Chapter 3

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3 - It is about a son, his mother and sister-in-law

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Mother   Son  


The next morning Kalpana was the first to come down. She did not see Ashik or his mother till late in the morning. She went ahead preparing breakfast and it was half past eight when her mother-in-law appeared. She was late by three hours and this confirmed her suspicion that something had materialized between them, last night.

Hurriedly she finished cooking and set the table for Ashik. Down came Ashik dressed to leave for his office. He was looking handsomely rugged and his face glowed with extra charm. Kalpana sizzled on looking at his features and felt her loins drip wetness.

She waited impatiently for him to look at her but Ashik kept his gaze down on the plate knowing well Kalpana was by his side. When he finished his breakfast he got up and left the room.

Kalpana waited for him to call her but the wait of a few seconds was like waiting for ages. Finally when he did call her she did not hear his voice and it was her mother-in-law who prompted her to go.

With quick strides she left the kitchen and taking out the handkerchief which she had tucked under her sari she held it to him.

'I don't need it, ' he said.

'Then why did you call me?' she asked.

'I wanted to thank you, ' he replied.

'Thank me, ' she asked with a naughty smile.

'Yes, to thank you, ' he said teasing her a little.

'Nothing else?' she spoke standing in front of him and taking a deep breath.

Ashik then looked up at her from head to toe. She was clad in a black sari with a golden border. Her striking fair complexion draped in a cotton sari was exquisite to look at. Her cheeks had turned red and were glowing. After gazing at her he said 'to look at your beautiful figure.'

'If you have finished looking at, shall I go? She asked smilingly.

'No, wait there's plenty to look at, ' he said.

'How does it look, ' she said softly?

'Your body looks ravishing, ' he said looking up from her feet up to her face.

'Is it?' she asked straightening up while her eyelids moved up.

'Yes, it is and your breasts are so small, ' he said eyeing her chest.

'Ah, ' she said taking a deep breath and allowing him to stare at her body.

'You have a slim waist, ' he said placing his hands at her exposed waist.

'And?' she moaned.

'And your front is very exotic, ' he said eyeing her small mound hidden in the folds of her sari.

'What about my legs?' she asked getting excited from his gaze and wanting to shift his stare from her private parts.

'They are long, slim and perfectly carved, ' he said.

'What do you like most?' she asked.

'Your navel, ' he said sliding the sari with his hand and exposing it to his eyes.

'Why?' she asked encircling her arms over his neck.

'Because you have a small waist with a pretty belly button, ' said he circling one of his fingers around her belly button.

Kalpana sizzled at this touch and leaning on him said 'can I go now?'

'No wait, ' he said.

'Now what for, ' she asked.

'I want to continue from where I stopped yesterday, ' he said.

'Where did you stop?' she asked knowing very well his hands had felt her buttocks.

'Here, ' he said sliding his hands on to her buttocks.

'No, this is not a safe place, ' she said.

'Then you don't mind me feeling you?' he asked.

'You have me in your arms, ' she replied softly.

'But, I want to feel now, ' he said caressing her buttocks.

'Not now, tomorrow, ' she said.

'Let me play with them for sometime, ' he said kneading her buttocks.

'If you continue then you will wet your pants, ' she breathed out those words in his ears and slid away from him.

Ashik stood stunned on hearing her comments and before he could lunge and catch her Kalpana had move inside the house.

He stood there pondering at her words and as he felt delighted he moved down the lane to his office.

Mrs. Madhuri saw Kalpana come in. She was surprised to see her back so soon. It was then she realized that her presence may have been the cause and she decided to give them some free time.

At noon as Kalpana after having her lunch was climbing the stairs to her room, Mrs. Madhuri called up and said that she would be going out in the evening to the temple and will only return after 7 p.m. This news prompted Kalpana to hasten her steps and get into her room. There she lay on the bed and closed her eyes. Before long she fell asleep dreaming about the evening to come.

It was 5 p.m. when she was awakened by her mother-in-law calling her before leaving for the temple. She hastily got up and after having a refreshing bath she draped a soft wrinkle free cream colored sari over a black sleeveless blouse and when she looked herself in the mirror she felt stimulated.

As she was combing her hair she heard the doorbell ring. Taking small steps and not hastening she reached the front door. She stood for a while before opening the latch of the door and as Ashik entered she smiled up at him and said 'have a wash, I will fetch you coffee.'

Ashik was puzzled not finding his mother and when he came down after the wash it suddenly struck him that his mother was not at home. He quickly hastened his steps and reached the kitchen. Kalpana, who was boiling the milk, stood still on hearing his steps approaching her. Ashik came behind her and switched off the gas stove.

Kalpana's body trembled on seeing him switch off the stove and she stood mesmerized on the spot. Without uttering a word Ashik placed his hands over her shoulder blades and planting a soft kiss on the exposed part of her back asked 'where's mama?'

'She's gone to the temple' replied Kalpana.

Kneading her shoulder blades and his thumbs and caressing them, he asked 'when is she expected back?'

'Any moment' she replied smilingly.

'No tell me the truth' he hissed softly nuzzling his face on the nape of her neck and pulling her body close to his.

Kalpana on being pulled filled the gap between their bodies. Her buttocks were firmly placed on the curve of his stomach and as his kneading continued, Kalpana lifted her arms back and holding his head, swayed her body before saying 'by 7 p.m.'

Ashik then moved his hands on her bare arms and caressing them he slid his hands down till they rested under her unshaven armpits. Caressing her soft silky hair with his fingers he said 'so we have one full hour.'

Kalpana moaned softly as his hands caressed her armpits and getting excited spoke softly 'what for?'

'To feel your body' replied Ashik caressing her underarms and grabbing her rib cage tightly.

'Why mine? Were you not satisfied with mama's, ' she asked leaning more towards him feeling his aroused prick on her body.

'Yes, I was. But your body is so different' he said caressing her ribcage and sliding his hands down till they reached her slender waist.

Kalpana getting excited by his touch said 'how different is it?'

'Your body is slender. It is beautifully shaped. It is well curved and it gives me immense pleasure to feel it, ' he said as he brought his hands over her buttocks and started squeezing them.

Kalpana flushed feeling his hand cup her small buttocks and getting stimulated said 'your mama's are well endowed.'

'Yes, they are rich and full but yours are what I would like to fondle' saying this he started to squeeze her buttocks harshly.

'Hey you are hurting me' cried Kalpana snuggling closer to his body.

'Show them' he asked her caressing her buttocks softly and snuggling his face in her hair.

Hearing this Kalpana's body sizzled. Forgetting the pain, she turned and facing him said 'you can only fondle them, but no peeping is allowed.'

'Why?' he asked.

'It is not yours to see' she said biting his ears.

'Whose is it then' he asked softly moving his hands over her buttocks and pulling her forward?

'Your brother's, ' she spoke in her ears.

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