Rae Goes for the Money
Chapter 2

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Sex Story: Chapter 2 - She wanted to spend more than he made so he told her to get a job.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slow  


Rae's words bounced around in my head as I drove home:

"I thought it would be a kick to have Jimmy pay me to let my own husband fuck me."

Was that an admission that she was fucking for money or was she jerking my chain? And if she was selling herself, what did that say about me? The thought was certainly on my mind the first night I saw her go into the privacy rooms with Jimmy and Billy and yet when she came home I had fucked her until I was exhausted. The very next night I had sat in the back of the club and watched as after each dance set she had gone into the privacy rooms with somebody and that night again I couldn't keep my hands off of her.

My next thought was mind boggling - at the cheapest rate (according to what Rae had quoted me, two hundred for a blow job) she had made at least a grand that night. No wonder she always seemed to be able to go out and spend to her hearts content.

She was waiting for me in bed when I got home. She was naked except for her high heels and she was running a finger in and out of her pussy.

"Hurry up sailor, Miss Marla's pussy is hot, wet, and hungry for a cock."

For the third night in a row I could not keep my hands off her and finally we both fell asleep exhausted. I awoke with a warm mouth on my cock and I looked down to see Rae looking up at me. As soon as she saw that I was awake she stopped sucking and climbed up and sat on me. She looked down at me:

"So baby, how do you like being married to a whore?"

I looked up at her face and was silent - mostly because I couldn't think what to say.

"Come on baby, tell me what you're thinking. You know what I'm doing when I go back into that room. I'm a slut, a whore, and I love it. Come on baby, talk to me, talk to your whore. Do you like fucking me when I come home after fucking strangers?"

I twisted my body and rolled on top of her and started slamming my cock into her.

"That's it baby, fuck me, fuck your slutty wife. Harder baby, fuck me harder" and I pounded into her as hard as I could and when I came I collapsed on top of her, rolled of and started up at the ceiling.

"Why? Why are you doing it?"

She came up on an elbow and looked at me:

"Because I love it baby. I love it and I just can't seem to get enough cock. No matter how much I get, I always seem to want more."

I asked her how long she had been doing it and how she got started and she told me the story.

She had gone out and got the job with a telemarketing firm and for three months she'd sold time-shares in condominiums over the phone. One day she had was called into the boss's office and he had asked her if she would like to make twice as much money for doing the same kind of work. Naturally Rae was interested and when she'd said yes he had handed her a script and asked her to read it out loud. She read it to herself and said:

"I can't read this to you, I'm a married woman."

He had explained to her that she didn't have to mean it, just sound like she did. She was hesitant, but eventually he had talked her into doing it.

"Oh God, you have me so hot that I wish you were here so I could suck your cock."

The boss told her that it wasn't bad and to try it again putting emphasis here, lowering her voice a little there, and after a half dozen tries he said:

"Good! I think that's got it. Let's field test it" and he dialed a number. "Morty? I think I've got something here. Give a listen."

He handed the phone to Rae and told her to read the line just the way they had settled on to the guy on the phone. She did and so started her career as a 900 number girl - "I'll suck you dry. 99cents a minute, call 1-900-760-SUCK. Must be 18 or older."

She was a natural at it and there was a by-product - she got so horny talking to the callers that she came home and took it out on me. A couple of months went by and the boss called her into his office again. He had a couple of friends that he used as quality control. They would call in acting as customers and see how the girls were doing. One of them had called in and had talked with Rae and her voice had, as he had put it to her boss, made his spine tingle and he wanted to meet her. When Rae had looked confused her boss had said:

"What he wants is to have sex with you."

Rae had gotten indignant and her boss had told her to calm down, "I'm not saying that you have to do it and your job doesn't depend on it, but most of you girls are here for the money and George gave the last girl who tingled his spine a thousand bucks for six hours of her time. You do what you want to do; all I'm doing here is passing on information."

Rae agreed to meet the man for coffee; they met, talked, and the next day, which was her day off, she spent from noon until ten that night with him. He was partial to blow jobs and she had sucked him off several times, fucked him several times and had come home with twelve hundred dollars in her purse. She had enjoyed it so much that when George had called her two weeks later she had done it again. For the next two months she had seen George once every two weeks or so and had never left with under a grand in her purse.

"And it wasn't just the money baby, I was loving the hell out of the sex."

One night when she had gone to meet George there was another guy there and George told Rae that the other guy, Tony, wanted to offer her a job at his club. She talked with Tony and decided to take the job and before she left she had fucked both of them several times and had come home with fourteen hundred dollars. She gave her notice and her boss had tried to talk her in to staying with him, but she had made up her mind. He told her he was sorry to lose her and had been so nice about it that she had given him a blow job and then fucked him on his desk.

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