Enduring Lust
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Stephanie Jones

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A sequel to Unexpected Lust

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Lesbian  


It was mid-August, and the weather had taken a not-unprecedented turn for the worse. It was, after all, hurricane season in Florida. The residents of Fort Myers, Florida were boarded up in their homes, listening to the howling winds and the punishing rains assaulting their properties as the rain bands from the hurricane swirled past.

One particular resident, 32-year-old Katelyn McKinley, wasn't particularly disturbed at the moment by the violent weather. She was seated in her living room on the sofa with her shapely legs thrown over the slender legs of her lover... beautiful, blonde Hayley Matthews, her children's nanny. Hayley, a college senior on hiatus, was grasping the beautiful blue-eyed, dark-haired Katelyn and pressing her tightly against her large, bare breasts. Katelyn's pointy breasts smashed into her own, and they both moaned as Hayley's hard pink nipples grazed Katelyn's mauve ones.

Katelyn's soft lips were pressed to Hayley's, and her tongue slipped into Hayley's mouth, taking possession of the blonde's tongue. "Ohhhh," Hayley sighed on a long breath as Katelyn's hands traveled down her back with feathery strokes and found her bottom. Katelyn grasped Hayley's soft white cheeks with her hands, and their kiss grew even more intense.

Just then, the sound of the unfriendly winds grew louder, and they heard something bumping against the house. The two pretty ladies reluctantly moved away from each other and went over to the French Doors which opened onto the lanai to see if they could see anything.

Since most of the glass doors opening to the lanai were tucked away under a roof, they were open to peer through. The rest of the windows and doors were covered in accordion-pleated hurricane shutters, darkening the interior of the residence and giving the appearance that the house was turning a blind eye to the severe weather.

"I'll go out and see what that bump was all about," Hayley offered, slipping quickly into her discarded shorts, tee shirt and flip-flops.

She ventured onto the lanai, and the wind whipped her long golden hair around her face as she stepped out into the yard. A green metal wheelbarrow had blown against the side of the house, scuffing the paint slightly but otherwise not causing much damage. Hayley scurried back onto the lanai and told Katelyn what she had seen.

"Darn it," Katelyn replied. "I didn't think I'd left anything like that out there. It must've been hidden by the air conditioner on the side. I'll open the garage, and you can stash it in there."

Five minutes later a wind-blown Hayley was naked in her lover's arms as Katelyn kissed her pretty face and then her soft mouth and murmured to her that once again, she'd been a hero.

"Going out in the wind and retrieving a wheelbarrow isn't that heroic," Hayley chuckled, but she loved feeling as if she were Katelyn's rescuer.

Employing Hayley as a nanny had been a birthday surprise from Katelyn's husband, Mike. He traveled extensively in his successful career as a computer consultant, leaving Katelyn alone and exhausted from raising their three children. He had finally seen the necessity of getting her some help and had hired Hayley as a nanny the previous May.

The fact that Katelyn had ended up unexpectedly feeling both lust and love for her pretty aqua-eyed nanny was still a secret between the two women. Katelyn had known she needed something else in her life. She had thought about it sometimes; especially when she pondered raising kids for years and then going on to do the seemingly trivial activities she saw the Florida senior citizens participating in. As much as she loved her husband and children, she felt there had to be something more to life; but she was never sure what that was.

The thought of becoming involved with another woman had never entered her mind, and she would have never believed it was something she needed or wanted for fulfillment. However, her relationship with Hayley had filled every void, from the loneliness and desperation she felt from her husband being away so often, to that mysterious emptiness, which she could not quite define. It was as if Katelyn's life had been a giant jigsaw puzzle which was somehow missing one key piece. Hayley had been that elusive puzzle piece, fitting perfectly into the open space, completing the puzzle into a beautiful and decorative scene.

For Hayley, on the other hand, falling for Katelyn hadn't been such an unexpected occurrence. Hayley was a very sexy, sensual petite blonde who couldn't go long without sexual intimacy. By the time she met Katelyn, she had already enjoyed the taste and feel of female flesh and considered herself bisexual. She had been instantly attracted to her new employer when they met three months earlier. However, the passion and love she ended up experiencing with Katelyn had far surpassed anything she'd experienced with her other female lovers.

As the two sexy women began to kiss again, the sound of rain hitting the house in a torrential downpour could be heard. Obviously, another rain band had come to call.

"Wow, I'm glad that didn't happen when I was outside," Hayley said into Katelyn's mouth. "Where does the paper say this hurricane is going again?"

Katelyn reluctantly stopped kissing the younger woman and found the sheet of newspaper lying on the coffee table. She looked at the coordinates, and her brow crinkled as she tried to understand what she was reading. "It's on its way up toward the Panhandle. It might hit two other states in between, but the National Hurricane Center is predicting Fort Walton Beach."

"I wouldn't want to be there," Hayley exclaimed. "It's bad enough here. Come to think of it, maybe I was brave to go out there. Things were really blowing around like crazy and the palm trees were almost bent over from the force of the wind."

Katelyn nodded in agreement. She was very relieved that her husband happened to have taken their children to visit his aunt and uncle at their summer cottage on Lake Michigan. The timing of their trip had been quite fortunate.

"I'm going to check my hurricane supplies," Katelyn said to Hayley as she padded naked to a closet and opened the door. Inside was a neat stack of flashlights, batteries, bottled water, cans of food and a can opener, garbage bags, paper products and a battery-operated radio. Katelyn took the radio and a large, lantern-style flashlight from the closet.

"I've already talked to Mike and the kids and told them we're doing okay and that our handyman installed the hurricane shutters," she told Hayley. "Hey, where are you going?" she asked as she watched Hayley's sweet backside move away from her down the hall.

"I'll be right back," Hayley called over her shoulder.

When she returned, she was holding a black duffel bag. "These are my hurricane supplies," she said as she unzipped the bag.

"Wow, you have supplies, too?" Katelyn asked. "That's very conscientious of you, Hayley."

Hayley had an unreadable expression on her face and a sly smile. "Let me show you what I have," she replied.

Hayley lifted several packages of batteries out of the bag and then some votive candles in glass holders and a Zippo lighter. She set everything on the coffee table.

"Good, we can always use extra batteries," said Katelyn, who liked to be well-prepared.

"Yes, we'll need these batteries," Hayley said as she kissed the soft mouth and stroked the breast of her sexy lover.

Hayley began to pull assorted vibrators out of the duffel bag. There was a long, pearly white one, resembling a penis, a small purple metal one, and a long, jelly-like, magenta one which was ridged all over.

Katelyn's blue eyes were round and her mouth hung open in surprise. She had never experimented with vibrators before, and Hayley had never suggested using one when they were together.

"Why didn't you show me these before?" Katelyn asked.

"I was saving them for a rainy day," Hayley said with her cute, trademark chuckle. "I think today counts as a rainy day and then some."

Suddenly, as if in response to her statement, the rain picked up again and the wind howled menacingly. The ladies could hear the trees and bushes brushing against the house as the wind thrashed them about violently. Just then, the lights flickered and the house grew eerily quiet as the power went out. Katelyn flicked on the lantern flashlight, and Hayley, using its light to see, began to set the votive candles around the room. She lit the candles, turned off the flashlight and embraced her lover. Their naked bodies pressed together in an accumulation of soft, feminine flesh. Hayley kissed Katelyn hungrily, licking the brunette's soft lips and then tangling her tongue with Katelyn's as their passion mounted again.

"You look so beautiful in the candlelight," Hayley murmured against Katelyn's soft mouth.

Hayley released Katelyn and picked up a vibrator. "I've fantasized about using this one on you. I bought it with you in mind," Hayley explained. "It's pretty, feminine, and classy. It's called the Butterfly."

Hayley held up a long vibrator on a solid base which contained the controls. It had a long, pearly-white shaft, the base of which was clear and filled with actual pearls. Near the base was a butterfly with wings and antennae. It was made of a soft, jelly-like material. Katelyn looked at it in amazement.

"How does it work?" she asked.

"I'll show you. Lie down on the sofa."

Hayley watched as Katelyn spread her sexy form on the soft green cushions. Hayley then dropped to her knees, her hungry mouth finding Katelyn's before moving to her chin and neck and finally, the soft swells of her pointy breasts. Katelyn moaned deeply when Hayley took a mauve nipple into her mouth and tickled it with her soft tongue. Her moaning increased as Hayley's fingers began to pinch and twist the other nipple before she moved her exploring mouth over to that one. She began to make a trail down Katelyn's body with her tongue, starting between the brunette's beautiful breasts and ending at her navel, where she swirled her tongue. The light of the flickering candles cast Hayley's shadow against the wall, and soon the owner of the shadow began to move her mouth lower on her lover's body, dragging her tongue over Katelyn's pubic mound and then licking up and down her outer lips.

Katelyn was squirming now and lifting her hips as she grasped Hayley's pretty, blonde head. Hayley gave her what she wanted; she spread Katelyn open and licked her entire slit from clit to hole, feeling and tasting Katelyn's wetness against her tongue.

"Mmmm, I love how you taste," Hayley whispered into the moist flesh as she continued stroking it with her tongue. When Katelyn's juice began to spill from her and drip down her legs, Hayley raised her head and began to caress the soft, wet skin with her fingers. When she felt Katelyn tremble, she pulled back and began to kiss her lover's willing mouth.

"Okay, Mrs. McKinley, are you ready for your Butterfly?" Hayley asked. Katelyn nodded her eyes half-closed, her cheeks flushed.

Hayley took the pretty, white vibrator with the pearls and stroked Katelyn's clit with it.

"Ohhhh!" Katelyn exclaimed.

Hayley then stroked it lower and lower until the tip of the shaft was just at Katelyn's opening, and then she slowly twisted it and pushed it deep inside of Katelyn. Katelyn raised her hips and spread her thighs to welcome it. "God, that feels good," she moaned.

The shaft began to vibrate and swirl, the pearls, twisting and turning inside. Katelyn was breathing hard now and moaning with her head thrust back, and her dark wavy hair flowing all around her.

"Hayley, I've never felt anything like this. Ohhhhh, Mmmmm!"

"You've never used a vibrator before, have you, Katelyn?" Katelyn shook her head. "Well, this is an amazing one for your first time," Hayley said as she turned the speed to medium.

Katelyn moaned louder and began to pant as the shaft moved and twirled inside her. The sensations were incredible.

"And now, for the coup de grace," Hayley said, trying to remember her high school French. She turned the speed to high and also turned on the butterfly, pressing its antennae right into Katelyn's clit, which was swollen with her growing excitement.

"Oh, My Godddd! This is amazing," Katelyn cried out.

She honestly had never felt sensations such as these, and when she opened her eyes and looked at the sexy, little blonde with the large, gorgeous breasts with erect, pink nipples, whom she desired so much, she was overcome by her passion. The sensations were building deliciously for Katelyn, and she could feel the climax begin to overtake her.

"Hayley!! OHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH!" She screamed as incredible waves of pleasure washed over her. Katelyn was breathing hard, moving her hips in unison with the swirling shaft. Hayley had never seen anything sexier! She turned off the vibrator, letting Katelyn settle, but only for a moment. Hayley turned The Butterfly back on, and let the shaft and the little butterfly do their job. It wasn't long before Katelyn was on the verge of another climax.

"AHHHHHH!" she cried out as pleasure ripped through her again.

After she had climaxed for the fourth time, Hayley pulled Katelyn's new best friend from her dripping pussy and set it aside. Hayley began to kiss Katelyn, igniting her passion again. Katelyn was kneading Hayley's big breasts in her hands, rolling the hard pink nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. She pulled the little blonde on top of her on the sofa and grasped her tight cheeks while she devoured her mouth. Katelyn moved out from under Hayley, and the excited blonde turned over, raising her arms over her head and stretching out on the sofa. Katelyn perched on the edge of a cushion and flicked her fingers from the nanny's breasts to her shaved pubic mound, swirling them up and down the length of Hayley's delicious torso.

Moments later, she reached for the small, purple metal vibrator and asked Hayley what she might like her to do with it. Of course, Hayley had an answer. Katelyn's eyes grew bright with desire, and she began to follow the sexy blonde's instructions, sticking the shaft deep inside Hayley and wetting it with her juices. Hayley raised her knees to her chest, exposing her bottom to her lover, and Katelyn left the shaft in Hayley's pussy and with both hands spread the girl's tight, little ass cheeks. Her anus looked like a little, pink flower. Katelyn sighed as she looked at it and then lowered her mouth to it, wetting it with her tongue and then pushing her tongue inside. She could feel Hayley's sphincter tighten around her probing tongue, and she pushed her tongue in deeper. Hayley was moaning and pulling on Katelyn's hair. After several minutes of this, Katelyn removed her tongue.

"Ohhh," Hayley sighed in disappointment.

"Don't worry; I'm not done with you yet. I'm going to give you what you asked for, Baby," said Katelyn as she pulled the little purple metal shaft out of Hayley and inserted it in her moist anus, sliding it in gently.

"Oh, I love this, too!" Hayley exclaimed, as Katelyn moved it inside her.

"There's not much you don't like," Katelyn laughed as she reached for the large magenta, ribbed vibrator on the coffee table, inserted it inside Hayley's wet pussy and turned it on.

Hayley was now in ecstasy as Katelyn pumped the little shaft in and out of her bottom, while the vibrator worked inside her and Katelyn's soft, wet tongue lapped at her clit over and over, sucking it and then attacking it with a furiously moving tongue.

Hayley was aware of incredible sensations coursing through her. She felt filled by the vibrator, and with the shaft pumping in her asshole and her lover's soft mouth on her pussy, Hayley thought she would explode. She went over the edge quickly from the abundance of sensations.

"AHHHHHHH, Katelyn! I'm CUMMINNNGG!!!" Hayley thrashed and yelled as she climaxed and then rested against the cushions.

Katelyn gave Hayley a taste of her own medicine and let her rest only briefly as she began the pumping, vibrating and licking again.

Hayley grabbed her own breasts and pulled on her nipples as she began to climax again quickly. "I'm cumming again, OHHHHHHH!" she cried as her body jerked and twitched in rhythm with the incredible spasms. Katelyn repeated this pattern two more times until Hayley lay there satisfied and exhausted, with her golden hair plastered to her forehead with sweat. Without electricity, there was no air conditioning... not a good thing in Florida in August.

When Hayley had sufficiently recovered, she and Katelyn walked hand-in-hand to the French Doors to look out. To their surprise and delight, while they had been otherwise occupied, the final rain band had passed by, and it was now bright and sunny. Palm fronds, and branches from trees were littered all over the yard, and a bit of the lanai screen had torn loose and was flapping open.

"Well, we survived," Katelyn said. "We should get dressed and survey the damage. Hopefully, there isn't much more than what we see here. I'm going to see if my cell phone works and try to call Mike and the kids again." She put her arm around the pretty, little nanny. "Thanks for helping me pass the time while the storm raged past and the electricity died."

"Anytime." Hayley said with a quirky smile as she pinched one of Katelyn's firm buttocks, causing the brunette to squeal and then giggle.

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