Some Things Are Meant To Be
Chapter 7

Copyright┬ę 2007 by DREMAN


Back at my shop I made a call to the Chris's office at the main store. When he answered, I asked if he had a few minutes to talk to me. He told me to take as long as I needed so I began.

"Chris, when Bill finally comes back to work he will have some skin missing from his nose and maybe elsewhere. I want you to know what happened and that I'm responsible for his pain. I am not apologizing for my actions because I would do it all over again. You see, Chris, I found him alone in my house with my wife. She said that nothing happened, but they were holding hands and looking all starry-eyed when I walked in. I punched Bill in the face in and then threw his ass out on my driveway. He made a three-point landing and will take a while to heal. I'm not his boss, so I cannot fire him, but rest assured that I will come after him if he ever comes near my wife again, even if I have to come there to get to him."

Chris responded hesitantly, "I had no idea you two were at odds with each other. How long has it been going on?"

I poured out the entire story of everything that happened from Saturday night through this afternoon.

Chris commented, "I sure hope nothing more happened than just talk. What do you want me to do?"

"I cannot tell you what to do but it's going to be very uncomfortable at company gatherings and business meetings with both of us still around," I replied. "I really want to hurt him, and keep on hurting him until my arms will no longer move."

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