" I breathed and I'd brought both hands back to his cock, encircling the thick shaft and squeezing and relaxing my fingers while I pumped his dick. I leaned closer and just teased the man, pursing my lips like I was going to kiss the head of his cock, but I just blew my hot, humid breath over his sensitive skin and smiled as his body shivered slightly at the sensation.

He was so close to cumming that I could feel his rapid heartbeat through the swollen muscle trapped in my small fists. Keith's cock seemed to throb and I could feel his turgid flesh tighten, the muscles beneath his belly contracting so that his balls were drawn upward for a second. Keith's face took on a look of utter joy when his orgasm finally arrived. He gasped and groaned, arching his back as his cock began to cum fast and hard, spraying his creamy load into the air. He'd been trying to hold back, but I'd brought the man off and I moaned with the pleasure of watching Keith cum for me.

The first spurt was the best, jetting explosively out of his cock before falling onto my hands and wrists. I didn't stop either. I didn't even slow down as Keith ejaculated quickly. I kept stroking his cock and working his hot semen around the shaft. There was a lot of it, much more than I expected, but he was a big man and his balls were heavy with sperm. Keith's orgasm was much larger than mine usually were and it lasted for half a minute or a little longer, the spasms weakening and slowing down. The smell of his musky sperm assaulted my nose pleasantly and I had my mouth open, panting for air, and I imagined I could almost taste his thick seed on my tongue.

"Oh, God ... Jesus ... Brandy," Keith was smiling and nodding his red face at me.

His breathing was ragged and the man's orgasm was a real mess, covering my hands and his still semi-hard cock. Some of it was on his t-shirt and even on my bare thighs as I knelt between his legs. I kept my hands on his dick, massaging him gently while Keith regained his breath and there was still a small bit of semen leaking from the tip. I squeezed his cock and pulled on it, milking every bit of cum from Keith that I could.

"Let me get a towel," I told him and then giggled and stuck out my tongue at him. "Don't move!"

"No..." Keith laughed weakly. "I'm not going anywhere."

I cleaned him up with one of my towels, but Keith really needed a shower because he was going to be pretty sticky when his cum started to dry. But I managed to get most of it and I sat back on my heels, smiling up at the man.

"Feeling any better now?" I asked him.

"Much, yeah," Keith nodded. "Thanks, but ... you didn't have to do that."

"I wanted to," I said. "I don't mind. Whenever you get too tense, you know..." I giggled and my face was flushed, but mostly with pleasure at the way he was looking at me. "That's what roommates are for, right?"

"Uhhh..." Keith chuckled. "I don't think too many roommates give hand jobs to each other, Brandy."

"Well," I shrugged and scrunched my nose at him. "I do ... So, you're lucky you got me, huh?"

"I think so," he agreed softly and cleared his throat as I stood up slowly. "I better take a shower and ... Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I nodded and folded the dirty towel carefully. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"I just..." Keith glanced at my nightie, at the place where my cocky was hard and trapped beneath it, safely held by my thong.

"No," I shook my head and my voice was gentle. "I'm fine. You don't have to worry, okay? I told you, no obligations."

"Yeah," Keith swallowed hard and nodded.

I knew he almost wanted to do something for me, to make me feel good in return, but he wasn't ready for it yet. He was a real man and Keith had never done anything with another boy. He'd never known a girl like me and it was just going to take some time, I thought. One step at a time and Keith would be thinking about that hand job for a long time. He'd remember how pretty I looked on my knees and how good my hands felt wrapped around his big cock. He'd liked that a lot and soon enough he'd want more. All I had to do was be patient. Boys are so predictable.

It was hard for me to let Keith go, I have to admit that. My little cocky was begging for attention! While Keith was in the shower, I unfolded the towel I'd cleaned his sperm with. I pulled up my nightie as I lay on my bed, spreading the towel over my tummy, messy side up, and I jerked off quickly, closing my eyes and remembering what I'd just done for my roommate. It didn't take me but half a minute before I was cumming hard, shooting my own girlish sperm onto the towel to mix with Keith's.

I'd needed that cum so badly and I was lifting my butt off the bed as my balls emptied. I had a big orgasm too, by my own modest standards, and afterwards I licked the sperm from my fingers as I caught my breath. I bunched up the towel and licked that too, having wanted to taste Keith's musky cum ever since it had erupted from his beautiful cock. It was cool now, and stained with mine, but I could taste him anyway and I smiled as I savored the man on my tongue. I couldn't spend too much time doing that, since I didn't want Keith to catching me licking sperm off a towel, that would have been pretty embarrassing. But it was enough to keep me satisfied ... barely.

I snuggled under my cool sheets and hugged my pillow, smiling in the dark as I waited for sleep to take me. "My first day of college," I sighed and it had been a pretty good one, I thought.

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