The Gift Book II
Chapter 2

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Volentrin

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - The story picks up shortly after Tom after the end of book I, and has finished helicopter training in his alternate Identity. Follow along as big changes happen!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Science Fiction   Time Travel  


It was a grim, freaky feeling, burying my older self. I loaded the older version of me into my jeep, along with a pick ax and shovel and bag of lime. I drove for about twenty minutes to a spot I knew. It was lonely, but was located on the side of a hill, overlooking a valley that had a river running through it. It was as good a place to spend 'eternal rest', as any. It was also on my land, was very private, and was not easily accessed. It took four-wheel drive, and a lot of patience and slow driving to get there, without bouncing the both of us out of the vehicle.

I kept the body (damn! It was hard to think of him as 'the body') buckled into the front passenger seat. This was an older version of me. I somehow had to disassociate myself from him, in order to finish the task at hand.

It took me several hours to dig the grave as deeply as I wanted. Then I got a bag of lime out of the back and spread the contents of the bag evenly in the bottom of the grave. Finally, I wrapped Tom, me, in an old blanket I'd kept for emergencies. I placed him into the grave, and filled it. I finished it off by replacing the grass that I had cut away with the ax, and then dumped a couple gallons of water on the resulting end product. This would help settle the earth, and also encourage the grass to grow back and seal the gravesite more quickly.

By the time I was finished, my back and legs were aching, as well as my shoulders. I was hot and tired, despite the chill of the evening air. I put my tools and water can away, and stood above the grave, looking over the view.

"Well, Tom, you made the final sacrifice. You left me richer for having known you. While it was only a short time for me, you have known me longer. I promise, I will not let you down," I said quietly to the grave.

It took a little longer getting back, as it was a bit darker. The clouds obscured the moon. I pulled my jeep up next to the town car. I looked at it, briefly. Well, that could wait till morning. I was beat.

I got out of the jeep, and went into the house. The computer told me that it was still all clear when I checked on it. I thanked it, and told it I was going to bed, which it acknowledged.

The next morning I showered, stripped my bed and put everything I was wearing last night in the wash. I don't usually go to bed dirty; but digging that grave last night, took it out of me, for some reason.

I went and checked on the computer. It informed me it was functioning nominally, and was standing by. It also said it had several messages waiting from my older self when I had time to view them. Great. I went to the kitchen and thought over my yesterday.

While I cooked breakfast and put the coffee on, I considered my new position. If the older version of me was right, he had already taken steps to get 'me' officially dead. It still pissed me off, but there was nothing I could do about it. If I showed up, I would start a lot of awkward questions and investigations.

After breakfast, I took a cup of coffee back with me to where we had set up the computer. I asked it to play the messages left for me. The first one was basically a rehash of what he had told me, but in slightly more detail.

The second was a bit more interesting as it outlined the computer's capacities, and they were huge! First, it had an incredibly large hard drive. It was faster and had a huge external storage capacity. It had many abilities. Some equipment that the older me hooked up last night, would provide a lot of legal forgeries, that would pass easily in this day and age! Apparently, I had become something of a criminal in my later years.

The best part, was the information that the computer had about the car that was sitting outside in front of my house. It had the capability of maintaining contact with the computer via scrambled-secure radio-satellite communications. The car had an onboard computer that was at least the equal of any PC of today's time, only miniaturized. After reading the specs on the armor, I discovered that while a medium anti tank weapon could damage it, it would not take it out. No, it would take a heavy anti tank weapon, at least, to seriously damage this car!

It had electronic capabilities that were not to be believed. It's global GPS system was merely a beginning. It had the ability to tap into any satellite known in this day and age. It was powered by a fuel cell that would last approximately three months. There was a spare, fully fueled fuel cell, located in the trunk. It was in a separate container. I also had explicit directions on how to recharge the fuel cells!

Finally, it had the capability of firing an electronic pulse (an EMP) that would fry unshielded electronics for up to a thousand feet in a three hundred sixty degree circle. Though that was its only offensive weapons capability, it was a handy little thing to be able to do, really. The car itself was shielded from EMP.

Once I was sealed inside, it would be a totally safe and clean environment. It filtered the air coming into the passenger compartment down to, and including virus sized microbes.

Hell, the car could drive itself! Between its onboard computer, and the stationary computer in my home, it could use Mapquest. All I would have to do would be to state where I wanted to go. If it was located in Mapquest's database, the onboard computer could take over the driving duties. I had an autopilot in my car!

I shook my head as I finished listening to the list of capabilities of both the computer, and the car, which I had inherited from my older self. One of the things the computer requested, was hardwired landline access. It stated that while it could operate without this, it would be much easier and safer for me if it didn't expose itself to possible tracing via satellite signals. A landline would be ideal for it.

I pondered this. It would cost me close to eighty thousand dollars to have the local phone company survey a line, plant the poles, and run the line. It was far too expensive really, to justify the effort.

I informed the computer that if the older me had been correct, I did not have the money to waste on such items as land lines, at this time.

"I have been monitoring the communications spectrum. I have already picked up several news items concerning a gas explosion at your Boston residence. The cloned body has already been discovered, and has been tentatively identified as: Tom Wilshire, well known local businessman, investor, and philanthropist.

"Do you wish me to download these news items for you?" the computer asked me dispassionately.

"Yes, please. Copy all stories that involve my Boston home, and my supposed death. Let me know when you're ready to display them for me," I told it.

"Downloading... downloading... finished with retrieval parameters. Did you have a preference to a particular news source? All the local news channels in the Boston area covered the story," the computer stated unconcernedly.

"No, just run them in sequence," I said to the computer, watching the monitor.

A few seconds later the screen was showing a picture of my home. A goodly portion of it had been destroyed. Fire fighters were still on the scene.

"... r live action news! At approximately 4:15 AM, this morning, two guards that were watching this very house for local businessman, Tom Wilshire, called 911. They said there was an explosion and fire at the home of their employer.

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