Surviving the Plague
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2008 by Southpark

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - How does one survive the end of civilization? Homage to one of my favorite authors, Stephen King, and one of my favorite books, "The Stand." Slow story to start, codes will change and be added to, and we'll see where it leads...

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Slow  

Josh blinked when he heard the scream. He wasn't sure exactly what he had just heard, only that there was something that was out of the ordinary. His gaze focused for a brief second, before returning to the blank look he had just moments previous.

As he walked around another groups of cars smashed together, he heard the scream again, louder and longer than the previous one. Stopping, he raised his head, before tilting it to one side, as if processing the sound to figure out what the origins were. Another scream penetrated his consciousness, causing his adrenal gland to dump its load into his bloodstream. Suddenly, his heart rate shot up, his breathing increased, and his awareness peaked for the first time in days.

Crouching, Josh looked around to make sure he wasn't in any immediate danger. Hearing the scream yet again, followed by some unintelligible words, he focused on where he thought the sounds eminated from, before taking off at a dead run towards it. No thought behind it, just the instinct to help someone who seemed desperately in need.

As he cut across the interstate, dodging cars and jumping over the guardrail, he half skipped-half slid down the embankment towards a residential area in the town of Wellesley. As he made his way closer, he heard the scream several more times, finally approaching a gas station when he heard another scream.

What greeted his eyes caused his jaw to drop. There was a lady perched atop one of the gas station pumps, and underneath her circling was a fox. It was definitely rabid, and was trying to jump and scale the pump to get at the woman, who screamed yet again.

Josh reached for his handgun, a glock he recovered from a policeman that was dead in his car, before pausing and considering the wisdom of firing a gun at a gas station pump, albeit one that had no power. He wasn't sure if there'd be residual gas in the hose or housing that might ignite from a bullet hitting it, then decided that if he didn't do something quickly, it'd be a moot point for the woman he was trying to help.

Running quickly, he angled himself so that the gas pumps wouldn't be in the path of the bullet ... if his aim was true. Crouching down, with his weight on his right ankle and his left leg forward for maximum stability, he fired 3 times as the fox rose up again to try and climb the gas pump. The woman screamed again, hearing the unexpected sounds of a gun being fired, just as the fox fell to the ground, twitching slightly before lying still.

Breathing quickly, the man rose up from the kneeling stance he was in, and approached the fox slowly, keeping the gun trained on it the whole time. Once he was within 5 feet, he fired another round into the fox's head, making sure it was down for good. The lady screamed again.

Josh finally took a good look at the woman. She looked healthy, which was a good thing, considering the state the country was currently in. She also had a very pretty face; a small button nose on a rounded face with a narrow jaw and chin, framed with curvy blond hair, and peeking out from under her hair were eyes that were a startling light blue color. Those eyes, however were wide and staring, and currently staring at him.

The staring continued for another few seconds, before the woman leaped from her perch atop the gas pump directly at Josh. As she tackled him, her arms went around him, and the force of her blow drove him into a grassy patch directly in front of the gas station. As it were, he was lucky that it wasn't concrete that he landed on, but nevertheless the wind was driven out of him.

"Oh my GOD! I thought I was all alone in the world! After that plague that killed everybody, I haven't seen anybody in months!"

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