Saving My Daughter
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My daughter was mixed up with her late husband's perverted friends

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Slut Wife   Incest   Father   Daughter   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Swinging   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  


She looked even more stunning than usual in her black mourning clothes, I tried not to think of her beautiful big breasts nestling in their lacy black cups beneath the thin black blouse or of her freshly shaved pussy being caressed by her tight, black g-string and every time I thought of her long legs encased in those black seamed stockings, I felt my penis hardening.

She kept her veiled eyes downcast throughout the service, glancing up only to acknowledge the commiserations of her friends and distant relatives, we only had distant relatives since her mum died four years ago, now all we had was each other and neither of us intended to let the other one go!

She was a wealthy woman now thanks to her late husband's insurance, the mortgage had been paid off on the house, I'd put mine up for sale and we'd rented a villa in France where we were going after the service, we needed time to decide where we were going to live, but above all we wanted time to be together, to rekindle what we had before she married Charlie.

Everyone at the funeral assumed we were going to my house for a couple of days and we did nothing to put them right, we wanted privacy and we were determined to have it!

I'm not a doctor, in fact I'm not a medical person of any description, but when I saw her and the way she was, I knew my daughter was a very sick lady.

I'd laughed at first when she'd asked me what I wanted her to wear, but it dawned on me gradually that he'd told her every single day what she was to wear, she didn't own a single pair of trousers or jeans, not one,

"He liked me to show myself off daddy" she'd said simply as if it was explanation enough, but when I questioned her further she'd admitted that he loved her to be used by his friends and their wives or girlfriends, she was never allowed to refuse on pain of a beating and when she did something that he considered to be wrong, those same friends were allowed to decide her punishment!

It started when she rang me in tears to say her husband had been killed in an accident at work, I drove over there immediately to comfort her and found her enjoying a drink in the kitchen with another woman.

Her voice was steady and she seemed completely untroubled as she said "Hello daddy" I was shaken rigid, she'd just lost her husband!

"Can we help you?" came from the other woman and I stood staring at her in amazement for a second or two before I found my voice.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Nikki's friend and I'm here to help her"

"By drinking vodka at ten o'clock in the morning?"

"We like a drink don't we Nikki?"

I looked across at Nikki and saw something in her eyes, I didn't know what it was but it wasn't right and I decided that she needed help.

"Right Mrs whatever your name is, I'd like you to leave now, if my daughter wants to contact you, I'll see that she does"

"But I've --,"

"You've what?"

"You don't know anything about Nikki, why don't you mind your own business?"

"My daughter IS my business, I asked you, now I'm telling you, leave, leave now"

I'm a big man, six feet four and built to match, I've got a long scar down across one eye and down my cheek, she looked at me and decided not to argue,

"I'll be in touch Nikki" she said with a glance at me and left hurriedly,

The phone rang then and I answered it, after explaining who I was and saying that Nikki was lying down, the voice said he was from Charlie's company and asked if she would be available for an informal chat the following morning,

"About what?" I growled, but next to me Nikki nodded so I relented and said we would be available at his convenience.

"What's going off Nikki?" I said softly, as I poured her drink down the plughole.

"Help me daddy" she said and buried her head in my chest, "Please help me"

She lay on the sofa then and slept, I was surprised to see she was wearing black seamed stockings when her skirt rode up over her thighs and in spite of her being my daughter I felt a twitch down below so I covered her with a sheet and sat reading until she woke up about three hours later.

"What way did you mean that you needed help Nikki?"

We were sitting drinking tea at the kitchen table and she was virtually chain smoking,

"Don't be angry at me daddy will you?"

"Nikki you're my flesh and blood darling, let me tell you something, when you were born, I held you in the palm of one hand, one hand Nikki and do you know what I did?"

"Mum told me daddy, she said you cried"

"Yes, you were the most important person in my life at that moment and you always have been, so if you've got mixed up in something a bit unsavoury and you want out, I'll help you"

She moved closer and began to tell me,

"Charlie liked to dominate daddy and I think I liked it too, it started even before we got married, he used to make me take my panties off in the pub and flash at other men"

She smiled and looked at me,

"Women too daddy"

"How did you feel about it?"

"Excited" she said simply, "The sex was always mind blowing afterwards, do you know when we got married I was naked under my wedding dress, well apart from stockings anyway"

"Take it easy Nikki" I smiled, "I'm trying very hard not to think of you naked but for stockings"

"Oh daddy, I'm sorry, shall I stop?"

"Not bloody likely" I laughed,

"On our honeymoon, he made me go to a lesbian bar and pick a girl up, I was to take her back to the hotel"

"Did you?"

"Oh yes" she said brightly, "She was really sexy and all three of us stayed in bed for about two days"

"It all sounds idyllic darling, so what went wrong?"

"Nothing at first, it was great and I loved it, even the fantasies were exciting"


"We used to pretend that I was making love to someone we knew"

"Like who?"

"Oh just friends we went out with, then we began swinging and it was still great, there are a couple of clubs not far from here where we used to go, it was my idea that he had me on a leash, it felt good daddy, I had to go wherever he went, it wasn't just exciting, it was fulfilling, I wore just stockings and high heels, men and women felt me intimately, one woman went down on me as I leaned back against the bar"

She smiled then at the memory and it made me smile too just watching her face,

"What?" I said encouragingly and she giggled,

"She asked Charlie if she could borrow me to go to the toilet with her, she had me kneel on the floor with my back to the bowl and when I tipped my head back, she peed on me daddy, all over my face!"

"What did you do?" I asked shocked at her revelations,

"I climaxed daddy and I was still coming when we got back"

"You enjoyed it that much?"

"It was beautiful daddy, just beautiful, we started seeing each other while Charlie was at work, but somebody told him and he came home that night and beat me, it was a Friday with no work the following day, so he called a couple of his mates and their wives to discuss my punishment, they decided I would be thrashed by each of them in turn, I thought they were kidding me but they weren't, I was stripped naked taken upstairs and laid on the bed with my wrists and ankles tied to each bed post, I had to fellate all of the men and lick all the women whilst the others all beat me with Charlie's belt, but they beat me where it didn't show"

"The bastards" I shouted, but she squeezed my arm and it was then that I realised the depth of her sickness,

"You don't understand daddy I liked it, I came five times that night"

"When was it that it started to go wrong?"

"Well it became a feature of our sessions, I was like a walking orgasm every Friday, Charlie used to take me to the pub and we'd meet the others, I swear I was coming even as we walked home again, we started by playing our own version of fantasies where we had to name somebody who wasn't in the group, somebody who we'd like to go to bed with, one of the other women loved who I chose as my imaginary lover, she asked Charlie if she could take me to bed and I was to tell her all the things my lover and I did together, he agreed of course and it was brilliant daddy, but then I found out a few weeks later that I'd been set up, they were filming our sessions on three different miniature cameras, I found out because I saw one session on the internet, do you know what it was called?"

"Of course I don't sweetheart" I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and held her while she cried it out,

"I'm sorry daddy" she sobbed, "You hate me now don't you?"

"You're not making sense Nikki, why would I hate you?"

"The film was one of a series called "Nikki's dreams of daddy"

"I think I'd already kind of guessed that darling and I feel very flattered that a beautiful young lady like you would think things like that about me"

"I'm not beautiful daddy, I'm not even pretty, Charlie said that he only married me because I was an easy lay"

"We'll come back to that in a minute, what was that woman going to say before I told her to clear off?"

"She'd paid for a session with me"

"What sort of a session?"

"Charlie started charging women to beat me, she's one of the worst"

"In what way?" I asked, my senses were reeling with what I'd heard, this was my daughter speaking to me, she'd told me about her life as a subservient wife, a plaything for perverted men and women, she'd been open and honest and I had no right to question her, but to my shame, I wanted to know more.

"She liked me to wear very small panties, she used to tie me up like the others did, but then she'd use her mouth on me until I climaxed, then she'd use the buckle end of Charlie's belt on me, she sometimes made my cunt bleed daddy and that's when she would cum, when I was bleeding and crying"

"Oh my God princess" I could only hold her tightly, "What have they done to you?"

"Nothing that I didn't want them to do daddy" she said softly before adding "Once"

"Is there another pub round here, one where Charlie's mates aren't likely to be in?"

"Yes I know one daddy, what shall I wear?"

"Hey princess" I took hold of both her hands and kissed them,

"I'm your dad, not your boss, wear what you want to wear"

"You called me princess" she said softly and her bottom lip trembled, "Twice you did it daddy, am I really your princess?"

"You're more than that now Nikki, you're my life"

"Can I wear panties daddy? It's been ages since I've been allowed to wear panties to the pub"

"I told you my darling" I said through the tears that were threatening to bubble over, "You wear whatever you like from now on"

I enjoyed the walk to the pub, nervous though I was and I was thankful that no one gave us a second glance as I ordered two lagers from the barmaid,

"She's nice daddy" Nikki whispered, "I think I could have some fun with her"

"Go for it darling" I whispered urgently, "But if you decide to go for it, it'll be because you want to and not because you've been told to"

"Sorry daddy" she said softly, "I forgot"

"And I won't be watching"

We sat in friendly silence for a while content to be in each other's company, but then I thought I should tell her a few things about her mother, things she didn't know but things I thought might go some way towards her accepting the way she was.

I glossed over a lot of it, but she sat enthralled when I described how Mary, her mother has also been very fond of the darker side of sex.

"You already know that she liked the ladies don't you?"

"Yes I peeked a few times when you had company" she giggled and I laughed with her,

"I should have spanked you"

"Yes daddy" she said straight faced, "You should have done" then she leaned closer and put her lips to my ears, "You can do it when we get home if you like"

"Behave yourself" I laughed but I laid a hand on her thigh to show I was joking,

"Your mum quite liked showing off too and I think you take after her,

"I love it daddy, have you any idea what it's like for a girl to sit showing her pussy to total strangers knowing how much you're turning them on?"

"Well many was the time that your mum and I walked home from the pub with me having her panties in my pocket"

"I know" she giggled, "I remember one morning that I shouted up to you for some bus fare to school, you said to get it out of your coat pocket, but I found mum's panties as well, mum's very wet panties daddy"

Once again she put her lips to my ear,

"She'd peed in them hadn't she?"

"Something else I think you got from her Nikki" I laughed,

"Why did you split daddy?"

I knew that she'd ask me that question one day, but I wasn't quite ready to answer it just yet,

"I'll tell you another time darling" I said softly and squeezed her thigh, "Come on, let's go, I need my beauty sleep"

"There's one little catch daddy"

"What's that?" I asked although I suspected I already knew the answer,

"We've only got one bed!"

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