Doing Research
Chapter 3

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Marina Tete

Sex Story: Chapter 3 - an author is trying to write in an unkown field for her. she recieves some help from an amzing couple who lure her into their sessions.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   BDSM   DomSub   Light Bond  


Tammy came back with the pussy and clit whip that Chelsea had shown me earlier getting my heart to pound in my chest. Surely she wasn't going to whip my pussy on my first time; I thought to myself but the fact that she was trying the whip on her hand and Chelsea was checking the strength of my captivating straps made my stomach turn.

'Lauren, you came here not believing the power and trust a BDSM relationship can have. So it is my duty to try and get that through to you.' Tammy stated while softly running her hand on my left cheek.

'What are you going to do?' I asked panicking and struggling through my bonds.

'Lauren don't fear pain, it will liberate you from any other emotions interfering with your pleasure. Pain isn't my target but it is simply a mean to achieve the depth of pleasure from Chelsea's and my point of view.' She kept on explaining but still I was frightened.

Right then Chelsea brought a silk blindfold and set it on my eyes, immediately followed by a pair of headphones on my ears. I was taken away from my scared environment and placed in a more quiet and peaceful one.

Although loosing my senses along with my current bondage should have been enough for me to flip out of my mind and fight for my freedom and senses. However, I was slowly calming down especially that one of them was subtly massaging my back and releasing all my worries through gently and deep movements of her fingers.

Her fingers landed first on my head and massaged my scalp thoroughly after releasing my hair from it's confining braid, then running both her hands through it causing me to enjoy her ministrations and begin cooing my comfort and relaxation. She kept her massage on for a while then held my hair back with strip of fabric to reach my neck and shoulders.

There she concentrated in loosening my muscles, I felt her bury her knuckles through my body and blow her hot breath on my skin. She travelled down all over my body lightly touching the areas surfacing through my bindings.

Then out of the bloom I feel the headphones snapped off my head and Tammy's voice address me with the sweet warm voice she welcomed me with a few hours ago. 'You're relaxed now, but yet your pleasure has to come and I already explained it is accompanied with cleansing pain. Don't forget your safe word' Oh god!!! I was just starting to submit myself to her, and she reminds me about pain.

There is no rest for the weary, I told myself as the first sting landed on my backside. Of course I yelped and sucked my body forwards to ease the pain but as the surprise subsided, I felt how light it was. It nearly didn't hurt at all I just psyched myself. The first blow was soon followed by several light stings on my breasts she alternated between my two mounds that started to tingle me every time her whip kissed them, shooting waves of excitement to my now dripping pussy.

I felt it creaming and I was also sensing my nipples standing at their tallest positions. I think Tammy either got bored or sensed my enjoyment so she increased the force of her blows to make me really understand the pain she meant.

Her whip was swiftly hissing in the air to land squarely on my nipples, and before I had time to scream or react it would change its course and drop loudly on my tummy.

My moans and grunts started to rise in the air, which led to the increase in the speed and intensity of Tammy's whip, that was descending step wisely over my bound and helpless body to reach the gates leading to my most sensitive aroused pussy.

'You must have figured out where I am heading now, after all it's a pussy and clit whip as Chelsea previously explained to you. So if you have any objections or concerns you wish to address me with I am all ears for you.' Tammy said, and then silence filled the room.

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