Neighbor Girl
Chapter 7: Shower

Copyright┬ę 2008 by JackBro

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 7: Shower - He meets a single neighbor woman likes to act out the scenes from her CFNM videos

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Masturbation   Exhibitionism  


"What the hell?" I questioned as I stood naked in the bathtub and worked the faucets. First the cold water and then I tried the hot. Neither worked! The faucets produced no results.

"What's the matter?" Katie questioned from the other side of the door.

"Water's out!" I informed her. "We might have a break. It's probably the City!"

The lack of water did not come as a total surprise. This was the third time since we moved in. The first time was a backhoe at new construction site. The second was a new valve that the city decided to install without notifying the neighborhood. Whatever the reason this time, I started to grow frustrated.

"You mean the water's out again?" Katie walked in to check the faucets at the sink. She came in half dressed, in her bra and panty. I'm sure she wanted to take a shower too. She checked for herself because that's the way she always did it. Katie was one of those "show me" people who just had to see it for herself.

"This sucks!" She sounded even more upset than I was. "Must be that damn house down the street."

I recalled the half-completed house. I passed it every day on my way to work. It could be another backhoe, but why would they be digging on a Sunday morning?

"I want to look down the street for a repair truck," I stepped out of the tub. "Maybe they're doing off-hour repairs."

"But we'll be late for the picnic."

"Or else we go without taking a shower," I offer up an alternative option.

It was Sunday morning. We had a picnic to go to, a family picnic on my side of the family. I knew Katie wasn't too thrilled about going. She was never thrilled when it came to my side of the family. Her preference would have been to stay at home, but a simple water problem wasn't going to stop us.

"No shower?" Her arms came around my chest to hold me. Her breasts pressed up against my back as she squeezed against me. I was still naked, having just stepped out of the shower.

"It's just a shower," I grew suspicious of her intent.

"But you know how important it is for you to take your morning shower!"

Lately, over the past two weeks and ever since the episode with Yuka, She had gotten good at teasing me. That is, she liked to cock-tease me. She liked to make me hard, and then do nothing about it. I think it was her way of keeping me horny and primed for my next inevitable encounter with our neighbor.

"We could just wait until the water comes back on," Her hands reached around from behind and took hold of my limp cock. "Or maybe we could keep busy doing something else," She felt it, and then wrapped her hands around it.

I grew interested, and then I started to grow. The last time was Thursday night when I cummed into Yuka's mouth.

"I suppose we maybe could find something else to play with," She teased as she played with my cock.

"And the water might even be back on by the time we're done," I suggested.

"Done?" She questioned as she stroked. "Done with what?"

I turned myself around in the tight confines of the bathroom to face her. She kept her hand firmly wrapped around my stiffening cock the entire time.

"I could think of a few things," I kissed her.

"So could I," She squeezed back in response.

We kissed harder, and then she took the initiative and used her tongue in my mouth. It didn't take her long to harden me the rest of the way, even with her consistent squeeze.

"But I have a better idea," She suddenly backed away a minute later.

Almost before I realized it, she stepped out the door and then out of the bedroom. She had done it again. I stood hard and wanting for her to go on.

"I have a better idea," She yelled from the hallway. "Why don't you go next door to see if Yuka might let you use her shower?"

I knew it immediately! I understood! I also knew why the water was out. This was all part of some game. Katie had probably gone downstairs in the early hours of the morning to turn off the water main to the house. Or maybe Yuka had come over to shut it off. I couldn't know. All I knew was that it was time.

"Well?" She stepped back in after several seconds of silence to allow me to think about it.

"How do you know she has water?" I took a hard swallow and asked.

Katie smiled. "There's only one way to find out."

I was trapped. There was no doubt. I also grew anxious at the thought of seeing Yuka again, and then thought about seeing her friend too. I suddenly recalled the words of her friend in the grocery store, about how she was going to measure me. Thoughts of Sharon made me harden even more.

I was more shocked than surprised to see her standing on the opposite side of the threshold. Being it was Yuka's house, I naturally expected Yuka to open the back door. It wasn't even 8:00 AM, after all! Why would anyone have a friend visiting them at 8:00 O'clock in the morning?


To my surprise, I looked across the threshold to see Sharon instead. She just stood there and stared. She looked down and gawked at my raging erection. Her eyes looked as though they were about to burst out of her head.

"Glad to see you again," It took her several seconds to recover. "Especially when there's so much of you to see."

It took me a moment to recover as well. It was just like last time, two weeks ago, when I walked into the living room to discover her sitting there. I froze in place. I didn't bother to bring my hands forward. Instead of covering myself, I just stood there like an idiot, allowing her to stair.

Part of what caused my frozen state was the anticipation of what was next. My heart raced with an influx of adrenaline. My hard-on gained strength. I couldn't help but remain at full attention with the knowledge of what she saw. It had been three days since the little episode in the checkout line. All I could think about was the statement she left me with, the statement about measuring. My hard-on gained even more strength as a picture formed in my mind of Sharon with a tape measure.

"Where are my manners?" It took her about a full minute to awake from her trance. "Come on in! You must be here to see your mistress."

I nodded my head and thought about my mistress, my slave-master Yuka. Yes, indeed she was my mistress. This was all somehow preplanned. Yuka would again act as my slave-master, except this time it would be in front of Sharon. I was to be her slave, and then I would somehow be turned into Sharon's slave as well.

"Oh Yuka!" Sharon finally pulled her eyes away and yelled down the hallway. "Someone is here to see you. And I think you're going to like what he brought with him!"

I swallowed hard with the knowledge of what she was referring to.

"Who is it?" Yuka yelled back from seemingly somewhere far away. "And what did he bring?"

"It's your cock slave," Sharon announced my arrival. "Do you want me to let him in, or should I leave him standing in the doorway so every young lady in the neighborhood can get a treat?"

"Let him in," Yuka answered, even though I was already inside. "And I'm on my way."

Looking down at my own cock, I confirmed it. Sharon smiled as she looked back at it too. The two of us remained standing in the kitchen without speaking: Me in my bare feet on the cold kitchen floor, and Sharon in shoes and a full compliment of clothing. I distinctly noticed the way she wore her hair bunched up high on her head. I also noticed the tight blouse and the impression made by what was underneath.

"Hi Slave," Yuka greeted when she walked in soon after. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, um," I almost forgot the reason why I was there. "The water's out at our place."

"And what can I do about that?" She asked. Yuka talked to me as though there was nothing unusual about talking to a young naked man standing with an erection on her kitchen floor. The sight of her face and sound of her voice naturally brought back memories. I thought about our previous encounter, and then remembered what I had done in her mouth. Glancing over at Sharon's smile, I imagined doing the same to her.

"Well, um, I was wondering about your water?" I clarified. "Katie told me to come over and ask if I could use your shower?"

She walked over to the sink and turned it on. Predictably, water came shooting out. I knew it would! Katie must have gotten up sometime during the night and shut off the water main at our own house.

"No problem here," She answered the obvious. "The shower should be working too. I suppose you want to use it?"

I nodded a yes.

"Go right ahead," She stepped aside and waved me towards the direction of the bathroom that I knew so well. "We'll be right behind you."

"Nice dick!" Sharon complimented as I showered.

"Nice and long," Yuka agreed.

"Thick too!"

"So nice and big!"

"Just the way I like them!"

Yuka was more than willing to allow me to use her shower. So was Sharon. Both were anxious for me to get into the bathroom and then under the showerhead. The only problem was that they followed. Worse, they stayed. They even brought in folding chairs to sit side-by-side within the narrow confines of the bathroom to watch.

"I like it best from the side," Sharon admired with unblinking eyes.

"It looks extra long that way," Yuka agreed.

The water sprayed with full force onto the top of my head. It was turned to warm, of course, even quite hot. The girls didn't want the cold to shrivel me up.

"Not bad from the rear either," Sharon complimented when I turned.

"Yes, nice ass too," Yuka agreed. "But I still like the front the best."

I continued to turn. I obeyed the two of them like a slave to the master who owned him. Before I got in, Yuka asked me to take the shower curtain down off the rod. She nicely asked, yes, but I treated it more as an order. As a result, water now sprayed onto the bathroom floor. It would soak the floorboards before I was done, but no one seemed to care. They only cared about my cock.

"I can't get over how big it is!" Sharon spoke in awe.

"Certainly longer than average!" Yuka agreed.

"About twice as long as average!" Sharon sounded impressed. "And so plump too! Look at the size of that mushroom!"

Yuka giggled at her friend's choice of words. "You mean his helmet?"

"It looks more like a mushroom to me," Sharon joined in on the laugh. "A big round mushroom on the top of an extra long stalk."

The two of them laughed at my expense. They started talking about past boyfriends. They specifically talked about the size of their past boyfriends; that is, the size of their dicks. Sharon informed us that her current boyfriend was relatively impressive at seven inches in length. The previous guy only stood up at five, and that was the reason she dumped him.

"You know I measured them before I let them fuck me," She informed us of all the details.

"It's important to measure them," Yuka approved.

"It's fun to measure dicks!" Sharon giggled some more as she looked at me. "And it's important for a girl to have minimum standards and only allow big men to fuck her."

I tried to ignore their conversation, but there was no way I could possibly ignore them. Sharon made it especially difficult when she talked about fucking. I found myself wanting to fuck her. My dick certainly displayed the fact it was interested. I suspected that is why she talked about it, about past boyfriends, and about their performance in bed. She made sure to choose a subject to keep me stiff.

"The bigger the cock, the better the fuck," She summarized. "I've always found it easier to achieve orgasm with a big cock!"

"And more of them too!" Yuka agreed.

"Yes, and multiple orgasms too!" Sharon paused and then let out a sigh. She sounded like she was daydreaming about an old boyfriend, about being in bed together, even fucking. "Multiple orgasms are great!" She concluded.

"They certainly are!"

Both girls paused to think about this.

So did I! I imagined Sharon having an orgasm. I imagined her reaction, her moan, perhaps even a little squeal. Every woman gave a different reaction, but I suspected she would be loud. I imagined her as one of those girls who wanted the neighbors to know when she had an orgasm.

"I bet Jason would be a really good fuck," Sharon then spoke the words that were sure to keep me hard. "Given his size, you know, I bet it would be really easy to get an orgasm with him."

"Especially if he went all the way inside!" Yuka agreed with her friend. "Hell, you'd probably get an orgasm before he got it all the way in."

"I probably would!" Sharon joined her with a smile. "Provided he could even fit all of himself inside!"

I couldn't believe this was the same young woman I met in the grocery line. I couldn't believe the way they talked right in front of me. I wanted to, of course! In fact, the only thing I could think of is fucking her, fucking either one of them, but especially Sharon. I found it incredibly arousing to hear them talking about it so openly.

"Too bad you won't get the chance to experience him," Yuka spoke, much to my disappointment.

"Too bad!" Sharon sounded just as disappointed. "But I hope out other plans will be just as entertaining."

I gasped in shock. I think my heart skipped a beat. What did she mean? What did the girls have planned for me? Thoughts began flooding my mind; thoughts about what they might do after I got out of the shower. The hot water was going to run out. They would soon get tired of just watching. I think my full erection got even fuller with the realization that the entertainment was far from over.

"I just hope he can stay hard until we are finished with him," Sharon hinted at what might be in store for me.

"You'll just have to make sure he stays hard," Yuka suggested to her.

"That doesn't look like it will be a problem!"

"No it doesn't!"

The girls turned silent. I hoped their silence would soften me, but Yuka was right. Keeping me hard was not a problem. I started out feeling horny at the back door. Now I turned even more aroused with the two beautiful girls looking at me. All I could think about was what they might have planned. Last time I met Yuka she allowed me to cumm in her mouth. Thoughts of a repeat performance sent waves of heat through my body. The possibility of cumming into Sharon's mouth felt even more arousing.

"Does he always stay so damn hard like this," Sharon soon picked up the conversation again. "Most of the guys I've met had trouble staying hard in the water. They were never much good at shower fucking, but Jason seems an exception."

"He can stay hard for hours!" Yuka acknowledged.

"So it's not just because of me?" She wanted to make sure.

"It's not you!"

"And it's not just because of the plans we have for it?"

"He doesn't know anything about the plans we have for it."

I again gasped. What plans? What were they talking about? What did these two little devils have planned for my cock later in the morning?

Glancing over, I saw only smiles. Big smiles shined across both faces. They had something in mind, I knew, and I could tell it was going to be good. Not so good for me, perhaps, but certainly good for them.

"Look at it go!" Sharon suddenly pointed to my cock.

The washcloth dropped off the sprocket of the shower head. I felt it when it hit my cock on the way down. The girls, no doubt, saw it too.

"Yes, it can be quite active," Yuka agreed.

"Is it always so active?"

"You should see it when it cumms!"

I gasped at the sound of the word. No doubt they were going to make me cumm. I instinctively knew they would. I knew by past experience. One way or another, they were going to make me ejaculate and probably watch me do it. The only real question left unanswered was how they would make me do it.

"Really?" It took Sharon nearly a full minute to recover. "Are you saying he's a good cummer?"

"He's excellent at cumming!" Yuka assured her with what I knew was the truth. "The bigger they are, the more powerfully they cumm."

"That's what I've always heard!" Sharon sighed again, this time more as an acknowledgement to a fact than in the form of a question. I wondered if she might even take part in making me cumm.

"I'm not exaggerating," Yuka assured her after a brief pause to recover herself. "You should see the way it throbs and spasms when he cumms, and then the way it finally explodes! Jason can really put on a great performance when he's horny enough."

Their words made it hard for me to breath. Not so much because of what they said, but because of what was soon going to happen to me. To these girls, I was nothing more than a plaything. I was like a toy that had walked into their home for them to do with whatever they wanted. The more they talked, the more I realized this to be true.

"Well, I think it's about time for Jason to give us a little performance," Yuka got up to reach into the shower and turn off the water. "Don't bother drying yourself," She ordered. "Don't bother covering yourself either. Just follow us on out to the garage."

Despite the shock of their words, my cock remained hard and erect for their pleasure. It remained erect for the whole time while I stood in the shower, and then it remained erect while I walked out to the garage. Sharon asked for a demonstration, and Yuka was going to give it to her.

Unfortunately for me, I was to be the subject of their demonstration.

"Is he always so obedient?" Sharon asked as she walked through the door.

"All my sex slaves are obedient!" Yuka answered under the hint of a giggle.

She was playacting, of course. Everyone knew this. Both girls knew this, but they still took pleasure at her remark.

"But I just wonder," Sharon spoke casually, as though she was thinking out loud. "I wonder if he would be just as obedient if he knew what we were going to do to him?"

My heart skipped a beat at the sound of her question. No answer came from Yuka, I noticed. She merely stood beside me and watched as Sharon dragged two bar stools across the floor and positioned them side-by-side in the middle of the room.

"Get up," She instructed me. "And grab hold of that rafter."

My bare feet stepped on the stools. My bare hands reached up high to grab hold of the rafter.

"It's good you have high ceilings," Sharon noticed. "That way we can get his waist at just the right height."

My heart skipped another beat at the mention of my waist. No doubt they wanted to look at me. It sounded like they wanted to take a very close look at the most private part of my body. The higher I positioned my body, the shorter their reach for my member.

"Now grab hold tight and keep hold," Sharon instructed from somewhere behind me. "Make sure to keep a tight hold to stay up there."

A moment later she pulled the stools apart. First to the right with my right leg, and then she pulled the left stool to the left with my leg still resting on it. As a result, my legs were pulled apart. Most my weight hung from my arms. Only the tips of my toes remained on the bar stools.

"He looks even longer this way," Sharon looked. "How long did you say he was?"

"I didn't say," Yuka laughed from the opposite side of me. "But plenty long enough, if you want my opinion!"

"But I want to know exactly how long."

"Then at least eight inches!"

"But I want to know exactly!"

It took Yuka a moment to realize the implications of her friend's question. "Oh I see!" She finally accepted. "I should have something around here that might help."

I couldn't believe it. I knew what Sharon wanted. She wanted to take my measurements, and she wanted to take them down there.

"How about this?" Yuka asked after a minute of rumblings through a toolbox. I knew she had a toolbox with all the basic tools sitting on the workbench of her garage. I had used it on numerous occasions myself. I also knew it contained a measuring tape.

"Is it long enough?" Sharon asked.

"It goes to 12 inches," Yuka told her with a laugh.

"That might just make it," She joined in and laughed in reply.

My cock stood upright and stiff. There was no way it would go limp now, not with the prospect of two lovely young women measuring it. It stayed fully erect for them to measure.

It took the two of them working in unison to properly take my measurements. First one of them pulled my upright erection down so it pointed straight out of my body. A second later I felt a metal tape rest against one side. I didn't know who was touching me or who used the ruler. I couldn't look. I just hung there and stared straight ahead.

"Longer than what you said," Sharon spoke first.

"Longer than eight?" Yuka spoke in surprise.

"Almost ten!"

First one of them measured me, and then the girls traded places so the other could do the some. My cock bounced free but was brought under control by a second set of fingers.

"More like nine-and-a-half!" Yuka spoke out in surprise.

"That's our biggest one yet!"

I knew they exaggerated. I had a long cock, yes, but not that long! Yuka's earlier guess was closer to the mark.

To assure accuracy, the girls double-checked. Both of them took a second measurement, and then they did it a third time. They giggled and laughed as they measured, seeming to take delight in taking my measurements.

First my length, and then next they went on to measure my girth. They took a string, wrapped it at various places along my hard-on, and then translated the length of string to the values on the measuring tape. They probably exaggerated about the circumference of my cock too, but I didn't know. I had never measured my own girth.

"That's one mighty thick cock!" Sharon expressed her delight. "Not only long, but damn thick too! Getting fucked by this one would be like getting fucked by a fist."

I think I visibly jumped at this remark. Mention of a fuck sent me into a high. Further words about fisting pushed me over the top. It was bad enough that my erection lay on display. It was even more arousing to feel their touch all the way up and down its length. They touched me all over. Their fingers naturally had to touch in order to take my measurements. I couldn't help but picture myself fucking the two of them, even though I knew there would be no fucking, at least for tonight. These girls were far beyond a mere fuck.

"Oh look!"

Yuka noticed what I knew was going to happen. I expected it. I actually expected it a lot sooner. I was surprised by the ability to hold out for as long as I did.

"That's sweet of him," Sharon looked along with her. "Now we won't have to get out the lube."

I must have jumped again with what she said. It was as if I didn't believe them at first, but hearing the word "lube" left no doubt. Glancing down for the first time since being raised to the rafters, I saw Yuka pointing a single finger at the tip of my cock.

"I told you he was a powerful cummer!" Yuka reminded her friend.

"And I see he's a good pre-cummer too!" Sharon accepted.

Both girls looked right at it. I couldn't help but notice them when I glanced down. My cock seemed to stick out almost rudely for their benefit. Its sparkling head lied almost level with their eyes.

They watched for a while more. They watched as I continued to pre-cumm. The girls helped me along by occasionally touching and lightly running their fingers up and down my length.

"There's another one!" They let me know every time a drop leaked out.

"And here's an even bigger one!" They prodded me on into more dizzying heights.

Never before had a woman watched. Never had anyone taken such direct interest in watching me pre-cumm. These girls were something else. I couldn't believe what they were doing to me.

Strangely, I enjoyed them watching. Their comments made me even more aroused. And of course with my arousal, they made me pre-cumm even more. I felt myself pre-cumm, and soon I felt the wetness trickle down the length of my shaft as well.

"You know what else is fun?" Yuka soon grew board of watching.

She didn't say what she was going to do next. She simply did it. A moment later, I felt it. She slapped the side of my cock to demonstrate. I jumped as my cock swung in one direction and then bounced back in the other. It didn't go far, not in its overly hardened state, but it was enough to give them both a thrill.

"Now you try it!"

"Don't mind if I do!" Sharon accepted without hesitation, and a moment later I felt her too. The girls entertained themselves by slapping my cock. They did not slap hard, not hard enough to hurt, only just hard enough to send it flying. It gave them a thrill, watching it move, seeing it bounce all around. First from the side, and then they hit if from the top. At first it stayed rock hard, but slapping it from the top was a bit too much. Soon the constant movement made it go partially limp. Not by much, only enough to make my member point straight out from my body. They "limped me up" as Sharon liked to put it.

The girls took even more delight after limping me up, for then they could really send it flying. I felt it slap against my thigh, and then they got into a rhythm where they slapped it again and sent it hitting my thigh a second and then a third time in rapid succession.

"Long cocks are so much more fun to play with," Sharon almost laughed as she played.

Soon the girls made up a little game where they each took a side and then slapped my cock back and forth. It was as if they played tennis, but in place of the ball they used my cock.

This constant slapping eventually made me go too limp for their needs, but they easily corrected the problem. All they had to do was wait, and my cock hardened right back up again.

At one point Yuka stopped to go into the house, and a moment later came back out with the phone up to her ear.

"I hope you don't need him back home right away," She spoke into the mouthpiece. "I'm just having fun slapping him around a little."

Both girls laughed. Yuka had to hold her hand over the mouthpiece so she wouldn't be heard. Sharon continued to slap as she laughed.

It took me a moment to come to my senses. I first figured she was making it all up. No one was on the other end of the line, and she was just playacting. But then I realized who she talked to.

It couldn't be!

No way would she actually make the call!

"I'm just slapping around his cock a little," She continued as soon as she recovered enough to do so. "I hope you don't mind me slapping around his cock."

Both girls laughed again. I still couldn't believe she would actually make the call, yet at the same time thought I heard the sound of a voice on the opposite end.

"Jason, there's someone who wants to talk to you," Yuka stepped closer. She had to get on one of my stools because I was raised too high off the ground for her to reach my ear.

"Hi Jason!" I immediately recognized the voice.

I couldn't believe it! It really was Katie! Yuka had called my wife and was actually talking to her about what she was doing to my cock!

"Hi," I was too out of breath to talk. My arms and legs were getting tired. The constant excitement made me perspire.

"I hope you're being a good boy and presenting Yuka with your full hard-on right now?" She asked in the form of a question.

"I am," I answered weakly and only after a long pause to gather my strength.

"And is she really slapping it around like she says she is?" She asked.

"She is!" I told her the truth.

Through all this the girls continued to giggle. Yuka stayed close as she held the phone. I could tell she could hear my wife's comments. First she giggled at every answer, and then Sharon immediately followed. It was as if the laughter was a contagious disease.

"I hope she's not hurting it," I thought I heard laughter on the opposite end of the phone too. "Is she treating your cock well? How's your big hard-on doing right now?"

"It's getting," I staggered my words. "It's starting to get a little sore."

Sharon liked my words most of all, and then gave an extra hard slap down across the top of my cock as if to let me know.

"Well don't worry about it getting sore," Katie didn't feel sorry for me in the least. "Because I will make sure to let it rest when you come home. I'll give it a break until the next time Yuka wants to use it.

I gasped at her words.

"Let it rest?"

"Next time?"

No doubt I would be visiting Yuka again, and probably her friend too!

As if on cue, Yuka pulled the phone away from my ear. She talked to my wife some more, except now in a quieter tone that I couldn't hear. She left my cock alone, but no way would the girls ignore it for long.

"What about those?" Sharon pointed down at my crotch to ask.

"What about what?" Yuka put the phone down and came over to look. I assume she hung up, but I couldn't be certain. I never heard her tell my wife good-by.

"I'm talking about these," Sharon left no doubt what she was talking about.

I gasped as I felt it for myself. Four fingers suddenly wrapped themselves around my balls. They circled around and then gently moved around. She used her fingers to grab me, gently pulling out and forcing my balls up and away from my body as if to show them off.

"Oh, those!" Yuka immediately understood. "I was wondering when you were going to get around to playing with his nuts too."

"I like nuts!" Sharon worried me. "And these are some nice nuts. Nice and big, and plenty hard too."

I noticed the way they said they were going to play with my balls. I also noticed the way they said "nuts." Not "balls" like most girls would, but "nuts" as if to make sure I understood they were nothing more than playthings for their sexual desires.

Yuka looked up and smiled up at me. "I knew you'd like them," She spoke to her friend while smiling at me. "I know how much you enjoy playing with a big pair of nuts."

"Every girl likes to play with a big pair of nuts," Sharon refused to let go. She pulled on them, lifted them up, and moved them all around. First the right and then the left, she examined them independently, taking each between her fingers and giving them a slight squeeze.

My heart raced. My breathing came in gasps. I wondered what kind of games she wanted to play with my nuts. No doubt Sharon would play. In my current position, with my legs splayed, she could play with my balls as much as she wanted. Sharon had an unencumbered access to my balls.

"There are so many interesting games you can play with a set of male nuts," The younger Sharon continued to worry me. "But do you know what's the best game of all?"

"What's that?" Yuka asked while still smiling at me.

"You know the game," Sharon looked up and smiled at me too. "The best game of all is when I empty them!"

My heart raced even faster. My breathing increased. I think I even let out a moan at her mention of emptying my balls. I knew what she meant, of course! The girls wanted to jerk me off.

The girls saw it too. They noticed my reaction. I think they even enjoyed the reaction I gave at their words. The two little vixens were sending me into heat, and they knew it!

"But not yet!" Sharon insisted. "First I want to play."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Oh, I don't know," She spoke disinterested. "How about if I squeezed them?"

"No!" I finally had to speak. No way did I want her to squeeze. It would hurt, and I wasn't into pain.

"He speaks!" Sharon looked deep into my eyes while at the same time taking a firm hold of both balls at the same time. "I thought your cock slave wasn't supposed to speak unless given permission to speak."

"He's not!" Yuka spoke angrily.

"Then do you want me to punish him for you?" Sharon offered with my balls still in her hand.

Yuka refused to answer right away. She instead looked at me as though thinking about how to answer. I first looked back at her, but then had to look away. My heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest.

"How much were you planning to squeeze?" She asked her friend instead.

"I can squeeze however hard you want," Sharon left no doubt about her opinion on the subject. "You know how much I like to squeeze a big pair of nuts."

Both girls just stood there. Yuka to the side and Sharon right in front of me as she held my delicate balls tight in her hand. It felt as though she wanted to squeeze. A few times I even felt her tighten her grip.

"Let him go this time," Yuka finally answered to my relief. "It was only one word, but if he says another I'll let you kick him in the nuts if you want."

Sharon let go. She acted disappointed at first, but then seemed to grow anxious at the possibility of kicking me in the balls. She stepped back, but then raised one of her legs part way up between my legs. I gasped at the possibility that she really might do it. My natural reaction was to pull away, or at least I tried to pull away the best I could.

"Not another word!" She smiled at me as her leg came up.

I couldn't be sure if she really would kick me in the balls or not. I suspected it only a tease but wasn't willing to take a chance. Sharon was a near a stranger to me. I had only met her on two previous occasions.

"I think he's scared of you," Yuka noticed my reaction.

"Not little ol' me!" Sharon laughed back at her. Her voice switched to a southern accent.

"But I think he is!" Yuka insisted.

"But he's so big and strong," Sharon laughed some more. "Look at the way he keeps holding himself up, and then look at the way he stays up. He's so big and strong all over, especially his cock."

"Yes he is!" Yuka agreed with interest.

"I can't believe a man with such a big cock could be scared of little ol' me."

She stepped around to look at me from the side. It was as though she wanted to see how big I really was. I think she wanted to see me in side profile.

"I like the way it stays pointed up at the sky," She spoke instead. "It's been pointing up ever since he walked in the back door."

"That's because he likes performing," Yuka spoke more truth than she realized. "Jason likes to show it off. I bet we could keep him hard all morning."

I had to fight the urge to let out a moan, for it was still early morning, probably not even 9:00 O'clock. I wondered if these girls might actually keep me hard the entire morning.

"It would certainly be entertaining to keep him pointed up to the sky all morning," Sharon appeared seemed to seriously consider it at first, but then came in with an alternative suggestion. "But it would also be entertaining to watch it give us a little show."

I gasped at her words! A little show? What did she mean, show? I wanted to know, yet at the same time feared what her answer might be.

"Exactly what are you thinking?" Yuka asked for me.

"I think you know what I mean," She spoke teasingly. "I think it's time we gave him a good jerking!"

Relief came over me. I was relieved she didn't make some painful suggestion about my balls. If she only wanted to jerk me off, then that was fine.

But then I thought further. This was a near stranger. I hardly knew her, yet at the same time she wanted to jerk me off. I was to eject in front of another woman in the neighborhood.

"I can't argue about his need for a good jerking," Yuka naturally agreed with the suggestion.

"Then lets jerk him," Sharon suggested. "But first let me change cloths."

"Of course," Yuka agreed. "It might get kind-of messy!"

"And I don't want any stains!" The girls looked up and smiled at me as if to make sure I knew what they were talking about. No doubt they referred to my cumm. I was the one who would make the mess, and my cumm was going to make it. Sharon didn't want cumm stains on her cloths. She didn't bother leaving the room to change. There was no need. All she had to do was step behind me. It wasn't as though I couldn't peak. I could have, I suppose, dropped down from the rafter and taken a look. My arms were getting tired. I already had to let myself down to put more weight on my feet. But instead, I stayed obedient. Sharon could just as well change cloths a few steps behind me as she could in her own bedroom. Either offered the same degree of privacy.

A second reason why she didn't leave the room to change was to frustrate me further. I didn't know this for a fact, but my suspicions were strong. There was the rustle of fabric. And then a zipper came undone. Comments between the girls consisted of "that's pretty" and "I bet he's going to like those!"

The combination of sounds and words shifted my imagination into high gear. My mind developed a picture of Sharon undressing. I imagined what she looked like in a bra, panty, and then even in the nude. Sharon was good looking, of that there was no doubt. She was cute and with a nice body. The sight of her undressing would excite any man, I'm sure, not that I needed any more excitement at the moment. I already knew she wore a small bra by its outline under her blouse, but now my imagination made it even smaller, covering hardly anything at all. I wondered if her panty was a matching set.

"Very nice!" The compliments from Yuka served to increase my arousal still further. "You will have no trouble keeping him hard with that outfit!"

I had no idea what she changed into. Neither one said. They didn't give me a clue. My best guess was an old set of cloths, like perhaps a worn-out t-shirt and old blue jeans.

And then I recalled the reason for the change of cloths. I considered what would stain her cloths, about how they planned to force me to dirty whatever she was wearing. It was obvious. I had no doubt. I was to spray her. Yuka wanted me to spill my heavy load of sperm onto whatever her friend might be wearing. It didn't much matter if I wanted to or not. The decision wasn't mine to make, not that I very well could refuse if giving the choice. In my present state of arousal, all I could think about was cumming. I couldn't help but think about the pleasure and the final relief I would receive when the girls finally allowed me - or rather, forced me to cumm.

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