Neighbor Girl
Chapter 6: Grocery Store

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 6: Grocery Store - He meets a single neighbor woman likes to act out the scenes from her CFNM videos

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"Hi Jason," A voice called out my name from close behind. Something about the voice sounded familiar. It took me a moment to remember. My heart skipped a beat when I turned and recognized her.

"It is Jason, isn't it?" She stood behind me in line. Only her grocery cart separated us. "I know it's you, but I'm not sure about the name. I have the worse time remembering names."

"Yes it is," I took a deep breath and confirmed her assumption. We had met before, of that much I was certain! Proof was in the fact she knew my name. I also recognized her. She wore a tight little T-shirt. I noticed the outline of her bra underneath.

"I knew it was you," She stepped around her cart. She came near. Her voice lowered. "I could never forget you, even with clothes!"

"Sharon!" I suddenly remembered! It was the girl from Yuka's house. It was the young lady, the stranger who saw me naked. And not only naked, but displayed in my full glory.

"That's right!" She gave a big smile in answer to my pronouncement of her name. "I thought it was you, but wasn't sure at first. It was difficult to tell with clothes, you know, because I've never seen you with clothes before."

"Hi!" My heart raced as her words reminded me. She was right, I realized. Sharon had never before seen me with clothes. She reminded me that at our previous meeting I wore nothing at all. "Good to see you again too," I greeted her like a high school kid approached by the most gorgeous girl in class. She embarrassed me. My heart raced with the knowledge of what she saw the last time we met.

"And good to see you too," She behaved more relaxed, more calm, like she greeted male strippers all the time. She took my arm and held it as if in an attempt to calm me down. "Although I liked it better last weekend! There was so much to more of you to see the last time we met."

My heart started to race. I could hardly breath. My face flushed, and I felt myself start to sweat. Hoping no one noticed, I took a quick look around. An elderly lady slowly wrote out a check just in front of me in line. The checkout girl gave me a curious look from behind the counter. The smile could have been innocent, or did she overhear Sharon's words about seeing me clothed? I couldn't be sure. There was no way I could ask. I figured she must have thought I was some kind of male stripper who took it off on stage.

No one knew the truth except Sharon. I didn't tell my wife. I didn't tell anyone. Like a good husband, I did as I was told and kept the encounter to myself. Part of it was so I could meet her again, like Yuka had promised, but I never expected to meet like this.

"What are you doing here?" I slowly recovered from the surprised encounter.

"Probably the same thing as you," Sharon glanced at the cart in front of her. "I'm shopping! A girl has to do her shopping sometime."

She misunderstood my question. Of course she was shopping! I could see that for myself. What I really meant was what was she doing here, in this particular store? For a brief moment I considered the possibility she might be stalking me.

"I always shop here," She seemed to read my mind. "It's the closest store to my house."

She lived close! Not as close as Yuka, but still in the same neighborhood. I never considered the possibility that she might live in the same neighborhood. The thought worried me. We could meet again! We might even pass on the street! Perhaps my wife and I could get invited to the same party together.

My heart continued to race when I realized this woman knew the size of my cock. She knew I had a big cock, and then I started to wonder how many other women in the neighborhood knew. If they didn't know yet, they soon would. Yuka was sure to tell others. Perhaps Sharon would too. Women could be so crude when they got together and talked amongst themselves; especially after they got a few drinks in them. I would no doubt be the prime topic of any conversation.

"I just stopped to pick up a few supplies on my way home from school," She began to converse as if we were mutual friends having a casual conversation. "I normally try to get all my shopping done on weekends when the stores are less crowded, but sometimes the best plans aren't enough to make it through the week."

"I know what you mean!" I took a deep breath and tried to relax. "The wife called me at work about picking up a few extra things on my way home."

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