The Gift Book II
Chapter 16

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 16 - The story picks up shortly after Tom after the end of book I, and has finished helicopter training in his alternate Identity. Follow along as big changes happen!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction   Time Travel  


I sat in the restaurant, and waited for Joseph Clifton to show up. I was in Los Angeles and did not really know the area that well. He had agreed to meet me at my hotel, in the restaurant. I thought again about what the AI had told me about him.

He was going to discover a process in which a new anti-viral injection, which was eighty percent effective against that all-pervasive enemy: the common cold. Now, in my mind, having suffered colds over the years; this was a great discovery!

Of course, the big pharmaceutical companies were trying to dissuade him from pursing this line of research. It was easy to figure out why, too. Cold relief, not cures, were a multi-billion dollar a year industry. None of the big companies wanted their gold mine of 'the common cold' defeated, or even deflated.

After all, the common cold was usually harmless, though very annoying to the person who had it, and to the people around who wanted to keep from catching it. The downside was that the cold viruses mutated constantly, and it was impossible to cure them all. His process went with all known cold viruses. Then he was going to find a way to extend that protection, to knock off those known mutations, closely associated with it.

The twenty percent that were not covered were those cold viruses that had not been researched, as of yet. Those would be mutating constantly. Also, there would be gaps in the regular protection of the shot. It was still impossible to cover all the various mutations, but his vaccine was as close to a cure, as anything that would appear in the next few decades. He was going to become a very wealthy man, and even a small investment now, would realize a huge profit in the near future.

I had informed the hostess that Mr. Clifton was expected for a business lunch. He was a tall thin man, dark hair and a sharp hooked nose. Not your typical 'mad scientist look', at all. At six foot four, he dwarfed my own height easily.

We shook hands as he came to my table, with me rising to my feet.

"Mr. Clifton? I am Benjamin Porter. I am pleased to meet you," I told him.

"Call me Joe. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Porter," he said in a deep voice.

I smiled and nodded for him to sit. I looked him over while he ordered. I told him to call me Ben.

"So tell me what you wanted to see me about, Ben. Please, call me Joe. Only my mother ever called me Joseph and that usually was only when I was in trouble," he said with a grin.

"Well, the word is, that you have some funding for your research; but you need some specialty programming. As it happens, I have something that might fit the bill. Also, I can invest in your research a bit if that will help," I said.

We paused here and the waitress came and took our orders. I informed Joe that the meal was on me and he ordered enough for two people. I smiled. I placed my own order and the waiter left.

"How did you find out about my research? Most labs refused funding or research space, and I was even offered money and a job by a couple companies if I changed my research to something more anti-bacterial," he said looking at me intently.

"Simple, really. You applied for grants in several places, a few of which you received, but I know the grant people. They dole the money out piecemeal. The companies, well it is not surprising. They want to divert your research or take control of it, by hiring you. Then your work becomes theirs by law, as their employee.

"I have several interests in all. I find, restore, and sell old cars; I make specialty programs for exotic functions... Programming is my first love. And I have some money that I am looking to invest.

"Now, I happen to know that one grant is going to fall through, and you have already committed most of the other grant money to your equipment to acquiring a lab. That still leaves you short on something to live on, and the supplies that you will need.

"Here is my proposition. Let me provide you with a program that is very specific to your research: IE viral research. I can give you one hundred thousand as a living stipend to live. Also, in addition, I can cover offer to pay for lab assistants from a college, if you want to get one or two from there," I said.

We talked a bit, and he relaxed. He finally asked me what I wanted for my advance money. I told him. He sat back and pursed his lips, and I rushed on.

"Half a million dollars for the specialty program and five percent of what is earned from

your discovery in perpetuity is not that much sir. I think you will find this program can be tailored to your needs. I will also give you access to my own personal computer, which I think is better than anything that you can find on today's market. It is specially built. Also, I want no credit or mention. I am an investor, a very minor partner only, and very silent," I answered with a grin.

"I was not wanting a partner, but then I had not realized how much trouble this line of research was going to be for me, once the industry found out. I figured I would run into roadblocks, but it has been a bit more than that. How do I know you can deliver?" He asked me reasonably

About that time, the waiter arrived with the food and we dug in. I told him that I would provide a demonstration of my program free of charge. I told him I had a certified check for the amount of money mentioned, in my briefcase. He nodded, and we got into the business of eating.

He ate with gusto and obvious enjoyment of the meal. I almost laughed at his exuberance in eating. I wondered if he was this way in everything he did. Probably. He exuded energy and always seemed to be moving. Typical 'class A personality' traits, if I ever saw them. He packed the food away quickly. I thought he must burn it very quickly, also.

"When would I have to come up with the half million dollars for this program you say I should have?" he grumped.

I knew I had won, then. We ironed out the details. I said I would throw in the secure modem for him to use, when he wanted to communicate with my computer. I told him that even if the signal was intercepted, it would be scrambled and coded. I was sure that it would be unintelligible, and nearly impossible for anyone who didn't have the code keys, to break it.

"Well, you certainly think of everything. I want to check out this program first if you don't mind. And if your computer is as good as you say, we just might have a deal. I want my sister to look over the contracts though. She is acting as my attorney," he said, while we were eating dessert.

We shook hands, and I gave him a CD with the program I had burned from my computer.

"The communications protocols are on this CD, as well as the program you want. Install it in your computer. Come out to my car, and I will give you the secure modem. I have to ask you not to take it apart, nor to give it to anyone else," I told him as we were making our way out of the restaurant.

We made our way to my car, and his eyebrows lifted as I opened the door to the backseat.

"I don't recognize the make or model. It looks a little like a town car, but it can't be," he said as he took in the leather interior and looking intently at the dash and the buttons on the steering wheel.

"It is a unique vehicle. Lots of one of a kind abilities built into it. I have... peculiar friends," I said with a grin.

I handed him the box with the modem. I had made it for him, and tested it, just recently. He was looking longingly at the front. I didn't know why, but I asked if I could drop him off somewhere, anyway.

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