Dagger Of Kija
Chapter 6

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With that, they all said their goodbyes. Greyshadow left them one more bit of advice. "Kija's human guards are likely in disarray," she instructed. "But those cavern-bred ones... be careful."

The group watched silently as Greyshadow slipped away into Kija's citadel, then turned back to make plans for themselves.

"Kija's gone!" Pyran yelled.

The chains were there, where Tomas and Kija had been lying on the floor of the arena, but there was no sign of either Nangen.

"Since when has there been a door behind the throne?" Wildhair asked, pointing to a doorway left open. "They were in a hurry, it seems."

Master Do, Hanna snatched up her pack and strapped on her sword, readying for a quick departure.

"Where are you going, Master?" Gareth asked, dreading the answer.

"After Tomas, of course," Hanna answered, finishing her packing. "It was my fault he escaped and now he is off to cause more mischief. He will receive no mercy this time."

"Wait up, dearie." The ancient Shaman had collected her things and hustled up next to Hanna at a speed that belied her age. "I am going with you. Want to bet I still remember how to keep a warrior alive? And if not... I know the resurrection spell!"

Elder Wildhair threw her pack on her back and joined the two. "If you are going to chase Tomas," she explained, "Then I will hunt down Kija. He is a mad dog and very dangerous. Besides, he ruined my dress when he put me in chains!"

Gareth raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to say something, then shook his head and remained silent.

"Good luck to you." Pteri said quietly, still clutching the Dagger. "I would go with you, but somehow we must find a way to destroy this weapon or sooner or later it will all happen again."

Pteri got a quick hug from the two Shamans; with a nod from Hanna, the three were off.

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