Chapter 3

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Can a cheating wife be forgiven? How far will she go to gain foregiveness? This was intended as a stroke story, but the charactors took control! Additional story codes to be added.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   Swinging   Orgy   Slow   Violent  

Saturday night was hell. At least on Friday I was exhausted enough to get some sleep. On Saturday, every time I closed my eyes brought back the vision of my wife on that hotel bed with that asshole behind her, fucking her, driving his cock into the woman that was the center of my world. Sleep was impossible.

I started having more thoughts of inadequacy. Had I driven her into the asshole's arms? Was there something lacking in me that made her seek satisfaction elsewhere? Why would a successful, apparently happily married woman have sex with another man? I knew that we had had little time together recently due to the demands of the ongoing projects at Churchill Aviation. We had both been traveling a lot, and when we had both been at home last week we had barely had time to grab clean clothes or toiletries for another round of business travel.

The last time we had actually had sex was almost three weeks ago. I had just returned home from demonstrating the new avionics at the Army Aviation Center at Fort Rucker, Alabama. It had been a long week of lectures, meetings, and demonstration flights for the instructor pilots who would be training the aircrews on the new system.

Gloria was just coming out of the shower, having arrived home before I did. As soon as I got in the door, she had grabbed me, dragging me into the bedroom.

Giggling, she had pulled my dress shirt open, sending the buttons flying across the room. Next she attacked my belt buckle and the little metal clip that held the top of my pants closed. With my pants opened, she reached inside the fly of my boxers and wrapped her soft, cool fingers around my already hard shaft.

My wife had tugged on my cock as she leaned back onto our bad. I followed, pausing only long enough to strip away the large bath towel she had wrapped herself in after her shower. Falling between her open thighs, my cock was already aligned with her soft, wet opening. In one smooth motion I was buried balls deep in her clasping pussy, arms around my neck, her long, elegant legs around my hips.

She pressed her lips to mine, her tongue seeking mine as I started to slowly and gently pump my cock into her welcoming wetness.

Tearing her lips from mine she breathed into my ear."No! Not slow ... fuck me ... fuck me hard and fast". She then fastened her mouth to my neck and sucked hard on my skin, urging me on by thrusting her hips back at me to show me how she wanted me to fuck her.

Since it was in perfect agreement with my own wishes, I had no problem acceding to her demand! Pulling my hips back until just the tip of my cock was lodged between the soft, wet lips of her cunt, I slammed back into her, repeatedly. This was a pretty normal occurrence. Whenever we had been apart in the past, Gloria had wanted a hard fucking the first time we reconnected. And with all the traveling we had both been doing, most of our recent chances had followed this same formula.

I kept pounding my cock into her forcefully as she panted and moaned into my ear."Oh, God, Jack it feels so good! Don't stop. Keep fucking me!" Gloria was always vocal when we made love, and she always appeared to make sure I knew she appreciated me. We fucked for twenty or thirty minutes, and She seemed to really enjoy it. After she climaxed a couple of times I shot my load into her. We stayed coupled as we kissed and caressed each other until my now soft cock slipped out of her and I went to shower. Later I came back to join her in bed and we made love again, this time at a more sedate, but no less passionate pace, finally falling asleep with her auburn curls resting on my shoulder.

Early in our marriage I had a problem with premature ejaculation. I would get so excited that I would cum within a few seconds of penetrating my sexy wife. Fortunately, I could recover fast enough that I would be Able to keep on fucking her, nonstop. After that first orgasm I was able to just keep on thrusting without ever going completely soft. This had always bothered me greatly, but Glory never mentioned it, so I just continued to slide in and out of her. It would take long enough for me to reach a second climax that she usually was able to come with me when I shot for the second time. If we decided to go for a second round, I would be calm enough to hold off for a bit and insure that she was as satisfied as I was.

That continued for the first couple of years of our life together. Eventually, I learned enough control to hold off my climax. That provided a great boast to my self confidence and certainly made sex more enjoyable for me. I'd like to think it improved Gloria's enjoyment as well, but after the events in Dallas I was wondering if she had been faking it for ten years. If she had to seek satisfaction with some asshole, did it mean I had not been able to please her?

Recollection of our last time together had me searching my memory for any clues I might have missed that could point to her dissatisfaction, or provide a motive for her cheating. As much as I examined my memory, I could not find any specific indications of unhappiness or anything that would indicate she felt anything but love and for me and for our union. Was I missing something? There had to be a reason. A supposedly faithful wife didn't just decide one day to cuckold her husband, did she?

I tossed and turned all night, never getting more than a short doze before the image of my wife in the arms of another would intrude on my dreams and I would wake up in a cold sweat. It was a long, long night.

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