Some Things Are Meant To Be
Chapter 2

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During my first weeks there, I shadowed Bill and a couple of the other salesmen to get the hang of qualifying and closing. It seemed like everything was going the way I had hoped when I signed on at Audiomart. After six weeks I ranked third highest in the store and tenth in the chain of 56 salesmen. On my eighth week I was the No. 2 salesman in my store and No. 3 in the chain. Finally, on my twelfth week I bumped Bill and moved up to No .1 in our store and in the chain. After that I didn't win it consistently because the competition became pretty stiff, but I was always in the top three. Other salesmen congratulated me on my success. Bill, on the other hand, didn't say much. It was obvious that Bill didn't like what was happening because there was quite a bit of tension between us. I was really rolling up the sales.

A good salesman will tell you that the worst thing that can happen to him is for someone to disallow him the freedom to do what he does best. That very thing was about to happen to me. When it did, it looked like a promotion on paper. It was anything but a promotion, however, financially.

Out of the clear blue, Audiomart asked me to become the manager of another one of their stores. The rationale behind the decision was that a good salesman could become a good manager. I was about to prove that this is not always the case.

As manager I would be salaried, but I would still have to earn my commissions like every other salesman. That was unlike some stores that give their managers a percentage of the store's total profits. I saw this as a real problem. My new salary didn't equal the commissions I was already making. Therefore, I would have to continue competing as a salesman to make up for the difference. Finding the time to succeed at both jobs would become a problem. I was also concerned about taking sales from my other salesmen. They needed to survive, too.

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