Chapter 4

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 4 - It is about a son, his mother and sister-in-law

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Mother   Son  


By the time Madhuri came back from the temple, Ashik had gone to his room and Kalpana after removing the telltale signs of their frenzy, was busy cooking dinner. Madhuri after having a wash came of her room and not finding Ashik went up to his room. She knocked on his door and on not getting any response walked back.

As she came down the stairs she saw Kalpana standing under the ceiling fan. She had slid the top of her sari from her bosom and holding it loosely, was letting the cool air play on her. Her chin was up and the top o her petite breasts were juggling inside her wet blouse. Madhuri got excited and moving towards her she asked 'Is it too hot dear?'

'Yes, today it us unusually hot' replied Kalpana continuing to stand upright and fanning herself with the top of her sari.

This encouraged Madhuri and saying 'come let me help you' she took hold of the top of her sari from her hand.

Hearing those words Kalpana was surprised and before she could react, her mother-in-law started to wipe the sweat from her face with her sari. She slowly dabbed the sari over her face and as Kalpana did not object she moved closer to her and bringing the sari down to her neck she continued wiping the sweat.

This act of her mother-in-law stirred Kalpana and she stood motionless.

Madhuri, who was getting stimulated by her closeness, proceeded to dab at her neck and when she saw Kalpana did not object, she brought it down on the exposed part of her chest and slowly wiped it.

Kalpana loved the sensations building inside her and she moaned softly.

The soft moan invigorated her mother-in-law and she taking the initiative held Kalpana by the shoulder in one hand, while with the other she continued dabbing at the exposed flesh of her chest and said 'your saris is wet, let me use a towel.'

'Yes, ' hissed Kalpana and stood still with excitement.

Madhuri then let go Kalpana's sari down and pulling a towel from the nearby rack started mopping at her shoulders and her small back with it.

Kalpana loved the ministrations and let her mother-in-law continue.

Wiping down her back, her mother-in-laws hand moved down over her waist and after jabbing it she slid her hand in front and wiped her belly.

Kalpana sizzled on finding her mother-in-law feeling her belly and she pushed body a shade closer to hers.

As Kalpana moved back her mother-in-law slid both her hands over her waist and engulfing her she started to circle her waist with the towel in a slow action.

This stimulated Kalpana and she limped back in her mother-in-laws arms allowing her hands full access to her body.

Madhuri seeing Kalpana sway her body put her hand inside the towel and feeling the wet sari on her waistband she pulled it out saying 'its wet, let me remove it.' As the sari fell to the ground Kalpana let out a soft moan and she pushed herself back until her buttocks felt her mother-in-laws warm soft tummy.

Madhuri on being certain that Kalpana was loving her ministrations lifted the towel and moving it over her breasts jabbed at them lightly and as Kalpana let out a deep moan she whispered in her ears 'your blouse is wet too, shall I remove it?'

'Mmmmmmm' moaned Kalpana in reply.

Madhuri then discarding the towel and putting it on her shoulders she slid her bare hands on Kalpana's blouse and without touching her breasts she undid her blouse...

Kalpana stood wriggling her body with her mother-in-laws, in passion.

Madhuri sensing Kalpana's body shudder with passion, pulled out her blouse from her body. Then again with the help of the towel she continued to dab at her breasts over her black bra.

Kalpana moaned louder and pushed back her body till she felt her mother-in-laws warm breasts nuzzled her small back.

Madhuri could not have asked for more. Setting aside the towel, she placed one hand on Kalpana's breasts and with the other she slid it across her waist looking for the cords of her petticoat.

Kalpana let out a cry of raw passion as she felt her mother-in-laws hand on her bare waist.

Madhuri then cupped Kalpana's breast in one hand with the other she slid it under her petticoat.

Kalpana on feeling the pressure of her mother-in-laws hands on her breasts and under the petticoat started to grind her buttocks over her mother-in-laws body in the height of passion.

Madhuri pulling back her hand caressed the soft skin of her navel and feeling the warmth of her body; she suddenly tugged the cords of her petticoat and in one move pushed it down her body to the ground.

Kalpana's body shuddered as she felt her petticoat slid down her body and fall between her feet. Her body was on fire. Her insides were dripping wet and as her mother-in-law continued fondling her breasts and navel she closed her eyes and letting out a deep moan she wet her panties with her juices.

'My, my you are so lovely, ' saying this Madhuri dragged Kalpana into her bedroom and before Kalpana's spasms subsided she found herself laid on her mother-in-law's bed.

Once settling Kalpana on the bed her mother-in-law crawled by her side. She was getting aroused and as her eyes roamed over Kalpana's lithe body clad in black bra and panties.

Kalpana seeing her mother-in-law staring at her exposed body felt bashful and lifting a hand she covered her Mother-in-law's eyes and shut them closed.

Madhuri seeing Kalpana blush, lifted her hand and bringing her palm over her lips, she kissed it softly and whispered 'let me have a look.'

Kalpana on hearing her words started to get aroused again. Getting bolder Kalpana shifted her gaze over mother-in-law' robust bosom and lifting her hand she pointed towards it.

Madhuri observing her actions moved closer to her thrusting her bosom up said 'feel it, I heard you like them.'

Kalpana did not answer back but her fingers moved up and taking hold of her sari she slid it from her bosom.

Madhuri moaned as she felt Kalpana's fingers tugging her sari.

Gaining confidence Kalpana turned towards her and placed her hand on the cleavage of mother-in-law's bosom.

Madhuri shuddered at this touch and she took a deep breath widening her chest. Kalpana then let her little fingers slide between her cleavage and holding one of the hooks of her blouse, she looked up at her for permission.

Madhuri encouraged her by holding her hand and unhooking the top hook of her blouse.

Kalpana's fingers then proceeded unhooking the rest of the hooks and as the flaps of her blouse were loosened; her mother-in-law removed the blouse from her body.

This made Kalpana's eyes to be glued over her large breasts held back in her white bra. Her fingers started to run in circles over her breasts over her bra. First she felt the bare skin of her exposed breasts and they circled the dark patch of her nipples over the bra.

Madhuri on feeling her fondling her breasts slid her hand at the back and after unhooking the bra commanded her to 'remove it.'

Hearing those words Kalpana sat up and holding the straps of her bra she slowly slid them down her arms and as her mother-in-law's breasts started being exposed to her naked eyes, she pulled her bra out revealing her bared breasts. She lifted one hand to cup them but as her hand was too small it could only cover the nipples and half a mound of her breast in it.

She then brought the other hand into play. She pinched the dark brown nipple in her fingers and squeezed her breast. She felt aroused again playing with her mother-in-law's breasts. She bent her head and in a reflex action her lips took place of her fingers and she started sucking them.

Madhuri sizzled as she felt her daughter-in-law's wet lips suckle her nipple. She embraced Kalpana's head strongly to her breasts... Kalpana felt her mother-in-law thrust her nipple deep into her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and taking as much of her breast as possible inside her mouth she started sucking it while her mother-in-law moaned in passion.

Kalpana became courageous sucking her mother-in-law's breast and her hand began to wander sown on the mother-in-law's waist. Her mother-in-law shifted her position to give enough room for her small hand to caress her waist.

Kalpana continued caressing her mother-in-law's waist and navel and as her hand slid further downs she felt her sari on her waistband. She shuddered at this touch and suddenly drew back her hand.

Madhuri sensing her DIl hesitating spoke softy 'yes, you can remove my sari.'

This encouraged Kalpana. She slid her hand over her sari and caressing her stomach she brought it over the top of her woman hood and gently toyed with it.

Madhuri moaned in ecstasy as she felt the presence of Kalpana's hand lingering over her hot mound.

Kalpana then slowly pressed her hand down on her mother-in-law's womanhood. She felt the heat from mother-in-law's body on to her hand. This invigorated her. She pushed her hand in between the folds of her sari and placed her palm squarely on her hot mount.

Madhuri screamed in passion. Her body trembled. She took hold of Kalpana's shoulders in her hands and pushing her down on the bed she lay upon her squarely entwining her legs with hers and engulfing her whole body with hers. Kalpana felt her mother-in-law's heavy body crush her. She was pinned to the bed by her weight. She felt her mother-in-law's robust breasts crush hers. This heightened her pleasure and her hand which had cupped her mother-in-law's hot mound slid over her buttocks and holding them embraced her mother-in-law's body to hers. While her mother-in-law shuddered with orgasm, Kalpana too wet her panties again.

After some time as their passions cooled down, Kalpana who tried to wriggle out from under her was again pushed down by her mother-in-law and this made her look deep into her eyes.

Madhuri seeing her eyes questioning her smiled at the daughter-in-law and nuzzling her face close to her ear whispered 'don't move, it's not over yet.'

'What more do you want, ' said Kalpana getting excited.

'I want to kiss you, touch you and see you' she replied.

'Why do you want to kiss me?' she asked naughtily.

'Your lips are so ravishing' said her mother-in-law looking deep into her face.

'Your lips are also so promiscuous' replied Kalpana moving her finger over them and feeling it wetness.

'Do you feel like kissing them' asked her mother-in-law wetting Kalpana's fingers with her tongue and bringing her mouth close to hers.

Kalpana feeling the moist tongue lap her finger slid it deep in her mother-in-law's mouth before answering 'let me first feel the heat of your mouth.'

'Yes, ' replied her mother-in-law opening her mouth wide.

Kalpana then thrust two of her fingers inside her mother-in-law's mouth and after feeling the contours of her mouth she drew them back and put them in her own mouth.

Madhuri seeing Kalpana sucking her own fingers took hold of her hand and pulling her fingers out of her mouth said 'suck this' and pressed her hot lips over her daughter-in-law's.

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